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Roseland, NYC, September 30, 2002.
Louis Lanzano

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Topic: Today's NY Daily News Return to archive
09-25-02 12:28 PM
frankh Read their lips:
Stones rule

Mick & Company still strut like nobody else

You're trying to pay attention to Mick Jagger singing about the gin-soaked barroom queen in Memphis and the divorcee in New York City. You really are.
But it's hard, because your eye keeps wandering up to the cartoon image of the woman flickering on the screen over his head in Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium.

Maybe it's because she's 20 feet tall. Maybe it's because she's sultry. Maybe it's because she's wearing only high heels and a black brief as she rides up and down on a long tongue that has snaked out from between two incandescent red lips.

Ah, yes, the lips. If the lips are back, the Rolling Stones can't be far behind, and even though a pair of seats will set you back a week's wages, they're the town's hot ticket tomorrow at the Garden, Saturday at Giants Stadium and, best of all, Monday at the intimate Roseland.

The way it works at Roseland is that, if you have extra tickets, someone will hand you a blank check. The going rate yesterday was $3,000-$4,000 a seat.

This isn't bad for a band that half the world thinks shouldn't be playing at all, that even some fans think hasn't made a great record in three decades and whose best-selling albums have, in 30-plus years, rarely sold more than a couple of million copies. The last Britney Spears CD, that many copies fell off the delivery trucks.

Whether or not you think the Stones are the world's greatest rock 'n' roll band - and in Philadelphia last week, they made their case - there's something more here than marketing and mythology.

Beyond Altamont and the blood-transfusion lore and Keith Richards waking up one morning to pluck the "Satisfaction" riff out of the passing air, the Stones created a deep, wide and granite-solid foundation of music and songs that are unlike anything else in the half-century history of rock.

Now, sure, all that music started somewhere else. It came from Jimmy Reed and Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly and Scotty Moore and a thousand others. It came from bluesman Robert Johnson, who before he died young in 1938 recorded the bleak "Love in Vain."

Last Friday in Philly, the Stones played "Love in Vain," a beautiful, aching rendition with Ron Wood on pedal-steel guitar.

Robert Johnson's songs aren't forgotten. But not many bands beyond the Stones play them today in arenas and stadiums.

Nor do a lot of bands sing, "I'll bet your mama was a tent-show queen/And all her boyfriends were sweet sixteen." Or "There will always be a space in my parking lot/When you need a little Coke and sympathy." What a line. Who else, anywhere?

This doesn't mean the Stones have a better repertoire than, say, Bob Dylan. It just means that, for all the bad boys who have strutted across rock stages over the years, none do it better than the Stones.

Posing? Of course. Mick and Keith are grandmasters of posing. In Philly, they were doing a new song, "Don't Stop," on which Mick plays guitar, and during a bridge he walked over to Keith, ready to fall into one of those guitar-buddy moments.

Keith took a figurative step backward and gave Mick a look. "You're not a guitar player," that look said. "I'm a guitar player."

It's theater, it's almost opera, and it works because it's riding such a solid foundation of music - songs that dig out our nastiest, most evil ruminations ("You're obsolete, my baby/My poor old-fashioned baby"), our bleakest fears ("You can't always get what you want") and yet somehow help us through the day instead of darkening it.

Someone who simply saw the set list from Veterans Stadium might shrug it off as just another greatest-hits show, since the most casual fan could sing along with 18 or 19 of the 21 songs.

But this wasn't the Beach Boys, bless their lovely harmonies. This wasn't a freeze-dried moment from 1972. When Jagger and backup vocalist Lisa Fisher exploded out of an ominous swirl of sound to sing "A storm is threatening ... my very life today," it could have been written off the morning papers.

The Stones have been following the raucous barroom workout "Tumblin' Dice" with Richards singing "Slipping Away" so wistfully it's reminiscent of Sinatra's "Angel Eyes." They've been singing Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone," not a definitive version, just sly and witty. They do know how it feels to be a Rolling Stone.

"It's a wonderful night," Jagger said as he looked up at the late-summer moon and down at the crowd.

He gets no argument here.

And, oh, by the way, the girl. She rode the tongue for a while, then the lips swallowed her. A couple of beats later, they spit out a high heel.

09-25-02 12:54 PM
scope Thanks for posting.
No bullshit old age jokes here. This is New York Fucking City. And starting tomorrow, the Stones are gonna tear this city apart! Be there or forever live in regret.
09-25-02 01:07 PM
Maxlugar "Be there or forever live in regret."

I'm facing Long Island when I say this, Scope:



See you at YOTI.......

09-25-02 02:26 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yippppppeeeeee!

I'm gonna get all tore up!!!


I am having a bout of ballbag eruptus!

Holy GOD, I'm ready for this day to be over.


09-25-02 02:35 PM
Moonisup Are you going to Roseland SS?? Ah man I hope yah do!
09-25-02 02:46 PM
jb SS is driving 4 hrs from Amish country in Pennsylvania to attend the New York show....The Amish, i believe, are of Dutch origin...
09-25-02 02:50 PM
Moonisup Well whole New york is Dutch,
Brooklyn is a dutch town: Breukelen
Harlem : Haarlem,

we named the city man!!

SS is a true fan, no expense spared to see the stones, no moaning!! Not on the Mathijsian way

09-25-02 02:56 PM
jb SS is a nice guy , but a huge Beatles fan....
09-25-02 04:53 PM
Pants Make the Man The Stones are hell-bent on revenge! Paul McCartney has got to pay! Mick Jagger would run circles around that Angela Landsbury lookalike, so shut your baggy jowls, Macca!
09-25-02 05:06 PM
Saint Sway great write up

finally, somebody that gets it!
09-25-02 09:29 PM
Maxlugar Good article except the picture of Mick behind Charlie is from '81 not '75 as the captions suggests.

Nit Picking Maxy!
09-26-02 02:21 PM
Mother baby
jb wrote:
... nice guy , .... Beatles fan....

Are the two mutually exclusive?

09-26-02 02:48 PM
stonesmik Dutch or not, Jew York City is the biggest Jewish town in the world. There are more Jews than in Greater Israel. And there is more money. And the Stones sure like them Jews: I still remember that ominous line-up on "Shattered" - Percussion, 1 Moroccan, 1 Jew, 1 Wasp.
09-26-02 03:11 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Why am I so excited about this show when I'm not even going to it?

Maybe it's just New York...

And New York is the greatest city on the planet...

And the Stones love it so...

And Keith now lives in Connecticiut, about twenty minutes from where I was born...


Can't wait. In fact, I'm seriously considering not buying the Boston tickets and going down to my dear grandmother's house for a weekend to see them when they come back to MSG.

Or, better yet, not eat out for the rest of the school year and save enough to buy both!

-tSYX --- Oooo, storm is threatnin'...
09-26-02 03:38 PM
Boomhauer I know what ya mean. I haven't been to any shows yet and when I'm supposed to be studying I'm always on the boards looking at the setlists and what not.

BTW, why can't HBO just take a fucking chance and air all of these damn shows? Shiiiiiit, it would be better than showing the Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the Mind of a Married Man every friggin' day after they debut new episodes on Sunday. Friggin' ridiculous. I turn on HBO at 9:00 PM on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Larry David is on there acting like an ass. I still think that show is kind of funny, but it's on too much.

Stones every night, baby!
09-26-02 03:46 PM
jb I think you should keep you "Jew" comments to yourself...What you said is quite offensive, untrue, and ignorant[Edited by jb]
[Edited by jb]
09-26-02 05:05 PM
Pants Make the Man Yeah, jb. That goes right along with the Muslim terrorist's way of thinking. Hence 9/11/01. A large percentage of Muslim's in the middle east, active terrorist or not, think that whole thing was planned and carried out as a Zionist plot. Man, oh man. Hitler times deux. Lest I forget, look for Ronnie Wood to take the Big Apple by storm! By the balls! By hook AND by crook! By God! Bye bye.
09-26-02 07:09 PM
stonesmik There are more Jews living in New York than in Israel including Palestine. That's a fact.
They have much more money than the Jews in Israel.
The Rolling Stones like Jews.
There is a Jew playing percussion on "Shattered".

What is wrong with that? Are you Americans all racist or what?
09-26-02 07:52 PM
Pants Make the Man Quite the contrary, stonesmik. We don't know how many Jews there are in New York, and what's more, we don't care. But I can tell you how many known Jews there are in the middle east outside of little ole' Israel: 0
09-27-02 09:11 AM
corgi37 how did all of this shit about jews start? here in melbourne, we have whole suburbs devoid of anyone but jews, but so what? jew, muslim, mick, lover of anal fisting, i dont care what god you dig, just so long as some room in your heart is reserved for some of that glorious electric colored music these english boys play. i will quote fonzie, who during a episode of happy days was asked why he was hanging with a black dude. "heyyyy, i dont care if he is purple, so long as he's cool".
09-27-02 11:28 AM
frankh well said corgi37. i'm not jewish, but i was certainly offended by stonesmilk. no need for that. what happened to peace, love, and harmony?