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Roseland, NYC, September 30, 2002.
Louis Lanzano

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Topic: I need your help!!!! Please read Return to archive Page: 1 2
09-22-02 12:18 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl This is to request your help, Iím sure some of you will do it, thanks in advance!

Please understand that this is 100% personal message and is not related with Rocks Off free services and optional entertainment provided to the Stones Community on the net by the Unholy Trinity. This has been, and always will be a free website and message board: always free of ads, banners or pop ups. We pay for the website, the message board and the pay-to-download pix that sometimes we use as headers. We spend hours and hours of our free time just for fun.

To make the long story short The Rolling Stones promoters cancelled the shows in Mexico City when they were already booked and scheduled. Thereís a slim chance to have the shows late 2003 or 2004 but the probability is quite low. To be honest I donít understand it at all. Anyway, I didnít dare to post that news here. I did it in our partner website ďThe Midnight Rambler gets his Rocks OffĒ and other places, including Shidoobeeland. I just couldn't bring myself to post that devestating news here. Since money is tight at this time this a good chance i won't get to see the Rolling Stones live this tour.

Now that I came out of that closet, Iím gonna tell you this straight. I need money to get my rocks off in Denver (because thatís the closest date to the original scheduled shows in Mexico City and my best friend in the USA Jaxx and my cousin Alfonso lives there, and also my friend Keno who made me a very nice invitation, thanks bro!

I have a great collection of music and magazines, not just Stones-related, but all-inclusive. I have decided to sell some of my collectibles, I donít want to get buried with my collection, and if I die (and I will for sure) nobodyís going to appreciate it and if my wife sells it, it will hard to find the collectorís item of the high value. As a result, I created some e-bay auctions Some items will be offered here first. I can accept credit card payments via PayPal, they accept all major credit cards and donít charge YOU. In fact they give a $5.00 USD bonus or something like that. Check out my inventory. if you see something there you like, go for it and help me get to get my rocks off in Denver!

Iím going to divide my selling activities in two, direct sell to my friends here at the board and public auctions on e-bay.

Iím going to post them following this message, but you can go to my auctions clicking here.

P2: THE VOODOOíS SALE AT ROCKS OFF (Thanks Jaxx and Gazza):
Iím going to post them here at the board later.

09-22-02 12:23 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Feature auction of the day!

The Rolling Stone magazine dedicated to the life and death of Brian Jones, Iím crazy as I started the auction at the ridiculous price of $1.00 USD with no reserve price!!!! Click the image and go, oops!! Sorry, please read Click the image and bid!!!

Go get it!!
09-22-02 12:43 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl The above is a public auction, now here you have a private sale!

The following is on original Kevin Mazur pic. The image was taken when Kevin was with LFI, London Features International.

This Company does NOT sell photographs to the public, so now is an impossible item. I will sell it for just the amount of $1,000 USD. Yes, One Thousand Dollars.. Buyer pays shipping via FedEx only.

This is the image of the picture when I framed my baby! Sorry no less than this. It will be sold to the first who "bid" as this is not an auction.

T-shirt by Robert Altman, Keith by Kevin Mazur and the Voodoo Girls by me!

I'm having second thoughts, probably I will cancel it!
09-22-02 12:47 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Tha magazine "ROCK STAGE" with our infamous "We're only in it for the money" snapshot is being sold in $10.00 USD plus Shipping.

Come on! Is a rare magazine, even here, and YOU ARE THERE!!!

For more about it click here

For shipping click here
09-22-02 12:59 AM
Soul Survivor ..........keep 'em comming................
09-22-02 01:04 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Other auctions:

09-22-02 01:22 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Iron-on transfer print-out of the infamous "We're only in it for the money" snaphsot, last version @ $15.00 USD plus Shipping. Make your own t-shirt!!!

I know it is expensive, but remember that I need to get money. It will be printed in high resolution with Epson or HP paper in high quality.

Also transfers of other pictures or special designs!
09-22-02 01:30 AM
MarthaMyDear Oh, Gerardo!!! I am BROKE and it's really bad!!! I will see what I can do, though, ok.?!?!?! I HAVE A THOUGHT!!! Why don't you put-up one of those Make A Donation buttons from PayPal somewhere and I'll just dontate that way... That's easy for people... Here's PayPal's site in case you're not signed-up already:

It's easy to set that up, also!!! Even $10.00 is hard for me and I am NOT kidding... If I get anything, it will be the Rock Stage magazine and if you have PayPal, I can deposit that money ASAP!!! I'll let you know, ok.??? You'll make it!!! Take care, ok.???
[Edited by MarthaMyDear]
09-22-02 01:35 AM
MarthaMyDear Oh, Jeze... RAISE THE PRICE OF THE BRIAN JONES MAGAZINE!!! You're giving me a hernia!!! lol.............. DO IT BEFORE MISS U SEES IT!!! lol......... I am serious, though... That NEEDS to be raised NOW, GERARDO!!! lol..............
09-22-02 01:37 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl First of all, thank you Martha ...MY DEAR!!

If you read the first message I accept PayPal, my address there is my regular e-mail I'm selling only valid items, no CDRs, no donations (well not asking for LOL)

... BTW, sexual gratification for selected girls (like my new girfriends) for only $3,000 USD, an all-inclusive service, customer pay travels, tour dates prefered! LOL
09-22-02 01:40 AM
MarthaMyDear wrote:

Can't raise it, I have a total of three magazines LOL, yest the same. But I want to add fun to this desperate action

At the moment I don't have any bid, and no RESERVE, I'm nuts! Yes I am. I put the ad at the BJ message board by my friend Gerry Seda, the auction runs for 10 days. I think it will be sold at, at least $50.00... but at this speed it will be $2.00 USD and I'm going to cry out loud and in public
[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
09-22-02 01:47 AM
MarthaMyDear Fuck... lol.................... Now I feel guilty... lol................ I could use a friggin' good-looking massage therapist/gigalo right now... lol..................... I'm trailing-off... lol............... Well, it might be a week until I can deposit the funds and the funds will show-up in your PayPal account, but I'll take the Rock Stage magazine for $10.00 (including shipping) and I'll email or PM you when the money's been sent, ok.??? When do you need the money by?!?!?! Damn the Stones have put me in the damn poorhouse again!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, boy... That's a deal, Gerardo, and THANK YOU!!! I'll email and/or PM you when the funds are there with my address, etc.!!! Take care and good luck, amigo!!!
09-22-02 01:51 AM
MarthaMyDear If that was Mick on the damn cover, I might have been stingy... lol............................. Stinggy??? Shit... Time to sleep... lol................
09-22-02 05:19 AM
Moonisup If you'd give me your adress I just wanna send you some Euros, I don't understand that bidding shit, but I realy wanna get you to a stonesshow!! This is the least I could do for you!!

So mail me!

09-22-02 10:55 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl The Brian Jones auction now has one bidder so I can't decline. Come on! The other auctions at $10.00 have already some bidders and this treasure is now at $1.25!!
09-22-02 11:08 AM
Sir Stonesalot Last I saw, it was at $21.50...
09-22-02 11:25 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl And it was Sir Maxlugar von Exxon Supreme!!!!

You rule brother!
09-22-02 11:38 AM
Nasty Habits Voodoo --

Mail me a list of "extra" Three Souls records and/or posters/mags/etc., you have lying around. I don't really need more Stones stuff but if you have extra Three Souls LPs I'd definitely buy them to help you out.


09-22-02 12:06 PM
Moonisup wrote:
If you'd give me your adress I just wanna send you some Euros, I don't understand that bidding shit, but I realy wanna get you to a stonesshow!! This is the least I could do for you!!

So mail me!


Right, Moonisup! I agree with you. The Unholy Trinity gives us all lots of satisfaction with that board. If Voodoo needs a few bucks to see the boys, he doesn't have to spoil his collection. Thanks his great engagement, we get dayly infos, pics, opinions about our band. Rocks Off counts about 1'200 members. Imagine: each one of us sends 1 US$ = 1 Euro (or more if possible!) to Voodoo so that he can see the boys in Denver and bring us back a great report of the show!
Amigo, gimme your address too.
09-22-02 12:53 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I have another crazy auction starting at the cheap price of only $1.00 USD

Click and bid!!

09-22-02 05:12 PM
Moonisup just wanna keep this thread on the top so everyone can read it
09-22-02 05:25 PM
Moonisup wrote:
just wanna keep this thread on the top so everyone can read it

Ain't a bad idea...
09-22-02 05:56 PM
Lacride wrote:

Ain't a bad idea...

yeah, we are just the ones to do that I assume,

09-22-02 06:33 PM
Lacride OK Moonisup, we don't panic, we give it one more try, give it one more try, give it one more try...
09-22-02 07:23 PM
09-22-02 09:41 PM
Angiegirl I really hope everything will work out for you Gerardo! I just placed 2 bids, they're as high as I can spend. It's not much, but everything helps right?
09-22-02 11:21 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Thank you all, you're the best people on the net! I love you all, in just one day I have at least $113.5 on e-bay auctions with 5 items only!

Tomorrow I will post more stuff!
09-23-02 12:56 AM
Angiegirl How much do you need for ur trip to Denver incl. ticket?
09-23-02 02:22 AM
Angiegirl wrote:
How much do you need for ur trip to Denver incl. ticket?

Good question! if only a few of us members spend 10 bucks/Euros (3 packets of cigarettes less for me = a plus for my throat & my lungs!) it sure won't ruin us! Let's do it!!!
09-23-02 10:07 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy *bump*.
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