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The late Johnny Cash and the immortal Keef playing "Big River"
7th Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony
Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City - January 15, 1992
By Mark Seliger - with thanks to... me LOL



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Topic: Neil Young to play Tamar, HK 6th November Return to archive
09-25-03 10:20 AM
Lazy Bones Scheduled to play with Michelle Branch on the Thursday (6th November) of the festival. Stones (still rumoured?) and Neil in the same weekend event...? What a treat!

The ticketing link is below.
09-25-03 11:47 AM
jb Neil Young is Canadian, eh?
09-25-03 12:23 PM

I believe you are right Josh .

" Respect the power inside . Rolling Stones Music is infectious Ronnie "

Jercee Sea Scroll !
09-25-03 12:26 PM
jb Joey, David Lee Roth is scheduled to appear at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater on Saturday night. My understanding was that he was injured yesterday?
09-25-03 12:31 PM
Joey " Joey, David Lee Roth is scheduled to appear at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater on Saturday night. My understanding was that he was injured yesterday? "

I believe his entire concert schedule has been cancelled .

Josh , is " Pompano Beach Amphitheater " a nicer facility than " Mizner Park Amphitheater " ?????

Developing .............................

" Sticky Fingers is better than any groups' best album Ronnie "

09-25-03 12:32 PM
jb No..
09-25-03 02:35 PM
Dan I was at the San Diego and Irvine shows. "Greendale" is the absolute worst thing I had ever seen in my life. I actually started to fall asleep in San Diego. I was in the $5 seats in the back so I dont feel too ripped off but I really wish I had that 3 hours of my life back.
09-25-03 02:36 PM
jb Did he do anmy Van Halen? Did he sing my favorite song 'I;m just a gigalo"?
09-25-03 03:06 PM
Joey " Did he do anmy Van Halen? Did he sing my favorite song 'I;m just a gigalo"? "

My sources tell me he did an " Anal Tag "

I hear things ..................

Some Things ....................

Sea !

09-26-03 09:25 PM
mac_daddy Dan - are you saying Neil Young's Greendale blew chunks?

I thought it was great when I saw it at the Greek, but then again, Irvine Meadows sucks ass, too. Isn't it called something else now? Is Lion Country Safari still open down there?

I read yesterday that David Lee Roth was using some martial arts prop on stage and injured himself badly enough that he had to cancel the rest of his tour. Well at least he didn't get arrested in a park for trying to buy w33d from a cop. Just ask George Michael - you don't want to ask a cop for anything, ever - esp if you are asking him to pull his pud in a Beverly Hills Park bathroom...

I hope you saw the White Stripes earlier this week - I taped Tuesday night's show (in fact I am working on the transfer now)...

How did the Iron Maiden/Motorhead/Dio tapes turn out? My BRMC and Eels tapes came out pretty sweet.

Looks like there will be some good live action going on this fall, too.

Oh, and speaking of martial arts - believe the hype: "Kill Bill" is sick.
09-27-03 03:45 AM
mac_daddy well this LA Weekly columnist didn't have alot of nice things to say about the Irvine show, either...

"Don’t You Get It?

At Irvine’s Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (VWA), where Neil Young brought his Greendale show Saturday night, a beer costs $10. You cannot buy a bag of popcorn without sugar on it. And patrons are constantly surveilled by security workers who cannot remember that you passed them two minutes earlier. In the lobby, where Del Taco competes with Bavarian Nuts in this broad-spectrum bilking of the music fan, there is a cardboard mockup of a Hummer, the vehicle inspired by “Operation Desert Storm” in the early ’90s and popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who owns five. Tonight, some lucky concert-goer who filled out the form and dropped it in the box will win the transportation vehicle that, according to one local dealer, gets about 8 to 10 miles per gallon.

This might all be business as usual in a nation where we seem to be living in a heightened state of what playwright Arthur Miller called “internal denial” — consider the man-on-the-street interviewers who nearly always find people who support Bush’s Iraq policy even when facts line up against it. But the Greendale Tour is supposed to be a theatrical rock & roll show at least nominally about civil liberties and environmentalism — or, at least, that’s what I gather from its persistent references to the Patriot Act, as well as its closing line, “Save the Planet for Another Day!” It must have been a strange enough show when it played the Greek last July; nothing trips the cornball switch faster than lip-synching actors miming activity on an Our Town set accompanied by chords so soporific they make “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” sound complex by contrast. But here at Irvine’s VWA, Greendale is worse than merely weird. When, midway through the show, a billboard pops up onstage bearing the brand “Clear Channel” and the words “Support Our War,” enthusiastic cheers erupt from the crowd, and Greendale becomes a metaphor for all that’s wrong with America.

Leaving aside the twisted little irony that Clear Channel is actually sponsoring this concert, scarcely anyone in the audience seems to understand that Neil Young is not actually shilling for Bush’s war. Not since Springsteen has an artist been so misunderstood; not since Leni Riefenstahl has the artist been so securely to blame for the misunderstanding. “You can respond to this however you want,” Young says, pointing to the billboard. Chants of “USA! USA!” easily trump a smattering of hisses. Politics have been reduced to fashionable sloganeering, and nobody’s getting the joke.

It’s possible that Neil Young doesn’t really care whether his audience gets his point; it’s possible that he knows nothing of the Hummer contest in the lobby; it’s possible that he means for the flag-waving at the end of the Greendale portion of the show to suggest that peace is patriotic. It’s also possible that the jab at Clear Channel is a noble gesture on Young’s part — a corporation might be footing the bill, but damn if he’ll be censored. But it’s just as possible that Young’s politics, like most of the country’s, are as incoherent as Greendale’s plotline, which somehow involves aging flower children and a man named Jed who shoots a cop. This is, after all, the supposedly unrepentant hippie who supported Reagan through the ’80s. He has sprinkled Greendale’s lyrics recklessly with calls to activism, but they’re all a little soggy: Chained to the golden eagle in the atrium of “Power Co.,” protagonist Sun Green, the young daughter of Greendale’s Green Family (tell me this show wasn’t dreamed up on weed; I won’t believe you), shouts to the corporate throng below. “When the city is plunged into darkness,” she declares, “by an unpredicted rolling blackout/The White House always blames the governor/Saying the solution is to vote him out.” Yes, Neil, those direct-action anarchists are really coming out against that recall!

It’s true, I walk around a lot looking at polls and glancing at CNN, shouting, “People! Don’t you get it?” But Greendale at the VWA made me fear deeply for our collective souls. We are fast becoming the people for whom Miller wrote The Crucible — the Germans who mutter, “Well, they must have done something,” as they witness innocents being carted off to death camps; the folks who refuse to understand that our dependence on oil has enabled a band of entitled brigands to embezzle our country’s resources for the sake of their own financial empires. We cannot connect our own dots, even when we’re nearly blinded by them. But who can blame us? The cultural icon who once wrote an unparalleled lament for peace and civil liberties in 53 perfect words, “Ohio,” no longer bothers to notice that a weapon of environmental destruction is being peddled in the lobby of the same venue in which he’s urging his fans to save the planet. So how can his fans be expected to grasp the notion that he thinks indiscriminate logging is bad? Or does he?

—Judith Lewis"
09-30-03 01:47 PM
Dan Yeah I was in the Terrace section for Irvine Meadows. Not even going to bother transferring it because a friend was close. San Diego is available on disc but disc one is untracked since I couldnt stand to hear it again. Actually started nodding off at that show.

My friend did White Stripes night one but I didnt go to any of them. I spent all my money this summer on 35+ shows so now gigs will be few and far between.

Everything but Dio at Irvine came out great since I was surrounded by idiots and Dio played at half the volume of the other 2.

Most recently I did Adler's Appetite at the Key Club, Cheap Trick at Avalon and Stereophonics at Virgin Megastore.
09-30-03 08:22 PM
mac_daddy I did the second night of the stripes, so please let your buddy know that I would love to swap (DAT or disc, I can do either)...

How was Adler's band?

There are a couple of events coming down the pipe around here that I am looking forward to taping, but this summer was brutal for ticket prices for me, as well. That said, I might go try to pull Beth Orton @ Largo in a few hours...

Hey, could you describe your avatar? The image has been broken as long as I have known you

[Edited by mac_daddy]