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Topic: "Unreleased Tracks" website relaunched ! Return to archive
10-04-02 04:27 AM
gotdablouse To celebrate the return of the boys, I've relaunched by dormant "Unreleased Tracks" website.

It's primary purpose it to list ALL of the unreleased tracks.

The kicker for the relaunch is that you can now download these unreleased tracks after a vote.

To get things started, this week you can download an early version of "Dance" off of Emotional Rescue

10-04-02 11:56 AM
gotdablouse ...just checked and the download of the Dance outtake is working, slow but it's working.

I'm surprised no one has made suggestons for the next track, maybe everyone has the unreleased tracks!

10-04-02 12:00 PM
RubyFriday I canīt get to the site,there comes always a 404 site
10-04-02 03:16 PM
gotdablouse hum...where are you located, try cutting and pasting in your browser then.
10-04-02 10:20 PM
gotdablouse ok, since people from Germany, Japan and UK can't get in, I've reactivated the old url:
http:/ !
10-05-02 12:49 AM
stoned_in_oz i just wanna say that ive downloaded the first song and it it took me 2:12 to download it
10-05-02 11:18 PM
Stonesprofessor THAT long oz? OOPS..keep fergetting not everyone has min
10-05-02 11:19 PM
Stonesprofessor MEANT 1
10-06-02 02:42 AM
gotdablouse I'm glad you cats are enjoying the fantasmagoric speed of my site ;-)

Don't forget to make suggestions for the next track and say what you think of the first one. Cool outtake huh !
10-06-02 04:04 AM
padre I got through with the hypermart address, but when I tried to vote, I was pushed back to that 404 page. But I'd really like ho hear Fiji Jim. Everyone seems to agree about its greatness, but I haven't heard it! Any other site where I could get it?
10-06-02 04:30 AM
gotdablouse I'll add it for you in the list ;-)

Which countgry are you in again ?
Try connecting via a proxy, you can find a list here:
10-06-02 08:22 AM
padre I'm from freezing Finland.
10-06-02 05:46 PM
prj58 downloaded Dance took me 41 seconds
10-06-02 06:21 PM
stonedinaustralia gotdablouse, i recently got on to "golden caddy iv" a really nice instrumental out-take from UC - do you have any of the other three?? - the first two are circa SGs - No.3 is also from UC


[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
10-06-02 11:37 PM
gotdablouse UC like UnderCover ?
That song's pretty mysterious as it has also been called "Brown Leaves" (on The Pain Of Love) and sounds quite a bit like some versions of I Can't Help It or Muncih Hilton or...Separately.
According to Karnbach it was started in Kingston in '72 in fact.

I've got several versions. I'll check but there's the 8+ minute of "Pain Of Love" and the rawer ones of "Sheep Dip Blues" I think. Which one you got exactly ?
10-07-02 12:52 AM
stonedinaustralia gotdablouse, thanks for the response

UC like UnderCover - yes -

i got it from ulf's page - it's from a boot entitled "all mixed up"

it's got a touch of what sounds like a mandolin - and one of the guitars has a distinct phase effect on it - even chuck's piano is cool

it's kinda like the "i can't help it" that i know (from "not guilty") and not that much like "munich hilton",again the one i know, from "lonely at the top"

i got my info from Nico Zentgraf's site - he (she?) also mentions "brown leaves" but as a different track so i guess that means, according to him at least, that they're not the same tune

i just like it (welll i love it actually), this version (iv) i have is the same decending line all the way through but goes from some gentle reflective guitar picking to a mighty rolling riff and back again - with plenty of wonderful licks throughout- i'd just be interested to hear the other takes to see how it developed and what they did with it

thanks again

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
10-07-02 01:28 AM
gotdablouse Hey now we're getting technical...;-) (I'll mirror this on my forum);action=display;num=1033968729

Haven't checked Nico's website but here's what I found:
- The version on All Mixed Up (OBR) is 9'07" and is probably the same one as on "Pain Of Love" where it was called Brown Leaves.
- The version on "Could You Walk on Water" is 1'49" and sounds rather basic called Brown Leaves
- The version on "Sheep Dip Blues" is 3.02" and actually has a ghost vocal by Mick and is called Golden Caddy, which is not surprising because this was also put out by OBR...

I've always had a feeling OBR and Dieter Hoffman were pretty close...

Not sure what # Nico has given them (I think he gets his numbering from Dieter Hoffman, author of Schwartzbuch and Weissbuch). In any case that's a total of 3 versions so we're missing one, the one from Kingston ?

The confusion is that:
1) This song has been called Brown Leaves or Golden Caddy
2) Karnbach (who supposedly had access to the master recordings) wrote that "Brown Leaves" was recorded in Jamaica in 1972 and doesn't mention Golden Caddy...
3) It sounds a LOT like Still In Love/Sugar Babe from the the late 870's
4) Brown Leaves was also called Dancing Girls...long known as Linda Lu on the Lonely At The Top boot...

In any case I have 2 other versions of "Golden Caddy" that I can share. Make sure you make a request in the forums !

[Edited by gotdablouse]
10-07-02 01:39 AM
stonedinaustralia gordablouse,thanx for all of that

"It sounds a LOT like Still In Love/Sugar Babe" - actually it was "still in love" i was thinking about when mentioned "i can't help it" - sorry about that, i was getting confused there

anyway, i'll certainly keep an eye on your site and will submit a request

10-07-02 01:56 AM
gotdablouse hehe...
where it gets EVEN more confusing is that Dancing Girls, aka Brown Leaves does sound like *some* versions of I Can't Help it..

Checked Nico's site and it seems like he thinks (like OBR) that Brown Leaves is the instrumental title of Dancing Girls...but then lists it in the 82 sessions too along with these 2 version sof Golden Caddy...huh! Don't know if you've notied but when he writes "unverified" it means he hasn't heard it (or isn't supposed to have heard it as it isn't on any boot), yet for GC he lists both versions without putting unverified. I'll check the Pain Of Love version, maybe it's different from the "All mixed up" version...the "yelps" do ring a bell ;-)