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Topic: Then, depression set in... Return to archive
10-07-02 09:16 AM
nankerphelge Survived my own little hell week with flying colors. After my late meeting in San Fran Thursday nite, I stopped at a Palo Alto brew pub and polished a few on the way back to the airport. Guzzled another just before getting on the plane -- ate a sandwhich, and then settled into the seat and crashed for 3 hours. Woke up over Cincinatti with about an hour to go before landing at Dulles at 7:00 am. Got home about 8:00 and thought I'd get some sleep but the DC show was starting to bubble in my head and I wasn't tired.

By buddy from Atlanta called about 10:30 -- he was on the ground and so everything was in place. Me and mrs. nankerphelge checked out Govinda -- very interesting -- some really remarkable work there -- but the overall exhibit was pretty small -- after about 30 minutes I had seen everything twice! Then picked up my Atlanta buddy and went to my place for pre-show prep. Then, we hit traffic. Bad traffic -- the 40 minute ride to FedEx doubled and we ended up getting to the stadium as the Strokes came on -- Doug's crew had already gone in, so we did too. Got some beers and some stuff and just happened to run into TomL!!

The seats were great -- I was on the aisle so I had some room to move -- made peace with Factory Girl -- and then settled in for the evening -- beautiful nite -- breezy, warm, chiba-filled air (much better than '97!!!). The show was great -- not nearly as empty in the stadium as one might have thought -- some seats at the top were empty -- but the turnout was good and the crowd was really into the show. Jagger was playful and between CYHMK and Lil' Red Rooster on the small stage, I was in heaven! Did a little tailgate with TomL and his wife after the show -- got home around 2:00 and was amazed how awake I remained after only 3 hours of plane-sleep!!

Had to rise at 5:30 to get my buddy in a cab back to Dulles -- I drank some coffee and packed up for Hartford. Hopped in the car, got high, and headed to BWI airport where I hooked up with a contingent of Doug's folks and we commandeered the back of the plane. Trip was quick and after a surly cab driver took me to the hotel, I started in on some Heineken and gave ol' Cockroach a call -- hooked up with him at Doug's party and...

I can now report that Carl the Lobsterman is in fact a real person with whom I drank a beer! Guy is classic -- had a real ball meeting him!

Saw scope and mrs scope! And then it was off to the show. I still had an extra ticket that I sold for 1/2 price to a guy who wanted to take his kid in! Since I missed the Strokes in DC -- I caught them -- they were okay -- after witnessing the bundle of energy known as Mick Jagger, the lead singer of the Strokes was motionless which was just silly!

Got yet another aisle seat with two guys to my right that had less life than the Stroke's lead singer -- these guys were dead! And the security in Hartford kept hasslin' me not to stand in the aisle -- I explained that I was not standing, I was dancing -- they didn't find me too fuckin' funny! After the great show in DC, I expected the Hartford show to be lukewarm -- WRONG! Jagger was again on fire and the band was acting really loose and you could tell they were fully into the back-to-back nites. We got a very nice Love in Vain (almost as good as Philly FUC) and a beautiful version of Let It Bleed. Also got a driven Midnite Rambler in the Sympathy slot -- which was a real treat since we didn't get it in DC!!! All and all a great two shows.

I was tired though -- it was 12:30 and I went back to the hotel and just crashed - five hours later -- up and at 'em, on a plane and home by 10:30! Now, the post-show blues have set in -- I have been fortunate to have enjoyed all these shows over the past month -- hope everyone has as much fun over the next few months! Looking forward to 2003!!!
10-07-02 10:35 AM
sandrew It really is depressing (comparable to post-partum?). Seeing the Stones is like Christmas, birthday, and Thanksgiving all wrapped into one.
10-07-02 10:44 AM
jb Great Review Sandrew...saw it on StonesDoug board!!! Even Segal gave a nice review...About 50,000 attended...much better than I thought!!!
10-07-02 10:51 AM
Factory Girl Hey Nank, peace indeed. Also wanted to say that mrs. Nank is a lovely person. You're a very lucky guy!
10-07-02 10:59 AM
nankerphelge Yeah she's okay -- not being a Stones fanatic like the rest of us, the whole nomadic lifestyle and obsessive behavior that we exhibit is lost on her to a great extent. But she realizes that I (and the rest of us) have this genetic problem that manifests itself at tour time (and between tours thanks to this place!). She's becoming more and more comfortable with it -- it ain't easy being the spouse of a Stones fan! She'll have a special place in heaven. I, on the other hand, will be the bouncer in hell!!! At least my band will be playing there!!

10-07-02 10:59 AM
Maxlugar Nanky,

You are like some kind of Stonesian Cyclone descending upon city after city!

Rest up my friend for you have earned it.

Did Carl The Lobsterman like my "The Legend Of Carl The Lobster Man" novelette? I must write a part Deux soon.

Now recharge for January.

Kunta Max-ay (Toby) - Slave to Rock and Roll.
10-07-02 11:02 AM
nankerphelge I ate this tour up so far!! I think it is the best I've ever heard/seen from them. I am angling for some west coast shows -- I have some clients out there that are in need of my services in the next few months!! They don't know it yet, of course....
10-07-02 11:09 AM
Maxlugar You are a DELIGHT!

10-07-02 11:23 AM
sandrew JB, thanks! It's a real hardship, let me tell ya, to have to review the Stones.

Yeah, Segal was surprisingly positive. I thought for sure he would complain that the show was mostly hits, but he seemed to have been pleased by that instead.
10-07-02 01:09 PM
sirmoonie How is my main man Cockroach? I hope he's not like terminally ill or anything like that. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Real sorry I didn't bump into him in NYC. Maybe next time.
10-07-02 01:18 PM
Sir Stonesalot Cockroach. Man, I'm guessing that it was a GOOD thing that we didn't bump into him in NYC. We'd prolly STILL be rotting in the Big House, scraping shit right off our shoes.
10-07-02 01:24 PM
Joey " Looking forward to 2003!!! "

See ya in Denver Nanky !!!!!!

Skittles Joey

{{{{{ THE JOEY !!!! }}}}}}

10-07-02 01:37 PM
Jaxx hey nankster. i am glad you and FG came to terms. i guess its your "irrisistable charm"? i know that anticlimatic feeling of getting home after the long anticipated plans to tour. i'm still recovering from last week and still a bit in the doldrums myself. february is a long time off. i'm thrilled to pieces you are doing denver. we'll have to hook up again.
10-07-02 01:44 PM
nankerphelge Joey is pulling our collective legs -- Denver is not in the cards (yet!). As for FG -- it was good to make peace -- nuthin' like a good peace, I always say....
10-07-02 02:25 PM
Yeah she's okay -- not being a Stones fanatic like the rest of us, the whole nomadic lifestyle and obsessive behavior that we exhibit is lost on her to a great extent. But she realizes that I (and the rest of us) have this genetic problem that manifests itself at tour time (and between tours thanks to this place!).

Isn't it incredible how most of our spouses have this "silent understanding" on why we act the way we do when it comes to our Stones? How many shows have you been to in the past month? I have to say your wife has more patience than my husband, lol. But, whenever he rolls his eyes and shakes his head at me, I simply remind him of his annual pilgrimage of male bonding up north to Canada with his fishing buddy. I don't get an arguement out of him...I love leverage!

I hope the withdrawl doesn't last too long for you. I've already put it in my head that I still have January to look forward to...but after that, it'll be another story.

One last thing...I'm sorry I missed you too this past weekend. It would have been a pleasure.
10-07-02 02:30 PM
nankerphelge I don't know if I'd call it "silent" -- I've heard plenty!! But all in all, how can they deny us our passion?! If we weren't just so damn cute about it!

10-07-02 02:32 PM
parmeda LOL...
I can bat my eyes and pout my bottom lip with the best of 'em!

(works like a charm!)
10-07-02 02:41 PM
luxury1 Well, good for you two--my charms have worn off, and January is just too fucking far away to ease my pain. Hey I know, just got that 40Licks box set and Don't Stop is my new favorite Stones song. That should work--for 3 minutes.
10-07-02 02:45 PM
nankerphelge Well my charms have worn too -- I think anything between now and January is laible to red-line the missus! Although a couple of well-placed strikes might get by -- San Fran in November maybe! Atlanta??? By the way, anyone know a good divorce attorney in the DC area...
10-07-02 03:04 PM
luxury1 "well-placed strikes"--spoken like a tried and true Stones fan. I love it.
10-07-02 04:11 PM
nankerphelge Two types of people in the world -- us and them. Thank god we're us!!
10-07-02 05:10 PM
Sir Stonesalot I feel your pain Nanky. I am much in the same situation. Another show would push my better half right over the edge. Dang, I sure would miss her.
10-07-02 05:47 PM
Maxlugar Yeah, if my woman wasn't packin' a belly o' baby I'd be more aggressive toward getting to more shows. That's one of the reasons I blew off Hartford.

I can't wait for january!
10-07-02 05:54 PM
nankerphelge I remember back in May right after the tour was announced -- I came home from one of my trips and "announced" my intention to go to the Boston opener, and Philly, and NYC, and DC, and Atlanta... and she just froze. I scared the shit outta her! So I regrouped and slowly started compiling tickets -- a Philly here, a DC there, oh look hon, Boston! That worked pretty well! Sorta like her old trick of buying a dress and sticking it in the closet for a month or two -- "Hey, when'd you get that?" ... "Oh I've had it for a long time dear" Right!

So now it's time for a rest.

"Nanky, where'd you get that Nashville ticket?"
"Oh darlin, I've had that for months....."

10-07-02 11:31 PM
nankerphelge wrote:
Well my charms have worn too -- I think anything between now and January is laible to red-line the missus! Although a couple of well-placed strikes might get by -- San Fran in November maybe! Atlanta??? By the way, anyone know a good divorce attorney in the DC area...

I started laying the groundwork for this tour as soon as we left MGM in April '99. It's worked very well, but to be honest I didn't expect problems. My wife has actually been encouraging during this wonderful crazy time.
Eight days out from NYC and I'm on somewhat of a downer after that awesome high.
The next fix will be San Antonio and then of course, Houston. We shold solidify our Denver plans this week.
The summer of 2003 plans are very very preliminary but my sights are on Europe and the crazy bastard from Finland.
Around six weeks to go for my next encounter with the boys. Life is good.