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The late Johnny Cash and the immortal Keef playing "Big River"
7th Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony
Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City - January 15, 1992
By Mark Seliger - with thanks to... me LOL



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Topic: 26th of september Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
09-26-03 03:39 AM
marko and shows for this day

9.26.73 Bern,possibly 2 shows
9.26.81 Philly,great show
9.26.02 New York,msg licks tour,KILLER i would say.

from now on.......i will list shows for each day from 1969
on.If i remember.
09-26-03 08:46 AM
steel driving hammer Columbus 97 tomorrow! In which I just got that a few months ago, 7.0 maybe.
09-26-03 10:32 AM
nankerphelge Yes, one year ago today was the great YOTI fest!!

And Thru & Thru

And Shattered on the B!!!

09-26-03 10:37 AM
sirmoonie No kidding!

Cool. Cheers to all my fellow YOTES. That was fun. Maybe some day, we can YOTE again and play some Rolling Stones!
09-26-03 11:27 AM
Sir Stonesalot I've been back to YOTI a few times since then.

Lots of Jews playing football in there.

We need to get together and drink our faces off.

09-26-03 01:39 PM
Factory Girl What are the five best beers?
09-26-03 01:55 PM
Sir Stonesalot 1. Free
2. Cold
3. Free & Cold
4. Cold & Free
5. Everything else
09-26-03 01:59 PM
nankerphelge Newcastles!!!

Goddam they taste good!!

Just had a couple for lunch!

Goddam they taste good!

Is there an echo in here...
09-26-03 02:14 PM
Factory Girl I'll have to try Newcastle. I like:

1. Bass Ale
2. Beck's Dark
3. Heineken Dark
4. Eureka Honey Wheat lager
5. Heineken
09-26-03 02:22 PM
sirmoonie Cool FG. Women usually have lousy taste in beer: Bud Light, Diet Bud Light, Bud Dry Ice Light, etc. You know, typical Howe cocktails.

Sorry, its true ladies.

Never marry a woman who can't appreciate a decent barrel of suds.

"Beer" list
1. Guiness
2. Pilsner Urquell
3. Negro Modelo
4. Ballantine's Ale

09-26-03 02:25 PM
Factory Girl Hey, moonie! Pilsner Urkell is a Czech beer -a light ale, very nice. I prefer a hearty, full flavored beer.
09-26-03 02:51 PM
Sir Stonesalot AhHA!

Another thread hijacked....this time by BEER!!!

This will REALLY piss off those Tell Me weenies!
09-26-03 02:53 PM
nankerphelge Yeah!
09-26-03 03:00 PM
Factory Girl Who are the 'Tell me Weenies'? Are they any relation to that little sausage in a jar????

Back to Beer, I say!!
09-26-03 03:01 PM
Gazza 1. Carlsberg
2. Kronenbourg 1664
3. Stella Artois
4. Fosters
5. Budvar
09-26-03 03:08 PM
Factory Girl Gazza, you ROCK!!!

Hey, Gazza, do you like Alice In Chains??? I think they're Awesome!!
09-26-03 03:24 PM
Riffhard YOTI brothers and sisters unite! It's hard to believe that it's already been a year. Man that was a good night. What a show at MSG!

As for beer. My list looks like this.

2.-New Castle Brown Ale
3.-Sam Adams-all of their beers with the exception of Cherry Weat. I'm not a beer and fruit kinda guy. Sam's October Fest this year is great.
4.-Sierra Nevada-Unfiltered Wheat Ale


PS-If you want to try a great seasonal beer may I recommend Smutty Nose Pumkin Ale. It is loaded with flavor and is perfect for a cool autum night. Try it you won't be sorry!
09-26-03 03:30 PM
Mother baby

1. Bud....The King of Beers
09-26-03 03:36 PM
sirmoonie 1. Bud......The King of watered down Piss
09-26-03 03:57 PM

1 Guinness on tap in Ireland (from what I understand)
2 Guinness on tap elsewhere
3 Guinness draft in a can
4 Guinness Extra Stout in bottles
5 2000 Man's C10 Milk Stout
09-26-03 04:06 PM
Joey " What are the five best beers? "

1. Guinness
2. New Castle
3. Bass
4. Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale
5. Heineken


09-27-03 12:20 AM
" What are the five best beers? "

Sam Adams
Modelo Especial

I've been thinking about the YOTI gathering all day. It will never be duplicated but I'd sure like to give it a go.
And, oh yeah, the boys did a decent job at MSG.

Where the hell is Scope, Ronnie!


09-27-03 01:15 AM
Sir Stonesalot OK my real list...

1. Guinness
2. Yuengling Lager

Uhhhhh...that's pretty much it. I don't drink anything that has the words "honey" or "wheat" or "Nut" or any kind of flavor other than "beer".

How about microbrews making beer flavored beer? Wouldn't that be a novel idea!

Same with coffee. Whatever happened to coffee with just coffee in it? Mocha nut decaf soy latte? WTF? I went into a coffee place recently and asked for coffee...the coffee dude just gaped at me like I was a moron. He was like, "What kind?" I was like, "I just want a black coffee, make it large." He was like, "OK, what flavor?" I was all, "Uhhhh, coffee flavored? You know, coffee?" He was all, "Well, we have 32 coffees from around the world, available with 12 different flavoring syrups, what kind do you want?" I was all, "What kind of coffee do truckers buy offa you guys?" He was all like, "Oh we don't get many truckers here." I was all like, "What do you have that comes closest to Folgers?" The guy literally SMIRKED at me!!! I said(and my wife got really mad at me for this), "Fuck you, and fuck this place, I'm going to Sheetz and get some fucking coffee. Did it ever occur to you people that you shouldn't need a goddamn menu to order a cup of coffee? Try getting in some coffee flavored coffee. And you better wipe that fucking smirk off your face before I tear it off and shove it up your ass.(See, this is what happens when I don't get coffee when I need it)"
09-27-03 01:35 AM
MarthaMyDear What *** I *** would like to know is why coffee and espresso is so fucking EXPENSIVE, and shit (?!?!?!)!!! I do have to say that I LOVE Starbucks coffee, espresso, and their food!!! EXPENSIVE but YUMMY!!!!!!!! Hi, SS!!!!!!!!!!

*** Martha ***
09-27-03 01:40 AM
Sir Stonesalot Oh I don't care how much it costs, when I need coffee...I NEED COFFEE. I don't need a fuckin' menu, just a cup of black coffee. Why is that so damn hard?
09-27-03 02:56 AM
MarthaMyDear I'd like to know why owning a fucking cell phone is so difficult!!! lol........................... Isn't it supposed to help make your life EASIER and yet you are on the phone ALL, FRICKING DAY with customer service(s) if you need their help, etc.!!! SHEESH!!! By the way... I'm having home made coffee right now, SS... Get a good coffeemaker and just buy it yourself!!! lol........................ I only buy espresso drinks when I'm not at home, etc., BUT I, ALSO, have an espresso machine at home, also, 'cause it's extremely convenient and ALOT less expensive!!! I got mine for about $60.00-$80.00 (?!?!?!) on sale at!!! GREAT BUY!!! Take care and "you shouldn't take it so hard"!!! Bad, bad joke!!! SORRY!!! HE!!! HE!!! lol............... PEACE!!!

*** Martha ***
09-27-03 02:51 PM
Gazza Guinness isnt a beer - it's a stout!

Starbucks' stuff is nice enough but I see your point about Too many negative associations with that particular company for me to enthuse about them,personally.
09-27-03 03:03 PM
egon heineken, bud, kroneburgh, grolsch, amstel etc
in whatever order.
none of them are special, just the way i like it.
you can drink more than 3 without feeling full.

guiness me like too, but i'm full after 3 of those
it really is the only liquid dinner that exists!

fuck, i'm getting thirsty just talking about it.

off to the pup it is!
09-27-03 04:15 PM
Mother baby
sirmoonie wrote:
1. Bud......The King of watered down Piss

Perhaps there is a misundertanding here. Budweiser is the KING OF BEERS..., it even says so right on the label.
09-27-03 04:22 PM
Mother baby wrote:
Perhaps there is a misundertanding here. Budweiser is the KING OF BEERS..., it even says so right on the label.

Look pterodactyl dick, I'm not interested in mince-bickering with you. Let there be no mistake: Budwieser is the King of watered down Piss. It even says so in this thread.
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