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Madison Square Garden, September 26, 2002.
REUTERS/Jeff Christensen

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Topic: Is Ronnie behaving? Return to archive
09-23-02 03:56 PM
lonecrapshooter He looked a little buzzed last night. Was stumbling all over the place early in the show. He still sounded good though imo. I heard a Philly gossip column saw him having cocktails for what it's worth. Hope he can keep it together.
09-23-02 04:10 PM
T&A At Boston, it was clear that he was hanging with Mick and away from Keith at the after-show parties, which obviously was intended to stay sober. The same in Chi-town. I would dearly hope the Philly gossip is wrong. There is no "sorta on the wagon" option. On or off. I hope he keeps it together for his sake and the band's.
09-23-02 06:07 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Ronnie!

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *gasp gasp gasp* ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze! Don't you dare start drinking again!

Where was this incredibly saddening tripe reported?

And if you say "Weekly World News" I will hit you for making me cry for no reason!

-tSYX --- When the price you have to pay is high... don't let it bring you down!
09-23-02 06:18 PM
lonecrapshooter Philadelphia Daily News
Posted on Sat, Sep. 21, 2002

Sir Mick & pals roll into party

THURSDAY night was latenight Party Night in Dear Old Philly.

Time was on the side of the most Stoned Roller of them all, Mick Jagger, who got some satisfaction at the "after party" at 1616 Locust following the premiere performance of Cirque du Soleil's "Varekai," now playing under the Big Top at Broad & Washington.

Just a handful of the 1,000 people jammed into the private party - including Cirque's performers - got a glimpse of Sir Mick, who arrived 'round midnight and was hustled to a small, comfy VIP room in the basement where he hooked up with guitar man Ron Wood (hard to miss in bright blue shoes). Wood put in some serious hang-out time, sipping cocktails and smoking cigarettes. (Best line of the night: One of the partygoers said she was going to snatch one of his butts and put it on eBay.)

Jagger - wearing a striped Oxford shirt and jeans, with his hair neatly trimmed - didn't stay long enough for a taste of brown sugar, let alone a drink, say Stu's Spies. While there, he was friendly and easy to deal with.

It was not the first time that day Jagger jumped to 1616.

During the day, he, Wood, guitarist Keith Richards and drummer Charlie Watts showed up for separate sit-downs with homeboy Ed Bradley, who was working hard (or hardly working?) on a "60 Minutes" piece on the World's Oldest, um, Greatest Rock and Roll Band. Yes, it was only an interview, but they liked it.

At the party, Jagger yakked about the tour and his affection for Philadelphia, especially some of the high-end restaurants where he's been carbo-loading.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez requested and received tickets to Varekai, but attended neither show nor the party.

The Pretenders were the Stones' opening act and two Pretenders - drummer Martin Chambers and bassist Andy Hopson - (plus crew) found their way to Ulana's (203 Bainbridge), where they hung until 2 a.m.

It was not an accident. The Pretenders are friendly with the Jamie O'Donnell Band, which was playing Ulana's, and that led to a jam session featuring Chambers and Hopson, his trademark mutton-chop sideburns adorning his puss.

In case you're wondering, lead singer Chrissie Hynde didn't show because she doesn't drink anymore, but insists on a full accounting of each night's activities from her band mates, Hopson told one of Stu's Spies while hoisting a Heineken. (Chambers chose Corona.)

A few blocks away, injured Eagles defensive tackle Hollis Thomas and linebacker Barry Gardner were the top luminaries at the "Very, Very Important Person" debut of the Living Room (125 S. 2nd), the former Proto Lounge, which got a massive makeover from dim and dreary to bright and slick.

The party animals were roaring from the bar at one end of the room to the comfy sofa seats at the other.

[Edited by lonecrapshooter]
09-23-02 06:50 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Alright, phew! That does not say "I ran into Ronnie Wood at a rave where he was downing pills and taking shots like a reject from the cast of Quadrophenia".

And Ronnie does stagger about a bit on stage. Was this a "whoa, I'm drunk" stagger, with those glazed eyes, or a "whoa, it's hot in here" stagger, with that look of intense Ronnie concentration?

-tSYX --- Doncha know that you can count me out (in)...
09-23-02 06:57 PM
Soul Survivor What are you all talking about! no Ronnie's NOT behaving. Didn't you hear? He was at a bar, so was I. Then he gave me a puch in the fucking eye!

Now I have a black eye thanks to Ronald! Err.............

Somebody better get some control over than animal!

09-23-02 07:02 PM
Soul Survivor wrote:
What are you all talking about! no Ronnie's NOT behaving. Didn't you hear? He was at a bar, so was I. Then he gave me a puch in the fucking eye!

Now I have a black eye thanks to Ronald! Err.............

Somebody better get some control over than animal!

No security! No Hell's Angels - just Ronnie!

"Hey, I fuckin' know you?"
"Yeah! You probably do! They call me Soul Survivor! I post lots of things over on Rocks Off, y'know? I just kinda ripped through posts and-"
"But y'don't anymore, right?"
"You hit me in the fuckin' eye, man!"
"Y'don't, right?"
"Yeah! Yeah! Gerroffame! Some crazy lawyer in Florida, he done it! Posted so he'd get a special title for reaching 1000 before they removed the silly titles!"
"Righty-o. Keep up the good work, then."
"Arrgh! Thank you! You rule, man!"

-tSYX --- The little bitch got sauwwwwwl!
09-23-02 07:02 PM
Soul Survivor See, savage is a whitness!
09-23-02 09:04 PM
riverrat Jo is in charge of Ronnie's activities and he is not drinking alcohol.
09-23-02 09:11 PM
Soul Survivor I bet Jo's the one drinking!
09-24-02 03:35 AM
Dear Doctor I was at the show with lonecrapshooter, and I think he was definitely a bit juiced. Acted quite foolishly at times.
He was very good on some songs but I will say No Expectations was an


he was joking around with the people in the front rows when he should have been watching his guitar , almost mandatory when playing sit down style. Didn't compare to Love In Vain at the FUC, where woody actually did a seering slide solo

I don't think this is very professional.

I THInk Mick was aware of it also.
This was a great show but I thought the crowd and intensity at FUC made this the best show I have seen so far on this tour. Gillette stadium was awesome also
09-24-02 10:13 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Man, I'm wayyyyy too worried about Ronnie.

Please, Ronnie buddy! Don't do this to us! After all your good work so far?

If any of you see him on the street, whatever, please just go up to him and say something like "Erm, excuse me, Mr. Wood? I just wanted to say what an awesome job you're doing this tour and I hope you stay clean the rest of your life, because you're fucking amazing that way."

Or something like that.

I'm tempted to scrounge up my ticket to fax into just to post something to that effect on their message boards.

Sad, no? I had a quiz in Physics today - drew a little picture of Ronnie downing a shot of something and talked about the "Speed of Ronnie Wood's inebriation (1999 figures - hopefully not this tour!)"

-tSYX --- Worried about you!
09-24-02 10:27 AM
Scot Rocks I think we are all concerned about Ronnie, however I am sure, that he himself has realised how he does himself more justice sober, let alone us and the rest of the band. So let's hope he can find the strength to stay sober.

09-24-02 02:54 PM
runqwkeiu my coach went to either the comiskey show or united center show and somehow managed backstage passes. he said none of the band was there but he talked with ron woods wife who was aking him if he knew of any AA meetings since it ws his 6 month anniversery of being on the wagon. maybe he was drinking like soda out of a drink glass or something else. hope he doesnt fall off the wagon or keith will sock him in the eye!!!