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Madison Square Garden, September 26, 2002.
REUTERS/Jeff Christensen

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Topic: Catwalk debut of my new girlfriends!!! Return to archive Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
09-21-02 09:15 PM
Soul Survivor you just said cock!
09-21-02 09:19 PM
MarthaMyDear DUH!!! I can't believe you fell for it!!! THAT IS TOO GOOD!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm laughing!!! BEAVIS!!! YOU'RE CRACKING ME UP!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P lol.............
09-21-02 09:22 PM
MarthaMyDear Martha, hoping Soulie is over 18... lol................... Well, maybe not!!! lol.................. :P Love, Mrs. Robinson (aka. Jerry Hall)... lol............. :P Bad joke...
09-21-02 09:25 PM
phantom 303
09-21-02 09:30 PM
Soul Survivor
MarthaMyDear wrote:
Martha, hoping Soulie is over 18

Soulie is 26
09-21-02 09:32 PM
MarthaMyDear Rendered speechless... lol...................... Oh, this is a funny day... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
09-21-02 09:35 PM
Soul Survivor Holy Fuck!

Over 300 replies. Not only that, Martha is speechless......
09-21-02 10:09 PM
MarthaMyDear lol................ We should try to hit 1,000... REALLY!!! I bet if everyone just posted a period, we'd hit it in no time... Check my next post... I think it's be fun!!!
09-21-02 10:10 PM
MarthaMyDear .
09-21-02 11:00 PM
Soul Survivor ----------------------------------->
09-21-02 11:11 PM
Pants Make the Man Warren Beatty is also an Aries, Martha, My Dear (But you already knew that. I didn't read all of you earlier post. Sorry). Back to the topic at hand: If only Jade Jagger were a few inches taller, she would be a super-model, IMO.
[Edited by Pants Make the Man]
09-21-02 11:12 PM
Soul Survivor I've seen nude pics of Jade
09-21-02 11:28 PM
Pants Make the Man No way.
09-21-02 11:35 PM
Soul Survivor yup i have
09-22-02 12:36 AM
Pants Make the Man Where?
09-22-02 12:40 AM
Soul Survivor websites
09-22-02 05:10 AM
Soul Survivor wrote:
I've seen nude pics of Jade

You should post that here!!! ore ypu shoud give the url


[Edited by Moonisup]
09-22-02 08:18 AM
Factory Girl SS, DOH!! I was just yanking your STRAP-ON chain about those fluffy creatures. Have fun at the NY summit, and at MSG, Giants, Roseland. Make sure sirmoonie behaves

09-22-02 08:39 AM
Sir Stonesalot DOH! I know what you were yanking...and it ain't strapped on my darling FG.

And I absolutely will NOT make sirmoonie behave. Ever seen those old SNL skits with Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd? The immigrant guys from Czech/Slovakia? The "Wild and Crazy Guys"? That would be us.

Me: Hey there are the foxes!
Moonie: Let us go talk to them, and impress them with the size of our sex organs.
Me: That is what you said!
Moonie: Hello foxes, we are 2 wild and crazy guys!
(break in dialogue for audience laughter)
Me: OK, enough chit chat. We will now allow you to buy us drinks with umbrellas in them.
Moonie: Yes, because we know you want to get us drunk!
Me: There is not enough room to swing the dead cat. Let us now go to our swinging bachelor pad! We make drinks in a blender, put umbrellas in them, and then have wild jungle sex!
Moonie: OK, foxes, follow us!
Girls: I'm sorry, did you say something?
Me: Yeah, that guy over there, his name is Alex. He's from England. He said he wants you to lick his asshole.
(Girl gets up and goes over to Alex. He smiles, and she gives him a right cross to the nose. There is a sickening crack, and blood explodes from his face.)
Me: That is what you said!
(Audience laughter and fade out)
09-22-02 10:21 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I think this post wins the "longest post ever" award...

Even worse than the world cup...

I love to love the ladies...


I love to love the lovely ladies...

And these ladies are muy callente!

-tSYX --- Outta my brain on the train!
09-22-02 12:45 PM

Just wanted to make it an even 320.

09-22-02 12:56 PM
Riffhard There's 320 posts in this mamouth thread and not one of them is from me.Well,my friends that will not stand!I must at least be able to say that,"Yes,I was part of the longest,most useless,pointless thread ever on Rocks Off and I ain't ashamed to admit it!"

09-22-02 01:01 PM


yOU KNOW THE words to that song on Let It Bleed.

; )

~!will you be at the Garden thursday and are you meeting us at Ye Olde Inn then ? hope to meet you there !

09-22-02 01:13 PM
Sir Stonesalot As an active participant of this thread, I take offense to the notion that this thread is useless, and pontless.

Au contrare.

I think this thread is completely outstanding! It's got some of the best reading material, and at least 2 mental meltdowns. And you are trying to tell me that there is no point? Pfffft! I'd rather read this than another one of Mathijs rants about how awful the new songs are. At the very least, there is art here. That is NOT useless, IMO.
09-22-02 01:18 PM
sirmoonie Actually, there is some quality material in here, you just gotta read between the lines.
09-22-02 01:25 PM
Riffhard Oh yes Queenie I'll be there with bells on and little else!I'm so damned jacked up about this Stonsian New Yawk Citay week I can hardly contain meself!Everyone,to a man or woman,who has seen them has given such brilliant reveiws that I'm walking around with a perpetual.....well,let's just say the anticipation is like musical Viagra.It's Stonesagra!I've been cranking Stripped Companion and Handsom Girls as well The ABKO remasters everyday,all day for the last month.So much so that the wife is starting to OD on the boys.Hell,there's lots worse things one could OD on I guess.

Looking forward to meeting you Queen Annie and the rest of the nutters on the board as well!What a summit it will be and we only got four more days!!!

09-22-02 01:38 PM

God RiFfErBoy~!

I'm so foooooooooooooookin thrilled my cats look at me like i'm mad. Alllllllllllll the time. You know, those accusatory stares ; )

Thursday is gonna be great...i'm hoping for a debut or ??? what's yer setlist ? i'm hoping for some Black&Blue ; )


09-22-02 02:06 PM
sirmoonie Like poopdeck. Is poopdeck in here? Well it is now, by golly. I am very proud of poopdeck. Wouldn't you be?

I don't understand the time delay that people notice on the poopdeck. What is the distance from the poopdeck to the amps and speakers on the main stage? 30 yards? 50 at most? How could there be an electronic delay detectable by human eyes and ears in that short an amount of cable? Someone please 'splain.

09-22-02 02:10 PM
~AzQb [quote]sirmoonie wrote:
Like poopdeck. Is poopdeck in here?


i don't know about all of THAT, but i DO know msg will probably yield a debut...why o why can't people take this seriously?

09-22-02 02:14 PM
sirmoonie I'll bet it will have at least two tour debuts Annie, if thats what you are talking about. Probably even one on the poopdeck. I just have no idea what they will be. None. I don't even know where to find a complete list of what has been played so far.
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