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Madison Square Garden, September 26, 2002.
REUTERS/Jeff Christensen

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Topic: Catwalk debut of my new girlfriends!!! Return to archive Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
09-19-02 11:40 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Catwalk debut for Richards’ daughters

William Lyons

DESPITE having Rolling Stone hell-raiser Keith Richards as a father, Theodora, 17, and Alexandra, 15, have a reputation as being goody-goodies. The pair were certainly on good behaviour as they prepared for their modelling debut at New York fashion week yesterday. The daughters of Richards and Seventies model Patti Hansen, who live in the US with their mother, have been kept out of the public eye so far but are expected to steal the limelight when they appear in the ChanPaul show today.

Described as "quintessential teenagers" the pair frown on skimpy skirts and tight tops, often worn by girls their age.

"There is a certain level when you have to have some respect for your body," said Theodora.

There is a strong British presence at this year’s New York fashion week which began on Wednesday.

Thanks Sue for this great pic!!!

Theodora and Alexandra getting ready!

obStones Don't steal my girlfriends!!!
09-20-02 12:26 AM
KeepRigid *Sigh*

Hey, is it just me, or is Alexandra is giving off an Olsen twin vibe?

Actually, these were MY girlfriends, but I completely missed out by ignoring them and spending all my time hanging out in the basement with their dad.
09-20-02 04:10 AM
Moonisup Well it seems that all the stones have good sperm!! They have got really pretty daughters!!

Thanks Geraldo!!
09-20-02 06:20 AM
Nellcote Saw Theodora at the B stage opening night, alongside Jimmy Jagger, who was shooting video...

These girls will go places, fer sure...
09-20-02 06:42 AM
Moonisup Maybe has jimmy the hots for these ckicks!

I rembember a funny story about JJ, when in 1998 his father's band was in holland in the Amstel hotel. He came back with his friends and yelled at the presenst fans: "I'm the son of the Rolling stones man"!! After that he walked up the stairs of the hotel and was rejected by the guy standing at the door, who didn't believe that he was Mick's son! Well that was an awkward situation, he was allowed in after 3 minutes and the bellboy excused himself to Jimmy, fun fun fun, being cool and then rejected. LOL
09-20-02 06:52 AM
stonesmik Probably it's more the sperm of their mothers - all of them successful models. Even your children would look good with a "Miss" mother.

Btw - do they look so extraordinarily good? They just look like teenage girls with long blonde hair do look. Nothing exceptional there. Not yet, maybe.
09-20-02 07:44 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Hey, they may not look so hot to *you*... but to someone that's their age?

They are very pretty indeed!


"I'm so hot for her, I'm so hot for her, I'm so hot for her and she's so cold"...

-tSYX --- Feel on baby...
09-20-02 07:48 AM
Moonisup Well they have a good father
and a hot mother, must be good in bed!!


rik the wooden shoe
09-20-02 07:52 AM
fmk438j [quote]Moonisup wrote:
Well they have a good father
and a hot mother, must be good in bed!!

Yeah, and they'd drink you under the table 5 times over too!
09-20-02 07:58 AM
Moonisup yeah it I think so too!! Keith likes his wodka!

09-20-02 08:10 AM
fmk438j Maybe to get backstage we can say to the stooge on the door "I'm Theodora/Liz's boyfriend and the old man says I gotta report backstage straight after the show".

"Yes Sir! Right this way Sir"

09-20-02 09:45 AM
Pattie I think Liz is waaaaaay prettier than those two...
But that´s cause Jerry is waaaaay prettier than Patti
09-20-02 09:49 AM
Moonisup If you think that you need a pair of glasses (no offence). Jerry Hall has a horse head and is arrogant, just like Jo Wood, Pattie Richards is a very nice lady with no arogant behaviour!

rik, the wooden shoe
09-20-02 11:37 AM
Pattie Jo wood is a wonderful lady! She´s not arrogant at all!
Patti is just common.
Jerry is beautiful and so is Liz
09-20-02 11:38 AM
Pattie wrote:
Jo wood is a wonderful lady! She´s not arrogant at all!
Patti is just common.
Jerry is beautiful and so is Liz

Jo is a bitch towards the fans, at least in Holland, Jerry is ugly, Pattie is heaven

09-20-02 11:40 AM

...ah, "common", darling ? In person she's a goddess ; )

It's true though if you think of it: if Mick or Keith had children with a genetically normal woman, their children would hardly be so striking ; )

09-20-02 11:48 AM
Pattie Jo is the sweetest lady in the world! and Jerry is so much more interesting than Patti
09-20-02 11:49 AM
Pattie And Jerry is NOT ugly, gimmie a break, you don´t really mean that do you?
09-20-02 11:51 AM
jb Patti is "born again"...Jo is overweight and Jerry is overdone.
09-20-02 11:52 AM
Moonisup yeah I'm sorry, I think she has a bit of a horse had!! I like the big mouth however for obvious reasons!

rik the wooden shoe
09-20-02 11:54 AM
Pattie Why are you defending Patti?
09-20-02 11:58 AM
Moonisup I think she is more beautifull then jerry ore jo!! Well I won't talk about charlie's girl, she is real nice, but not as ugly as jerry! If you look at the inner beauty :

1)lady watts, patti

10) jo, jerry

09-20-02 12:08 PM
Pattie Inner beauty???
Patti´s a fruit loop!!!! you have no idea, she came in to Theo´s room once and tore down her poster of eminem cause he´s a "bad influence" oh and getting married to a drug addict is good influence I suppose! she´s fucking insane! Don´t get me wrong I love Keith but I can´t stand his old lady.
09-20-02 12:11 PM
Moonisup Keith does not pick on people, eminem is a gay, jew and a lot more hater!! I support her decission here!!!

pattie, you ever share names? Do you look like her to??

love, rik
09-20-02 12:13 PM
jb I did'nt know he was a jew hater...why?
09-20-02 12:15 PM
Jaxx >>>in this country, gerardo, 16 will get you 20.....

heres another article out of the evening standard:

Catwalk of the Rolling Clones

by Suzanne Stevenson

To look at their wrinkly, weathered fathers - three-quarters of arguably the world's greatest rock 'n' roll band - you would not credit it.

But The Rolling Stones can now boast no fewer than five daughters who have graced the catwalk.

Mick Jagger's girl Elizabeth is a supermodel at just 18, able to command £20,000 a day.

Her sister, Jade, is better known as an acclaimed jewellery designer but has tried her hand at modelling.

Leah Wood: she has inspired the Richards girls to get on the catwalk

And Ronnie Wood's daughter Leah recently appeared in little more than her undies at a London fashion shoot.

Now it is the turn of Theodora and Alexandra Richards, daughters of Keith Richards and his 1970s ¸bermodel wife Patti Hansen.

Dressed in Britney-esque schoolgirl outfits with white sandals snaking up their legs, Theodora, 17 and Alexandra, 16, made their modelling debut in New York. Strutting their stuff with as much swagger as their famous father, the sisters showed off a collection by designer Chanpaul.

The sisters say they were inspired after seeing Leah Wood in action, describing her as 'our ideal - a crazy, beautiful trendsetter'.

However, opportunities for modelling in the near future will be limited for the teenagers. Their schedule is pretty full singing back-up vocals for the Stones on their current tour.

But catwalk dominance may not be far away. 'Fashion is half about clothes and half about attitude,' said Metro fashion expert Caroline Hedley.

'Having a rock 'n' roll father is bound to make you more extrovert and help launch you into the fashion world.'

09-20-02 12:17 PM
Pattie Keith picks on Mick! And Elton and just about anyone who comes in his way. Not to mention the poor people who work for him, He picks on people alright!! And Patti doesn´t like Eminem cause he uses curse words, and her husband doesn´t?? She´s a hypocrite!
09-20-02 12:17 PM
sirmoonie Eminem plows moof piss. I'd like to mash his ugly ass face into the B stage poopdeck!
09-20-02 12:18 PM
Moonisup Pattie is sweet??? Do you look like pattie, pattie??? Are you just as old?

your friend, Rik
09-20-02 12:18 PM

...well...being as physically gigantic as she is, she'd kick our arses if we were ALL in a room together, boys included {giggles} !!!

{in other words: she really NEEDS no defending ~!

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