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Topic: Rich Robinson played on some Jagger demos Return to archive
08-21-01 07:00 PM
ray I read a paper interview with Rich Robinson of Black Crowes. The interviewer asked "so was it a coincidence Mick Jagger was at your album release party. R.R. replied "No, I've known him pretty well since '95 when we opened for the Stones. We stay in contact. Mick asked me to play on some of his demos at the end of January and I invited him at our album release party"
I found this pic for the album release party in NY

L-R Chris Robinson, Mick, Goldie Hawn (Chris' mother in law), Rich Robinson
08-21-01 08:27 PM
Robert Schneeweiss That's a nice bonus for the solo album. The Black Crowes are one of my favourite bands. The Robinson brothers are a talented combo, but I'm ticked off about the latest tour. They've yet to include a Toronto date and there's nothing even romotely within driving distance on a weekend. I might have to venture down to New York City for the Beacon gigs if all else fails. Greyhound bus line, save me a seat.
08-22-01 03:57 PM
Hoobler i don't know how those robinson dorks do it.
08-22-01 05:12 PM
Robert Schneeweiss Are you on crack? Do you own a Black Crowes CD? Check out any one of their 6 releases. I don't know how a Stones fan couldn't appreciate the Crowes' music. What are you in to, She's a Rainbow?
08-22-01 07:56 PM
The Eggman HOLY SHIT!!! HOOBLER does not anything with a bit of taste, they fill in where the STones and Led Zep had stopped, like in the latest single "SOUL SINGIN" (kinda sounds like something from Exile hmmm?)..nevertheless, i like what they stand for, and i love their music too
08-22-01 10:29 PM
Robert Schneeweiss The Black Crowes are a great band, but Soul Singing is a bit cheesy. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate Gospel. But along with that video, I can't believe where it's sitting on the charts. I can think of at least 4 or 5 tunes that I would have released ahead of it. 'Lions' will be a commercial success if they choose the next single wisely. The album offers a solid variety of rock, blues and ballads.
08-22-01 10:57 PM
The Eggman but gospel..with funk..and rock,,,gives you SOUL SINGING..and with those 3 elements gave you EXILE ON MAIN STREET
08-23-01 01:19 PM
Hoobler the singer is a one trick pony. he sounds the same on every song, and he really isn't that good. he's not the brightest chap in the world either. i got tired of him. he's minor league.
08-23-01 02:57 PM
Robert Schneeweiss Hoobler,

You mentioned that Chris Robinson isn't very bright. Did you meet him and the rest of the band at some point or was your opinion formulated from a web chat?
08-23-01 03:11 PM
Hoobler i talked to him once, and i've seen him yammering on the idoit box.
08-23-01 04:22 PM
Robert Schneeweiss You're pretty funny man, but I still think they're a great band.
08-23-01 04:30 PM
Ned Kelly Don't like the new album, yet I still enjoy that- By My Side- thought it was there best yet.
08-23-01 04:44 PM
Woodrow There is another song off Lions called Miracle to's a country-ish ballad, and it sounds like it could've been off of something from the me it's the only time they have sounded like the Stones since SYMM.

My personal opionion is that from Souhern Harmony on (esp. Amorica and Three Snakes) they pretty much put to rest any comparison between their sound and the Stones/Small Faces.

I didn't dig By Your Side at all, but as far as seeing them live goes, they really can't be beat. They are one of maybe a handful of bands that at least acts like they are playing from the heart.

My $.02,
08-23-01 05:08 PM
Robert Schneeweiss I agree with your SYMM comparison. I remember the first time I saw a BC video, I immediately thought that Chris was emulating Mick. As far as the rest of the albums are concerned, I still feel there are some similarities, particularly with the rotation from guitar to piano on lead from tune to tune. With respect to By Your Side, the singles released were nothing special, but check out the second half of the CD from tune #6 on, it's actually a solid album. Tune #1 (Go Faster) is also pretty cool.

Looking at the new album, the last tune is a nice contemporary blues number, albeit with piano on lead. That song could be re-titled The Story of Brian Jones. Also, the nice chemistry on the Cosmic Friend guitar segment would fit well into Ron and Keith's repertoire.
08-23-01 06:08 PM
Robert Schneeweiss Also check out tune #4 (No Use Lying) and tune #7 (Greasy Grass River). The latter sounds like it was influenced by Jimi's masterpiece of an album, Axis BAL.
08-24-01 12:42 AM
The Eggman it's all good
08-24-01 12:43 AM
The Eggman WOW , u mentioed the fausely statement of they sounding the samr???

Well take a look at your beloved 20 year American Pony Trick, AEROSMITH
08-24-01 03:35 AM
ray Actually Rich Robinson and Keith have visited each other as well. Both have houses in Connecticut. Rich sees Keith as the "most musical human being still alive". Their last 2 bass players were recommended by Keith. (As Keith had done auditioning to replace Bill). Greg Rzab and Andy Hess were close winners after Darryl.
08-24-01 01:38 PM
Hoobler tyler has far more range than robinson. no comparison.
08-24-01 02:07 PM
Robert Schneeweiss If you have to go and compare Aerosmith with The Black Crowes (even though it's irrelevant to this site), I think that Steven Tyler does have a more energetic stage presence than Chris Robinson, although Chris doesn't rely on props for help (ie. bungee cords etc.). As far as the lead guitarists are concerned, Joe Perry is a better soloist, but I think that both Joe and Rich have come up with some great riffs on their respective band's studio albums.
08-24-01 03:14 PM
Hoobler i like rich's guitar work, but i don't like chris' singing or lyrics. jagger writes the best lyrics. tyler has the most vocal range. and of course, there are guys and girls who blow all three away. the point is, the stones are the best damned band that ever lived.

[Edited by Hoobler]
08-24-01 07:10 PM
ray There's no arguing over a 'better band', but I like it how the Crowes extend their songs live and their choice of covers. The Stones used to do that in their heyday. That was the Stones' best period (live and albums). I think the Crowes are one of the last few bands that still play like that. So if you were to young for Stones or Led Zep in their heyday ...
Has there been criticism when the Stones started shortening their songs to about the length they have on albums?
The Crowes certainly have in '98 and '99 when they "forgot" to jam.
08-25-01 12:35 PM
Robert Schneeweiss I wish I had been alive to see the Stones and Zep in their "heyday". I saw the video Ladies and Gents (from '72) and was blown away by how great the Stones were live. Their talent can also be heard on Get Yer Ya Ya's Out and the Rock and Roll Circus. As far as Zep goes, the double live album The Song Remains the Same is wicked. But what is a kid to do when all one can see is the Stones in a 60,000 seater or Robert Plant solo with a mediocre back-up band? I've done both, but the Crowes are a solid contemporary substitute as well.
[Edited by Robert Schneeweiss]

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