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Topic: Safety FEars at Keiths Home Return to archive
09-26-02 10:09 AM
Jaxx Safety fears at Richards' home

Richards is currently on tour with the Rolling Stones

Rock hellraiser Keith Richards has backed a plan that would see the public kept away from his Sussex mansion.
Richards wants improved security and privacy after a footpath running alongside his home, at West Wittering, near Chichester, caused a string of problems.

A fan who attempted to climb into his home provided a stark security warning to the guitarist on top of the privacy issues of people looking into his house and calling his name.

The grounds of privacy and security are considered to be rather weak

West Sussex County Council
Richards was asked by a local environment agency to upgrade the footpath to be a cycle route.

But he said he would only agree to the increase in usage if the path was diverted to the other side of a field.

"He has a footpath which runs right alongside his house and it really is a significant problem for security and privacy," a spokesman for Chichester Harbour Conservancy said.

'Too much'

The agency put the cycle plan to Richards as part of a larger scheme to create a route for cyclists from Chichester to the coast.

But Richards said that allowing cyclists as well as walkers would "be just too much", the spokesman said.

Richards bought the house in 1966

So the guitarist put forward an alternative plan that would avoid his house and follow the far edge of an adjacent field.

But that is likely to be rejected by the local council.

"Even taking into account the applicant's special circumstances, the grounds of privacy and security are considered to be rather weak," a report by West Sussex County Council said.

Richards already has a "substantial" water-filled moat as well as fences, trees and bushes that the council says "provide a very strong physical barrier" to the property.

Richards bought the Redlands mansion in 1966 after finding fame with the Rolling Stones, and it was the scene of an infamous 1967 drugs bust in which he and Mick Jagger were arrested.

He is currently on the band's 40th anniversary tour in the United States.
09-26-02 10:12 AM
Lazy Bones Jaxx, sweetie, you're not in NY yet?
09-26-02 10:12 AM
jb Keith seems to becomming a wimp.
09-26-02 10:19 AM
Moonisup Well he should guard it himself!! with his guns!
Ore hire Charlie, he has a collection of weapons
09-26-02 10:22 AM
jb Good evening Moon...another long day in the tulip garden? I just think Keith is a bit hypocritical...he always slams MicK for being to calculating, controlling, etc..yet, many articles of late, show that Keith has become quite the mellow, conventional, old fart he claims Mick is!
09-26-02 10:27 AM
Moonisup yeah and he is also haning with the jet set, I have seen pics of him with everybody,
he is 'losing his touch'!

Yeah high from the tulips!!

The wooden shoe
09-26-02 10:29 AM
jb Why does mathjis have such anger towards me...I offerd to buy handsome Girls for 100 dollors/gilders and he still refuses to sell!
09-26-02 10:32 AM
Moonisup maybe he hasn't any bootlegs and read his info from Zentgraf books??
09-26-02 10:34 AM
jb I have to buy all my bootlegs from e-bay..Recently, SirStonesalot made a nice offewr to copy some cd's for me, but I have not got around to sending him the blank cd audios. I have Leeds, Brussels, 1978 Capital theatre, A few hearts broken, and Boston 75...I was told handsome is a must.
09-26-02 10:36 AM
Moonisup handsome is a must
and the black box 2000 edition is that also!!

both are 4 cde's in the best quality
09-26-02 10:39 AM
jb Where can I purchase this ?
09-26-02 10:43 AM
Moonisup well I don't know, I just buy it from a guy, Don't know where to buy it in the US
09-26-02 10:46 AM
jb If I send you $, can you purchase and send me?
09-26-02 10:50 AM
Moonisup Yeah that could work, I first have to ask if they are still available, I could also copy them for you
09-26-02 10:57 AM
jb Whatever is easier for you....I can use Global priority mail and have it to you in 3-4 days.
09-26-02 11:00 AM
Moonisup i don't care! it would be cheaper for you if I make them!
You've got my mail, I could send you my adress and you if you want to mine
[Edited by Moonisup]
09-26-02 11:12 AM
jb O.K.....I can send you blank CD's ...can you e-mail me your address...I will also include some money for your time and postage.
[Edited by jb]
09-26-02 11:19 AM
Moonisup if ya send money that would be cool, but it ain't a must!
I will mail my adress now!
09-26-02 11:29 AM
jb Got your e-mail...will send stuff out next week...I have to pick up cd's. Thanks...
09-26-02 11:33 AM
Moonisup no thankS! I'll copy the labels profisonally!!
09-26-02 11:35 AM
jb Thanks...I will send out tomorrow.
09-27-02 09:58 AM
2120SMA Hello JB,

Sister Morphine is getting ready to release Gorgeous Girls:Redux - 1978 KBFH Broadcasts -. I'm sure their release will even be better than Handsome Girls. Go to and click on Distinction of Quality.

Enjoy, 2120SMA

09-27-02 10:00 AM
2120SMA Hello JB,

Sister Morphine is getting ready to release Gorgeous Girls:Redux - 1978 KBFH Broadcasts -. I'm sure their release will even be better than Handsome Girls. Go to and click on Distinction of Quality.

Enjoy, 2120SMA

09-27-02 01:16 PM
dkmonroe Geez, I've been looking for the Sister Morphine site for about a year now. I bought something from them and then they disappeared off the face of the earth. I even joined the mailing list, but I've never gotten an email from them.

Good to see them again!
10-02-02 10:36 AM
Jaxx posted by VoodooChile:

Rolling Stone protects home

Keith Richards has won his battle to protect the privacy and security of his country home.

The Rolling Stones guitarist wanted to re-route a footpath near his home in West Sussex.

He said he wanted protection from "nutters and paparazzi".

Local councillors have voted to divert the path to the other side of a nearby field taking walkers away from the property.

Richards bought his rural retreat in Chichester in 1966. A year later he and Mick Jagger were arrested there during a drugs raid.

Marianne Faithfull was also reported to have been at the house wearing nothing more than a bed cover when police burst in. Jagger was given a jail sentence for drug offences but it was later lifted on appeal.

Richards, who was subsequently cleared at Chichester Crown Court for permitting the house in West Wittering to be used for smoking cannabis, claimed ramblers can peer into the grounds of his home.

He asked West Sussex County Council to move the path as it comes as close as 10 metres from his thatched house with manicured lawns and moat.

Council committee Chairman Bill Acraman said: "Someone well known is more vulnerable than you or me. We are well aware of what the paparazzi do. We are well aware of what nutters can do."

A spokesman for Richards said he was on tour in America and unavailable for comment. Three years ago he wrote a cheque for 20,000 to repair the village hall's roof when someone called at his home asking for a donation.

Story filed: 18:35 Tuesday 1st October 2002