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Performing "Rock me baby" with Buddy Guy
Orpheum Theatre, Boston September 8, 2002
Scanned from IORR No. 45, photo by Kevin Mazur

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Topic: Facing The Monikors and The Music Return to archive
09-30-02 04:14 PM
Jaxx this thin mountain air isn't doing much to help me recover from taking a Bite out of the Big Apple. i still can't get off my cloud. what a beautiful buzz.

the thrill of seeing the stones in NYC is still somewhat strong. MSG was fabulous. what a brilliant and intimate performance. lovely setlist. from our fairly close proximity 18th row, Keith's side, we could see just about everything. lots and lots of keith views--the riffing, the on his knees in other words, his usual cool.

i literally gasped when Mick finally stripped down to his sleeveless tshirt during the first set of the performance. LOL. i had been waiting patiently. just gotta say it-- looks like he's using more than those 5 lb(ers) he was flashing in his documentary. his physic looks like the "muscle diagram" in a biology text book-- the definition and lack of fat was astounding --almost grotesque.

the pimp getup for Love Train was a bit too schmalzty for me. however the dress shirt underneath slightly opened, the posed lips and the "Mick Saunter" put visions of IORR'S album cover dancing in my head. perfect visual. at one point he turned and walked away from us and i could see he was unbuttoning his shirt...... suddenly he turned our way opening the shirt wide and flashed us his 6 pack abs brilliantly. wahhoo! this mountain girl was quite breathless altho at sea level....LOL quite obviously, ~MixAntix ~ have a tendency to cream my jeans...i love my binoculars! needless to say i was thrilled at the opportunity to hear "loving cup" "mannish boy" live. of course, the ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT for me was an outrageously smooth version of CYHMK. a complete adrenline rush. i was totally loving the stones doing the cool sounds of fusion jazz.

The Stones at Giants Stadium was an outstanding greatest hits performance. i felt fortunate to have seats in the 36th row, side stage, on ronnies side. great ronnie and lisa views. from my vantage point i could see that this was indeed a sellout crowd. once again, mick did a stunning job of working the crowd doing MixAntix. the sound was surprisingly good for a stadium. got to hear the predictable Hot Rocks tho was surprised to hear UnderCover. miss you was a no brainer. my favorite moment was Monkey Man. once again, this band has shown that they can jam fusion jazz. you go guys!

parting thoughts:

the b-stage should be the BLUES SET.

i can see this band morphing into more fusion jazz sounds. a brilliant CYHMK and MONKEY MAN is proof POSITIVE of that....charlie would like that and, as i overhead someone say, "mick is lethal with those moraccas."

mick looks better in pink (giants) than keith (MSG)

wednesday to sunday meant no ruby tuesdays.

4 different people asked me if Stonesbabe was a real person. you're notorious, oh stamina(1)!!!

the personification of monikors was a total trip for me. i kept stepping back to observe the scene. pure entertainment. everyone's monikor suited them perfectly....ID EGOS perhaps?

your secrets are safe with me

gazza is the antithesis of gerardo

rocks off chicks are h-o-t in more ways than one. ladies, you sure can rock and party down. thanks for the opportunity to get to know y'all better. that said, visualize a car ride in the pouring rain with AzQb.....

dandy, i will shut up and be thankful for what i got. LOL. giants stadium was a "reality check".

special thanks to "boyish man" maxxyL for setting up the preMSG party and to piasano scope for providing an awesome tailgate at giants stadium. you guys are truly ~golden~

i especially enjoyed discussing the MSG performance at the Post Show get together at Mustang Harry's. it was great fun to have the board discussion live. immediate feedback provides immediate gratification.

i absolutely LOVED meeting and partying with everyone. i feel so fortunate to know so many wonderful people that call Rocks Off their home. i hope we meet again.

sure wish i was going to Roseland Tonight. to all that are fortunate enough, have a ball.
09-30-02 05:02 PM
nankerphelge Now you can fully appreciate why the walking chiba leaf, while a fine avatar, is but one facet of a truly multifaceted lil' devil!
09-30-02 07:59 PM
Maxlugar It was awesome meeting you Jaxxy!

We will do it all again come January right?


10-01-02 12:50 AM
Jaxx oh, january is so tempting. however, rendez vousing with locals is definately worth repeating regardless of whether there is a stones show or not.
10-01-02 03:52 AM

...January simply MUST be done...

10-01-02 05:44 AM
luxury1 Yes all, I agree with AzQb--January is a must. Life is too short not to do it all again.
10-01-02 07:55 AM
Maxlugar AZBQ what did I do at Harry's????????

I'm visibly shaken that I did something bad and you were the only one to see it!

Help me!!

You are the only one to say I was, GASP!, giving Gerardo a run for his money. I thought I was much more sober than him.

10-01-02 08:26 AM


I'll "pm" you, baby ; )

It wasn't "bad", either.

JustLugarised, i think!

10-01-02 05:41 PM
Jaxx wrote:

i especially enjoyed discussing the MSG performance at the Post Show get together at Mustang Harry's. it was great fun to have the board discussion live. immediate feedback provides immediate gratification.

You know you're quite right. We kind of all are what we seem...more or less...You must make the January MSGs. Everyone must.