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Topic: Buying or burning 40 licks? Return to archive Page: 1 2
10-02-02 04:44 PM
luridchief Hey, if folks don't WANT to buy it that's their business. Of course, if I want to buy a copy and shove it up my ARSE, then that's MY business. I've been a Stones fan for 24 years, and I'm neither a "newbie" nor a "collection dick."

Buy it if you want it, don't buy it if you DON'T want it, and just shut the fuck up!

10-02-02 04:46 PM
luridchief wrote:
Buy it if you want it, don't buy it if you DON'T want it, and just shut the fuck up!


Couldn't have said it better meself! Arr....

My copy should be on my doorstep when I get home...


-tSYX --- She got a mean disposition!
10-02-02 04:48 PM
Boomhauer wrote:
All I can say is that when a new studio album comes out, people still won't be satisfied. If there will be 14 songs on it, people will say "geeeeeeez, they at least could have put 15 on that album."

Indeed! It is so great. I got home, put my headphone on, SFM is killing my ears, I get the feeling, I'm singing along, yeah that is the stonesfeeling, if you don't have that with a new album, that is toooooooooooooooo bad then, all you guys who burned it, your collection is screwed and your stonesfeeling to
10-02-02 05:26 PM
luridchief wrote:
Buy it if you want it, don't buy it if you DON'T want it, and just shut the fuck up!

The same goes for you! But I admit you made it a little shorter, still you couldn't cut the mustard

Moonisup - I didn't even burn these tracks whatfor? My collection is screwed up as it can be with all its tapes, vinyl, CDs singles and albums, mp3 and wma files. What is a Stonesfeeling however? Is this something new, (c) 2002 Promotone B. V. - you're Dutch, ain'tcha?
10-02-02 05:30 PM
luridchief I think we should retire the "should you buy Forty Licks?" argument and instead concentrate on "Who's stronger--the Mighty Thor or the Incredible Hulk?"

10-02-02 05:32 PM
stonesmik Hulk of course!
10-02-02 06:41 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Thor.

And I just got my super-special edition!

The liner notes in this are fan-fucking-tastic, as is the whole package. Unfortunately, the 12-foot-tall book crushed me and I now walk with a limp. From too much partying. My jaw is busted... my hips are thrusted 'cause I'm a real, hard, real, hard...

-tSYX --- You a real hard rocker! It's tough to keep up with you...
10-02-02 07:09 PM
egon was in the supermarkt today and had it in my hand... euro 22,00

and then i asked myself; "why should i buy this?"
did not have an answer.

if anyone of you has a good reply i will buy it 1st thing tomorrow.

but i don't really see the point as i've got the 4 extra songs already.

still; very nice album for the greatest hits buyer.
10-02-02 07:21 PM
luridchief I hesitated, too, before I bought it last night--saw the remastered/expanded RAMONES nearby and thought that I should get that instead. I ended up compromising by buying both, which was more than I wanted to spend. $17.95 wasn't a bad price for 40 LICKS, though.

Although if Best Buy would have just had the U.K. AFTERMATH, I would have nabbed that in place of all of the above--I can't find that thing anywhere and may have to just order it online!

LICKS has saved me a bit of dough--I'd already nabbed the U.K. BETWEEN THE BUTTONS a few weeks back. I put (the remastered) LSTNT and RUBY TUESDAY on a playlist before the BUTTONS tracks and burned my own "complete" BTB disc ! That way I can pass on the US Remaster (and I don't have an SACD player).

And now I'll take my own advice and shut the fuck up.
[Edited by luridchief]
10-02-02 08:54 PM
Sir Stonesalot "a complete collection dick"

Uh, excuse me, but why does the fact that I would like a complete collection of Rolling Stones releases, make me a dick?

I know a guy who collects complete team sets of Los Angeles Clippers basketball cards. I have no idea WHY he does it, but I don't think he's a dick because he does. I know a guy who collects complete sets of John Deere die casts. Again, I don't know why, he just does. But he's not a dick either.

I don't think I'm a dick. I'll bet lots of other people don't think I'm a dick either. I CAN be a dick, especially when people piss me off.

Like when people who don't know me call me a dick. I don't really like that very much. You see, it's my business if I want to buy the fucking thing. You have no say in the matter what-so-ever. The very fact that you are so pompous as to say that anyone who wants 40 Licks in their collection is a dick, in fact, makes YOU a dick.

So, I happily tell you, for all 40 Licks owners everywhere....go fuck yourself.
10-02-02 09:21 PM
luridchief Sir Stonesalot doesn't beat around the bush!

I do think that it's strange for a Stones fan to make fun of other Stones' fans for (gasp!) BUYING A ROLLING STONES CD!

Go figure . . . !
10-03-02 01:04 AM
Raging GOAT!!! Go to piss way over in his shoes, Sir Stonesalot! But I wouldn't no how ever buy the album sometime neither. Too horny on life; no time; 27 carrots with chicken; the coconut.
10-03-02 01:33 AM
Pants Make the Man He's back!
10-03-02 04:09 AM
F505 Raging goat when can we expect a reissue of that fabulous album where your head is chopped off?
10-03-02 05:51 AM
Pants Make the Man RagingGOAT!!! is on your side, Sir Stonesalot! But that part about "27 carrots with a chicken" is way too deep for me to get under.
10-03-02 07:12 AM
Maxlugar And then he simply says: The coconut.


Who are you Raging Goat?

PM me and let me in on the joke. You gotta be a regular.

10-03-02 07:36 AM
RipThisJoint For the price of a convenience charge for one golden circle ticket you can get the new stones CD. Yeah, they shortened up a few which is a little bothersome, but for $16.95(K-Mart) for 2 cds with Stones tunage on them it is the best value out there. I wouldn't waste the extra money on the collectors edition upgrade myself, but if somebody wants the little trinkets it may be worth it for them and that's cool too.
[Edited by RipThisJoint]
[Edited by RipThisJoint]
10-03-02 08:44 AM
jb wrote:
I bought 10 copies at K-mart..will give to employeesas part of Holiday party grab bag....

great holiday present for even the casual fan.

kmart seems to be the cheapest i have found yet.
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