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Performing "Rock me baby" with Buddy Guy
Orpheum Theatre, Boston September 8, 2002
Scanned from IORR No. 45, photo by Kevin Mazur

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Topic: The Undercover/Dirty Work Tour? Return to archive
09-30-02 12:26 AM
Gimme Shelter I relistened to both the Undercover and Dirty Work albums, and thought what would the setlist have been if the Stones had done a tour in support of them back in '86. So here is my fantasy setlist for that tour.

Sympathy For the Devil
Rip This Joint
One Hit To the Body
She Was Hot
Tumbling Dice
Hang Fire
Dirty Work
Shake Your Hips
You Gotta Move
Honky Tonk Women
Emotional Rescue
Harlem Shuffle
Miss You
Lady Jane
Too Much Blood
Street Fighting Man
Coming Down Again
Wanna Hold You
All Down the Line
Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In the Shadows?
Mother's Little Helper
Undercover of the Night
Start Me Up
Jumpin' Jack Flash
09-30-02 01:27 AM
Child of the Moon I actually did this a while ago on my own time, too, and our setlists share a few things in common! Take a look:

Sympathy for the Devil
One Hit (To the Body)
Waiting on a Friend
Hang Fire
Dirty Work
Undercover of the Night
Around and Around
As Tears Go By
Too Rude
Before They Make Me Run
Little T&A
Wanna Hold You
Miss You
She Was Hot
Harlem Shuffle
Stray Cat Blues
Hey Negrita
Shes a Rainbow
Going to a Go Go
Honky Tonk Women
Emotional Rescue
Jigsaw Puzzle
Brown Sugar
Hold Back
Start Me Up
Its Only Rock and Roll
Encore: Jumping Jack Flash

I thought Connection w/ Mick and Keith together would segue well into Keith's two songs (to be selected from the four above).
[Edited by Child of the Moon]
09-30-02 10:24 AM
Gimme Shelter Cool, yours has more songs.
09-30-02 01:22 PM
Child of the Moon Yeah, I think I decided on that number when I first designed it. I basically took standard setlists from 1982 and 1989, combined them, and took out the stuff from Steel Wheels and added some new things. That's often been my way of going about these "fantasy tour setlists." I've designed complete sets for the 1968 tour and the 1974 tour... the last with Brian Jones and Mick Taylor, respectively!
09-30-02 01:26 PM
stonesmik Too many songs to be realistic. However you have both forgotten "Too much blood" which was one of Mick's favorites at the time. He has said it several times that he had already done some dance steps for the day when they would play "Too much blood" on stage (alright, this was when moonwalking Michael Jackson was very hip and Mick even had the nerve to record a certain song with that black & white guy who has lost most of his face & reputation since then).

Don't saw me off me arm! Don't saw me off me leg! Dance with the one-legged woman!
09-30-02 01:39 PM
Nasty Habits Not only have you forgotten Too Much Blood, but you have also forgotten the undying Had It With You, which would have no doubt stopped all shows with its vitriolic rockabilly rage. I also doubt that the "Keith sings two" innovation would have ever happened without the break in touring from 82-89. That is purely the result of rethinking the band, so if the Dirty Work tour would have happened, I contend that we would still have one Keith song per set to this day.

09-30-02 02:30 PM
Maxlugar That's my Nasty.

Had It With You needs to be in EVERY setlist. Even other bands setlists.

It should be our God Damned National Anthem!

It should be our pledge of allegiance!

(Hand over heart)
I love you Dirty Fucker.
Sister and a brother.
Moaning in the moonlight.
Singing for their supper.
One nation under God, Indivisable, with liberty and justice for all!


M! A! X! Y!
09-30-02 02:46 PM
stonesmik You're both so fuckin right and they should play the whole fuckin setlist at the mighty fuckin b stage all night long and fuckin hell I still don't know why this tour never happened I'm sure I would be a so much better Stonesfan and I sure would never want to know if Mick solo is better than Keith solo or any shit just and only rock on stage. Did you know fuckin Charlie became a heroin addict in the mid-eighties I'm sure it was because he couldn't go on tour with anyone but his fuckin orchestra. "Just another night", "Half a loaf" and "Secrets" would be Rolling Stones songs as well as "Take it so hard" or "I could have stood you up" o my
09-30-02 05:06 PM
Child of the Moon Yikes... fantasies under scrutiny... :-)

Maxy, I agree whole-heartedly. I pledge allegiance, dirty fucker!...

The songs of Dirty Work should be printed in books of hymns at churches, no matter what denomination. I can see it now... "Will the congregation please rise for today's hymn, 'Dirty Work.'" "Living high, sitting in the sun/Sit on your ass 'til your work gets done/You lazy mutha, your hands are clean." Actually, I wouldn't mind keeping "Back to Zero" out of there.

What a brave new world that would be.
09-30-02 06:40 PM
stonesmik They would save "Back to zero" for the moment when the sinners die - those with three balls in their mouth and talking very weird in other threads. Let them have their song, too.
09-30-02 07:55 PM
Soul Survivor Satisfaction
Gimme Shelter
Harlem Shuffle
Not Fade Away
Tumbling Dice
Honky Tonk Woman
One Hit To The Body
All The Way Down
Wanna Hold You
Jumpin' Jack Flash
19th Nervous Breakdown
She Was Hot
Paint It Black
Brown Sugar
Sympathy For The Devil
10-01-02 06:04 AM
Child of the Moon Yeah, I suppose Back to Zero would serve that purpose well. The last thing anyone thinks about you... "Back to zero/Straight to meltdown..." Yikes.

One Hit (To the Body) would need a really high status, something on par with the National Anthem.
10-01-02 06:53 AM
stonesmik wrote:
They would save "Back to zero" for the moment when the sinners die - those with three balls in their mouth and talking very weird in other threads. Let them have their song, too.

am i meant to be getting something here??
10-01-02 01:58 PM
stonesmik Those who feel affected are meant. However I cannot see that Bono guy being allowed into the sanctuarium when the National Anthem is sung by me, there would be riot. This figure can only be forgiven when I hear him thinly singing "I prefer to rot, I don't wanna pop" from down in the crypta.
10-01-02 04:51 PM
stonesmik wrote:
Those who feel affected are meant. However I cannot see that Bono guy being allowed into the sanctuarium when the National Anthem is sung by me, there would be riot. This figure can only be forgiven when I hear him thinly singing "I prefer to rot, I don't wanna pop" from down in the crypta.

well, stonesmilk, if you are referring to my post on the "stones successor" thread then you clearly didn't understand my point... are you referring to that? and speaking of failing to understand things - it might just be me but, to be honest, i'm having real problems figuring out what the hell it is you are talking about

you're posts are begining to degenerate into gibberish (witness the last two on this thread)and your english seemed ok on your earlier posts but now you seem to be having trouble stringing a coherent sentence together...try and make some sense man...perhaps go for a more direct approach and make your posts less like clues from a cryptic crossword


[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
10-01-02 05:23 PM
stonesmik You're in the wrong thread, baby. You don't think you're gettin' away with being a wiseass comparing U2 to the Greatest Rock'n'Roll band in the World, do you? There is NO excuse for it, NEVER, at least not in THIS thread. Now repent 'fore it's too late.

"No heroes...? My whole life is hangin' on a thread." (taken from hymn Jagg. Rich. B 02 Back to zero, RSR-COL 40250)
10-01-02 05:46 PM
stonedinaustralia if you'd read the thing you'd see i didn't compare U2 (who i don't particularly care that much for) with the Stones

my point was this - once the stones stop, the public and the media will both need a band they can hold up as the rock and roll band who continue to carry the torch (so to speak)

based on the amount of time they've been around, their number of hits, their media-genic (or should that be media hungry) front man and their world wide popularity they are (imo) the obvious candidates - even 'tho they couldn't hold a candle to the stones in terms of social/cultural impact (the stones are clearly in a league of their own in this regard)

it has absolutely nothing to do with their music - (be it good, bad or indifferent - u2's that is) - as has been pointed out by others, nominating a "successor" to the stones on a purely musical basis is a complete waste of time

10-01-02 06:07 PM
stonedinaustralia wrote:
bla bla bla U2 bla bla Stones

bla bla stones stop bla bla blo

bli bla blo stones bla bla

bla bla u2's bla bla comprende?

You're crazy, this is your confession. There's nothing to understand. No more details. You're the fly in the spiders web. This is high treason. If it's not the madhouse where you belong then it must for sure be another thread.
10-01-02 06:10 PM
stonedinaustralia look stonesmilk. you're obviously pretty slow on the up-take but i haven't got time for it now as i have to go to work

i'll deal with you later
10-01-02 06:14 PM
stonesmik Go ahead - throw down.