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Roseland, NYC, September 30, 2002.
Louis Lanzano

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Topic: White Stripes open ACC show Return to archive
09-26-02 10:09 AM
Lazy Bones

White Stripes roll with Stones in T.O.

By JAM! Music

The White Stripes are set to roll with the
Rolling Stones in Toronto.

The duo, comprised of colourful frontman Jack
White and drummer Meg White, have been
tapped as openers for the Stones' sold-out
show at Air Canada Centre on Oct. 16.

Some tickets are still available for The Stones'
show at SkyDome in Toronto on Oct. 18. No
Doubt has the opening slot for that show.

Meanwhile, the White Stripes have announced
- via their official website - they have finished
work on their upcoming album "Elephant."

"We have finished the making, mixing, and
mastering of 'Elephant,' but won't let it out of it's
cage just yet," Jack White states. "It needs to
graze on the plains for a minute.

"Perhaps it's not what Meg and I think it is,
perhaps it's the worst album we've ever made,
or perhaps we'll all be surprised. We'll see I
suppose, but at the time it was a good feeling
and it may come back and roost forever."
09-26-02 10:32 AM
jb They did'nt sell out the!! Canada always has sold out in the past...tough economy I guess. In fact, someone on IORR message board said they are losing money big time...hard to believe with ticket prices and still near 80% sold...yet even small arena are not selling out this tour.
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09-26-02 05:30 PM
Rescued Thanks Lazy Bones. That is very good news. I'm glad the Stones are getting some cool opening acts again. The Strokes, Solomon Burke, and the White Stripes are all acts that exhibit some guts and taste. The White Stripes played "Loving Cup" through their sound system immediately after leaving the stage at the Metro in Chicago this summer.
09-26-02 06:34 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Would someone please tell me how The White Strips could open for The Stones? As matter of fact how can these guys be playing anywhere other then a local beer joint? I mean come on, there are so many good bands out there that certainly deserve the recognition more then these people. One guitar and drums does not constitute a rock band. If they can write great tunes, give them the recognition like The Carpenters or The Captain and Tennille or something, but they sure don't belong on the same stage that The Stone occupy. It's a gimmick plan and simple. The chick that plays drums is on about the beginner level, no back beat. Give credit where credit is due, but this ain't it!
09-26-02 09:25 PM
Rescued Happy MF, I certainly respect your right to develop and defend your own artistic preferences and taste - but I urge you to give the White Stripes another try. I do think they can come off as noisy and abrasive on initial listens - but I think their passion and their love of rock and blues comes through in their performance and choice of material. I saw them in a small club this summer and was truly blown away. Jack White is an amazing guitarist and singer - It's the same type of heat and passion and rawness that I hear in Exile on Mainstreet. Their cover of Son House's "Death Letter" is 100 proof. Bands like the Strokes and the White Stripes are much closer in spirit to the music of the Stones than performers like No Doubt, Dave Matthews, or Blues Traveler.
09-26-02 10:36 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! I agree that just about anything is better then No Doubt. I'm sure that they do play with passion, but the fact is there are many great bands that can't get a break when these guys can, says something. It's not much different then the way Pop clones are made. It's a gimmick, it sales. Yeah, Jack white may be a pretty good guitarist and singer, but so are a lot of other people. Like I said the chick playing drums is still in "Drumming 101". Why should musicianship such as this be awarded with grander? I know that everybody that plays music seeks that ever-elusive record contract and recognition and Iím sure these cats have always dreamed of it. My beef is that there are a lot of bands that have worked harder, are better songwriters and musicians and they don't get the time of day. It's pretty safe to say that if this was a full band, they might not even be headlining the local Fair. It's a gimmick, and a year from now you won't even be hearing these guys. I would respect them much more if I saw them in a bar as a full band and they where ripping it up, but as a two-piece, they just don't cut it. That's my opinion and nothing else.
09-27-02 12:16 AM
beer not a gimmick. stripped down to the core, rock and roll.

"One guitar and drums does not constitute a rock band."

wrong. there's no rule book.

"It's not much different then the way Pop clones are made. It's a gimmick, it sales."

you gotta be kidding. the WS turned down big money major label offers and recorded albums in their living room.if they were a gimmick band looking to sell big, they would have taken the million dollars to do the Gap ad.

"My beef is that there are a lot of bands that have worked harder, are better songwriters and musicians and they don't get the time of day."

The real enemy is bands like Puddle Of Mudd, who were created overnight by hollywood bigwigs and are absolute shit, but they're all over radio and TV.
The WS payed their dues and are truely a great band.

"I would respect them much more if I saw them in a bar as a full band and they where ripping it up, but as a two-piece, they just don't cut it."

why? have you ever seen the WS play live? they rip it up and they only need two people.
09-27-02 12:22 AM
Nasty Habits It's not a gimmick - it's unique. And it works. You say that you won't be hearing from these guys a year and a half from now, but they've already got four or five solid years of performances and recordings behind them, and Jack White is a rocker through and through. They started independent, and indie they may go again, but they'll be around for a while. You think it's the novelty of the lineup - your opinion, but I beg to disagree. When I first heard the White Stripes four years ago, following a vague trail laid by another Detroit rock and roll band named Bantam Rooster, I could not get over how exciting and wonderfully weird their record sounded - nor could I believe the over the top histrionics in the songwriting and singing of Mr. Jack. The White Stripes are without a doubt a special and probably important rock and roll band who have come a long way in a short time because of word of mouth and excitement over the music. How much farther they can possibly go on the traditional path to rock stardom and longevity is definitely in question, though. This is the first time in history a band that started out on a tradionally punk label like Sympathy for the Record Industry has opened for the Rolling Stones, and the occasion is slightly momentous. The White Stripes come from a garage/punk/blues tradition that essential was revived and defined by the Cramps, and to see it finally get a tacit Rolling Stones concert seal of approval is an occasion some of us find significant. Do we find it good or bad? Well, there's the rub. Whether or not Jack and Meg can create any energy or focus any attention on an arena audience waiting to see the Rolling Stones is a VERY open question, but the results should be pretty interesting to watch. I for one think it's absolutely outrageous and hilarious.
09-27-02 01:02 AM
Rescued Damn nice posts Beer and Nasty! And thanks for your opinions Happy MF - it's what makes the board interesting and informative.
09-27-02 02:36 AM
wellwell I agree whole heartedly, the Stripes rock. And I am jealous of the folks in Toronto, because an opening band that rocks this hard will undoubtedly push the Stones to rock harder.

Jack White has an amazing voice, plays a mean guitar, and is a VERY talented songwriter. While the Stones may be jumping on a bandwagon of sorts, they made the right choice. I hope they drag the Stripes out to play with them. Read interviews with Jack White -- he is tapped into the same muse that drives the Stones at their rockingest best. He has reverance for the whole provenance of rock music. They are irony free. They put on an amazing show, and it is a testament to what rock is about, beats and guitars. Call them garage, call them amateur, it does not matter. They have their souls in the right place. And when it comes to rock that is what matters.

If any of you love that dirty and primitive sound of NOW! and other early 60's Stones, I urge you to buy any White Stripes record. Seriously. They are for real.

09-27-02 05:16 AM
Mathijs If there's one band in this world close to the Stones it is the White Stripes. Their last album breathes and feels exactly like Exile On Main Street. It's dark, it's bluesy, and Jack does the best Jagger impersonation I have ever heard. They are much more than just a drum, a guitar and a singer. Second, The White Stripes is a new band. At least newe than the Pretenders, who started in 1851.


09-27-02 07:12 AM
stonedinaustralia well while i wait for reports of msg to filter through i'd say i also endorse the remarks of beer and nasty

one thing 'tho - if you could copyright a feel and a sound and a few distinctive vocal licks as a opposed to a "song" loureedslawyer would have been reaching for the phone the minute he heard "new york city cops"...but that's cool with me, i love it too - they are keeping the faith

and of course they'd sound better in a bar - so would the stones

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
09-27-02 12:07 PM
Nasty Habits
stonedinaustralia wrote:

of course they'd sound better in a bar - so would the stones

BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! sorry Maxy, I'll keep it down.

Five up high, AuStone! Preach it!

[Edited by Nasty Habits]