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Madison Square Garden, September 26, 2002.
REUTERS/Jeff Christensen

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Topic: You like "Hey Negrita"? Return to archive
09-21-02 04:30 AM
HighwireC You like "Hey Negrita"?

Ronnie is playing it on his very first DVD "Far East Man"

You can get it if you really want it.
Download (it's under the spinning disc!)

More news:


09-21-02 04:36 AM
HighwireC And here's a nice pic:

You can get it very large by clicking on it at the german Highwire

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09-21-02 06:22 AM
luxury1 Didn't Ronnie really write that one??
09-21-02 07:01 AM
RubyFriday No,itīs Jagger/Richards

This clip doesnīt make my any appetite buying this DVD...-
09-21-02 07:38 AM
luxury1 Yeah, I know the credits read Jagger/Richards, but I think I read somewhere that Ronnie actually came up with the groove for Hey Negrita--it's his hook.
09-21-02 08:02 AM
Sir Stonesalot It has one of those "inspired by:" credits on B&B. IMO, Ronnie made that song certainly didn't have anything to do with Mick & Billy's cockbumping dance!
09-21-02 09:26 AM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
It has one of those "inspired by:" credits on B&B. IMO, Ronnie made that song certainly didn't have anything to do with Mick & Billy's cockbumping dance!

......Ya know what really makes me nuts? People, particularly CRITICS who bagged 'BLACK&BLUE; that was a great album,(one of my FAV's), and 'Hey Negrita' is one of the all time great Stones songs, every band I've ever been in has despised me for insisting we play that song, I'm gonna look out for this solo version by Ronald. He did co-write it, but was too new to the inner-sanctum at that time to recieve credit; Mick & Keith can be such tight-arses in that respect. Hey SS!...(That has certain NAZI connatations doesn't it!) You really hate that dry-fucking Billy & Mick indulge in on that clip don't you. You know I've got a picture of that little tango in the night, I'm gonna get it blown up, stuck on my studio wall, and paint in big, bold lettering....Photo by Sir Stonesalot....Hope you enjoyed the gig man!
09-21-02 11:54 AM
Maxlugar I love Hey Negrita.

It's nasty and Mick's vocals are evil.

More Stones songs should be like it.

09-21-02 12:14 PM
Stones Fan, Gar Black and Blue has been terribly under rated IMO. My favorite track is Memory Motel.And looking at the CD in front of me, Negrita was 'inspired by' Ronnie.
09-21-02 01:48 PM
stonesmik "Hey negrita" would be on "40 licks" if I had made the compilation. It's may favorite on "Black and blue", they were never as dirtfunky before or after - I'm still looking for a clearer sounding recording of that unreleased 12 minutes version!

This song shows that Ronnie should be allowd to write more songs for the Rolling Stones. It is a shame he wasn't allowed to do even one since 1986. Big hand for Ronnie Wood, creator of "It's only rock'n'roll", "Hey negrita", "Black limousine", "Ain't no use in crying", "Pretty beat up", "Dirty work", "Had it with you" and more
09-21-02 03:20 PM
full moon Hey Negrita is a jam..... Awesome tune...
09-21-02 04:45 PM
The Worst I love Hey Negrita- groovy tune! Well, Bill and Mick also contributed something to the actual song with their great vocals and bass.
I like all Stones-songs co-written by Ronnie apart from Fight, Dirty Work and Had It With You, which I hate.
Ronnie's songwriting is truly underrated. Like he has said himself, Ronnie hasn't stopped to write songs for the Stones, because they wouldn't allow it to him, but because he wants to concentrate on playing, as long as Mick and Keith come up with cool material.
09-21-02 06:35 PM
HighwireC Hi there!

Now there are some hot screenshots from the forthcoming
Wood-DVD "Far East Man" on the Highwire site!

Enjoy the Highwire

09-21-02 06:40 PM
HighwireC Here are some samples:


Find some more on the Highwire !

09-22-02 03:10 AM
gypsymofo60 Lol..Just stuck the mouse pointer up Ronnie's hooter. ACCIDENT!
09-22-02 05:36 AM
Pants Make the Man Ronnie should have dumped Mick and Keith years ago. Anyway, it's ironic you mentioned that you were met with resistance from your bandmates about playing "Hey Negrita", gypsymofo60. I was in a band with this smirking, Beatles loving, know it all type that didn't really care for the Stones at all- Lynyrd Skynyrd or Pink Floyd was his idea of solid rock. Long story short, the one Stones song that he couldn't get enough of was "Hey Negrita"! It blew his mind. There was something about it that he couldn't quite put his finger on. That's Ronnie Wood for you! I, myself, loved "Hey Negrita" from the second before I ever heard it.
[Edited by Pants Make the Man]
09-22-02 10:22 AM
Boomhauer It would be awesome if the STones next album would be a "Black and Blue" type album, but........maybe not.

i mean, I would love for them to just jam again and think about things off the top of their heads as they play some chords. Some reggae, some blues, some funk........that would be sweet.

It's obvious they would still know how to do it. When you're a good music writer, nothing escapes you.

"Hey Negrita" rules!
09-22-02 04:06 PM
Jah is not Dead Where could I get my hands on the 12 minute Negrita? Would love to hear it...wish there was a long version of "Pretty Beat Up" as well, I love the groove...relentless, it is such an overlooked song
09-22-02 05:51 PM
stonesmik Tell me where I can upload it and it's yours. (5,6 MB)

Does anyone know where the shorter version (5:30) comes from? It has the better sound quality but it grooves a little less. Does maybe the tape run too fast? However it sounds like there is less bass.
09-22-02 05:55 PM
stonesmik About "Pretty beat up" it's the same, I got a 6:10 version of that one (fully instrumental). Tell me where to upload it.

But be aware both songs are just early takes - these are not official versions, their sound quality is quite low. Though, they're grooving.
09-22-02 08:36 PM
Stonesprofessor The reason for the 'Inspired by' credit, as opposed to a co-writing credit had something to do with the Stones' recording/publishing contracts at the time of B&B..I STILL claim that Mr Wood became an official full share Rolling Stone with the 1977 WEA/EMI record deal...Just as MT became a full share Stone with the 1971 Atlantic contract...Wyman makes that pretty clear in STONE ALONE...and why would they treat their Pal Ronnie worse than they treated a guy relatively unknown to them? Now some people claim that Woody wasnt made a Full Share Stone until after Wyman left...Everything I always heard stated that Ron was an 'employee' for the 75 US/76 European tours, and any sessions in-between [i.e. Black and Blue...],just as Mick T was an 'employee' for the 69 US/70 European tours,and any sessions in-between ,as they waited for the ABKCO contract to run out [a contract that Mick T was not a party to...]. Maybe I just can't believe that they would string a guy along for 15 years.....
09-22-02 08:37 PM
Stonesprofessor Ane oh yeah...Hey Negrita is Real Cool.....
09-23-02 12:31 AM
HighwireC wrote:
You like "Hey Negrita"?

granted, i'm an idiot, and musically unsophisticated, but i've followed the stones for 25+ years and seen 'em 20+ times. i'm the kind of pop/pulp snarfing scum who's 3 favorite albums are some girls, tattoo you, and for some reason, black & blue. hard to pick a #1 fav, but it might be b&b. but i have to punch skip on the remote at the end of the preceding song, b/c just the thought that i might have to hear even the opening chords makes me wretch .that fucking tune is a crime against music, against us, against humanity. when the time comes we can play it real loud, and saddam will come runnin' from his bunker. no troops necessary - or exposed to that tune.

cherry-o, mates!
[Edited by joeyb]
09-23-02 04:27 PM
stonesmik Stonesprofessor - I heard the story that Ronnie was an employee until 1989 because when he was asked to be a full member or take a regular amount of cash in 1976 he wanted the cash.