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Giant Stadium, Spetember 28, 2002 by Mark Fisher

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Topic: Orpheum being uploaded to Usenet/Newsgroups Return to archive
10-04-02 04:48 AM
gotdablouse Orpheum being uploaded to Usenet/Newsgroups
These newsgroups:

Thanks to kayosnx for sharing this great audience recording.
No more being locked out of the FTPs now !
Enjoy !

10-04-02 04:51 AM
Moonisup he doesn't work with me
10-04-02 06:33 AM
oscarlueje How I can download the songs???I donīt know how do it
10-04-02 06:34 AM
oscarlueje How I can download the songs???I donīt know how do it
10-04-02 08:27 AM
montana i cant reach it!!! so can anyone tell us how to find the newsgroup?? thanx, Lour
10-04-02 08:36 AM
chevysales use outlook express would be easiest or a newsgroup reader "agent" or others.
check out your isp {internet service provider-aol sucks get a real provider/browser } newsgroup offerings as most have groups mentioned and much, much more!

search as there are some real great newsgroups offerring help/knowledge and apps on just about every subjetc out there.

find the files you want to get {note - if all are posted consecutively which doesn't happen often on a busy newsgroup you can use "shift" key and highlite just first and last file and it will grab all inbetween on its own) , rite click on each one while holding "control" key and once all you see are highlighted then choose "combine and decode". now let Outlook Express do the work and once its all saved (time dependant on your connection speed) you will get an email like window opened with the files in it (wether just plain mp3 or winziped or winrared depends on how the uploader choose to put it up).

anyhow when email type window is opened just choose "save" and direct your files to whatever folder you choose.

newsgroups are excellent source of stuff wether you want programs, apps, files, etc its all out there

like anything else just practice safe computing with a good antivirus program and keep the dat files current otherwise it is useless.
scan all incoming files.

[Edited by chevysales]
10-04-02 08:47 AM
chevysales tester
10-04-02 08:50 AM
Nellcote Hey, Chevy Sales,

When did the Phins last win the Super Bowl?

Can you say "Squish The Fish"
Repeat, Squish the Fish
Don't forget the phrase!

From the land of the Super Bowl Champions!

No kidding, great web site about the Phins, however, you should look outside the box....

10-04-02 08:50 AM
chevysales once more please
10-04-02 08:53 AM
chevysales 1972!
the same year they became the only team to ever go undefeated.
the winning most team since the afl/nfl merger is who?
The Dolphins thats who! and my family and i have been lucky enough to be season ticket holders since 1969 (now section 142 rite behind bench-to which i only get to 4 or 5 a year)

btw, last year you got a few good calls and a few good bounces last year and capitalized on it. for that they should get credit but as the ravens the patsies will also be a on/two year wonder and back to the bottom of there division where they came from.

well we shall see the pretenders go down this sunday baby!

can you say patsies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how about some #34?

by the 4th qtr. not only will the patsies wilt from the heat and humidity.
but the secondary will be backing off when the see #34 off rite tackle comin' their way! ouch....the noise you just heard was ricky leaving tread marks all over Tbuck and crew.

can you say "run-ricky-run"?

see ya

[Edited by chevysales]
10-04-02 08:58 AM
Nellcote Again, when did the Phins last win the whole thing?

Wait till you see Deion Branch!

You will not survive the Wrath of Belichek!

Not for nuthin, however, looks like it's the Pats & Phins
in the AFC East this year, as the rest are just treading water...
10-04-02 12:02 PM
chevysales agreed. forget the jets... but bledsoe is reborn but nothing else.

are you going to fleet in jan?

i got section 3 again just wonder if it sold out yet.

we should be seeing this game on cbs as it's the biggest 1pm matchup. especially with dixon not playing for us and ruddy(center) maybe out our oline is not 100% for a must win for either team.

i go down for bills/bledsoe 20th and again for chargers as its 20th anny and my wifes a big fan too so we make a week out of thanksgiving in ft laud.

trying to get "front row tix" the agency that buys our pro player xtra tix to get me clean swap for jets game in ny which is espn nite one. and that place is even worse than foxboro for a phinphan :>(

this agency has worked myself and family for sometime now and got us 2nd row rons side for 97 B2B at orange bowl which was great show in dec of that year with smashing pumkins, dave mathews (sp), and 3rd eye blind.

hartford should be good.
the strokes got a few songs on the charts...
along with hoping for a some girls set????????????

chevysales @ work
10-04-02 03:19 PM
gotdablouse hum...knock it off guys ;-)

To download mp3s off of newsgroups you need:
Well you need access to Usenet, normally you ISP gives that free but quality is often bad. I use Easynews myself.
Then you need a newsgroup reader. You can use outlook but it's VERY bad. Use Free Agent instead, it's her:

If you still have questions, do a search on google !

As a side note, I've uploaded the Orpheum CD (tagged, etc...) like the one I posted to the newsgroups on holly's ftp and it's fast at about 40k down.
Here's the info on how to join the ftp:
10-04-02 03:32 PM
Soul Survivor when you open outlook, what do u do
10-04-02 03:40 PM
brianisnotdead All the tracks are incomplete. Please post the missing pieces.
10-04-02 03:44 PM
montana I dont know what's wrong!!! shit! I'm new in newsgroups subject. it says an error ocurred: host name not found...
can anyone give me some tips?thanx, Lour
10-04-02 04:13 PM
chevysales i guess it depends on your isp as i use attbi there is and never has been a problem with outlook express for me. i am computer literate.

all postings are available...but to each his own although for a newbie to grab a newsreader and setup to grab a few newsgroup files IMO is a bit much.

either way it's simple stuff once you get the hang of it.
check the help file under "Viewing and Posting to Newsgroups" in outlook express and set it up for newsgroups if you haven't already.
[Edited by chevysales]
10-04-02 04:54 PM
gotdablouse Hey Chevy, didn't mean to "attack" your choice, I had typed my message befire yours but hadn't sent it.
Sure if Outlook works for you that's great. Give Agent a try though, it's really very powerful. You don't need to set up much either, just your ISP info. THen yuou can donwload the groups, subscribe to them, etc...Does outlook support yEnc now ?

Actually the posts are complete, I checked on my server. My suggestion get a special newsgroup provider like ($10/month for 6 gigs) and try Agent. In 3 years with that combo I've never had anything incomplete, except when the post as messed up of course.