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09-25-02 08:07 PM
Soul Survivor I'm new to trading...

I'm setting up a trade. I'm giving the guy "Behind The Double Door" and he's giving me "Can't Forget The Motor City". Is this a good trade?

Now my main question, how do I send it. I'm not familiar with the whole first class thing and all of that. Sorry if I sound stupid, but can someone take me through the procedures of how to send it?
[Edited by Soul Survivor]
09-25-02 08:24 PM
midnightmagic How about sending it to him the same way he sends it to you.
No harm in waiting a few extra days to get your package first.

In the meantime get you a cd sleeve and a bubble envelope and some stamps. Make sure you have his correct address and write it on the outside of the envelope, put your stamps (enough) on it and bingo you made a trade
09-25-02 08:26 PM
Soul Survivor But, just regular old stamps? And any kind of envelope?
09-25-02 08:27 PM
Soul Survivor AND, I just send it to him by puting it in my mailbox and raising the flag?
09-25-02 08:49 PM
midnightmagic Where do you live and where are you sending it? You may want to take it to the PO to let them give you the exact amount.
09-25-02 08:49 PM
Soul Survivor We both live in Michigan. Not to far from eachother. I just wanna know how to send it
09-25-02 08:59 PM
Soul Survivor please help
09-25-02 09:03 PM
beer just put stamps on it and put it in your mailbox. you can get the bubble wrap envelopes from your friendly post office employee. hell, they'll even weigh the fucker and send it for you!
i personally conduct all of my boot trades using messenger pigeons though. much cheaper in the long run.
09-25-02 09:06 PM
Soul Survivor explain what you do beer, and its just regular stamps and envelopes?

Step by step procedure please.....
09-25-02 09:17 PM
cherryred just go to your local mailboxes etc.

they will wrap it and price out all your shipping options.

or you can just get a usps 2-day express mailer for $4.95

I assume you're trading CD-R's, in the worst case scenerio,
you're out the cost of a blank CD-R (less than a dime if you
buy them in bulk)...but...if you're like me, you'll listen to the
disc before you send that case, you come out ahead.

Have fun
09-25-02 09:17 PM
tumblingdice I personally pick up a box of 6 inch by 9 inch bubble mailers from somewhere like Office Max or something. I prefer the cd double sleeves too for less weight. Usually I put 2 stamps on a mailing of 2 cd's or less. This is more than needed by a few cents but saves me having to go into the post office. I think it is .60 cents to mail where it was about .57 before the price increase.
09-25-02 09:17 PM
beer 1. get the discs youre sending and place them in an envelope of your choice. any envelope. bubble wrap ones are quite popular.

2. seal envelope. put the address on it. i think the last time i mailed 2 discs to someone else in the US it cost .60 cents. you can put that amount in stamps or you can go to the post office and they'll do all this for you and charge you accordingly. if i remember correctly, the post office gives you a 20% discount if you have over 1000 posts on Rocks Off.

3. pour a shot of whiskey. drink said shot.

4. walk to the mailbox. place the envelope in it and walk away. fast.
09-25-02 09:21 PM
Soul Survivor seems pretty easy. I best be buying me some stamps! Ill need like a bunch of stamps on one envelope!
09-25-02 09:27 PM
midnightmagic Are you sure your not just fuckin with us?
09-25-02 09:30 PM
Soul Survivor i'm still confused about the stamps. just regular american flag stamps?
09-25-02 09:31 PM
Soul Survivor office max has them?
09-25-02 09:33 PM
beer don't worry about stamps. they can be very confusing. just tape a couple dollars to the outside of your envelope and set it on top of a public mailbox. that will signify that your package is "extra special priority mail".
09-25-02 09:43 PM
Sir Stonesalot No no no. Not just regular stamps. You need to get the special holographic media stamps. Make sure that you ask the Postal Worker for them by name. Don't worry if they say they don't have them...they don't sell them very often, and you may have to remind them several times. They are Postal Employees after all. Speak very slow. DO NOT LET THEM WEIGH THE PACKAGE AND USE A POSTAGE METER! They ALWAYS fuck up, and you'll get your package back in a week or so with "Insufficient Postage" stamped on it. You will need at least 3 of the special holographic media stamps, but be safe and put 4 on it.

And make sure that you completely wrap the entire envelope with gray duct tape. If you don't have that, black electicians tape will work almost as well.

Since you will be mailing to someone in your same state, use the "In State" mailbox at the Post Office.

Hope this helps.
09-25-02 09:44 PM
Soul Survivor So, I'll go to and Office Store and buy the envelopes. Then, I put 2 stamps on the outside, and his address. correct?
09-25-02 09:47 PM
Fiji Joe Fucking with you? This is Soul Survivor's style. Post one insipid remark after another in his never ending quest to catch JB as the king of posting insipid remarks just to get their post total higher than the administrators. It's some sort of psuedo-sexual napoleonic complex.
09-25-02 09:48 PM
Sir Stonesalot I mean it. Don't let those stupid fuckers at the Post Office touch your package. Not only will they fuck up, and probably lose the thing, or put the wrong damn amount of postage on it...but they may search the package! If they find out that you are shipping an illegal recording thru the federal mail system, you could be charged with mail fraud. That is a felony man! Don't let those fuckers touch the thing.
09-25-02 09:49 PM
Soul Survivor K. Sir, u sent "Steel Wheels Tokyo" to me

Tell me what you did
09-25-02 10:01 PM
cherryred hey soul...

you said that the two of you live pretty close by...

go out and by some new amps and speakers and build yourself a replica of the giant wall of speakers the stones used in the late 60's. Build it outside. This is going to cost some serious $$$$ Crank your CD as loud as it will go (it should sound just like a live stones show) you don't have to trade...your buddy can just tape the performance from his house. By the way, can you tree the recording? Or post it to an ftp?

09-25-02 10:01 PM
Sir Stonesalot Well, I buy my media stamps by the roll because I do a lot of trading. I have a guy at the post office who remembers me, and knows which stamps I want. It's sorta like a bartender who knows that I like Tanq & Tonics....He knows the special media stamps that I use. Don't let those dipshits try to give you regular stamps. It won't work, and you'll need a whole friggin' passel of regular stamps. You'll only need a few of the special media stamps.

Anyhow put your trade in the envelope, address the envelope, and secure it with the aforementioned tape. Slapp 4 of your special media stamps on it, and out it in a mailbox. Use an "In State Mail" mailbox. Your package will be delivered faster.

That's it.

09-25-02 10:12 PM
Riffhard Hey SS do you use the plaitnum holos or the rainbow holographic media stmps?I always buy the plaitnum ones because they are more expensive and I want to be safe.Plus I'm afraid if I use the rainbow ones those fucks at the PO will want to measure my package.(There's 3 words I never thought I'd use in the same sentance-measure my package).LOL!

Really though what holographic media stamps do you use?

By the way I did use the black electrical tape once too.

09-25-02 10:15 PM
Scot Rocks And I always thought that u just stuck some stamps on an envelope and posted it...

09-25-02 10:22 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yeah, Riffy, I try to get the platinum ones too. The problem with the rainbows is that if the postal worker looks at it sideways, it can look like a regular stamp, and they'll slap an "Insufficient Postage" on the thing. Even though you put the right stamps on! God does that ever piss me off.

I haven't had too much problem with the platinum ones though.

I like the silver duct tape because you don't have to use as much, and it keeps the weight of the package down. But hey, if you don't have duct tape, electricians tape works too. I mean, no need to run to the store for duct tape if you already have electricians tape.

C U at YOTI.
09-26-02 07:19 AM
Soul Survivor And Media stamps are the ones that have numbers on them? The one you sent me said "0.60"
09-26-02 02:20 PM
stonesmik Man, 40 licks alright, but the gum on the stamps over here isn't THAT bad stuff...

Hope you will be better soon.