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Rehearsing "Fool to Cry" Palacio de los Deportes, México City January 1995
Longest stop on tour ever, January 7 to 25
By Fernando Aceves

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Topic: Dirty Work Return to archive
09-21-02 12:04 AM
full moon What are your " expert " opinions of this album? We all know that it gets alot of bad reviews, but is it that bad??? Sometimes I think that Winning Ugly and Back To Zero ruin the album. If those two songs were removed would it be that much better???
09-21-02 12:08 AM
Boomhauer The only thing I don't like about the whole "Dirty WOrk" situation is that we'll never get to hear those songs live again because even the STones hate it. I like it though. I love Harlem Shuffle, One Hit, Dirty Work, Hold Back, and Fight.

Back to Zero sounds like backround music of a video game I played on the old Nintendo system back in the 80's.
09-21-02 12:21 AM
Soul Survivor lol............

I hate it. "One Hit" is good, but then the rest of the album is trash. It's pretty bad when theres 10 songs, and you skip a bunch and end up on the 10th song. The best thing on the whole album is Stu's Piano track...
09-21-02 10:35 AM
full moon I really like Keef doing Sleep Tonight....
09-21-02 10:39 AM
full moon wrote:
I really like Keef doing Sleep Tonight....

yeah that one is great! I like Ian's piano at the end to!!! and too rude, the rest is a bit bad, it really looks if mick put his parts over the master tape, you really hear that, I also like 'had it with you" well I love luv ya dirty fucker!!

gimme gimme gimme a wooden shoe!

09-21-02 11:30 AM
Nasty Habits Dirty Work is the ugliest, meanest, rankest, foulest, rottenest, rockinest, horrific Rolling Stones record of the last, what is it, Max? 25 years?

Other records of the period have better production, better interband vibe, and are more user friendly records. But sometimes rock and roll should make the listener uncomfortable, even if doing that is dirty work.

Dirty Work captures the sound of a band exploding better than any record I've ever heard. The last three songs plus the Stu outro are one of the great stretches of Stones music from any period.

When I got into Philly the DJ on MMRR was talking about what a great album Undercover was what with those hits Undercover, and She Was Hot, and One Hit (to the Body). No one even wants to acknowledge the existence of Dirty Work.

Basically, Dirty Work is the GREAT LOST ROLLING STONES ALBUM.
09-21-02 11:45 AM
Maxlugar Keith likes Dirty Work.

As well should ANY guitar player.

<--------- File photo.

It's only been 16 years, Nasty!

Don't make Maxy feel even older.


09-21-02 12:29 PM
Scot Rocks Dirty Work Rocks...

One Hit, Fight, Harlem Shuffle, Hold Back, Dirty Work, Had it With You, a bad album with those hard rockers????

and Winning ugly is also growing on me a bit.

Nothing Better if you have had a shitty day and you can come home, grab a beer, stick on Diry Work, hear the explosion at the start of One Hit and you feel fuckin brilliant...however make sure u have the remote handy to skip track 7, or else u will hear the dreadful Back to Zero!!!

Mark ---- "DON'T HOLD BACK!!!!!!!!"
09-21-02 12:37 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I think it's a shame. The band was in top form - but they weren't all together, and that was what ruined the album. Mick did some of his best singing on that album - very raunchy, very growling - "One Hit" and "Had It With You" are classic examples. But those, sadly, are the only two songs on this album I really pay attention to - I can live through "Fight", but "Winning Ugly"? The bass line grooves, but the over-eightiesified production ruins it. "Back To Zero" just needs to crawl into the hole it was spawned from. "Sleep Tonight" is, in my opinion, Keith's worst song.

It's worth giving it a listen, but I wouldn't spend money on it...

-tSYX --- Straight from the heart!
09-21-02 03:21 PM
full moon Just goes to show ya that everyone has thier own opinions.. I think Sleep Tonight is wonderful, but to each his own...
09-21-02 05:49 PM
Angiegirl AAAH.....Dirty Work! I love it. It was my first album, my parents bought it for me as a December gift, on vinyl of course, we didn't get our cd-player 'till over a year later.

One hit is fantastic, so is Sleep tonight (especially since I don't sleep very well and not until late at night usually ).
Don't know anything technical like recording differences and all that, but I just LOVE DW. It's totally underrated.

I'm with you Maxy!!

09-21-02 06:34 PM
orjano [quote]Nasty Habits wrote:
Dirty Work is the ugliest, meanest, rankest, foulest, rottenest, rockinest, horrific Rolling Stones record of the last, what is it, Max? 25 years?

AMEN!!! This is exactly how I feel about this album!

Örjan (new here)
09-21-02 06:36 PM
luridchief I like DIRTY WORK more than STEEL WHEELS.