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Roseland, NYC, September 30, 2002.
Louis Lanzano

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Topic: NYC SPIT at the YOTI Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
09-22-02 03:54 PM
Jaxx i know i was in the archives yesterday refreshing my memory on thursday night's gathering, summit, whatever. to reiterate the information:

the honor of your presence is requested at

Ye OLd Triple Inn
located at 54th and 8th Avenue
4:00 pm - 7:30pm or so
Thursday, September 26th

its a 20 minute hoof from MSG or a short train ride.
be there or be square. travel safely, everyone!
09-22-02 11:41 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Do we have a final list?

This is what I have from the archives

Honky Tonk Man-Giants
Sirmoonie-MSG/Giants/Roseland-lucky bastard
SirStonesalot-MSG/Giants/Roseland-lucky sob
09-23-02 08:04 AM
scope And lets not forget that we also have to figure out where to meet up in Giants Stadium parking lot for that pre-show party. Anyone have a section in mind? I don't go there much, so I don't know the section numbers too well.
09-23-02 08:38 AM
luxury1 Doug's board has something listed for a tailgate party--but I forget exactly where--check the Shidoobeeans at GS forum.
09-23-02 08:56 AM
TomL Giants Stadium Sec 129 Row 25 Seat 1
09-23-02 09:30 AM
Jaxx tom,me and gazza are close to you at giants stadium. section 134 row 36 seats lucky 13 and 14. however, we need to meet up BEFOREHAND to party up. maybe we should have our own tailgate.....thinking out loud here. any takers? i have prepared for many tailgates in my day. whats one more???? i don't know the stadium either, scope. i transplanted my way out of NYC some years ago.
09-23-02 10:38 AM
jb Enjoy the show...nothing better than the Stones in New York...
09-23-02 10:39 AM
Maxlugar I thought you were coming, Josh?
09-23-02 10:57 AM
jb I am going to the shows in Jan 2003....if I was going to the current shows, don't you think I would have the descency to meet you all and buy ya some drinks...I would never miss an opportunity like this again(unlike 97 wimp out)
09-23-02 11:06 AM
Maxlugar Oh.

09-23-02 11:19 AM
TomL Doug's group are going to be in Lot 16 Section A, in front of gate C. I am staying at the Sheraton right in the meadowlands complex, so I may just hit the tail gate on foot. Philly First Union was great. Ronnie was on fire.

Jaxx, i sent you an e-mail.
[Edited by TomL]
09-23-02 11:21 AM
jb Is that yo Tom?
09-23-02 11:29 AM
TomL Yep, Me and Nanky had a blast in Philly.
[Edited by TomL]
09-23-02 11:32 AM
jb I spoke to naker about 3 yrs ago..he "located" me .
09-23-02 11:38 AM
TomL So he told me. Me and Stonesdoug are going to Columbus. I fly back the morning on the 21st get on a plane that evening and arrive in Ft. Lauerdale that evening. Look forward to having a beer with ya and hopefully more, flying make me nervous anymore. Gonna be two good shows in South FLa
09-23-02 11:40 AM
jb Flying makes you nervous? I really have'nt traveled to any shows b/c I have developed a fear of flying since 9/11...
09-23-02 11:43 AM
TomL Check your private e-mail.
09-23-02 09:27 PM
Soul Survivor someone PM me! I dunno what u would say...

but please do it
09-24-02 02:52 AM
MarthaMyDear HEY!!! Who is gonna be going to the NYC shows in January?!?!?! I have NEVER been to NYC and I want to go SO BAD and I would just LOVE to meet you guys!!! I feel left-out!!! lol................... I amseriously thinking about TRYING to get there in January and see at least ONE of the shows, so let me know if anyone here is going, ok.?!?!?! Maybe if someone is traveling from the west (I live in Los Angeles), maybe we could hook-up on a flight, or something (?!?!?!)... It's just a crazy thought I have, but I'm just wondering who might be going, etc.... Anways, ROCK ON!!!

P.S. (Deleted the smilies... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.................... Anyways, I am, also, very nervous of flights, but I'll TAKE THAT RISK!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol............... Well, on second thought... lol....... Just kidding...)
[Edited by MarthaMyDear]
[Edited by MarthaMyDear]
09-24-02 06:42 AM
TomL Got tix for the Jan 18th HBO show.
09-24-02 08:25 AM
nankerphelge Two more days!
2 more days!!
2 more daze!!!!

Doing the 2-more days shuffle right here in mah office!

09-24-02 09:58 AM
jb Nanker, you must be very valuable to your prestigious lawfirm(what's the name-I'll look you up in Matin dale Hubbell) as you seem to miss a great deal of work. When young jb worked for the "firm" my ass was tied to the desk and my dictaphone after returning from 8:30 A.M. motion calenders which the lazy partners could never get up for.
09-24-02 10:47 AM
nankerphelge What can I say? I'm a legal fucking stud and they know it!

09-24-02 11:00 AM
jb What do they pay someone with your experience..your your practicing for about 8 yrs....I'll guess 200,000 thousand a year plus bonus and perks....down here, the wages are lower...when I left my firm some 7 yrs ago, I was making 125,000 and billingabout 750,000 yearly... a pretty good return on their investment...
09-24-02 11:16 AM
nankerphelge I'm 39, not 33.
Practicing about 7 years.
Firm is pretty much lock-step on salary with discretionary bonus and various perks! This is one of the firms that went hog-wild for patent attorneys a few years back. Good work if you can get it!!

09-24-02 11:27 AM
jb Oh, I am 39 also!
09-24-02 11:56 AM
Sir Stonesalot You guys are fucking old.
09-24-02 11:59 AM
nankerphelge Am not!

Besides, I still feel (and act) like I'm 17! Can't say I look 17 tho!
09-24-02 12:00 PM
jb 39 is pretty old...but very young for a stones fan...
09-24-02 12:05 PM
TomL I'm 18 and looking for some sweet, sweet little girls.
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