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Topic: Ideas for the next Stones tour/album.. Return to archive
08-11-01 05:52 PM
Woodrow ..I guess it won't be happening for a while, but if they do come out with new product and decide to do a farewell tour, I'm thinking this..

..the cd should be stripped-down, bare bones a la parts of Goat's Head and Exile..some of those songs sound like 1st takes, instead of being recorded and overdubbed to death. Branch out to various recording studios, maybe Electric Ladyland or even back to Muscle Shoals Sound down in Alabama. Either way, record in a place that soaks up not only the sound, but the atmosphere. A contry-honk,rock vibe with some Delta soul thrown into the mix. Stay far, far away from what-is-hip dance/techno and/or ballads. Have the Black Crowes or Gov't Mule open the 1st leg of the tour State side, if there has to be an opener at all.

And as far as the tour goes..ditch the stadiums in favor of small to mid-size theaters. And while they are at it, ditch the ridiculously high ticket prices for something the average joe fan can afford. Sure, they'll have to throw in some Giants Stadium size shows here and there to pay for it all..but hey, they can afford it. 3,000 - 5,000 seaters in small theaters/arenas would be cool. Something intimate for the fans.

That's my take.
08-11-01 09:26 PM
The Eggman Now, if we put 2 and 2 together, we want a EXILE-Dance Mix Cd, for the Stones,

so wow quite the mix eh?

The first for any group and for music history...ONCE AGAIN
08-12-01 11:01 AM
Vacendak Greetings, Rocks Off'ers.... and great ideas for the future there, Woodrow! The Stones SHOULD go back to their roots, wander down south an get that shofire sweet "twang" that made the STICKY FINGERS/EXILE ON MAIN ST. duo sound so DANG GOOD! So just what should they do? Alright, ya talked me into it, here's the scenario that my Stones-warped brain conjured up. First, the Stones should all fly in from their various cribs, villas, mansions, or wherever they've been roosting. They'll meet in Memphis, holing up in some low-profile, cheap motel for a week to ten day stay, getting their chops back and their feel for one another by jammin' in some local recording studios. After they've gotten their Stones-solid "groove" back, then it's time to pile into a beat-up, ragtag old furniture van and head South, son! Yeah, I can see it now... With just enough room in the van for the five Stones and their equipment (a few guitars and a snare for Charlie), Keith does good to find room for the eleven cases of Rebel Yell and Stoli. The Stones try to get the Memphis Horns to drive South with them, but the 'Horns decline, but will meet up with the Stones on down the line. So an unbelievable Stones odyssey ensues, with Mick drivin' the van, Keith and Ronnie passin' the bottle, playin' blues, and throwin' pork rinds at Mick, Darryl tryin' to sleep, and Charlie shakin' his head at the whole bloody affair. Several times they are stopped by the police during the trip, once when Keith plugs his fender into the cigarette lighter and his first riff of "Brown Sugar" blows the van's hood off. The other police pullovers happen when Keith drives, once for going 60 mph over the posted limit, and another occurence when Keith mistakenly drives for ten miles on the median. But Charlie coolheadedly handles each situation, persuading each officer out of writing any ticket. Even when Keith and Woody drunkenly crawl into one officer's cruiser, running the siren and singin' "FARAWAY EYES" into the police radio. So the Stones roll on, finally arriving down south, 'Bama way, and stumble into Muscle Shoals studio "bout a quarter 'til three." To their surprise, the Memphis Horns are already there, havin' flown down that very day. And Bo Diddley happened to have just wandered in, too, juiced up an' sloppy, rarin'to be a "sixth Stone" once more. Jagger sends Ronnie out to the van to unload the liquor. Charlie rubs his eyes and settles in comfortably behind a beaten set of drums that look as if they've been there forever. Darryl's chattin' the blues with Diddley, while Keith's makin' a phone call to Bobby Keys: "Yeaaah, Bobbaahh, me boy, ya gotta git yer ahse down heah, the band's gettin' ready ta roll, we need that dam sax ya blow, y'know?..." The Stones are back, gettin' loose and juiced, warmin' their riffs and their raunchy rock-blues, geetin' ready to roll, rock and rumble across the planet one more time, Stones-style. So bar the door, Katie, and SWEET Virginia, all you mothers guard your daughters (and daughters, look out for your mothers as well), cause the once and future WORLD'S GREATEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND is back, and they'll soon be rippin' a joint in a town near you!! MERCY, MERCY! Rock Onnnnn.... Vacendak
08-12-01 11:24 AM
VOODOO Why do a farewell tour?

At this point it seems they are going to play as long as they live, kinda like Muddy Waters and all the great blues guys of the past.

What the hell they paly to 60,000 people every night, it's not like they are playing 1/2 empty stadiums.

Mark my words, the Stones will be active in 2015 as long as they are still healty.
08-12-01 11:25 AM
Woodrow Right on, man! That about said it all.
08-12-01 11:39 AM
Vacendak I don't think they would ever say a tour was going to be their last. Mick'll just say "Naw, it's no bloody farewell tour. It's the Stones in 20__." It may be about something else, but I think the title of Keith's great "How Can I Stop" says it all. The man lives to rock! What would he do without it, help Charlie herd sheep? A Stone's gotta roll....
08-12-01 11:45 AM
Woodrow That "right on" was for Vacendak.

In reference to "The Farewll Tour", I never said that their next excursion should be their last..I meant it only as a what if.

I AM saying now that their next cd should come as close to a continuation of Exile as much as possible...then if they were to retire, retire it on a good note.
08-14-01 09:51 PM
x_pensive_wino I don't think the Stones should ape the sound or feeling of
past records like Exile on Main Street; I'm not interested
in hearing another Voodoo Lounge. A tight rock and roll album
is what they need to make. They need to trim down the
number of songs on their lps, and put the songs that don't
quite fit onto the singles. And for godsakes--NO MORE
08-15-01 11:26 AM
Woodrow Between three or four of us, we could produce a great Stones record.
08-15-01 02:58 PM
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