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Topic: Stones interview on 60 Minutes II Wednesday 10/2 Return to archive
10-01-02 01:45 PM
Martha Heads Up:

I saw a promo that the Stones will be interviewed on 60 Minutes II this Wednesday the 2nd of October at 8 p.m. Check your local listings.

Looks like they are following them on this glorious tour. Catch it if you are able. I will tape it for sure!
10-01-02 01:56 PM
Maxlugar Thanks for the heads up!

How's your Beck?

10-01-02 02:02 PM
Moonisup what's all this with the 60 minutes thing, never saw it in Europe, could someone please explain?
10-01-02 02:13 PM

60 Minutes II is a spin off of 60 Minutes which has aired on Sunday nights on CBS for years.

60 Minutes II is new and airs on Wednesday nights at 8pm on CBS.

Both showsare news/interview programming that contain three separate stories in the 60 minute time-slot. So the Stones interview will be somewhere in that hour program for an approx. 13-15 minutes.

Hope that helps.

Maxy...we just got a brand new kick your head off stereo system with speakers etc...had to build the cabinets for it over the weekend and then had to burn the Fleet copies and my hubby is working 12 hour the stereo isn't hooked up yet!!!

Haven't heard the starter kit as a result, but will this week! Again thanks. I sent you 2 gold blanks in yesterday's mail.

peace and love...
10-01-02 02:50 PM
Maxlugar Oh man that Beck is gonna RIP! over that new sound system.

Can I come over?

I'll bring some cup cakes.
10-01-02 03:57 PM

<------ Can we come over for a sound check too ??????

We will bring ourselves -- nothing else !

Ok , maybe some Guinness to chase it .

" Cannonball me Ronnie "

J. Fly

J. F .

10-01-02 04:21 PM
gypsy I'll definitely tape that! Thanks again, Martha!
10-01-02 05:29 PM
Martha Maxy you bring the cupcakes and Joey you bring yourself and your buddy...and we'll rock our brains out!

I'll leave the light on for ya!
10-01-02 05:55 PM
Joey I am there my Princess ...............

Daddy Joey is on his way !!!!!!!!!!

Hey , wait ....... Where did my dope go ????

Oh no!!! I have lost it again ...DAMN !!!! And I was doing so well there for awhile .


10-01-02 06:03 PM
Factory Girl Thanks, Martha. Looking forward to it.
10-02-02 04:16 PM
Jaxx just saw the ad on TV. yeah. can't wait. thanks for posting the info here
10-02-02 05:33 PM
Boomhauer Hey everybody! Here is a cool link for the program today:
10-02-02 08:54 PM
no_cole_porter Christ,
That was exactly what I needed. This was my first taste of the tour, aside from photos, which by the way are quite lovely. God they sound so good, So raw and focused and sloppy and precise and it's like they've taken a cue from The Who. It was just fun to listen to the interviews and everything and a smile from Charlie...Wow
10-02-02 08:56 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy It was awesome! All of them were in rare form - I enjoyed Ronnie's tour of the plane immensely, and Keith in general - a-smokin' and a-jokin'. Charlie didn't get much screen time, neither did Ronnie!

When Ed Bradley asked Ronnie about drinking, it was like he was on the verge of tears! What was his deal? "Oh, my whiskey, I barely knew ye?"

He made up for it with the tour on the plane. "This is the plaaaaane..."

*sigh*... I love those guys.

-tSYX --- If you start me up...
10-02-02 09:06 PM
midnightmagic Cool shots from the Aragon- I could almost see myself on tv.
Just got my boot of the show -awesome.
10-02-02 10:48 PM
kc152 Hats off to Mick. "I don't want to talk about Keith"
10-02-02 10:59 PM
cherryred check out the link that Boomhauer posted is a verbatum transcript of the entire interview. I've been watching it frame by frame on tivo because i think i can see myself for about half a second during one of the aragon clips.

great intervies
10-02-02 11:52 PM
Martha The interview set me into ultra-psyched up and energized mode major big time. YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I burst into tears upon watching it a second time, over the part they did of Ronnie. When they cut to him after they chat and he's playing his fuckin' heart out I just LOST it!! His eyes were very clear!!!! What joy!

I cannot wait to see them..I hope I don't get too overly psyched and have a heart attack (like you said you feared you might Riffie had you gotten into see them at the Roseland).

To top it all off my hubby brought home our comp tix to Ford Filed I said I'm ULTRA-psyched up tp see the Stones LIVE!

Interview was fabulous...I'm in the pink cloud state of pre-concert buzzola. May it last and last.

Glad so many of you got to see and liked the 60 Minutes gig.

Now, what is that "Keef in his undies" photo all about?
10-03-02 09:19 AM
Joey " To top it all off my hubby brought home our comp tix to Ford Filed I said I'm ULTRA-psyched up to see the Stones LIVE! "

Comp . Tickets --- Yes !!! Congratulations .

The inside shots of " Ford Field " look absolutely fabulous .....the Stones break in another new venue . I swear they build these things just for the band .....even where I live we are getting a new 20,000 seater just to attract The Rolling Stones and The Who .

Don't forget all the new stadiums they are building in Philadelphia , just in time for the next tour .


10-03-02 10:35 AM
David If anybody would have it in their heart to send my a vhs copy i would be eternally greatful.
10-03-02 11:09 AM
Jaxx what a great spot! they rehearsed "about 150 songs" for the tour according to mick. amazing. i absolutely loved the aragon shots. i liked the ronnie bit. i appreciated the fact that mick pleaded with him to clean up his act, not demanded it. keith was hysterical. his hair is still driving me nuts.
10-03-02 11:15 AM
David wrote:
If anybody would have it in their heart to send my a vhs copy i would be eternally greatful.

I got a heart. I could make you a copy. Private Message me with your address.
10-03-02 12:24 PM
rocker1 Here's a transcript of the 60 Minutes show.

Copyright 2002 Burrelle's Information Services
CBS News Transcripts

SHOW: 60 Minutes II (8:00 PM ET) - CBS

October 2, 2002 Wednesday

TYPE: Profile

LENGTH: 2211 words

HEADLINE: The Rolling Stones; the rock 'n' roll band on tour to celebrate their 40th anniversary as a group



ED BRADLEY, co-host:

When The Rolling Stones set out last month on their first world tour in three years, there were a lot of big numbers to marvel at. This is their 40th year as a band, they average 58 years old and they're on track to gross as much as $300 million in the next 12 months. Sure, it's only rock 'n' roll, but it's also big business. Eight years after we first met them, they invited us on tour again to find out they managed to live up to their reputation as the world's greatest rock 'n' roll band.

Sir MICK JAGGER: Am I on the tellie?

(Footage of The Rolling Stones performing on stage) BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Just a few weeks into the tour, The Rolling Stones are winning their best reviews in years. Judging from this show at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia last week, it looks like 'time is on their side.'

(Footage of The Rolling Stones performing)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Ronnie Wood is 55, Keith Richards is 58, Charlie Watts, 61, and Mick Jagger is 59.

(Excerpt from The Rolling Stones' performance)

BRADLEY: Is it harder for you today, I mean, as you get older?

Sir MICK: I was, like, ready for it to be hard, you know. You've got to say, like, 'Well, I'm ready. If it's hard, I'll just do less or I'll train harder.' Or it--but I don't--haven't found it that--that hard.

(Footage of The Rolling Stones performing"; stadium crowd; Madison Square Garden marquee; Aragon marquee; external shot of a stadium)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) This is the most ambitious tour The Stones have ever attempted. In addition to massive stadium shows, they're also playing 20,000-seat indoor arenas and 3,000-seat theaters; sometimes all three venues in the same city.

(Excerpt from The Rolling Stones' performance)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) They will play 45 shows in North America before setting off around the world for the next year. And every show demands The Stones' trademark energy, which is why Jagger has been exercising for months to get into shape.

I've read a lot about how Mick prepares to go out on tour. And he tries to get in shape and he lifts the weights and all of that. How do you prepare for a tour?

Mr. KEITH RICHARDS: Oh, Ed, I just turn up. You know, there's no secrets, you know?

BRADLEY: No bike?

Mr. RICHARDS: No, I--I ju--I'm--people ask me if I work out. I say, 'Are you kidding? I play guitar with The Rolling Stones. You know what I mean? You try that'--I mean, that's enough of a workout for anybody.

(Excerpt from The Rolling Stones' performance)

BRADLEY: You told me eight years ago, at some point, you said...

Mr. CHARLIE WATTS (Drummer, The Rolling Stones): Oh, thanks. Go on.

BRADLEY: said The Rolling Stones are going to look silly doing this at some point. Obviously, you haven't reached that point.

Mr. WATTS: Well, maybe we have. I don't know. I can't tell. We have a meeting, and you--you feel you're a sissy if you say no. 'What's wrong? We can do it!'

(Footage of The Rolling Stones performing; concert stage; setup for the concert tour; set of speakers; aerial shot of tour trucks; drum set; stadium; Jagger and Bradley on large video screen)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) And they'll have plenty of help. This tour takes over 300 people to run, they have 350 tons of gear and a 300,000-watt sound system, all transported by 53 semis. In a stadium show, everything is bigger than life. This is a 70-by-35-foot $5 million video screen.

Sir MICK: You see the sections?


Sir MICK: So it all comes from behind.


(Footage of video screen being assembled)

Sir MICK: (Voiceover) It comes from, actually, from that fold and it comes around. So it's not here when we come out.

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Uh-huh.

Sir MICK: (Voiceover) And it has separate images on it and then it joins up.

(Footage of The Rolling Stones rehearsing)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Rehearsals and sound checks for every show are critical because each show features a different set of songs.

(Footage of The Rolling Stones rehearsing)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) They have over 400 from which to choose.

Well, look, how many songs did you rehearse for this tour?

Sir MICK: A hundred and forty.

BRADLEY: That's a lot of words to remember, huh?

Sir MICK: I know. I don't rem--I don't claim to remember all--all the words.


Sir MICK: I remember all the lyrics of this show. I don't need any lyric prompting.


Sir MICK: But I might need prompting to do certain things, like--well, remembering what town I'm in, for instance.


(Footage of Bradley and Jagger on stage; Bradley sitting in stadium seat; The Rolling Stones rehearsing)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Jagger's humor is a smoke screen. Age is not The Stones' nemesis; it's their friend. Four decades of experience has made them savvy businessmen.

(Vintage footage of The Rolling Stones in concert; audience; Jagger dancing on stage; fans; person wearing Rolling Stones T-shirt with tongue logo)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) In 1969, they revolutionized the touring business by bringing their own state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment to every show. In 1972, they gave themselves a brand identity: the now iconic tongue logo.

(Vintage footage of The Rolling Stones performing on flatbed of a truck; woman looking out from window)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) By 1975, they turned mundane tour announcements into media events.

(Footage of The Rolling Stones on a boat; walking in front of a blimp with their logo on the side; cover of Fortune magazine featuring Jagger and Richards; money being placed in cash register)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) With each successive tour, The Stones found ways to do it bigger and better. Fortune magazine estimates that since 1989, they have generated $1 1/2 billion in revenue, money that comes from several complimentary yet separate businesses.

(Footage of The Rolling Stones performing; cover of "Forty Licks" CD; person hold tour merchandise flyer; vendor selling various merchandise; sweatshirts; T-shirts)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) This time, for their 40th anniversary as a band, they've released a two-CD set of their greatest hits called "Forty Licks." That is also the name of the tour. The CD promotes the tour, the tour sells CDs and each concert makes for a brisk merchandising business. T-shirts, concerts, and CDs feeding each other means Stones synergy in full flower.

(Footage of The Rolling Stones performing)

BRADLEY: Have you always been so professional about the business end of rock 'n' roll?

Sir MICK: Well, no, not when I was starting out. I mean, there was no business--hardly any business model or any business in it. You know, all there was was record companies that ripped you off.

BRADLEY: This is really big business, a Rolling Stones tour.

Mr. RICHARDS: Oh, it is. It is big business. If--if--if I was to consider it all on paper--I mean, it's an international concern. But at the same time, it--really, when you break it down, down, it's still a mom-and-pop store, you know. I mean, you've got no shareholders, no stock holders, all right? And basically, when it comes down to it, it's Mick and me, you know. And we're still fighting about who's Mom and who's Pop.

BRADLEY: Mm-hmm.

(Footage of band performing; band entering bar; Bradley, Jagger and Watts at parade)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Nonetheless, the family concern is not all business. We found that out eight years ago when we first met them in New Orleans. Jagger and Watts didn't hesitate when we asked them to go to a local New Orleans parade. Jagger was right at home in the second line.

I was impressed by your--and maybe I'd consider it your professionalism. I remember when we were in New Orleans that day. I mean, it was a funky, rainy day and I--I mean, you--you could have easily said, 'Hey, let's not do this.' And I--I wondered if it was because you really were that into seeing the parade or there was a professional obligation to go ahead and do this?

Sir MICK: No, I just thought it was more of a fun thing to do than a professional obligation. Good...

BRADLEY: I'm--I'm glad to hear that.

(Footage of Richards getting on plane; Watts and Wood on the plane)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Having fun is of primary concern to all of The Rolling Stones. Just look at how they travel from city to city.

Mr. RONNIE WOOD: So this is the plane.

(Footage of airplane in the sky; people at buffet line on the plane; champagne and glasses; various types of candy; Richards and others on the plane)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Ronnie Wood likes the ride. It's a 727, customized for 60, to fly in style.

Mr. WOOD: Here's a couple of pals here hangin' out. Charlie's normally in here, and here's Mick, the family man, with Lizzie.


Mr. WOOD: Hello.

(Footage of Wood greeting Jagger and Elizabeth)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) That's Mick's daughter.

Sir MICK: Here we are.

Mr. WOOD: Isn't it lovely on the plane, you know?

(Footage of person reading on the plane; Watts and Wood)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) This expensive, first-class operation means the tour won't break even for months.

(Footage of The Rolling Stones performing)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) It's a big gamble, one that Jagger did all he could to guarantee the investment. He even confronted Ronnie Wood about the guitarist's lifelong drinking problem.

There was a story that I'd heard that Mick came and--and gave you an--an ultimatum and said, 'If you don't clean up your act, you're not going to go on tour.'

Mr. WOOD: No, it wasn't an ultimatum. It was like a--it was more like a plea from a friend, saying, 'Please, hel--help yourself.' It was, like, 'You won't be able to survive it if you do--if you don't do something,' you know. 'You're not made of iron.'

(Footage of The Rolling Stones performing)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) The plea worked. Wood is sober and in the best form of his life. But Ronnie Wood's problem was not the only hurdle Jagger had to clear at the start of this tour. Last summer, he was knighted by the queen. Keith Richards was furious. His partner accepting the title Sir Mick was not in the spirit of The Rolling Stones' outlaw image. Richards said so to almost every reporter who would listen.

You talked about the esprit de corps that--that you have in the band.

Mr. RICHARDS: Mm-hmm.

BRADLEY: Sometimes you prick...

Mr. RICHARDS: Oh, yeah. Sometimes I do, yeah. Yeah. And when I think somebody's breaking rank, you know--I mean, obviously, you're maybe going to talk about Mick, you know, and knighthoods and things like that. Yeah, but it--I really just thought it was paltry honor and that he'd thrown himself, sort of, into a pool of brown-nosers, you know.

BRADLEY: I--I take it you don't call him Sir Mick?

Mr. RICHARDS: No, we have other names, Ed.

BRADLEY: Let me ask you about Keith and the 'Sir' thing.

Sir MICK: I don't want to talk about Keith.

BRADLEY: Well, that says a lot.

Sir MICK: Well, not really. I just don't want to get in--involved with an argument about Keith.

BRADLEY: Well, it's not an argument.

Sir MICK: Well, a discussion.

BRADLEY: I mean, he says--yeah. But he said some--you know. I mean, does he do that just to get under your skin? What do you think?

Sir MICK: I don't really know.

BRADLEY: You just don't want to go there.

Sir MICK: That's right.

BRADLEY: He doesn't want to talk about it.

Mr. RICHARDS: Oh, no, of course, he don't.

BRADLEY: No. You get a kick out of it.

Mr. RICHARDS: Kind of. You know--I mean, there he goes again, pick him up and wash him off and get him ready, you know.

BRADLEY: Is--is there any truth to the--the adage that from conflict like that comes great partnerships, great collaborations?

Mr. RICHARDS: I--I don't--looking back on it, you know, I would--I would say that there's--there's a good element of truth in that; the clash, like the yin and the yang, you know, that produces this chemistry.

After all--hey, we love each other very much, and maybe that's one of the reasons. Because you--if you've known somebody as long as Mick and I have, you know, it's--you can do things to each other that would seem to be so offensive to anybody else. But in actual fact, it's just a sort of smack on the wrist from--as far as we're concerned, you know.

(Footage of The Rolling Stones performing)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Offstage, some of The Stones may have problems, but on stage, the band remains rock music's benchmark; 40 years and counting. This is where all the business models and dust-ups are left behind.

(Footage of The Rolling Stones performing)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) What's your motivation after all these years?

Mr. RICHARDS: The same as it was when I started. It's just that people still want to hear it. I mean, I'll do it as long as they want to hear it and as long as I'm capable. Because after all, I get an incredible amount of 'satisfaction.'

BRADLEY: That's a good line.

(Footage of The Rolling Stones performing "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"; members of the band leaving the stadium; fireworks above the stadium)

Announcer: 60 MINUTES II will continue in a moment.


LOAD-DATE: October 3, 2002
10-03-02 12:52 PM
Maxlugar Yeah Nasty,

My pal called up to tell me his father was sick so I had to stay on.

So I'm listening to his sob story at the same time I'm watching the Stones story.

From what I got out of the conversation:

His father has to have his TORONTO removed.

If he doesn't, he will need to GET UP GET OUT.

He's been taking a lot of Stadiums, Arenas and Clubs.

He thinks I should show him what the new stage looks like.

And he didn't give me an ultimatum to quit drinking. If was more of a plea from a friend.

Oh, and he didn't want to talk about Keith for some reason....

I think I should call him back and clarify some things, no?