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Madison Square Garden, September 26, 2002.
REUTERS/Jeff Christensen

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Topic: Mick has been voted #4 in sexiest pop star ever to walk the Earth Return to archive
09-23-02 10:25 AM
Soldati II Mon 23 Sep 2002 11:47
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Madonna has been voted the sexiest pop star ever to walk the Earth, in a survey by VH1, dotmusic can report.

The Queen of Pop topped a poll of the Top 100 musicians by the video station, which was voted for by the public and a panel of musical celebrities.

The King of Rock'n'Roll, Elvis Presley comes in second, ahead of Latino pop and acting sensation Jennifer Lopez, who completes the top three.

Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger is at four, while miniature pop superstar Prince is at five, ahead of Tina Turner and deceased Doors hero Jim Morrison, at six and seven respectively.

Elsewhere in the Top 100, Kylie Minogue is way down at number 27, ahead of Kurt Cobain, at 49, and Courtney Love at 67. Intriguingly, Samantha Fox, at 81, is deemed more attractive than Aussie pop rocket Natalie Imbruglia, who is at a lowly 90.

The full Top 20 is as follows:

1 / Madonna
2 / Elvis Presley
3 / Jennifer Lopez
4 / Mick Jagger
5 / Prince
6 / Tina Turner
7 / Jim Morrison
8 / Britney Spears
9 / Sting
10 / Janet Jackson
11 / Gwen Stefani
12 / David Bowie
13 / Jon Bon Jovi
14 / Lenny Kravitz
15 / Shania Twain
16 / Beyonce Knowles
17 / Bono
18 / Debbie Harry
19 / Mariah Carey
20 / Duran Duran

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09-23-02 10:32 AM
jb Madonna Sexy? Anyone who has done Vanilla Ice cannot be sexy...Elvis....well I give him credit for being an original and he looked good as a young man..but by 40 he was a bloated, overwight has been....J. Lo...o.k...yes I would sniff her ass...but who would'nt? She is sexy, but will she pass the test of time? Mick...looking better every year...stick thin..doing 25 yr old models at almost 60...that's sexy!!!
09-23-02 10:49 AM
Maxlugar I hope they didn't play the Start Me Up video during his segment.

And where is Mick Taylor on this list.

His fingers make me quiver!

Oh my God! Poem Alert! Go!

Mick Taylor's Fingers:

They make me quiver...
When they deliver.
I cry a River...
With my gin Soaked liver.
Whilst the notes, they slink and slither.

Now THAT, my friends, is SEXY!

09-23-02 02:47 PM
Pattie I love Mick!!
09-23-02 02:55 PM
Sir Stonesalot Mick Jagger is the 9th Wonder of the World.
09-23-02 02:57 PM

Yes, and he is WONDERful
09-23-02 04:06 PM
Pattie wrote:
Yes, and he is WONDERful

Well I ain't gay, but he has something
09-23-02 04:12 PM
Pattie The thing I like most about him is that he gets better every year, and he looks good too
09-23-02 06:19 PM
Pattie wrote:
The thing I like most about him is that he gets better every year, and he looks good too

he ages just like a good red wine!! It just gets bettter and better, just as the stones BTW

I like a glass red wine at my dinner
09-23-02 07:42 PM
parmeda "...and on the 8th day, God created ...MICK!"

<<<------------ Look at this picture and tell me otherwise.
09-23-02 09:19 PM
Soul Survivor How very true. The 8 days started on July 18. And on the 8th day (July 26) Michael Phillip Jagger came to be!
09-24-02 12:57 AM
clang There is no doubt Mick should be #1. Madonna is a Marilyn Monroe Rip-off, on her better days. Elvis should be #2. J-lo can't hold a candle to Mick. Jagger rules. If I could ever meet him I'd die a happy woman. Just to be in his vicinity makes me quiver. Just as sexy in 2002 as 1964. Love that man. Rock on forever.
09-24-02 03:00 AM
lin what a joke it is to have j lopez at #3, sure she's hot, but she's more of an actor than singer. my top 5 would be

1. mick jagger (check out that pic on the main page)
2. michael hutchence
3. maxwell
4. shakira
5. britney spears/beyonce

09-24-02 06:03 AM
Pattie How come they mixed them together? Men and women I mean, it should be the sexiest MEN and then another for the sexiest WOMEN,

and Mick looks so adorable on the header pic (swoon)
09-24-02 10:02 AM
jb Michael Hutchence, the handsome lead singer of INXS, died accidentally while masterbating and hanging himself at the same time to enhance the autoerotic effect. I am glad he is dead as he was a major Stones hater and refused to open for the Stones in 89 saying "open for them, we sell more records"...
[Edited by jb]
09-24-02 12:45 PM
Martha Mick DOES get sexier with age.. I agree wholeheartedly with that one! And today's header of him in his youth ain't bad either!!lol

09-24-02 08:01 PM
lin jb

is that true that michael said that? I can't imagine he would say that as I know the band said the stones were their idols and michael when he was young would always perform brown sugar. oh and i think he just plain killed himself from depression. I've read the book his mum and sister wrote and he was severely depressed. I guess it's more "manly" for the press to make up stories he died from a sex act.