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Madison Square Garden, September 26, 2002.
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Topic: Catwalk debut of my new girlfriends!!! Return to archive Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
09-24-02 06:02 AM
MarthaMyDear 50!!! lol........... :P :P :P :P :P HE!!! HE!!! OOPS!!! lol................
09-24-02 07:11 AM
Soul Survivor 451
09-24-02 08:55 AM
Sir Stonesalot So this is it then? No one can come up with anything more interesting than the current reply number? Man, that is fucking sad.

I think we should explore the world of coffee. You know, coffee has totally replaced cigarettes for me. I quit smoking cigarettes about 8 years ago. I'll have one from time to time, but I never buy a whole pack.

Yep. Coffee is now my cigarette. I was in a panic a while back when I got kidney stones. The doctor said that I had to cut way back on my coffee consumption. Some days I was drinking about 3 pots of coffee. So I cut way back to just a single pot of coffee per day. It takes some willpower.

I like straight up, black coffee. Cappucinno and expresso and latte is fine....but it ain't coffee. I prefer a robust, full body, coffee. Strong. None of that weak-ass brown water crap.

IMO, decaf is just a waste of time, natural resources, energy, and money. It serves no useful purpose that I can fathom.

And here's the best part.

It ain't liver.

Coffee is every bit the social beverage that beer is. And if a cop pulls you over after you have been drinking coffee, he'll probably just give you a warning. I work with cops, but oddly enough, there are only 5 or 6 coffee drinkers in the PD. And I've only ever seen 2 of them eat a donut.

Anyhow, I vote "Yes" for coffee.
09-24-02 09:31 AM
jb I am not softening up...on Shidoobee, if you insult, uise bad language, etc. you get deleted and in my case I could get banned.
[Edited by jb]
09-24-02 09:41 AM
Factory Girl jb, where are your post on Shidoobee? I looked, but could not find. Am most interested.
09-24-02 09:43 AM
parmeda jb...

Is that you darlin', on ebay, outbidding me for that magazine?

Just curious...

09-24-02 09:44 AM
Riffhard Hey jb are telling me you actully got banned from Doug's site?!That seems a bit strong armed to me.I like Shidoobeeland alot,but some people on it might be a bit thin skinned.They must not understand your humor.I think you would be the first to admit that you can be a little heavyhanded in your posts and responses to posts.It has taken me the better part of six years to see the "inner-Josh".I know that you love to stir the pot,to stoke the flames,to be the proverbial fly in the ointment,but I also know that you aren't really the asshole that you like to potray yourself as on the boards.

It's really thier loss Josh.Don't sweat the small stuff.I'm sure Doug only dumped you because he was getting alot of heat from some of his longtime regs.I've never met Doug,but,by all accounts he is a very cool guy.

09-24-02 09:45 AM
KennedyLetsWork Cats and dogs? I'm not sure we're reading the same posts.
09-24-02 10:15 AM
jb Riff..thanks..Doug is a great guy and he has not banned me..however, his regulars are really easily agitated and they have complained to him so much, that it has become a hassle for him. On Shidoobee, you may not flame, insult, or curse at other members...thus, my posts are mild compared to the stuff posted here. I just can't believe some people actaully e-mail Doug to that hilarious or what. Interestingly, the person who posted above"Kennedy Lets work" is a major protaganist to me at Shidoobee. He/She now takes things that I post here(where the rules are shall we say more "liberal"-sorry riff) and posts them at Stonesdoug's board[Edited by jb]
[Edited by jb]
09-24-02 10:18 AM
jb Yes Parmeda....I am trying to help Geraldo, but if you really want it, let me know and I shall stop bidding.
09-24-02 10:19 AM
Scot Rocks Yeah I saw that cut and paste job as well on shidoobe, an attempt to try and stir things up, I suspect.

09-24-02 10:24 AM
KennedyLetsWork Great stuff, scrot!

I think you've got it turned around though (about us complaining to Doug).

Do you remember your recent response to the heat you received?

"This is completely unacceptable and shall be reported to Doug...these personal, hateful attacks, have no place on this board and you have violated the will be reported!!!"

I'd love to stay and chat, but my IP address from work is banned by Rocks Off.....

Will I get a chance to meet up with you before the Ft Lauderdale show?
09-24-02 10:25 AM
parmeda jb...

I too, am trying to help our man Voo. And yes, I would love to have that magazine. However, I would never tell you what to do.

As much as I would like, I would love to go back and forth with you all day with this...but I'm quite busy and need to get to work. I'll try and catch up with you later! Have a good day, my friend...
09-24-02 10:29 AM
jb Look, the auction does not end for 6 days or more...I know what I want to spend up to...I am going to see if anyone else over the next few days bids, and I will make my final bid shortly before the auction ends giving you time to beat me if you so desire....Good Luck!!!
[Edited by jb]
09-24-02 10:38 AM
jb did'nt get "You shall now be reported to Doug"..that was a joke..making light of what others have done to me...I guess that's the problem...people here know my humour and rarely(although sometimes) take it seriously. Because Doug's board is "user friendly"(no insults, etc) people seem to really get offended at what I consider pretty harmless posts..Who gives a shit if I complain about poor ticket sales...well, apparently a lot of you people at Shidoobees....Now, being the nice guy I really am(and yes, I am getting old and softening ...40 next month), i am willing to look past our unpleasent history and move forward....if I post something that really pisses you off, let me know and I will delete it..but please, don't freak out about nonsense like ticket sales and the fact I live in an exclusive country club in Boca, drive a S-430 Mercedes with special rims, have a 5100 sq. foot home with pool and jacuzzi, and of course, I am the #1 stones fan on all sites!!!
09-24-02 10:49 AM
Factory Girl Lets discuss beer. I am a big fan of beer. I love a dark, hearty beer. I love Bass Ale, Becks Dark, Heineken Dark. I love to drink beer and listen to music at the same time.
09-24-02 10:52 AM
jb I use to be able to drink, snort, inhale, etc...regrettably, time has caught up with me...if I drink, I get migraine headaches, if I snort, my nose bleeds for about a month, if I inhale, I get dizzy...bottom line..I am not to fun to be around ...sorry
09-24-02 11:07 AM
sirmoonie Guiness is the best "beer" in the biz hands down. Nothing like that stuff. I buy it in the new gallon containers and sip at it all day in the office.

Pilsner Urquel is also a fine "beer."

I once had a Dutch beer called Oranjeboom that was very good.

Surprisingly, Sapporo from Japan is not bad. The Japanese don't strike me as people who know jack piss about beer, but they have a nice one there.

Tennant's Lager from Scotland is the true working man's beer.

English beers are the best, though. In an overall sense. Amongst many other, check out some Double Diamond next time you get a chance. The campaign for real ale. Go!

Jamaica's Red Stipe tastes like Rhino piss. Another beer I've always considered miserable is Corona. That became very popular in the late 80s amongst the Greek set, primarily because of great spring break marketing tactics. Its pretty lame though. Actually, most Mexican beers are lame I think, even the heavy hitters like Dos XX and Tecate. Negro Modelo, on the other hand, is what Mexican beer is all about. That beer was made for chips and salsa! Nice.

Canadian beers used to appeal to me, but they have fallen by the wayside. Moosehead is still ok, but Molson doesn't cut it anymore, and Labatt's is as bad as its American 12 pack chugging contemporaries.

Iron City beer out of Pittsburgh. Hey, what can I say. Its plows moof piss is all.

Talk to ya.
09-24-02 11:09 AM
jb What about Saki?
09-24-02 11:12 AM
Mother baby
jb wrote:
.... and the fact I live in an exclusive country club in Boca, drive a S-430 Mercedes with special rims, have a 5100 sq. foot home with pool and jacuzzi, and of course, I am the #1 stones fan on all sites!!!

Tsk, tsk, all those nice things are great but they won't help the Dolphins when New England bitch slaps Fiedler.

09-24-02 11:13 AM
Factory Girl What about milk stout made by our very fine friend, 2000 Man? I would love to try it. I'll ask if we can tree beer?

Maybe I could be a branch for a beer tree? Ha Ha
09-24-02 11:22 AM
jb New England is very good...with young Brady they may very well win another 2 superbowls...
09-24-02 11:30 AM
sirmoonie Hey, we were not embellishing on that Milk Stout. That really was as good or better than Guiness. Amazing. You can drink it out these long ass skinny botts too. With a picture of a freakin' cow on the side! A goddam freakin cow, FG!

Good stuff. Problem is, not commercially available. As far as I know, 2K had no license to serve us that stuff. We're talking moonshine laws here. We all could have been seriously busted by the ATF, if they had happened to be staking out Berea, OH late that night.
09-24-02 11:34 AM
Factory Girl Sometimes, the best stuff (and stout) is homegrown. I'll try to get milk stout at Trader Joe's.
09-24-02 11:35 AM
jb What about Lowenbrough..a fine pilsner beer!
09-24-02 11:53 AM
sirmoonie Its Lowenbrau with an umlaut, Josh. You know who makes it and you know what I'll say about. I think you are just trying to run the tally up, my friend.
09-24-02 11:59 AM
jb No..I liked the theme song..."Tonight is kinda special, the beer you pour must have something more, so tonight, tonight, let it be Lowenbraug" Sorry about the is really horrid!
09-24-02 12:19 PM
Sir Stonesalot Actually, the German made Lowenbrau(pronounced LOU-ven-broi) is pretty decent. Having lived in Germany for 3 years, I've become quite partial to German brews. Nothing like a good doppelboch for you dark lovers! Or a nice weisen. IMO, any pilsner that takes less than 3 minutes to pour is shit.

I also have an affinity for Irish beer. Guinness is the bomb. The only thing even remotely close is 2000 Man's moo stout. Man, I'd give my left nut for one of those fuckers. Raging GOAT would LOVE the milk stout!

Fuck liver.
09-24-02 12:33 PM
Moonisup Some Belgian beers also taste very nice, but most of them have 8 % alcohol in them, the normal here in holland is 5%
09-24-02 12:58 PM
Scot Rocks, this could be a 1000 posts thread!!!!!!!!!

Becks is indeed a great beer FG, one of my favourites, I had a beer at the weekend Rik, Belgian stuff that was 8.8% which was ok. Grolsh is a nice dutch beer which i would recommend, do u like it Rik? Miller is crap though, I hate the stuff, watery weak pish.


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