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The late Johnny Cash and the immortal Keef playing "Big River"
7th Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony
Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City - January 15, 1992
By Mark Seliger - with thanks to... me LOL



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Topic: Any 'named for' stories? Return to archive
09-29-03 10:09 AM
Stones Fan, Gar Just wondering if any one has named a child., pet or anthing after the Stones. Our dog is named Ruby. (Sometimes after a walk in the yard, I feel like Sweet Virgina) Hope you all have a great week. Gar
09-29-03 11:01 AM
steel driving hammer When I make love I make her call me Mick.
09-29-03 11:05 AM
Joey " Just wondering if any one has named a child., pet or anthing after the Stones. "

No , not after the Stones , but I DO name some things after the individuals who post here at this most beloved of boards .

Now , with your kind indulgence , if you will please excuse me , I have to go and take a " Maxy " .

Developing ..........................literally !

" Bark like a Dog for me Ronnie "

D.J. Jazzy Joe and the Fresh Prince of Boca !
09-29-03 11:09 AM
2120SMA Keith Mckinley (Muddy Waters) Slosson
James (Elmore James) "Jimmy" (Jimmy Reed) Charles Slosson
09-29-03 11:09 AM
Jumacfly LOL steelie!!!
i got the same problem, sometimes i shout "give it up ronnie" to my girl....
09-29-03 11:11 AM
steel driving hammer LOL!! Never thought of asking her to say "Hit Me Ronnie!"

Funny stuff.
09-29-03 11:12 AM
Sir Stonesalot I named my wife's ass "Chuck Leavell".

09-29-03 11:18 AM
steel driving hammer
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
I named my wife's ass "Chuck Leavell".

It's that hairy!???????????????????????



{{{{CA - RACK}}}}}

Home Run Ronnie!
09-29-03 11:27 AM

Everything in life drowns in Stoney's White Hairy Ass .............................and you ????

" Bark like a Dog for me Ronnie "

J. Sea Scroll !
09-29-03 11:37 AM
Sir Stonesalot Hell yes it's that hairy!

It's a Wolf Ass!!!!

09-29-03 11:47 AM
telecaster My ex wife is forever known as "Bitch"

Does that count?
09-29-03 11:51 AM
Jumacfly Steelie, Sir, LOLOLOLOL!!!!!
say hi to chuckie for me!!!

09-29-03 12:03 PM
shakedhandswithkeith when I came home from jogging my wife welcome me with "Welcome back Mick Jogger"
09-29-03 12:05 PM
Stones Fan, Gar Actually my dog looks sort of like Chuck
[Edited by Stones Fan, Gar]
[Edited by Stones Fan, Gar]
09-29-03 12:23 PM
Joey " It's a Wolf Ass!!!! "

Hey ....................." Wolf Ass !! "

Damn I am good .

First ............... Wolf Puss , then Beer Titties , then Anal Tag and NOW Wolf Ass !!!!!!!

The kid has got talent Ronnie ...............Oh , and He ' Got Game ' too Ronnie !!!! '

Joe Sea Scroll !
09-29-03 01:24 PM
catwoman My hubby can talk dirty to me in that raspy Ronnie-like voice. I love it. All I have to do is close my eyes....and imagine..... that it ain't hubby. LOL!
09-29-03 01:30 PM
steel driving hammer Catwoman how are things in Israel?

I think it's a great idea even build that wall further on down the line.

Nice to see a poster from there.

Fuck Palestein! Their the ones starting all the shit!

09-30-03 12:53 PM
catwoman I wish that wall wasn't necessary. I'm into the Bridges to Babylon thing - (not into Pink Floyd - the Wall). Leaders on both sides suck - what else can I say??? I have Palestinian friends too. Both sides have to make an extra effort to get to "know" the other side and it's difficult - believe me. I dragged my teenage girls to a party for Gypsies in East Jerusalem. The Arab women were really warm and friendly and my daughters were shocked. They said - they weren't like the ones you see on TV burning US and Israeli flags and wanting to kill themselves by murdering us as part of a holy war. Because we live separately, there's no chance for easy mingling. That's why there's so much distrust on both sides. But I am part of a spiritual peacemaking community - not political - hee hee - (see

you can't really be a peacemaker and be political at the same time - politicians are corrupt. Although I think if Giuliani were the Prime Minister here, he'd set everyone on the right track. He made New York into a beautiful city, cleaned it right up. I don't know much about him, and about how he got it that way, but I do remember living in New York City up until 1983 and I was shit scared of travelling on the subway. I went back last year and nothing and no one was scary anymore.

You know how many years I haven't seen tour buses driving up and down the roads in Jerusalem? It's depressing. And no Stones concerts. Red Hot Chili Peppers cancelled a few years ago, the last big act to be booked here. Not even Marianne Faithfull comes here anymore - she used to come here about once a year for a couple of gigs. We've got no choice but to start talking.....and listening each other.

09-30-03 01:06 PM
Monkey Woman Very interesting post, Catwoman. I admire people like you who keep their heads in the face of such craziness. I don't know what to say, just that I respect what you and GAIA are doing. Best wishes, sister. Keep faith and courage, this is a mean old world here.
09-30-03 01:30 PM
jb As long as we don't forget that it is the Arabs/muslim terrorists who don't want peace...Jewish people don't blow themselves up at Pizza parlors or discos....yes, innocent lives are lost when our brave soldiers justifiably retailiate, but that is much different from the terrorists acts of these equate the two is blatant anti-sematism....The territories are not is our historical land which we were displaced from-not the Arabs...we turned deserts into flowing oasis' and barren land into olive orchids...the arabs do nothing but rais their children to hate jews..and sadly, the Europeans, whose guilt for the Holocaust masked centuries of the most virulent anti-semantism, are empowered again and seek our demise.
09-30-03 04:46 PM
catwoman JB my soul bro' - That's why we have dialogue groups. I have met 3 times with 50 Palestinian young adults (prime age for terrorists) from Nablus/Schechem each time. They aren't taught Jewish history and have no idea about a temple of ours that was once on the Temple Mount. But we explained our stance nicely. We also aren't taught anything about Palestinians about their holidays and culture - we generally don't know when their holidays fall - we should be acknowledging their culture too. and kids generally don't learn spoken Arabic - most Israelis can't speak it unless their parents came from Arabic-speaking countries. It's a shame. I knew we were getting somewhere when one English teacher - about 25 years old said he thought the Messiah was Osama Bin Laden. But he didn't think so anymore because of all the destruction that happened, etc. You are less likely to blow up the people whom you are friends/on decent terms with. I'm sure none of these suicide bombers ever had Israeli friends. By the way, I live over the green line in Maaleh Adumim. I don't believe in these articificial "lines". I know of the historical significance the land holds for me. I moved here because of a spiritual pull - not a religious one. I know Palestinians that have that same spiritual feeling about this land. Go figure. Sometimes Arabs I meet at these dialogue groups give me a hard time about me living where I live and say it's illegal for me to live there. I tell them the view is great, the weather is better and the only reason it's illegal is because they aren't allowed to live in the city with us. Besides the quicker there is peace - the quicker people like the Stones would give a concert or two over here. They do have the audience. They could pull in many thousands of people. And I need to give this thread some Stones content. My daughter is bugging me now. She wants to go on her chat line.