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Topic: Fuck Yup! Return to archive
09-27-02 10:58 AM
Maxlugar Hi everyone.

I'm really hung over and thoughts are not yet coming together like they should. I actually feel like I have permanent brain damage. Oh well. It wasn't so great to begin with.

A few points to make though.

1) Great seeing all the brothers and sisters at YOTI.

2) I hope Gerardo is alive.

3) Alcohol without food spells disaster. Rookie mistake.

4) MSG was all Mick.

5) My brother inlaw and I were on WB ch11 news singing. I did Can't You Hear Me Knockin' and he did Sympathy. Wife taped it to show me what an ass I am. It worked.

6) Mannish Boy was done perfectly.

7) I have laryngitus (sp)

8) Thank God I reserved that spot in YOTI! The place was packed and we never would have been able to find each other.

9) AZBQ showed up!

10) Stones!

I'll see ya later.

Think I'm gonna die.


09-27-02 11:09 AM
Nellcote You did not take Nellcote's advice, now did you!

Don't worry man!

It will come back to you, over time.

Of course, as with any spouse, they knew the MO when they
got the ring, right? Or, they would not be around!

Stones Forever!!!
09-27-02 11:11 AM
Lazy Bones
Maxlugar wrote:
3) Alcohol without food spells disaster.

Vice versa, too.

09-27-02 11:34 AM
Jaxx Gerardo got home OK,Maxy - just about!!

alive and er...not lookin ' real well

what a great night seeing everyone - and the Stones were great too!!

Gazza (on Jaxx's PC)
09-27-02 12:07 PM
Sir Stonesalot I am so relieved that Gerardo made it out alive.

I kept waiting for him to show up at the Garden...and he never did. Does he remember any of the show?

No matter. He'll be able to hear what he doesn't remember real soon.

Got the show mastered onto CDR. Gonna pick it it later this evening. My Uncle did the mastering, and he said that it sounds "real good". I'll let you all know tonght if it is good enough to tree.

I'm kinda overwhelmed by everything that happened yesterday.

It was great meeting all my Stonesicated cyber-kinfolk. I still got to get my head together before I post any further about it.

Giant's Stadium tomorrow.
09-27-02 12:32 PM
Martha Thanks for booting the show SS..I hope it comes out good enough to tree also!

Glad to hear Voodoo got to make the did that materialize? Last I knew he was shooting for the Denver show and suddenly I hear he got to be with everyone in NYC!

I'm happy for all of you...Maxy the hang-over will pass...I've been fact that's why I gave up alcohol...couldn't deal with the hangovers. Ouch!

peace and joy,
09-27-02 12:38 PM
Maxlugar It's better to stay drunk I think, Martha.

Your Beck stuff should be there soon.
09-27-02 12:47 PM
scope I too am relieved that Gerardo made it back safely. I have a feeling I'm in for a special treat in sharing a pair of tickets with him at Giants Stadium. But thaa's assuming of course that he actually maakes it to his seat this time. LOL
09-27-02 01:57 PM
Dandelion* It was really great meeting everyone even though FPM and I were so late. Such is life I guess. If I score really good seats online to Giants we'll be seeing you there too. Even if I score shitty seats we should go just to meet up with you all a little bit the weather still going to be monsoon like?

Glad to hear Voodoo is alive and well. Now all we need to know was if he was conscious during any of the show...

Maxy - I can't believe I didn't recognize you at first - I was too overwhelmed and well - you don't have that Billy Preston fro any more...! You left too early, sorry we didn't get a chance to chat more.

I regret not picking up that inflatable sheep FPM found at the mall. It's demure pretty blue eyes had nanky written all over them.

Maxlugar wrote:

5) My brother inlaw and I were on WB ch11 news singing. I did Can't You Hear Me Knockin' and he did Sympathy. Wife taped it to show me what an ass I am. It worked.

I want a bootleg!

6) Mannish Boy was done perfectly.

I just regret the sound was so shitty up front for the B stage. Should tried to sneak a little closer. That was so great.

7) I have laryngitus (sp)

I'm almost certain I have pneumonia.

09-27-02 02:00 PM
Factory Girl Maxy, you need some Bloody Marys. They will cure of what ails Will I have my Beck soon???
Glad everyone had a blast!!
09-27-02 02:05 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl LOL, I'm fine, don't worry too much for me that's my regular sike-ay-delic state of mind, I enjoy the whole show and returned with Marisa (jaxx' sister) directly from MSG at the end of the show.

It was really great to meet you all! The highlight of the trip.

09-27-02 02:15 PM
Sir Stonesalot Man, I'm so glad that you are safe.

Your are one insane dude amigo...and I mean that in a good way.

When Jaxxy told me that she needed the ticket for a friend....I had no idea that she meant YOU! Unbelievable.

When I walked into YOTI last night, I felt like Norm from Cheers!

Anyhow, all is well that ends well!

09-27-02 02:34 PM
Joey Did anyone mention the name Joey at YOTI ????

Please ..............I's justs gots to know !


09-27-02 02:49 PM
scope I just realized something. I woke up not feeling that bad and thought, gee, I guess I didn't drink that much, I feel okay. But now as the day drags on, i realize that I was probably still drunk this morning, and the hang over is about to start. This hit me as I was at the store today, shopping for the essentials for tomorrow's gathering. Just got your basic food staples: barley, malt, hops, (aka Heinekin); potato (chips), cheese (doodles). So now there's only 1 thing left to do. Make that damn bloody mary quick!
09-27-02 02:59 PM
Scot Rocks Glad to hear everyone had a great time, I wish i could have been there, maybe next year, however I went and got wrecked last night here too, argued with the dj at this club about the Stones after requesting the Stones for the 16th time and not getting played, hangovers suck, why do they happen!!!!!!!!I had an interview today, not the thing I wanted most today.

Gerardo you were there too, fucking brilliant, glad to hear it man


Rolling Stones no. 1 band in the whole friggin World!!!!!!!

Maxy, big mistake, with the no food and drinking policy, I have felt the consequences of this same method and it ain't good at all...

Cheers from Scotland

09-27-02 04:21 PM
Riffhard Man o' man what a night!It started off great with the "Summit of Champions" at YOTI!It's always great to put a face with a screen handles.That said let me be the first to say what an ugly buch of fucks we are!With the exception of the lovely Jaxx the Queen herself AzQb,and ofcourse luxury1.I'm sure none of these lovely ladies would be caught dead with any of us if it hadn't been Stones related!Although it's worth pointing out that as a whole we are considerably more studly than those weasels from Shidoobeeland!

I want to thank Nanky for getting my mind right for the big show!Wink and a nod.I would also like to give major props to scope who gave my wife and I as well as Maxmeister a real New York treat.The tour of the subway that he lead us on was great.Who says there's no truth in sterotypes!On my way to the city I never would have thought I would actully see a New York rat in a New York subway,but I did and I'm better for it!

The show itself was stellar and I'll leave it to better scribes than I to elaborate.I too thought the highlight was CYHMK.Ronnie is indeed back!Loved Mick's harp solo as well as Bobby's sax solo.Love Train was a nice touch.Jagger had the pimp strut down in his inimitable way.Mannish Boy!Wow!

The real highlight though was meeting all you fine folks!I was shocked as most to see Gerardo at YOTI.It was a very cool to have the trifecta there.Gazza,Jaxx,and Voodoo I want to thank you guys for providing this forum for all of us idiots to banter,bitch,moan,complain,and laugh with fellow Stones fans.If it weren't for you guys Yoti would never have happened in the first place.So thank you all very much.If that reads like ass kissing then consider each of your asses kissed!

Now the big question.Who's gonna be at Giants?Are we gonna meet up and "prep" for the show again?God I hope so!

09-27-02 06:14 PM
parmeda Maxy...
I suppose a "Get Well Soon" is in order, lol. It sounds as if everyone had an outstanding time last night. That's great!

And, as predicted, Mick and The Boys were in their true form...THE BEST!

Please tell me, did any one of you have a camera at YOTI? I would love to see some posted here. And, what a surprise to have our man Voodoo with everyone!

Sleep well can only get better.
09-27-02 09:01 PM
nankerphelge That was fucking great! A hats off to our unholy trinity -- you three do one hell of a job making this the finest site on the net -- we all appreciate it!

Aside from stumbling around stoned in the rain for an hour after the show, everything was perfect! Always good to meet all you fine folk -- scope & mrs scope, riffy and ms. riffy, voodoo you crazy motherfucker, and AzQb alphabet woman and mr. AzQb!!

We'll see you all tomorrow and I want to apologize ahead of time for anything i might say or do that offends!! (Might as well get that outta the way!)

09-27-02 09:07 PM
Angiegirl Well Max, I wish I felt like that. If that would mean I'd been to the MSG!!!
I was there Jan '98, I know how it feels. It was also bad weather, snow I think. Been to Walters and some other places afterwards. I think about that trip very often, so I hope all of you who've been there yesterday, that you will have pretty memories too!

I am so jealous, just had to say that again .

09-27-02 10:30 PM

It was gorgeous...just the tightest i've ever heard the band...shades of Ya Ya's fer sure.

What a night! All you fine folks are the best ; )

Do we have to be in the same lot as the shidoobe gang for Gnats? i'm not being in the slightest elitest, but i'd feel kinda embarrassed...

~zQ{hoarse and barely able to speak due to the shouting... and one other extremely important thing: Ronnie and Mick owned last night ; )
09-27-02 10:40 PM
Sir Stonesalot I'm listening to CYHMT from last night...right fucking now. Ronnie is shredding that fucking solo! GOOD LORD! It's even better than I thought it was at the time!

What happened with Before They Make Me Run? Keef musta forgot the words or something. Strange.
09-27-02 10:48 PM

Yeah well...Thru*&Thru sure made up for any gaffes ; )

God, i love you crazy fukkers ~!


p/s i'm still in shock by Ronnie's fine form. Just wailed.
09-27-02 11:34 PM
Annie! So great to see you and your mate even if we missed the pre party. Missed meeting Gerardo and Riffhard. I'd really like to be at Giants and the monkey said go ahead and get tickets if I get really good ones - yet no luck. Plus I think I've got pneumonia! Last I checked there will be no rain tomorrow. Just cold. If I get something in the first 10 rows tomorrow morning perhaps we'll brave it. I've got Blue Cross...might as well use it for something!

09-27-02 11:46 PM


We desperately wanted to stay longer and talk with you and theMOnkey...but a little one awaited !! Didn't even get to school this morning ; )

Have you ever in yer life heard them so TIGHT ??!!

Still thrilling and spilling!

p/s got pneumonia...and i'm hoarse as hell...but boy, was it WORTH IT ; ) REgressionx7 ; )
09-28-02 12:10 AM
Dandelion* Oh pain in my know I know I probably shouldn't but will keep checking. I won't go as far as going out there and picking up tickets from the box office. Little Tristan is doing better but...I need to be tempted to forget my health, all the stuff I need to get done, the customer who called tonight who wants to come over in the afternoon to buy some French bronze and export (that'll pay for MSG in Jan! Fuck bills!) ...must be sensible....

09-28-02 12:38 AM

Sensibility has all gone out the window at our house...nothing's been done...the laundry is piled high.The dishes sit. The whole house is trashed, but in my regressed state, i don't feel so bad. NEXT week is another story, however ; )

p/s here's hoping you&theMonkey make it tomorrow!
09-28-02 11:22 AM
Maxlugar Help me.

I still feel like shit.


I have permanent brain damage.

ANd I have to start to get it together for tonight.

I sleeped for almost the entire day and I still feel weak and sweaty.

Pray for me....
09-28-02 12:44 PM
Dr. Filth Eat, MAX, eat!

And then smoke some chiba.

That should right your rain.

Pay attention to me.

I'm a doctor.