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Performing "Rock me baby" with Buddy Guy
Orpheum Theatre, Boston September 8, 2002
Scanned from IORR No. 45, photo by Kevin Mazur

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Topic: Felt so hypnotized... can't describe the scene!!!! Return to archive
09-30-02 02:56 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl You all are the best!

What a great experience was my “trip” (I mean the trip to the NYC LOL) everybody was nicer than expected, it was great to meet again Jaxx, Marisa, Gazza, Eric, BobM, Stonesdoug, etc and for the first time to the lovely Luxury1 and ~AzQb, what a great persons you are, I love you.

…and of course the guys:

~AzQb husband, a great guy!
Alex (Honky Tonk Man) Great to have such a great time with you! The youngest Rocks Off-er, but your rock like an experienced rocker!!
Izzy and Simona (from Italy)
Maxlugar (you bastard! I had a gift for you and you missed it)
Maxmeister (each and everyday but Sunday)
Mickjagger1963 (I was so stoned when we met LOL)
Nanker Phelge (“don’t steal my girlfriend”)
Riffhard (Cool t-shirt and coolest voice, you may sing the blues better than Jagger)
Scope (The coolest dude in the NJ/NYC area, thanks, thanks, thanks for everything)
Sir Stonesalot (Your bastard, disappeared at the MSG, never saw you at the places we had!)
Sirmoonie (we had a great and long conversation at the bar the first day, and then the second, but LOL we met in the middle of the show when I was so hynotized doing the Voodoo routine in the middle of the show!!!)
The guys on the next car and my girlfriends, my singers there, we were playing some Stones tunes at the parking lot, during sympathy they made great chorus and I loved our own version.

I mentioned Sirmoonie and some others that my wife use to tell me that I spend a lot of time and money in a board and website that is used by people I don't even know in person, and the time does not worth it... "You don't know who they are, nobody appreciates your work."

Well let me tell you! You were the FUEL FOR MY ENGINE TO WORK HARDER AND BETTER as I know who the fuck you are, the BEST, simply THE BEST
[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
09-30-02 03:08 PM
Riffhard VoodooChild it was a distinct honor to meet you as well as Jaxx and Gazza!It flipped me out to walk into YOTI and the first face I recognized was yours!I'm just so bummed that the weekend is over!I know that at least a couple of Rocks Off members will be at Roseland to represent the rest of us poor bastards that couldn't get in.Have a blast tonight sirmoonie and SirStonesalot!!!Roll tape guys!

I really had a great time in NYC with all of you guys and gals!It made this one of my favorite tours yet!If I can scrape up some funds I'll be at the Garden in January to do it all over again!

09-30-02 03:12 PM
nankerphelge Voodoo -- you are one crazy muther!! It was great meeting you and everyone else. Great smoking a spliffy with Riffy too!!! C'mon January!
09-30-02 03:37 PM
Riffhard Yeah,Nanky now that you mention it that little "prep" session was great!When scope and his lovely wife took Maxmeister,my lovely wife,and I on our tour of the subway system the drugs were starting to take effect!I felt like the good Doctor Hunter S Thompson on a rat saffari!Here we we are on our way to the Garden to check out The Stones when this New York City Subway Rat is looking us all up and down like we were idiotic tourists.He seemed to kind of heckle us without making so much as a squeek.Condesending rodent rat bastard that he was.Now had it not been for that fine "product" that you so kindly shared this rat probably would have appeared as just been a run of the mill nondescript rodent.However,in my state of mind this wormtailed little fucker was mocking our attempts at reaching the Garden in time!Thankfully scope had control of his faculties and we quickly evaded this evil antiStones rat!We got to our seats just in time for the big show!Thanks for that thrill Nanky!!

09-30-02 03:46 PM
luxury1 well, I gotta chime in with my two cents,and thank Voodoo, Jaxx and Gazza again for bringing together the Stones fans from this board--what a thrill it was for me to meet y'alls. This is my first tour "on-line," and it has been so fun--I really dread when it is over, but knowing this board will still be here to vent and share, makes it a bit more palpable.
09-30-02 04:41 PM
nankerphelge I'll second that. I have absolutely no idea of what it must take for you three to keep this place together. But you should all be very proud of what you have created!