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Roseland, NYC, September 30, 2002.
Louis Lanzano

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Topic: The Stones Hit Minnesota? Return to archive
09-25-02 08:33 AM
no_cole_porter Hey Guys,
A mate of mine came over last night just screaming and freaking out and I asked him what was wrong. So he told me to sit down otherwise I'd have a heart attack. He said that a local radio station announced that The Licks World Tour was coming to the Target Center in Minneapolis in February. Can anyone verify this information?
09-25-02 11:07 AM
Rolling1 cant confirm it but st louis has been rumoured for months, paper even ran article stating show already booked for jan. think now that the mexico shows have been cancelled more midwest us dates will open up. like minn, kc, stl, memphis, new orleans, dallas, indianapolis shit their are a lot of cities they have bipassed for what ever reason, you dont take that cash cow machine out on tour then miss 10 cities it just dont happen... your speaking of at least 20 million dollars.
09-25-02 11:13 AM
no_cole_porter It did seem a bit odd that The Stones on a World Tour would skip over a lot of cities in the U.S. I mean, No Security hit a lot more cities than Licks at the moment. So I'll keep my fingers crossed.
09-25-02 11:18 AM
sirmoonie Porterie, I asked around the office. One woman claims she heard it on KQRS. But she is an idiot in most respects, so her words don't mean goat piss to me usually. I was listening at around same time as she claims it was talked about and all they were talking about was Randy Moss getting nicked.

But hey, thats two independent peeps saying same thing....

09-25-02 11:41 AM
Joey God I would love some definitive information on more tour dates .

The Stones have indeed bypassed many many cities !

Help -- anyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!


09-25-02 11:49 AM
no_cole_porter Thanks Sir Moonie. I am assuming your close to MN, due to the KQRS bit?
09-25-02 11:49 AM
jb They should have by-passed Tacoma, nashville, San Antonio,Washington, San Diego, Cleveland, columbus, and Miami as ticket sales for these venues has been horrible.
09-25-02 11:54 AM
sirmoonie Downtown.

How 'bout that Randy? Crazy guy trying to a kill a cop. Ahh, kids! Never know what they'll do next.
09-25-02 12:00 PM
Moonisup Well, they won't play the TWA-dome for shure, but why not starting with 1 show in every state, (Not alaska), and if sales go well add more shows, they even played 2 shows in Hawai man!!

09-25-02 12:09 PM
sirmoonie Hey Porterie, check this out!

"Holding" dates in February at Target Center. WTF does "holding" mean?

Target would be so much better than XCEL.

09-25-02 12:12 PM
Joey Josh ...............

You are absolutely correct , the Stones should have bypassed Nashville , Tacoma and numerous others -- poor ticket sales indeed .

Oh , and another thing , Maxy is right , your beloved new Avatar does indeed reflect your Persian lineage better than in your old Avatar .

Well done my friend .

J .Fly

09-25-02 12:13 PM
Boomhauer They should go to Helena, Montana and see if people would be willing to go to that show. lol

I wish they would go to Indy! Why the hell not? Conseco Fieldhouse is a great arena.
09-25-02 02:15 PM
no_cole_porter Hey Moonie,
I think the whole thing with Randy is pretty nutty. I saw some rubbish on the television about how he's model prisoner in Hennepin Correctional Facility. A model prisoner...LOL I haven't seen any shows in the X-Cel Energy Center though, I saw KISS and Tina Turner at the Target Center and it seemed quite nice. Wanted to see McCartney and The Who too, but the money came into play. Did ya see any of these shows?
09-25-02 02:23 PM
sirmoonie Saw the Who! Fantastic.

Bernard on KQRS was saying McCartney was best show he had ever seen. He's a putz.

Did you see Stones in '97 in St. Paul? Was it the XCEL then or something else?

February, my man. They will be here.

Can't believe Randy hasn't been bailed yet! Their gonna need some serious crowd control over at the Hennepin clink when he does!
09-25-02 02:48 PM
no_cole_porter So is Macca or Bernard the putz...LOL The whole Macca thing really burned my cheese sandwich, I had my heart set on seeing one of my heroes, Then I find out front row seats are 350 a piece. Now that's pretty expensive for an 18 year old kid just outta high school.

This is shaping up to be a fantastic year for music to me. With releases from The Stones, Bowie, Clapton's got a new live album, The Who touring (though the passing of The Ox was heart-breaking, George Harrison's last album coming out, It's really great.

There is a DVD and ABC special coming out this November from the Driving Rain tour. So I think I'll just buy that and save my money.

I was pretty bummed out earlier this summer about not seeing The Who, I had no idea they were going to come to Minnesota until I checked a few days before John died and saw that they were coming here. Then John died, which kinda killed it for me, Plus I'm saving for Mick and Keith.

Naw Moonie, I became a fan of The Stones in 1997. So I missed out on Bridges To Babylon at The Metrodome. Then I missed out on No Security at the Target Center. So I was pretty pissed off about that.

There's nothing more in life that I want then to see the boys. So come February, I am going to probably die after the show...LOL