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Topic: Buying or burning 40 licks? Return to archive Page: 1 2
10-01-02 08:50 PM
Poison Dart I assume that most of the people here already have most of the old tunes from 40 licks.

My question is are you willing to spend between $17-$30 for what amounts to 4 new songs and a bunch of songs many Stones fans already have. Or will you just burn the 4 new songs off the net for free?
10-01-02 09:26 PM
full moon Bought!!!!
10-01-02 09:35 PM
Boomhauer I second that full moon.
10-01-02 09:59 PM
Mickjagger1963 Just bought it myslef... this is going to number one baby!
10-01-02 10:27 PM
tumblingdice pre ordered at the end of August.
10-01-02 10:31 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I got a limited edition yesterday and the album is really great, the selection, the special package, the photos, etc

Buy it!

If you only want the four tracks buy the singles, I guess all will be edited as singles or will be a special mini CD

10-01-02 11:50 PM
Gimme Shelter I'm listening to it right now. Stopped by the store on the way home from work and bought it. I already had all of the songs on other albums and had downloaded the four new tunes but loyalty to the Stones always prevails.
10-01-02 11:54 PM
Boomhauer I went to Best Buy today (just to go in and get 40 Licks and get out) and saw about 5 or 6 people with 40 Licks in their hands. I even saw one guy getting a bunch of Stones remasters as well.

Oh yeah......also, I saw these two hot chicks by the singles rack at Best Buy and they were looking for a "Don't Stop" single, but it wasn't there and I told them it probably won't be out until November (from what I saw at CDNow). Then, they said "Hey, honey, do you know the last track on Disc 1 of Forty Licks is?" I say, "Yeah, baby, 'Let's Spend the Night Together'!", and then one of them says, "WOuld you like to do that with us......ya know.......a threesome?" And I said, "uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh, unhhhhhh-huuuuuuhhh."

Just kidding, the threesome never happened but they did get Forty Licks!

Ohhhhhh, yeeeeees.........Hot chicks love the Stones! Can't wait to see the Stones (and hot girls) at Ford Field!
[Edited by Boomhauer]
[Edited by Boomhauer]
10-02-02 12:01 AM
KeepRigid It's a great listen, definitely worth buying. I admit, the edited 'Beast of Burden' does throw me off a bit, but hey, we're funding shows like the Orpheum and Roseland.

Cast your bread upon the Stones' waters now!
10-02-02 12:23 AM
Boomhauer Some people are making it seem like "Forty Licks" is some sort of disease.

In a way a crazy mountain village one-toothed old lady would say:

"Stay away from that stuff.....that Forty Licks! It's gonna kee-yal you! You gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie! Dem new songs gonna put a spell on you and dat packaging gonna mess you up!"

10-02-02 01:07 AM
luridchief Bought it tonight at Best Buy for (I think) only $17.95. The new songs sound a hell of a lot better--downloaded versions that I've heard were crappy sounding.

I hate that the track ordering isn't sequential (yeah, I'm a freak), but I've already solved that by putting them in order from oldest to newest and then burning my own . . . !
10-02-02 02:16 AM
Staffan Boomhauer, that was a fun little post!
I really hope I'll run into a hot chick about to buy 40 licks (or any other Stones album), she would be the woman of my life!
10-02-02 02:22 AM
Moonisup I've bought in Friday, no regrets here, just to hear all those songs again, oh man just great. Just buy 40 licks!!
10-02-02 07:20 AM
Mathijs Anyone who shells out $30 for mono versions and edits of songs he already has a couple of times, is an idiot. period.

For years we have been slagging Sucking in the 70's as all tracks were shortened. But now nobody seems to mind anymore...At least Sucking had some great extra tracks, while 40 Licks only has some horrible Jagger outtakes.

10-02-02 07:22 AM
Mathijs and: I am certain that next year time we will ALL admit that 40 Licks was an horrible affair, with all these edits and horrible new songs.

10-02-02 08:17 AM
Factory Girl I bought it. Its important for me to have it to support my band and to have a complete official Stones collection. So what if I already own over 100 versions of Brown Sugar and Start Me
10-02-02 08:43 AM
Scot Rocks Bought it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heard stealing my heart blasting out in a music shop too, that song kicks ass!!!!!!!!

but why oh got me rocking!!!???

whatever though I like it!!!

Get your kicks on 40 licks!!!!!!!!!

10-02-02 09:20 AM
Mathijs wrote:
Anyone who shells out $30 for mono versions and edits of songs he already has a couple of times, is an idiot. period.

For years we have been slagging Sucking in the 70's as all tracks were shortened. But now nobody seems to mind anymore...At least Sucking had some great extra tracks, while 40 Licks only has some horrible Jagger outtakes.


Great, Mathijs! Catch ya next time!
10-02-02 09:24 AM
Maxlugar There was little chance of me buying even before I heard they shortened some tracks. That is cheesy.

I guess I'll just have to suffer with all the albums these songs originally came out on. Plus High Tides and Green Grass, Through the Past Darkly, Hot Rocks, More Hot Rocks, Time Waits For No One, Made In the Shade and Sucking In the 70's.

Why would I want these songs again? To support the Rolling Stones? That's preposterous! I've done that in triplicate!

My CD player holds 400 CD's. So it's not like I need all these songs in one handy dandy CD anyway. I want to hear Brown Sugar? I press disk 20 song 1 and BOOM! There it is. Then when that's over and I want to hear Gimme Shelter? I press disk 22 song 1. I can do that all friggin' weekend and never have to look for a CD baby! It's all on a printout on my coffee table! YES!

I'll get these new songs later and save the $$ for bootlegs of the tour.

Maxy Von Sony 400 CD Player!

10-02-02 09:35 AM
full moon Get a fucking clue people.. The new songs are rocking .. Fuck the downloaded bullshit.. The new songs kick ass and sound great through a nice stereo system...
10-02-02 09:46 AM
Boomhauer It also seems like people are angry at people for buying Forty Licks.

What a truckload of horseshit! You fucking call people here idiots and have the audacity to keep posting here and rambling on with your STones-hate speech. Get a fucking clue you prick-ass-motherfucking-blowjob king!

Hey mathijs, you think the STones owe you something PERSONALLY? Like an award or something? Hey Mick and company, come out now, Mathijs is ready for his gift. You IDIOT! How about if I call you that, you turd on the run.

An IDIOT is someone who kills, someone who thinks Saddam is an OK kind of guy, someone that makes fun of the disabled, someone that steals, someone that cheats people out of there money........I can go on and on.

And to you, someone that buys music by a band they like are idiots. Well, then, most people must have been idiots when Hot Rocks came out because the fans already had the previous albums with all of the songs.

If you can't think of something logical to say, then "get up, get ouuuuuuuut............into somethin' new!"

And don't give me that crap that you've been a STones fan since 1963, it ain't gonna make a damn bit of difference. You like the old STones better than the new STones. That's fine with me. But when you call people IDIOTS and say the STones don't care anymore, you go way off the tracks with that shit.
[Edited by Boomhauer]
10-02-02 10:19 AM
Maxlugar "Get a fucking clue people.. The new songs are rocking .. Fuck the downloaded bullshit.. The new songs kick ass and sound great through a nice stereo system."

No rush. I'll just get them on the next greatest hits package in 5 years.

And they probably be RE-MASTERED!

10-02-02 10:25 AM
jb Beautiful post Boomhauer!!!
10-02-02 10:37 AM
ShannonDC I bought it yesterday - the $30 box set because I collect this stuff and I don't have most of the old hits on CD. I waited 15 years for them to put out decent versions on CD. So my 15 years of listening to the first 7 or 8 LPs on vinyl is paying off - I don't have multiple versions of Satisfaction and others. Great as these songs may be, I need the money more than Mick does.

So if you're new to collecting the Stones music - pick wisely and you can avoid a lot of duplicate stuff.

But it's not as bad as being a Who fan. Christ, they put out a 'new' hits collections every time they get together for another reunion tour.
10-02-02 01:13 PM
stonesmik Whatever the guys are called who bought it. I won't buy it. I think "40 licks" divides the fans from the newbies - there's only one reason to buy it if you're a fan: you have to be an obsessed complete collection dick. But this set is not about music, it's a collectors item at best.

I'm not against the collection of songs, it's the best that exists on 2CDs covering the Stones whole career, even if some songs miss, even if some are edited, even if 4 of them never were hits, etc. The set may be a reasonable buy for someone who has never heard of the Rolling Stones or someone who doesn't want to buy some of their REAL albums. Or ok, for someone who's got just too much money. But I don't like people who have too much money.

I'm not against the new songs, I don't like them too much, though, and "Losing my touch" is just crap, but I would even buy them (including the crap) if there was a collectable single with them on it at a reasonable price.

I don't believe in that "remaster hype". But I will take my old CDs into the record shop and I will listen to the newly remastered old albums - if there is a significant difference for the better, I will consider to buy some of these new albums.

The thing about "40 licks" is I got all the songs on it in top quality, even the 4 new ones as mp3s who couldn't sound better on my wonderful stereo set. Since I can mix all the songs I want on my computer I don't need no compilations anymore. The playlist on my stereo is a continuing Stones compilation anyway, the best I've ever heard.

It just doesn't make SENSE to me to get such a compilation on 2 unhandy CDs in an unwieldy box and to pay $25 for it. I'll just keep my bucks to buys another one of these forthcoming 2002 live bootlegs.

To the others: be happy with your "40 licks", at least it's the Rolling Stones.
10-02-02 02:45 PM
jb I bought 10 copies at K-mart..will give to employeesas part of Holiday party grab bag....
10-02-02 03:02 PM
Factory Girl jb, you're going to give "40 Licks" to your employees-thats so cool! You're a great boss!
10-02-02 03:06 PM
Moonisup well that is great indeed, my boss is a beatlesfan, and we don't get along!! He banned my skull ring, but I keep on wearing it!! hahah he is afraid to fire me cos I do my job very good!!

10-02-02 03:16 PM
F505 Why buy a cd when you have (almost) all the songs already? I don't see the point. So I burned the 4 new ones. More interested in what the boys doing on stage.
Sounds very good so far.
10-02-02 04:44 PM
Boomhauer All I can say is that when a new studio album comes out, people still won't be satisfied. If there will be 14 songs on it, people will say "geeeeeeez, they at least could have put 15 on that album."

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