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Rehearsing "Fool to Cry" Palacio de los Deportes, México City January 1995
Longest stop on tour ever, January 7 to 25
By Fernando Aceves

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09-22-02 12:02 AM
KeepRigid "But that's then they lied to us."

I don't think it's too big of a secret that this is a pretty standard working relationship for them at this point. Just read the interviews and they'll basically tell you who came into the studio with what...Lowdown was a Keith song, btw.

They still write together, sure, and the songs they each bring to the table naturally develop with the entire band behind them.

I also wouldn't worry about Jagger's confidence. GITD was a massive flop, but Jagger joked about it as recently as his Fortune magazine money. (The guy definitely makes money, as you pointed out!) Besides, a solo flop is certainly nothing new to him, he even had to cancel concerts after Primitive Cool tanked.

"They said they recorded you know 26 new songs or such in Paris and they said they weren't those they already had."

Keith said they had 28. Mick clarified that he would hardly call them 'finished songs'. More than likely, they've got 28 grooves; riffs; ideas in the can...which is all they really need.

To the people letting the outtake/28 songs confuse them...have you never been in a band???
[Edited by KeepRigid]
09-22-02 12:18 AM
Boomhauer Keepy, this guy obviously has a personal issue with the Stones here. He ranting makes no fucking sense and he needs to get over the fact that this isn't 1972.

If he's got this anger and doubt towards the Stones, perhaps he should send an e-mail to Mick and Keith to

Personally I think the people that come to Stones boards is because they know the Stones still got what it takes to play a bad-ass live show and still record good tunes. Or, people come to them to leave posts that A) Say the Stones are washed up, B)Say they are too old, C) Hate everything the Stones do, know how it is.
09-22-02 12:23 AM
KeepRigid I just thought I'd reply, since he does raise a few points that I keep seeing why the Stones would record solo outtakes and why they didn't give us these 28 'songs'.

I think the answer to both is just basic Rock Band 101.
09-22-02 12:34 AM
BrockMJ1963 Now, I am not a huge fan of GITD, but INternational Joke? Come on, lets not forget the amazing reviews it got from critics.
09-22-02 12:35 AM
Raging GOAT!!! But there's no evidence since 1997 that Mick or Keith can write a good rock and roll song anymore, none. I think Mick did take a huge blow to that the self confidence thing because no one ever criticized him like that so much before, not even for "Primitive Cool." He was joked. He tried so, so hard to have a big hit but failed. Now he don't even try with 40 Licks, just throw 4 pieces of shit in the stew and let fans eat.

Boomhauer, you are fucking naive and sound like LA Lakers cheerleader stupid.

I feel sorry for Mick. But I don't like his greedy.
09-22-02 12:37 AM
Soul Survivor Look. They have been together 40 years now. "Forty Licks" and the "Licks" tour is a celebration for being together so long. The 4 new songs are a bonus, and they arent all bad either
09-22-02 12:42 AM
Raging GOAT!!! Mick doesn't care about critics. He buys critics. Mick cares about sales and what British papers say. For Goddess in the Doorway sales were sick and the British papers said Mick was the old fool. So Goddess was terrible an embarrassing failure, so now Mick can't write because he doesn't know how to write a hit. Mick only cares about writing hits and making money. He thought he found that the formula with the Goddess in the Doorway. He was so way wrong it was like the punch in stomach for his self-confidence. Ask him now how to write a hit and he would say he tried but failed and can't---clueless. Unless he thinks the four pieces of shit will be hits! Scary!!!
09-22-02 12:47 AM
Soul Survivor why would he think they would be hits? if any, "Don't Stop" is the hit. And I'm sick of you saying Mick cant write
09-22-02 12:51 AM
Raging GOAT!!! Mick can't write!!! Stupid. Where is the evidence since 1997 he can write? Make him write! Put him in the room again with coffee and carrots for the brain! Like before. Proof.
09-22-02 12:54 AM
Soul Survivor "Saint Of Me". There;s your proof
09-22-02 01:06 AM
Boomhauer As Al Bundy would say, "I don't know- whatever."

GOAT, you are the smartest man alive! Please, keep informing us on your wise thoughts and ideas. The rank stank of your attendance is just keeping me up all night. Please...........keep up the good work, my friend.

Remember, I am the dumb "LA Laker cheerleader", and I will always be here to assist you when you need help getting the crowd to help you in the 2 minute drill.

If I'm naive, than you're a fucking hack-ass poster that got your balls shot off when Warrant, Autograph , and Cinderella quit the touring and album-making circuit circa 1989. made your point and argument. THE STONES SUCK, right? They can't do anything. You're right. We get the point. So just find another band to razz on and move on. why keep making your point over and over at this site? Obviously you have better taste in music than all of us.......

09-22-02 01:27 AM
gotdablouse Hehe...this guy is hilarious...if his English wasn't so poor I'd think it was Matthijs!
Actually I take it back, you sound like the bastard son of Ulf and Matthijs, ehehehehehwwwwwwwwwwww !
I don't know where you read all that shit you've been trying to convey to us, but you should be wiser the next time. I'll tackle your stupid GITD diatribe. Although the English press reported that GITD sold 954 copis in its first week, it went on to sell 1+ million copies worldwide, hardly anything to be ashamed of. Most of the songs were rather good even if the production was a bit flashy. That's where WS worked better.
I'm THE biggest collector of Stones music alive (check my website I can tell you I enjoyed GITD quite a bit. The Stones just can't make a bad album so far down the road. Even the croaky LMT is something you can get used to.
Your posts and half baked ideas are absolutely ludicrous. How's that soup coming along ?

PS - You seem to like "Honest Man", just so you know it's a 100% Jagger song, just like the 3 new songs eh ?! By the way, why do you pick on Mick like this? Keith's the one who's been the one to only come up with one (1) "song" in 5 years. Even Sheryl Crow, the uber-Stones-groupie, rejected his "High and Low" track !!!!!!
[Edited by gotdablouse]
09-22-02 01:40 AM
Raging GOAT!!! Saint of Me Mick wrote in the 1996-97 year. Honest Man earlier before. He hasn't written a good song since. The idiot with the blouse has a website so he loves everything Mick does, but doesn't love Mick himself, the Rolling Stone. I feel sorry for Mick for the international joke that Goddess was. If it sold a million copies he was hoping for 10 million. He failed and lost the confidence to write songs so he don't even try in May/June '02 in Paris. He throws the shits in. Keith too. I won't buy the 40 Licks. Otherwise Mick doesn't never need to try to learn to write again. Give him the coffee and the carrot!
09-22-02 01:57 AM
beer hey raging scrote, let's hear some of your songs?
09-22-02 01:59 AM
Raging GOAT!!! Eat my hair.
09-22-02 02:22 AM
gotdablouse you didn't know GITD had sold 1+million copies... ok what else don't you know ?

So you say you're from L.A....well let's see, who could you be ?

A disgruntled employee, a disgruntled ex-fiancee of Mick, Billy Preston, Waddy Wachtel, Ulf on vacation, Uma Thurman...the possibilities are endless aren't they. Tell you what, I'm in San Jose, Ca, we can meet in Santa Barbara and I'll set you straight on a few things, unless of course you're an ex-fiancee of Mick, in which case I'll be most understanding.
09-22-02 02:27 AM
Raging GOAT!!! I am the guru of truth-seekers. You don't know the dick. Except the trivia dick. What blues are on Goddess or of these 4 songs? I like Mick. Why did he go insane?
09-22-02 02:35 AM
gotdablouse aha a fan of the more clue!
Let's see, probably not Billy Preston then. You "like Mick" so you might still qualify as an ex-fiancee.
Anita Pallenberg maybe, that would explain why you're so lenient with Keith "one new tune in 5 years" Richards.

That would also explain your nickname. You do have good reasons to be enraged after in that prison in Kingston in 1973 (after the "Goat's Head Soup Sessions" for those who aren't following) with all these nice black men. Who wouldn't be a "Raging Goat" after that, eh ?!
09-22-02 02:38 AM
Raging GOAT!!! I'm horny on life.
09-22-02 05:06 AM
gypsy KeepRigid said:

To the people letting the outtake/28 songs confuse them...have you never been in a band???

Yeah, I have! It's a fantabulous band! I can't tell you the name yet, we STILL can't think of NOTHING...
09-22-02 06:12 AM
luxury1 gypsy-you are back! Are you going to NY shows?
09-22-02 09:52 AM
Sir Stonesalot Oh man, this raging GOAT is fantastic!

Please stick around. I seek truth.
09-22-02 10:35 AM
Boomhauer Yes, Sir.......he is the wisest of the wise. The smartest of the smart. The rankest of the rank. The stankest of the stank.

09-22-02 10:47 AM
Maxlugar There is a quite a bit of good song writting on GITD.

Some of the production is not good at all.

But I like it just fine. Some of it is great.

09-22-02 10:55 AM
Sir Stonesalot No Boomer, you don't understand.

Raging GOAT is brilliant. One of the most interesting people to show up here in a long while. It's use of language is astounding.

It should write a book. I'd buy it!
09-22-02 10:56 AM
full moon Just ignore this immature twit. Just read his sentences and how he speaks. It sounds like a 13 yr old boy getting his kicks. Go back and put on your Limp Bizkit album fruitcake...
09-22-02 11:05 AM
Raging GOAT!!! Eat carrots and choke, the full fuckface!!
09-22-02 11:14 AM
Sir Stonesalot See what I mean!


I could never come up with something like that.

I'm gonna try anyhow. This isn't directed at anyone in particular...I just want to see if I can do it...

Oh hell. I can't do it.

You win GOAT that goes moo.
09-22-02 11:35 AM
Raging GOAT!!! It is not the contest, Sir Stonesalot, just truth and honor. You know. Just like the cattle with the grass. And "Honest Man" to the harmonica. Rock and roll it. Only truth to it.
09-22-02 12:16 PM
full moon Goat, shouldn't your Mother restrict your computer time? Go back to the N Sync website you closet fruit...Your use of the English language could use a lot of work. You seem to have the IQ of a goat...
[Edited by full moon]
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