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Madison Square Garden, September 26, 2002.
REUTERS/Jeff Christensen

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09-22-02 12:22 AM
no_cole_porter The Stones Are Now 40 Years Old. They Have Crossed Every Boundry And Broken All The Rules. They Have Also Made Some Of The Most Amazing Music Of All Time. But What Is The Definitive Song For Our Boys? What Song Makes Them The Greatest Rock And Roll Band? I'm Putting My Vote In For Start Me Up. An Infectious Groove, Great Delivery On Jagger's Part, And Keith Just Kills Me With That Riff Baby.
09-22-02 12:25 AM
Soul Survivor Can't You Hear Me Knocking
09-22-02 12:30 AM
luridchief Brown Sugar.

Lean & mean . . . and it never gets old.
09-22-02 01:00 AM
Soul Survivor I got tired of "Brown Sugar"

Luy kicked me in the hole: (_o_)
09-22-02 03:36 PM
stonesmik It's Satisfaction" that defines the Stones' attitude. It's "Jumpin' jack flash" that defines their sound. It's "Miss you" that defines their decline. It's "Slave" that defines my love for them. 24 hours a day.
09-22-02 03:42 PM
sirmoonie Toss up between Tumblin' Dice and JJF. I can never figure out which is more genius.
09-22-02 04:44 PM
wkoetke imho: MIDNIGHT RAMBLER!

It has everything the Stones are about: menacing lyrics, great guitar, bluesy feel, Mick playing harp, solid Charlie performance, etc.


P.S. less than 24 hours before I'm on the plane to New York (from California) for a week that includes MSG and Giants. Psyched beyond words!
09-22-02 04:56 PM
nankerphelge I agree with Moonie -- JJF or Tumblin Dice -- although Honky Tonk Women is up there too for the whole Stones package - the riff, the Jagger swagger, wish they'd give Chaz the intro live. He deserves to start that one.

09-22-02 06:23 PM
The Worst
Soul Survivor wrote:
I got tired of "Brown Sugar"

Me too.
09-22-02 06:30 PM
sirfito JUMPIN' JACK FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
09-22-02 06:35 PM
Raging GOAT!!! Fiji Jim and Honest Man: The Stones that could have been. Defined it by the potential that wasn't formed out to the end.
09-22-02 06:42 PM
sirmoonie Guys, I know what you are going thru because for some strange reason about 10 years ago, I too got tired of Brown Sugar. Thankfully, that psychological anomaly left me quickly. I rediscovered Brown Sugar with a fucking vengeance! Holy fucking goons, that is one perfect mess of a Stones song. Don't concentrate too much on the riff which, as great as it is, doens't have to carry the song. Its Keith's acoustic, that slashes in at the beginning like a blazing loconotive on a sticky summer night, and then pops its head in every now and then. And its Keith and Mick's singing of those fabulous lyrics, especially the way the third verse comes in riding that fast and furious groove! Fuck!!!! Fucking awesome!!!!

Brown Sugar, and its whole Muscle Shoals story, is one of the Stones' finest moments, IMHMFPDO, LAMF.
09-22-02 06:44 PM
Soul Survivor yeah, i guess ur right. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, get along now Brown Shuga'!"
09-22-02 06:47 PM
Moonisup I just can't understand that so called fans get tired of stonessongs! The songs are a part of your life man, every song has it's own memory and thoughts, at least that's my story, a fan who says he hates songs ore can't listen to them anymore should become a fan of Britney

09-22-02 06:48 PM
Soul Survivor i just get tired of always hearing the 'greatest hits' sometimes. there are so many songs that are better than 'satisfaction'
09-22-02 06:53 PM
Moonisup Indeed, BUT, let's not forget it is the greatest hit of the stones, if you have to make a soundtrack of the 60-ies cd, 1 song would be enough, yes I can't get no! Well we have to see some people wanna hear those, and when you're in the front pit and Keith does TA-TA-TADADA, well I will be singing like hell and love the song!
09-22-02 06:59 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Speaking as a member of the Sexually Frustrated...

"Rocks Off".

Some days I just put that on and scream long to it.

Wayyyyyy too much fun.

-tSYX --- Only get my socks off when I'm dreamin'!
09-22-02 07:00 PM
Soul Survivor The sunshine bores the daylights out of me
09-22-02 07:02 PM
Soul Survivor wrote:
The sunshine bores the daylights out of me

I want to shout but I can hardly speak...

-tSYX --- Headin' for the overload!
09-22-02 07:03 PM
Soul Survivor Can't desribe the scene
09-22-02 07:04 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy wrote:

I want to shout but I can hardly speak...

-tSYX --- Headin' for the overload!

'Cause she comes every time that she pirouettes over me'

gotta love that one!

kick me like you've kicked before
09-22-02 07:12 PM
Soul Survivor Savage just introduced me to my new favorite song
09-22-02 07:15 PM
sirmoonie wrote:
Toss up between Tumblin' Dice and JJF. I can never figure out which is more genius.

genius..yep, pure genius...but I cannot pick only one from their library of magical genius...way too hard!
09-22-02 07:15 PM
sirmoonie "Tired" was not necessarily the best word to use, Mupp. I just meant Brown Sugar didn't jump out at me as much as several other Stonesers that usually are swimming around my head. It sure the fuck does now and has for years! On a plane to Mexico about a year ago, I bored my wife to sleep talking about Brown Sugar, how it came to be, how its structured, etc. "I bet your mama was a tent show shoulda heard me just around midnight!!!!"

Thank god, she went to sleep though. Then she couldn't count my drinks!

Oh, Mexico, sure do love you, and I sure love to go. Hmmm.....maybe a little wing dinger in Febbie? Yeah, sounds good. Thanks self.
09-22-02 07:17 PM
Soul Survivor Moonie, tell me what you told her
09-22-02 07:18 PM
Soul Survivor, i should have clarified that. i may have come off sounding nasty

Tell me what you told her about BROWN SUGAR. Oops, I mean the structure, etc.....
09-22-02 08:31 PM
sirmoonie Too fucking drunk to answer that Soulie. What I said was insightful as all fucking hell into Brown Sugar, though. I can guarantee that. If my wife posted here, she'd say the same. She'd say, "that shit my husband told me on a plane a year ago was insightful as hell into Brown Sugar. He's the best lay any woman could ever imagine!"

Christ, just get me through this week in one piece and I swear I will never make plans to see a Rolling Stones show anywhere except where I live again. I fucking swear, god! Fucking swear to almighty....uh, you!

I'll even retire!

Piss me mongo-wise, goddie!
09-22-02 09:28 PM
Boomhauer Hey guys, did you know that "Miss You" was the beginning of the decline of the Rolling Stones? It's true; read one of the posts on this thread.

This is just unbelieveable! I can't understand it. Can someone please.....please explain to me how "Miss You" can be something that caused the decline of the Rolling Stones (whatever that may mean). Because I really don't understand what the fuck that is supposed to mean. It's a head scratcher, I tell you.

Thanks in advance. I would like to read the responses.
[Edited by Boomhauer]
09-22-02 09:33 PM
Soul Survivor yeah, i read that too

Funny its one of their biggist hits, you wouldnt think it would be since its the beginning of the end
09-22-02 10:17 PM
Pants Make the Man "Jumpin' Jack Flash" is their greatest song, IMO. Here's why: Every time I listen to it, I hear something new. Next would be their cover of "You Can't Catch Me". Man, the way they pump up the groove on that last verse pulls you in like a magnet. Echo drenched, but I like it! Ronnie likes it too.
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