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Madison Square Garden, September 26, 2002.
REUTERS/Jeff Christensen

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09-23-02 04:00 AM
Nasty Habits The Tower Blew

my mind. The fact that I was even there was a miracle. We came to Philly with one ticket, to the Tower, in my wifeís name, and I got to go to all three shows. And my wife, Trixie Wells, got to go to the Tower, too.

By feigning that we were just an ignorant couple from Cairílina we walked straight up to the ticket booth with our Rolling Stones E Trade form letter saying that we were supposed to get two tickets. Weíre actually a very hip couple from North Carolina, but more on that in a minute. Expressing shock and horror over discovering that we only had one ticket (which we of course knew), Trixie actually started crying, mumbling about flying into Philly because we thought we had two tickets. I started a shocked ramble about how we got screwed out of our seats in the Vet, but now this was just the biggest disappointment I could remember in my entire life. We were quickly sent to a sympathetic Ticketmaster lady, who heard our sob story and took pity on the poor simple looking mountain folk. Zlickety splitz, we were laying down another 50 bucks and walking out of there with a brand spankiní new Tower ticket and two shit eating grins on our faces.

I challenge each and every one of you to come up with an equally good scam to get your ass into that theater. You especially, Lugar!

Because those of us who love the Rolling Stones have the responsibility to go to that show and get our rocks off and set a good example for people who donít know how to rock and roll. We have to sing, we have to dance, we have to have a ton of fun and go fucking crazy, because nobody else remembers how. People bitch about the tourists all the time, but, especially in a theater, we as Rolling Stones fans have an opportunity to show the squares what rock and roll is all about. Yeah, people stand around and look clueless, but if weíre dancing in their faces they better get with the beat or weíll have to whip them. We are morally obligated to have more fun than everybody else at a Rolling Stones show.

Itís not about setlists. Itís not about sitting back deciding whether this was a particularly good version of X or a lackluster version of Y. Itís about jumping up and down and clapping and shaking your ass and dancing. That is the purpose of the Rolling Stones. They are the best band ever in the history of the world because they excite your body and your mind equally, at the same time, and they do it so completely that your only response is to totally go nuts.

I went to the Tower and I motherfuckiní represented. I sang, I danced, I went crazy and made a complete jackass out of myself. I got in the aisles and got chased back to my seats by the security guards. I fantasized about the teenage girls sitting in front of me and what it would have been like to rub up against them as a 17 year old in a hot night in 1969. I fucking drank a glass of Southern Comfort on the rocks, which I havenít done since I was in high school and will not drink again for quite some time. I scored a joint in the menís lounge, and Trixie grabbed one off a hippie when it fell out of his hair and when he wanted one he just pulled a new one out of his pockets. I had the coolest T-shirt in the room except maybe for the dude in the ďHUSTLERĒ shirt. I was hot stuff, baby, and so can you be too. Dress cool. Get high. Get just drunk enough. Do what you gotta to rock and roll.

The Rolling Stones are touring. This might be the last time. Itís pretty likely. These shows are a celebration of the fun and good times the Rolling Stones have brought to the world in the last 40 years. I go off the road today and return to my life, having done what I could. Oh I wish I could do more. It is a sad shame this fun is coming to an end for me, but Iím glad for the fact that I sort of personally know some people who are going to have as much fun as I did. Come writers and critics who prophesize with your pen, and keep your eyes wide, the time wonít come again!

So that is my advice to you, my dear friends in New York City, who are about to be graced with the presence of the Rolling Stones for three no doubt divine performances. No matter what is happening at the shows, no matter what familiar standards are being replayed or what the audience around you is doing, sing, dance, clap, go nuts, and join in the celebration of the genius populism of the Rolling Stones and the greatest rock and roll ever made.

In case anyone cares, hereís some observations:

The hype on Ronnie is real. He is playing very well. His slide on You Got Me Rockiní (coupled with some brutal Keith in the middle) made the song. His first solo on Hand of Fate was absolutely fantastic and took the song way up. No Expectations was the very soul of taste and his Canít You Hear Me Knockiní solo indeed silences all Mick Taylor whiners once and for all.

Darryl Jones took a wild and good bass solo on a cool old Fender during Stray Cat Blues that made me give up any resistance I have to the fact that he exists. Welcome to the fucking band, Darryl.

Hand of Fate and Stray Cat Blues were the wildest rockers of the night. Hand of Fate was fucking intense, with pounding, accelerating Charlie and exciting rhythms on the old guitars. Stray Cat was evil voodoo music with a very threatening Jagger.

Mick danced great all night, and his wardrobe, of course, was perfect. All the T-shirts really give the theater vibe that 70s party time feel to the concert, as does the lighting, which is a treat. Watch for it.

No Expectations was just astoundingly beautiful. Keithís spare and twangy playing against Ronnieís slide was kick ass. I am very glad he is playing electric on it.

Keith needs to turn up. His solo on Heart of Stone sounded cool, but it was buried in the mix when it should have been blowing everyoneís minds. Same with Stray Cat.

Slipping Away and Before They Make Me Run were fucking brilliant tonight. These songs are very interesting to me. Keith keeps playing them - wonder if heís trying to tell us something, or maybe tell himself something. On the first song, he makes a point of taking off his guitar, and singing about how itís just another song but itís slipping away. He sings ďAll I want is ecstasy but I ainít getting much/just getting off on misery/could be Iíve lost my touch.Ē Ponder the lyrics while Keith sings Slipping Away. It is so sad. And then he plays a rocker that is undoubtably one of musicís signature sign out tunes. Keith was more present in these two songs last night than I saw him all week. The second half of Before they Make Me Run was rhythm guitar heaven. He was so into that he just poked his head to the mike to say ďfunĒ during the last chorus, instead of singing it into the mike.

Heart of Stone is fantastic - the lyrics make a whole lot more sense coming from 59 year old men and the bandís ragged, harsh, and unforgiving history really comes through while Jagger sings. Keithís wobbly guitar hook sounded great except it got buried under a bunch of horns and you really had to listen for it.

I kinda missed Lisa, but it stripped the sound down more. Mick commented that ďLisa was sick, couldnít make the show, and Bernard couldnít fit into her red dress!Ē

During Ronnieís solo on Canít You Hear Me Knockiní, Mick went all the way over stage left and stuck his arms out and started doing this shaky spellcasting thing that made me kind of nervous. Make sure to check out Mick during Ronnieís solo. Itíll make Ronnieís solo sound even better! Keith was on a killer slow burn in the ďjamĒ section, interpolating the main riff of the song into his vamp in a very cool way. I actually think he was getting ready to rip out a solo but ran out of time and the song stopped. Keith needs to solo on this song -- itís stupid that everybody else does and not Keith.

Why do people bitch about the Rolling Stones doing cover songs? Sometimes I just donít get people at all. The Rolling Stones do great covers. I hate the fact that none of the post-break up records have any covers on them. This is a band that connects to other music and thatís another reason theyíre the best. To complain about them doing Love Train twice in Philly is to misunderstand music and the Stones' place in it. The Stones never directly took on the Philly sound in the 70s, and I think the fact that they're doing it now is genius. Covers are part of the essence of the Rolling Stones and I almost say three is not enough because where the fuck was Chuck Berry?

Mick fucked up Rocks Off. Just so you all canít say I never say nothing bad about my boy. He started it wrong and never really recovered it till the end. The only get em off part was good. It was a good thing Stray Cat was there to bring the show back.

It was a great time. I donít remember ever being so excited in my life. I think I lost about five pounds sweating, and it wasnít really that hot in there. I just danced my ass off.

Once again, a shoutout to my man Kep, who really knows how to throw a party and wears a mean bandana.

So there you have it. Nasty Habits, your correspondent in Philadelphia, signing off. One last thought before I go:

All right, New York - you talk a lot, letís have a look atcha!

09-23-02 04:10 AM
Moonisup Hey man, that sounded great, I'm getting sicker and sicker to wait until August next year, but I get glimmers enough from ya all. HMMMM Likely to have some great shows over here. There hot this tour, they said they wouldn't have to prove themselves again, but oh no, it are the stones, and they did it, not but not for the fame, they give all the fans fucking satisfaction!!


09-23-02 05:21 AM
luxury1 wow. Nasty Habits. That was beautiful. Nuf said.
09-23-02 06:59 AM
Soul Survivor I was gonna kick your ass after I read the title.......but then I read the review and decided to give you a break
09-23-02 07:14 AM
stonedinaustralia hey nasty - congratulations and hats off - superlative work both at the show and in review - brilliant - thanks - i'll be in touch
09-23-02 07:46 AM
Maxlugar You've done good my sweet Nasty. You've done good.

Now rest your weary head.

You have gone above and beyond the call of duty. No one can take that away from you. NO ONE! NEVER!

I'm not sure anyone will lie his or her way into a club show. You are the finest example of a Stones fan and a bright and shiny beacon for us all to follow.

Your review was as sparkly and effervescent as a flute of the finest champagne. And twice, nay, THRICE! as intoxicating.

I will hoist a glass of the finest swill Y.O.T.I. has to offer to you.

09-23-02 08:15 AM
scope You almost had me with that title. Great review, and I really have the utmost respect for you with that scam you cooked up to get both of you into the show. I'd give it a 9.8, with high marks for creativity and balls. A 10 of course would have required you to grab front row.

Hurry up thursday and get here. I can't take this anymore!!
09-23-02 09:03 AM
Nasty Habits
Maxlugar wrote:

I'm not sure anyone will lie his or her way into a club show.

Here's the thing, Max - let me whisper in your ear - these shows are NOT club gigs. They are theater performances like the kind rock and roll used to throw in the 60s and 70s. Hell, the Tower is the kind of venue MY t-shirt to work wearing, bar show hopping, garage punk loving ass finds almost unfathomably huge, reserved only for the likes of that Dylan and those Stones. There are PILES of seats - they were selling front rows to the Tower the day of the show, not because of lack of demand, but because "sold out" is as much of a lie as "stadiums/arenas/clubs". It shoulda said "stadiums/arenas/theaters" but that didn't quite have the right hype ring to it. It would seem that in that respect the Rolling Stones have told us a little fib. OH NO! Cook something up and get it on!

I will hoist a glass of the finest swill Y.O.T.I. has to offer to you.


Please, please, please think of me on the night of the Rocks Off party because I will surely be thinking of all of you.

09-23-02 09:22 AM
Sir Stonesalot Yay Nasty!

Lie, cheat, steal, just get in the door! Now THAT is rock & roll man!

"What do you mean sirmoonie & I only have 2 tickets? We were told that we have 20! Cough up the wristbands bitch!"

Moonie, we gotta come up with a viable story to get Maxy in the door with us.

I KNOW! I'll pretend that I'm blind, and Maxy can be my seeing eye human! That's gotta work!

Philly is definately a Stones town. I think the band always enjoys it's time in Philly, Philly appreciates them, and they usually turn in some good shows. NYC is just a little's the Stones other home town.

As much as I know the Stones were playing their asses off for was all just practice to get their dander up for NYC. The next 7 days will be the highlight shows of the tour.

I'm not just saying that because I'm going to be at the next 3 shows. I'm saying it because I think it's true. It's common knowledge that the Stones have a love affair with NYC. I just have a feeling that they are gonna play with extra goodness.

I'm really agitated about can't get here soon enough. Giant's will be special for me because I'm taking my son. And's still like a dream.

I just hope that I can do as good a job relaying what it was like as Nasty did.

3 days till go time.
09-23-02 09:45 AM
Maxlugar Moonie, we gotta come up with a viable story to get Maxy in the door with us."


I'll even get a big long trenchcoat and you can sit on my shoulders, SS'y!

It's GOT to work!

09-23-02 09:46 AM
jb You kinda missed Lisa? You should be fuckin thrilled she was sick....
09-23-02 10:10 AM
Sir Stonesalot What's the matter with Lisa? She can be screechy sometimes, but damn.

Baby got BACK! Knockin' me out with those American thighs....

One of my goals at the Roseland gig is to get an upskirt peek on Lisa. I'll bet there's no Wolf Puss on her!

I like Lisa. OK, well, like isn't really the right word. I don't know her. So, I lust Lisa. She just looks like someone who is just a wildcat banshee, filthy whispering, fuck ya silly, and leave you in a sweaty pile kind of woman. That is MY kind of woman.
09-23-02 10:15 AM
Maxlugar I wonder if her anus has a nice thick pucker to it like Nici Sterling.


09-23-02 10:15 AM
jb Less backups =real stones.
09-23-02 10:44 AM
stonedickie Nasty I agree with you completely on the mindset one must have for this kind of stuff. After all, the whole purpose of Rock & Roll, from the get go, was to go out and have just one fuck of a good time! Sometimes that gets lost in the hype and the money and all that, but that is what it is all about.

You sound like the kind of folks my wife and I could totally relate to--you are from NC--was your car parked right on the street there on 69th Street? We noted a car w/ NC plates on the way out.

Love your statement about fantasizing about rubbing up against some hot girl to the Stones back in 1969. Whenever I hear Brown Sugar, I always picture sitting on one side of the gym with all the other guys at the Junior High record hop (yeah they still called them that back then) with Brown Sugar blaring and echoing in the gym and staring at the girls on the other side of the room staring back at us and wishing I had the balls to ask Mary or Cindy or whoever to dance.

As you note, if this tour is not the end for the boys you know it is inevitable that it's got to end soon--and if it is the end they are leaving at the top of their game. Getting to see them at the Tower last night was the cherry on top--almost makes up for being locked out of the Capital Center in Maryland in 1981 because my wife and I had just $135--all the money we had in the world at that time--and the scalpers just wouldn't take less than $150. Today I am just basking in the glow of three great shows in the past week and really appreciating how lucky lucky LUCKY we were to get in three shows in a week with the greatest rockers in the world.

As to the particulars of last night's show, a few observations.

Charlie is cooler than cool. After my son the drummer noted how amazed he was that Charlie didn't seem to break a sweat Friday at the FUC, I took some time to watch him a bit closer last night (our perch from first row lower balcony was the perfect spot for this). His efficency is remarkable. He is completely solid, steady, and understated, a master of backbeat and the offbeat pop, and the epitomy of less is more (or, as Jerry Garcia used to say, "sometimes it's not what you play, it's what you don't play"). With Keith on rhythm guitar he really forms the rock solid backbone of the classic Rolling Stones sound--he as much as Keith Moon did with the Who actually helps DEFINE the sound of the Stones. It is a great luxury to the rest of the band to know you have this completely reliable musician backing your efforts. They are masters of the craft of being tight and loose at the same time, and there is no way they could accomplish it if their drummer were not the absolute machine that Charlie is. His precision is flawless--he really shines in a slow steaming jam like CYHMK--his spare pops and splashes forming the exclamation points to the leads.

Keith of course remains timeless. I think he's like the Johnny Cash of Rock--the man in black, who gets better with age. I love his poses--the crossing of his legs as he hits another great chord--almost like he's ready to take a nap. He looks as comfortable up there as if he were in his living room (and when you think about it, that IS his living room). He and Ron and Charlie are in such a groove now, it's practically telepathic. God to be that good at something, anything!

Ronnie has truly been reborn--looks like he's been lifting weights to boot (check out those arms). He is clearly a man reveling in his almost Robert Johnson/Crossroads-like transformation into Guitar God. He is playing with rare passion and self-assuredness, and has made a believer out of me to be sure.

Mick continues to be the consummate front man--part master of ceremonies, part cheerleader, part snake oil salesman, and the whole time just the fucking best damn lead singer you ever saw. I waxed at great length about him after the FUC show the other night, so I won't rehash here. He is a fucking marvel.

Set list was incredible, until the last few I thought. Nasty, you and I might differ on this, but I felt that after the amazingly eclectic selection of songs played up to that point, ending with four straight standards was simply a mistake--they should trust their fans just a bit more, I think. Instead of Brown Sugar, for instance, why not a Chuck Berry cover (to whose songs I've always thought Brown Sugar and IORR are homages anyway). I agree with you Nasty that covers are part and parcel of the Stones--they are probably the best cover band ever--a show like the Tower gives them the opportunity to remind us of that. Instead of Honky Tonk Woman, how about Sway or Dead Flowers or Sweet Virginia or Far Away Eyes--or do it semi-acoustic a la Country Honk. Save Start Me Up for the stadiums--play Shattered or Some Girls instead. This is all small criticism indeed, and not meant to sound like badmouthing or whining. I just think it would be better for the club dates to discard the standards pretty much entirely--or at least intersperse them (for example, I think starting with JJF was masterly, and set the tone for the whole show, and I think IORR--a song that normally I can do without--was perfectly placed last night).

As I said, JJF was a perfect opener--vintage heavy rock--and they hit it just right. Did anyone else notice that Mick skipped the second verse?

You Got Me Rocking kept the energy going, as did Sad Sad Sad (I actually think that's a really good song live).

Thought No Expectations was beautiful--it's great hearing a song like that in a place like the Tower, where the acoustics allow you to hear the acoustic rhythm guitar under Ronnie's smooth clear slide.

Hot Stuff was a real surprise--Mick announced it saying they were going to try something they hadn't played in a long time--"Let's see if we remember how it goes." It was the start of an undertheme for the evening of 70's dance music (continuing with Going to a Go Go and Love Train later on)--a Philly tribute no doubt--and had everyone bumping and grinding.

To me, one of the highlights was Heart of Stone--perfect song for a small venue--probably the kind of place in which they first performed that song. The whole place was swaying in time and singing along to the chorus ("you'll NE-ver break, NE-ver break, NE-ver break, never BREAK //// this Heart of Stone, No No No...").

Keith's two were heart-felt beauties--he really leaves it all out there. It's very clear he loves the fans as much as we love him, and his songs are when this is clearest.

Stray Cat Blues was for me the other highlight--nasty, menacing, deadly hot--the sound that first made me love the Stones. It's always been one of my favorites, and it was killer last night.

CYHMK was a perfect follow to Stray Cat--keeping the steam going, and man it was hot. The Ronnie raves are all true, but the interplay between him and Keith on this one just blew me away.

After that it was on to the finale with the standards, as described above. All in all a great show. Personally, I thought FUC was just a tad better--probably because of all the Let it Bleed they played--and also they were just ON ON ON (not that they weren't last night). This week should keep me going for months. Those of you who aren't set with tickets yet, my advice is RUN do not walk to your ticket broker. Shell out the bucks--this time it's worth it.
09-23-02 11:31 AM
sirmoonie Nasty, you have outdone yourself again. You join the upper echelon of posters with that review.

Yes, we have to get Maxy in! And Nanky if he's still around. The permanent members of the C10 security council's Delta Force. We Stone.

Need a plan.....yes, need a wee plannie......hmmmmm.....something involving liquor.....hmmmm.......I'll get back to yins.
09-23-02 11:37 AM
lonecrapshooter These reviews are great. I am saving them all for the archives. You guys are great writers. I saw all three shows and belive it or not I would take FUC if I could have only one for the memory bank. My favorite from last night was BTMMR. This was incredible. Also can't stop singing OH NO NO NO from HOS. HOF NE HS ENSTL SCB RO? Wow what a night. Enjoyed the backups and horns much more at Tower. There was no bad performance in three nights imo. Feel honored and privileged to get to all three shows in Philly. Thanks DearDoctor for the Tower ticket.

P.S. Did anyone hear that on Q104.3 they had a What Is Keith Trying to Say? contest over the weekend?"
09-23-02 11:41 AM
winter Nasty:

I am amazed and very happy for you that you got away with that 2 for 1 trick. I thought about doing the same thing for the Orpheum. Didn't think it would work though. Instead I shelled out some significant cash for my second ticket.

Great review,

09-23-02 11:42 AM
nankerphelge Nuthin' like a great FUC show -- that's what I always say!
09-23-02 12:29 PM
TomL It was good was'nt it.
09-23-02 12:31 PM
Sir Stonesalot Did you know, that to become an employee at the First Union Center, you ust first graduate from the employee training center...commonly refered to as First Union Center University. They teach you everything that you need to know to be a good, helpful employee.

I think that is a great idea.

You could tell everyone that you graduated from FUC U, and not be lying!

09-23-02 12:42 PM
Maxlugar Exquisite, Sir Stonesy!

That joke was like fine Tiffany glass.

Dainty to the touch and graceful to the eye.


09-23-02 10:00 PM
Great post, Nasty !

BUT - I can't believe there were front row tix for the Tower on night of gig ! Seems no concert has been a real sell-out so far('cept first theater gigs).
What's going on, my friends in the US ?!?

Hope they can keep the fever till Europe !!
09-23-02 10:53 PM
HardKnoxDurtySox OK Nasty. You are right, we all need to dress as cool a we can for these shows. What exactly is the shit that Keef hangs from his hair and where can I find it? Please help!

09-23-02 11:11 PM
Nasty Habits
HardKnoxDurtySox wrote:
OK Nasty. You are right, we all need to dress as cool a we can for these shows. What exactly is the shit that Keef hangs from his hair and where can I find it? Please help!


I dunno - I dress like Mick.

With respect to the four song finale -- if any one of those tunes had been replaced by say Around and Around or Ge Off of My Cloud or both I would probably not be back home in North Carolina today because I would probably be on some morgue slab in Philly dead of a heart attack with a huge smile permanenty etched in my face. But I am still too flush with the buzz to really care about which songs they didn't really need to do at the Tower.

The FUC was probably the best show -- in terms of having the crowd in the palm of their hands and leaving no room for anybody to bitch. They built the pace masterfully and the trip to the b-stage created the best energy I've ever witnessed in a room of 20,000. The Let It Bleed set was pretty terrifying; only a Midnight Ramble could have made it better. It was a great great show - I can only imagine what MSG will be like.

But I have never had more fun at a rock and roll show than I had at the Tower.

09-24-02 02:54 AM
dead man cum nasty - that was one of the best fuckin reviews I have ever read. I am way up in bum fukk northern California but your post convinced me, short of hearing any decent bootlegs yet, that this tour is the ONE to see for the Stones in the zenith of their final glory, and I'll make the Oakland Coliseum show and hopefully the theater if they do it when they reach the bay area in Nov. Rock n' fuckin' roll
09-24-02 08:38 AM
stonedickie Nasty, you are probably right. The reason they ended with the standards was to spare the local emergency rooms from a massive Stones induced heart attack.
09-24-02 10:51 AM
Nasty Habits
dead man cum wrote:
your post convinced me, short of hearing any decent bootlegs yet, that this tour is the ONE to see for the Stones in the zenith of their final glory, and I'll make the Oakland Coliseum show and hopefully the theater if they do it when they reach the bay area in Nov. Rock n' fuckin' roll

Good luck. I do think that this is the slickest, most brilliant tour they've done since the giant corporate conglomerate kicked into gear in 1989, as far as the band being on a mission to stomp every venue they play right into the ground while simultaneously blowing the roof off the dump. I think it is a goddamn crying shame they aren't doing the three tiered thing in about 6-10 more places around the country because it is a genius set up. I am convinced it's the ideal way to really generate revenue for the band, but I am nowhere near as smart in business as Jagger so what the fuck do I know?

09-24-02 11:07 AM
jb I think more clubs and no stadiums next time.
[Edited by jb]
09-24-02 12:05 PM
Nasty Habits wrote:
The Tower Blew

my mind. The fact that I was even there was a miracle. We came to Philly with one ticket, to the Tower, in my wifeís name, and I got to go to all three shows. And my wife, Trixie Wells, got to go to the Tower, too.

I had a blast spending time with you and Trixie
over this past week. You are some of the coolest
folk I've every meet. I need to visit you in Ashville
I know I asked before, but I couldn't keep track with
meeting so many new friends. But are you going to any
other shows?

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