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09-27-02 04:35 AM
scope The full reviews will have to come in tomorrow. Needless to say, it was a blast. All the hootin' and hollerin' all night has left me with a touch of laryngitis, so I'll type as loud as I can.

Party at YOTI, Stones on top of their game and more cocktails after the show. What a night. The general consensus was that CYHMK was the highlight of the night. It was absolutely fantastic. Ronnie was wailing and looked like he was having a great time all night. I wish I could go into more now, about how great it was to meet everyone, but that's all gonna have to wait. It's pretty damn late. I'll have to finish thiis when I wake up this afternoon. Just wanted to touch base with everyone to give a taste. Oh yeah, the special guest turned out to be none other than Voodoo himself, direct from Mexico City.

Byr for now. Good night all.
09-27-02 06:40 AM
Factory Girl Thanks, scope. Looking forward to your full review. Please get some well deserved
09-27-02 10:48 AM
Maxlugar Scopey,

I'm hurting.

Way too much alkeyhol. I didn't eat dinner.

Fucked up.


09-27-02 11:09 AM
frankh I agree scope. CYHMK was outstanding. I also thought 2 other highlights were "Don't Stop" which i've never heard before, and also the Light Show was incredible. At one point the whole stage was a fishbowl!! I thought I was having an acid flahback, however my mate told me that itt was a fishbowl.
09-27-02 12:04 PM
Nasty Habits
Maxlugar wrote:

Way too much alkeyhol. I didn't eat dinner.

Fucked up.

Two of the most grevious evenings of my recent lifetime were the result of that formulae, Maxy. After said bouts I wasn't able to put myself back together for three/four days. After the last one, which almost earned me a divorce, I swore off serious drinking bouts forever, or at least unless I had half a pizza in me. You feel better now. Drink about a gallon of water.


09-27-02 12:13 PM
scope Oh help me, dear Doctor, I'm damaged..... Life will never be the same after last night.

Woke up to a power failure at the house this morning, but there sure as hell was no lack of it last mught at the Garden. Wow, I still am taking it all in. Incredible.

I guess we have to begin with YOTI. Maxy, you picked the perect place for us. I arived at 4:00 and was greeted by the welcoming committee of Nanky and Sirmoonie. Little by little, they started to arrive. Maxy, Jaxx, Gazza, Voodoo, Maxmeister, Luxury, AZBQ, Riffhard, Sir Stonesalot (hope I'm not forgetting anyone). After a few hours of Stones tunes and some food (Maxy, don't know why you didn't have one of those burgers that you recommended), we split and headed out for MSG. Riff and Maxmeister, no need to thank me for the tour of the NYC subway system. But, we did learn that you must first check for uptown vs. downtown before going through the turnstile, and we also learned that 2 people can go through on 1 token. Seeing the rat running back and forth to garbage can was sheer luck.

Got to MSG in time to hear the Pretenders finale. TIme for 1 last bathroom stop before settling in. Stones hit the stage at 9:30. The crowd cheered and was on their feet before the the opening cords of SFM rang out. IORR and If You Can't Rock me keep up the frenzied pace. Next was Don't Stop, and what I've read others say is true. This is a great LIVE tune. And, the crowd did seem to know the song well enough already to sing right along. I should mention that the the whole night was 1 big sing-along. I could never tape a show, 'cause I can't keep my mouth shut. The boys on stage seemed to be energized by the crowd. Ronnie's

Wild Horses was another great tune. I haven't heard this in a while and it was done beautifully. We had ben hoping for a Beggar's night, but how can you complain with Exile.

The intros of the band showed great support for Ronnie. Charlie may still have gotten the biggest cheer (in fact, Mick introduced Keith while the crowd was still cheering for Charlie). The cheers for ROnnie were right up there. And Ronnie seemed to really be into the whole scene.

The start of the Keith set wasn't met with the rush to the bathrooms. although it was the first time that some people sat down, including the 2 rows in front of me. And what a surprise to hear Thru and Thru. Keith was really into it and he pounding of the drums by Charlie....Wow, I can still feel it.

Love Train was fun. Mick in a white hat and long white coat did look a bit like a pimp though, as Jaxx pointed out. But hey, hat's a Stones show without a little glitz? Some people may be tired of Start Me Up, but following Love Train, it kind of kicked you in the ass and said, okay, we had some fun, but we are the Rolling Stones and now we are going to rock the hell out of you. I loved the cartoon during Honky Tonk. Wasn't that tasteless as somm may have had us believe.
And now for the highlight of the night. First, let me expalina that Sticky Fingers was the album that made me a true believer in the Stones. And Can't You Hear Me Knockin' was always 1 of my favorites. I was paranoid that they might skip this 1 tonight. It flat out rocked!!!!!The band was so into this one. You could feel the tension building, waiting for Bobby to finish his sax solo, then Mick did a litle harp, and then came Ronnie. He blew me and the whole crowd away. Sure, it wasn't exactly like Taylor did it, but you know what? Who cares. To me, that solo should be played a little diferently each night. Feel the music, feed of the crowd. Improvise. I'll have to go back and isten to the Toronto version of this, but I'm pretty sure, this solo is evolving nicely. To those with tickets for upcoming shows, you're in for a treat. I should probably take time out now to apologize to th guy in front of me, whose head I smacked while playing air guitar during Knockin'. But hey, if you weren't sitting down, I couldn't have hit yer.

I thought for a moment that we were gonna get Rooster on the b-stage, but Maxy was right in his assessment that Mannish Boy was dead on. The show closed with your typical Hot Rocks, but I don't think any of us were complaining. For a little visual treat, bring binoculars, and when the confetti blows for the finale it will look like a 3-d movie. At least I think it was due to the binoculars.

The party continued after the show at Mustang Harry's. My thanks to whoever it was that told me it was on 8th avenue (it really was on 7th and I got drenched in the rain looking for the place). But it was well worth the trip as we were able to re-live the experience with each other. And, I got to meet Dandelion and FPM as well. At about 2 a.m. and after 10 hours of partying, we called it a night so that we could recover in time for Saturday. But here's another tip for you. If you need to get back to Long Island, you gotta be at Penn Station before 2. After I missed the 1:50 train, the next train to anywhere was 3:00. I got to sober up in Penn, waiting for the 3:16 that got me home at 4:30. Damn god thing I had no illusions about going to work today. I think an afternon nap is in order for later on today.

I have to say, that I saw another post here that someone said the band was listless. I wonder what show he was at?
[Edited by scope]
09-27-02 12:25 PM
Martha SCOPEY!!! Great take on the evening...I wish I coulda been there to meet everyone and to see the show..the set-list blew me away! You (and the crew) are SOOOO lucky to have been there!

By the way, please PM me with your address I sent you an e-mail about the Fleet boot and need to hear from you if possible...between naps ehhh!?

I'm so pysched to see the Detroit show Oct. 12th!!!!'s getting better and better,
09-27-02 12:46 PM
Maxlugar Scope, I hate the way the trains run early in the morning. I missed my last tain before 3:300 too. Thanks God my brother inlaw was soberish. We hopped the 7 to Queens and he drove me all the way home in the pouring rain then went back.


Youth: There is no substitute!

Gotta go back to bed. I'll see yis later.
09-27-02 01:05 PM
steel driving hammer Nice review Scope!



09-27-02 01:32 PM
Pants Make the Man Never mind.
[Edited by Pants Make the Man]
09-27-02 02:13 PM
Factory Girl Scope, thanks for a great heartfelt review. If I ever meet you, I'll but you a beerly

Maxy, if I ever meet you...we'll do Kamikazee shots and Long Island Ice

Hope everyone recuperates and perks up! Try Bloody Marys, folks!
09-27-02 02:33 PM
Joey Scopey ...................

Did my name come up during the course of the evening ?????

Anyway ,

This has got to be one of the finest reviews that I have ever had the distinct pleasure of reading.

Your words are an insistent entity that flow over me like molasses dripping along metal tiles and I must admit , my arteries have become quite engorged and my capillaries floweth open like never before ..................I thank you !!!!!!

What remarkable writing skills you have ---- prodigious sentence structures , lucid paragraphical analyses and a frothy effervescent vocabulary . Yes indeedy , as I read your manuscript , I mentally sit at your feet with wide eyes listening to your Stonesian expoundings -- your attention to detail vital , coherent and unparalled in this orb .

Scopey , your life affirming , fluid , eyeball caressing , soul lifting , precision note launching , liquid , magically stonesilicious analysis is much appreciated by all of us -- you are a Plutarch ( or perhaps Suetonius ) for our times -- uniquely mesmerizing and compelling .

I salute you my brother....and I thank you !

Joey , C10


09-27-02 02:37 PM
lonecrapshooter Last night at MSG was like an out-of-body experience for me and my fiancée Shayna –nicknamed Shareef! We were in the 3rd freakin’ row on Keith’s side (tix bought through the fan club – Thank You Jesus Thank You Lord). Jack Nicholson was sitting just off the floor over our shoulder. And to our front right? Lenny Kravitz. Holy shit! This is the real deal in NYC baby!!!

We were on the aisle and so we were able to dance all night long in the aisle (but not without a cat-and-mouse at times with security). This was my 25th show and it couldn’t have been a better experience. I thought FUC was the best ever and stated MSG had a tall order to fill and man was it filled. Even in the third row we used our binocs to peer right into the eyes of our heroes. I could see every note sung and every wrinkle. Keith face is an archeological treasure. It was like our own PPV from inside the arena. There was so much going on I didn’t know where to look sometimes. Once I had the binocs I had to peruse the set list. Didn’t want to at first but I said how many times will I get to read it like this? Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Shattered and Manish Boy and knew they would keep Brown Sugar after the incredible FUC

I have never danced at a Stones show the way I danced last night. On the war horses I was literally jumping through the whole song. It was so intense. It’s not only corporate types down there either. I had a guy next to me who saw them 60 times and a guy behind me who saw them “about 125” times. I am not worthy. I was trying to move as much as Mick and at 35 yrs old and in good shape I couldn’t keep up. Mick kicked my ass last night. I was sweating like a pig by the end of the night. The pouring down rain made it even more special. Oh Gimme Shelter would have put me in “my hospital bed” with a heart attack. Thanks Mick for not playing that one. I will crank Sweet Home NYC instead.

So we head to the B stage and get to the aisle where they walked thorough the crowd. I got up on my chair and tuned around to get Doug’s attention but he couldn’t see me through his license plate which he was holding up. When they came through the crowd I touched them all except Mick. Mick was saving himself for Shayna who was at the end off the floor with her hand out for Mick and Mick locked his hand hard with hers and gave her an oh yeah. I thought Shayna was going to faint right there. A woman next to me almost fainted when she knew Keith would pass right before her eyes. Keith came right over to her and she kissed him while I patted Keith on the shoulder. How cool is that? - Keith is every fan’s best friend.

My tendency is to say almost every show was the greatest I ever saw and I know that really depends on your individual experience and the band. My experience last night was the best ever. I was dancing so much I couldn’t focus on the guitars as much as I did at FUC but I heard enough to know that they were wailing. I spotted Patti Hansen and one of her daughters next to the stage right near Lenny K. There were several other kids there - boys and girls but I wouldn’t know who. Anyway I had the binocs on Patti and she is flat out stunning. Never saw her in person before. Finally as security made an opening she caught my eye and I was dancing like mad and she was looking right at me and smiling. During JJF no less!!! I gave her the thumbs up and the #1 sign and she laughed. I should have said thank you because every successful man has a great wife. Lenny was nodding his head all night but didn’t clap. I caught the eye of his buddy and asked him to get Lenny to clap but to no avail.

And to put a cherry on the sundae a nice security guy gave Shayna a copy of the set list near the end of the show. DearDoctor - please help me – it’s Friday - and there’s not -another show today.

OH BABY I love the Rolling Stones

Street Fighting Man – couldn’t hear Keith
2. It's Only Rock n Roll – now I can. sound gets better and no complaints here on out
3. If You Can't Rock Me – Somebody will! Somebody will! Love the emphasis Mick gives it!!!!
4. Don't Stop – don’t stop smokin’ (weed break in the broom cause security wouldn’t let you)
5. Live With Me – smokin’ cigarettes is a nasty habit, smoking weed is not
6. Wild Horses – doesn’t get better – had the binocs on Mick’s mouth
7. Loving Cup – oh it does get better - dream come true within a dream,
8. Rocks Off – back-to-back dreams – most intense I have ever ever been during a song my favorite from this tour
9. Rip This Joint – needed a break or I was going to pass out
10. Tumbling Dice – Mick did some woo-hoos during this…he’s mixing it up on this as he did in Philly when he said “ENSTL” near the end
11. Thru and Thru (1st Time Ever!!) – kicked mofo ass. Charlie killed those drums. Looked back to see Doug really enjoying this one
12. Before They Make Me Run – butchered in the beginning-“Ronnie what the fuck do I do?” this was the nadir…look for Keith to nix it or nail it at Giants Stadium.
13. Love Train – fun for the crowd
14. Start Me Up – slow me down
15. Honky Tonk Women – Lenny couldn’t take his eyes off Lisa who was fabulous
16. Can't You Hear Me Knockin – 2nd most intense experience; can’t u her me wailing on the guitar?
17. Satisfaction – I’m gonna getit again on Sat.
18. Mannish Boy (B-Stage) – had the binocs on Charlie’s drumsticks - awesome
19. Shattered (B-Stage) – kept thinking of 9/11 esp. after seeing the neat display and pictures at Penn Station..sound could have been better
20. Brown Sugar (B-Stage) – wish I was closer to the B stage. Was it as killer as at FUC?
21. Sympathy For The Devil – Lenny left during

22 Jumping Jack Flash

notice I didn't critique the playing much because I was too busy dancing my fucking ass off...this was a killer show!!!!

09-27-02 02:37 PM
scope Yes dear Joey, your name did come up. I was told that I am missing out on not meeting you. That words alone cannot describe you.
09-27-02 02:41 PM
Joey " Yes dear Joey, your name did come up. I was told that I am missing out on not meeting you. That words alone cannot describe you. "

You make Joey proud !

09-27-02 02:43 PM
sirmoonie Holy moof piss! I'm more hungover than a barnacle at a clam bake. Did all that really happen? The hijinks? The shenaigans? The tomfoolery? Even the buffoonery? God, what little I remember sure was fun!

MSG was fantastic, of course.

That Exile set and in particular the twanging tandem of Loving Cup and Rocks Off had me doing backflips. Never in my life would have believed I'd be seeing those two. Oh for, Torn and Frayed.....

Interesting little flub at beginning of Before They Make Me Run.

Love Train is so damn cool, despite what the two geeks behind me kept saying. One fucker actually booed! I couldn't believe it! I shot him a look that implied "I am going to piledrive your face into the dumpster behind Jake's Sushi World after the show." But I don't know if he saw it. I really should have coldblasted the fucker, but I had a show to watch. And I'm a man of peace.

CYHMK was outstanding. The latter part of the song bores me and stops Sticky from being on Exile level, BUT if you like it, Ronnie showcases it and drives the final nail in the Taylor coffin. I saw Taylor do it at the local zoo last summer and Ronnie kicks his ass all over the place.

I hit the head during Mannish Boy on the poopdeck. I was way closer to main stage so figured it was opportune time. Alone in the men's room, I tried to gather a few brain cells together. I couldn't so I just unsheathed ole Godzilla and there it was. A strong stream of golden liquid piss jetting forth and splattering all over the urinal. As it sloshed around, steam rose from it and the irony did not escape me - the Stones were steaming too! Thoughts like that are why I should never ever drink again!

Extended jam on Satisfaction was cool. Usually not my stuff, but the rythym was so boogied up that you didn't want it to end. Please tell me this jam occured, I'd hate to have "drunked" it.

Shattered on the poopdeck was an interesting choice. "splattered all over Manhattan..."

Encore brought the place down. JJF was....outta words. You know how it was. Mongo.

Others were saying this, but I was thinking it too, so I'm not heisting ideas. You could sum up that show with two words: Mick Jagger. Or three: Sir Mick Jagger. Thats better.

Its Mick Jagger and his band called the Rolling Stones. That sounds and probably is blasphemous about our band, but thats what the shows have you thinking. That guy, dancing around, strutting, that menancing, purposeful walk he has back to the drums to get water after a song ends, etc. He is not human. At end of show he had his shirt open like he was in his 20s. I remain in awe of the man who is by FAR the world's greatest rock and roller.

Nice meeting/re-meeting everyone. Glad VCIW is alive and well. He may be one of the craziest people on this board! The man can whack back the tequillies! Whew!

Whoa man, the babes on these boards! The guys look like they went through rigorous training at Howe Military Academy, but the chicks are just babeified!

Well, should we do that again? Hmmm?
09-27-02 03:32 PM
Factory Girl Did my name come up? Was I missed, even a little bit?
09-27-02 03:45 PM
sirmoonie wrote:
A strong stream of golden liquid piss jetting forth and splattering all over the urinal. As it sloshed around, steam rose from it and the irony did not escape me - the Stones were steaming too! Thoughts like that are why I should never ever drink again!

You killed me with this analogy. You are a crazy mother. And I'm honored to have met you.
And you're right about the babes at this place. Which of course, Factory Girl, had some us wondering more about you. There was another Factory Girl 4 years ago at Stonesworld. Are you one in the same, or someone new to grace us with your presence here?

And Sirmoonie, what the fuck, yes, let's do it again. See you tomorrow.

Sir Scope
09-27-02 03:46 PM
Moonisup it doesn't get any bigger ore better then this

Jake berry, stones production manager 1997

Yes it does!!!

09-27-02 04:01 PM
Factory Girl Scope, no I'm not from Stonesworld. I post at Keno's & now Rocks Off. So, who inquired about me? Lol...
09-27-02 04:12 PM
Factory Girl wrote:
Scope, no I'm not from Stonesworld. I post at Keno's & now Rocks Off. So, who inquired about me? Lol...

A wise man once said 'What happens in NY, stays in NY'
09-27-02 05:43 PM
steel driving hammer "A strong stream of golden liquid piss jetting forth and splattering all over the urinal. As it sloshed around, steam rose from it and the irony did not escape me"


09-27-02 05:53 PM
Joey " A strong stream of golden liquid piss jetting forth and splattering all over the urinal. As it sloshed around, steam rose from it and the irony did not escape me"

I hear you screaming Tony ..................only those of us with shy bladders truly understand the signifance of such poetry .

Joe Fly

09-27-02 06:23 PM
Pants Make the Man Since I've been here, SirMoonie has always called himself a heavy-hitting, Evander Holyfield type. Now I know it's true.
09-27-02 08:20 PM
parmeda Such great reviews and stories so far.

Thanks to all of you for letting me "re-live" what I already had earlier this month...

I mentioned in a different thread, "..I don't ever want this to end", and I'm sure that I can speak for most of us, that we all feel the same way.

The thought of the tour being over next year...well, I don't want to think about that right now.

I'm glad that all of you had an outstanding evening with friends...and The Stones.
09-27-02 09:45 PM
lonecrapshooter wrote:

10. Tumbling Dice – Mick did some woo-hoos during this…he’s mixing it up on this as he did in Philly when he said “ENSTL” near the end

sorry lonecrapshooter - i might be having a huge mental block but what's "ENSTL"?

i'm interested because, to me, TD is a tune, by its very nature, that,done live, let's mick really infuse the sound with the true feelings of soul/gospel music...especially when he gets into it over the riff to take the song out

the way i've heard him do it on "nasty music" from '73 (btw is the TD on "nasty music" the same as "brussels affair") and the L.A. '75 "sweet and dandy" rave up i've heard (at least that what i think he's going on about - any other jagger-jibber-jabber aficionados have any comments on that?) - is well, words are useless and demeaning but i'd aim around exhilarating,uplifting and consciousness expansion

what did he do with it last night?

09-28-02 10:17 AM
lonecrapshooter ENSTL is Everybody Needs Somebody to Love. Mick said this during the Vet version of TD. At MSG he did some cool woo-hoos but they were a little different than the ones he normally does. I can't quite recall how he did it exactly but it was very very cool. I also liked how at the Tower he said "lone...crap...shooter" (with pauses) as opposed to the fast "lonecrapshooter". I loved that as he did it right in front of me on the left side of the stage.

What he did on TD at MSG reminded me of his vocal on Gimme Shelter from MSG 1/17/98 on Sweet Home NYC. You can here it at the 4:56 minute mark of the song. Mick says something like "gimme shelter yeahohyeahhhhhho" or something like that. It's very cool. Gives it a little twist to make it better than the standard war horse version. This versiion of GS is a killer version and is in great quality on that boot.

They are doing some cool things on this tour by extending songs, Ronnie solos, bass solos, etc. This is not a perfunctory tour like BTB turned into. Psyched for tongitht. Listening to Sweet Home NYC and Factory Guys (Gians Stadium BTB boot) all day long)))))