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Rehearsing "Fool to Cry" Palacio de los Deportes, México City January 1995
Longest stop on tour ever, January 7 to 25
By Fernando Aceves

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09-19-02 05:06 PM
Sir Stonesalot So anyways, it's a Wed. night, nothing to do. My buddy FPM calls me up and says, "Hey, feel like going to see the Stones tonight?" I says "Uhhh, lemme think...yeah, I think I can fit that into my schedule..."

And with that we are off......

So after an uneventful drive with Mickboy's Let It Bleed and the ABKCO UK Between The Buttons(I was just joshing about the Beatles Josh!), we arrive at the Vet.

One minor glitch...I had Nasty's cell number in my wallet, but when I got to the stadium, I remembered that I left my cell phone laying on the dining room table at home. My bad Nasty!

So me and Gregg(the other guy that went with us, he's chibalicious!) get to our seats, and sitting directly in front of us is StonesDoug, and his son. I also got to meet some of the other Shidoobee's...I got to shake hands with Toronto Tom, and thank him for all the great info he shared from the rehearsals. I met Tower shirts, my man.

So now...the show...

1. Brown Sugar
A little raggedy at the start, but quickly fell into the framiliar groove...and what is this? GUITARS! Keith muffed a bit of this one, but who cares, it was endearing. You should have seen the look on his face! It was one of those "How the hell did I mess that up" combined with a "Ha! I'm human after all!" looks. But the best thing is that the guitars are way up front. They made this a guitar song it should be.

Really nailed this one...and the best part...NO BONO! Ronnie was a guitar playing DYNAMO!

3. Start Me Up
Mmmmmmm. Beefy!

4. Don't Stop
This is WAY better live. Really works good...and people are singing along to this one already! I wasn't expecting that. Don't expect to see this dropped from any of the setlists anytime soon.'s a keeper.

5. Tumbling Dice
Well, this is one of my fave Stones songs. I never get tired of hearing this song. Mick and Ronnie really hit a nice weave during this. It was crunchy. The horns and Chuck were noticably turned down in the mix...and that helped!

6. Undercover
Underwhelmed. Not the best version of this song that I've ever heard. I thought that the version from DC at the Voodoo opener was brilliant...and this version fell very short. It was just flat. The arrangement just didn't have the same sting as before. HOWEVER! The show on the big tv screen was interesting...certainly more interesting than the song. This was a good one to scan the crowd, and just take in the enormity of the show.

7.Wild Horses
Fantastic. If they play this at Giant's Stadium, it will make my wife cry(It was one of our wedding songs). And the best part about it? NO DAVE MATTHEWS!

8. You Can't Always Get What You Want
I was almost expecting a boy's choral ensemble to come out at the beginning. Nice job by the guy playing trombone. I liked it until it became a Vegas show tune at the end. I was waiting for the giant red headdress wearing leggy showgirls to come out and do a kick line.

9. Midnight Rambler
This song is the answer to all your questions. The Stones had some extra WHOMP on this bad boy."Well I heard about the Bawshton...WHOMP!" The WHOMPs were extra WHOMPY....and that my friends is a very good thing. Mick played the harp like a complete MOTHERFUCKER! That guy can take a note and drive it right thru the back of yer skull. Damn I wish I could play like that. This was definately one of the highlights of the show, and worth the price of admission by itself.

10. Love Train
Yeah. God Damn RIGHT! Let me tell you all...when I first saw this song in the setlist, I was skeptical to say the least. Folks, trust in the Stones, for they know what the fuck they are doing. BAM! Let's kick it up a notch! You WILL shake your rump. Believe it or not...this was my fave part of the show. It was just so much fun! I'm sure Philly is a little partial to that song as well...seeing as how the Ojys are home town boys, and part of the whole "Philly Sound" movement of R&B. I didn't think it could be done, but the Stones made this THIER song. Once again, this just proves how very versatile this band can be.

Charlie..Charlie...Charlie...Charlie...Why doesn't Sir Mick ever get introduced?

11. Slipping Away
Simply beautiful. I know why Keith isn't playing much guitar on this one...he's too busy singing his ass off.

12. Happy
NOT! It was "Before They Make Me Run". Keith says as he introduces this song..."OK Philly, are you ready for some Classic Rock?" Keef even cracked himself up with that one. This was a hard hitting fave part was when Keith and Ron stood side by side, flailing away, watching intently on what the other was doing, and then they just start smiling like crazy. They know they are on top of it. It was good to see.

13. Sympathy for the Devil
This is a very red song. The flaming tongue was so cool. And hey, it's Sympathy, you know? Another rump shaker. About the time that they started to get the crowd to do the Woo Woos..Gregg and I split for the B Stage. I thought...there's no way, but low and behold, there's a gap, I headfake left, cut back to the right, spin move, BAM, I'm into the secondary with just the free safety to beat...I shift into high gear, and HELLO B STAGE! Oh, what a lovely view of fucking Chuck's back...where is....AHHHHH it's THEM!

14. You Got Me Rocking
Now that you mention it, I think this is what they were playing. I couldn't hear shit. Everyone was just screaming for all they were worth. Ronnie came over and played a solo on his Dan Armstrong clear body...RIGHT IN MY FACE. I'm not talking like 5 feet away, I'm talking a matter of INCHES from my nose. We were all just going bnanas. Mick couldn't be out done now could he comes over and does a spastic Mickdance....RIGHT IN MY FACE!
I look over my shoulder and there is a guy with his face buried between my shoulderblades. He's got his super fine little chickeepoo on his shoulders...more on this in a minute.

15. Let it Bleed
SS was sure that he had died and gone to heaven. LIB? Tonight? I wasn't ready. Of course, I couldn't hear shit for all the yelling. And now it starts to get REALLY interesting. The cute little chick immediately above my head, remember her? Well, she asks her boyfriend if she should take her shirt off for Mick. He says, "Damn right! I ain't doing this for nothing!" And he asks me, "Should she do it man?" I just nodded my head. So here comes Mick, and there goes her shirt! And what a fine, smallish, perky pair they are! So now I'm in a quandry....what the hell am I supposed to look at? Boobs above me, Stones in front of me...Boobs, Stones, Stones, boobs. Oh Lordy. Anyhow, Mick sees her, and comes over, RIGHT IN MY FACE, jams the Mic down his pants, and shows the chick HIS boobs. Let me tell you all something. Mick's midriff was about 6 inches from my nose...The guy is RIPPED. Washboard abs...Abs of steel. 59 years old, and his body looks like he's some kind of professional athlete. It's very eveident that his work outs are working out! Damn. BTW, this is where I was trying to put out mental telepathy waves to all the Mickchicks here. Didja feel it? Did you start to get a little...uh...moist? That was me. Anyhow, I don't think the chick with her boobs out thought too far in advance...she tossed her shirt onto the stage...and Ronnie picked it up, and tossed it over on the rapidly growing pile of bras, panties, and tops. She looked down at me with a look of horror, like, OH SHIT, I just threw my shirt away! My tits are out...NOW WHAT?

16. Like a Rolling Stone
Maybe this was great. I don't know, I couldn't hear squat. Mick and Ron and even Keith worked my little section of the stage. RIGHT IN MY FACE! Fuck Yup! After the song was over and the boys started back to the main stage, I helped the poor half naked chick down off of her boyfriend's shoulders. She smiled sweetly at me, and her boyfriend shook my hand and thanked me for being cool and putting up with them. I winked at her and said, "Don't worry about it, they are cute, don't be ashamed to show 'em off. You won't have 'em like that forever." She says, "Yeah, you're right. Thanks." She droppes her hands, thrusts 'em out, and disappears into the crowd.....and I'm back into running back mode...patience, follow your blocking, there's the seam, SIDESTEP! accelerate, turn the corner, turn it on down the sideline...and I'm back to my seat! Dang, that was FUN!

17. Gimme Shelter
Lisa. Baby got some serious back. Great guitar work on this. Sometimes Lisa can get screechy, but tonight she just let it out...not screechy at all.

18. Honky Tonk Women
You know, this may be the most perfect rock song ever written. My wife and son will be having a potty call during this song. The anime chick with the boobs riding the tongue till she gets swallowed whole is not what I would say is "wholesome, family entertainment". But I liked it.

19. Street Fighting Man
I got 2 words for ya...electric sitar. Ron Wood was playing electric sitar. No one could figure out what kind of strange looking "guitar" Ronnie was playing...I just started laughing my ass off...Ronnie was playing a fucking electric sitar! And playing the SHIT out of the fucking thing too! He was a whirling dervish with that thing! Played it behind his back, behind his head, just amazing. It really added to the depth of the song. It was just smoking hot.

20. Jumping Jack Flash
Not a showtune this got BALLS! I was so sounded NASTY again. God I love that band. They earned the title "World's Greatest Rock & Roll Band" again. This song is just an example of why they are what they are. Ron & Keith were huddled together just WORKING! Woof.

21. Satisfaction
I got my satisfaction all right. This was no longer a showtune either! Nasty 2 guitar attack...the best I've heard this since '81! And the perfect way to end up a hot rocks show...with the hottest rock of them all. I gathered up about 3 tons of confetti on the way out of the stadium.

Some thoughts....

Ronnie Wood is BACK!

Keith can still sing when he feels like it, but he can't sing and play at the same time. If he plays, he just sort of tosses off the lyric, but if he's standing at the mic and just's magical.

Blondie plays a lot of acoustic guitar. And it works.

Mick Jagger is the 9th wonder of the world.

I'm not paying $6.50 for a beer ever again.

Everyone should experience a Stones show, once in their life.

What a diverse audience. I saw little kids, old folks, and everything in between. I even saw some black people. This band is transcendent of age.

What a great band...they can play ANYTHING and make it sound like their own.

Ron's lights were on, and it looked like there was someone actually HOME! I believe in Ron Wood folks. If he can stay clean, he'll keep this band kicking for years to come.

This was not the best show I ever saw. but it was damn good, and certainly worth $100.00...even if it was a hot rocks show...I like all those songs!

Stadium shows are a hassle.

There where chicks in the mens room. I thought of SDH as I blissfully got rid of my mondo shitty coffee from the ride down. I have no problems peeing in public. When ya gotta go....

I love the B Stage. I have no idea if the songs were any good, but it certainly was a SS moment.

It's really cool meeting membvers of the Stones cyber communities.

I can't wait to hear CYHMK at MSG next Thursday...1 week. C10!

If you didn't get tickets so now. If you miss it, your bad. And that doesn't mean bad means bad bad. This is THE big rock show. No one else even comes close. And maybe never will....

09-19-02 05:42 PM
luxury1 Oh man, you got me all excited for GS with that review SS. Thanks. I just want to stay somewhat sane so I can remember the show this time.
09-19-02 05:48 PM
Nellcote SS=BRILLIANT!!!

After reading this, I got flashbacks of 09/03, 09/05, Fleet & Gillette!

Your song by song is dead on!!

LOVE TRAIN is pissa!! Yeah, this will make HBO, fer sure.

Had B Stage both nights, get there, by hook or crook, get there!

Ronnie's side both nights, he whipped out that clear body for Neighbors, STUNNNING!!!

Did you notice, when you were'nt helping Perky Chest,
how many queues Mick and Chuck L. give to each other..

Yeah, man, you got the action, yessir!!

Thanks again, this brought it all home....
09-19-02 06:19 PM
sirmoonie "I can't wait to hear CYHMK at MSG next Thursday...1 week. C10!"

Hell yeah!

Man, you gotta teach me that B stage trick. We're gonna need some cool moves to get up close for Rosie! We're bringing my new bud HardSoxxie too!

Great review!

Glad you liked Don't Stop cuz I agree, it smokes live!

Glad you liked Love Train too cuz das what I been saying to all y'alls.

That band. I don't know what they did, but......!!!!!!

Hope the Fleabster had his moments as well.......
09-19-02 06:38 PM
Mick Jagger is the 9th wonder of the world.

SS! hit the nail on the head.

What a great review...I had to read it twice.

Thanks for thinking of us ladies while you had Mick's abs shoved in your And you're right, we don't care how old he is...God Bless that man!

Glad to hear you had a great time...
09-19-02 06:47 PM
winter Sirrrrrrrr Stonesalot:

Amazing review, also, gets my vote for most entertaining post of the month,

Thanks for the review and the laughs,

09-19-02 07:06 PM
Martha I've been waiting to hear from you all day Sir Stonesy...glad you had such a memorable time and thanks for sharing so much of it with all of us. Great review!

I cannot wait!
09-19-02 07:13 PM
winter Hey Nellcote:

Are you reconsidering Giants Stadium?

09-19-02 07:18 PM
Scot Rocks Great Review, thanks SS. That is what a stadium show should be, the great songs performed great, with guitars at the forefront of the noise and Rambler kickin ass is what I like to hear!!!!!

Just 11 months more of these reviews.....

09-19-02 07:27 PM
steel driving hammer Ronnie Be Goode.
09-19-02 07:34 PM
mandrack great review man!!!
09-19-02 08:50 PM
Dandelion* It was a great show even though it was filled with hot rocks. FPM said he will get around to a review when he can get online next but SS summed up several of his observations nicely.

Where to start - had a nice corned beef sandwich at a deli in Philly. Caught the end of the Pretenders. Not a big fan so it was just the right amount. They sounded very good. Met the guy who sketches on napkins who posts here (sorry I forgot your handle. Thank you for the shirt. Unfortunately someone seemed to have swiped it during the future chaos. Anyway - just before the opening chords are struck and the tension is building - right in the row in front of us (row 10 section A) this weird looking short squat Bette Midler looking troll woman jumps up to stand on top of her seat, then joined by her sleazy looking biker boyfriend and then the rest of the row thinks it's a good idea and forms a wall of assholes and we can't see a fucking thing. Except their lumpen proletariat asses. Beautiful. Several of us nicely try to explain to them that this is REALLY REALLY rude and obnoxious - so they glance back then turn away to shake their bulbous asses in our faces. I am tempted to "accidentally" hook my foot under the big scary dude's chair and knock him off would not be fair to the people in row 9 who he'd fall on and he would probably beat me up anyway. So I tell FPM I'm going to get security and make my way past the other 5 or 6 people they were blocking - saying "I'm going to get security" to which I hear "good." So I get to the isle and the security guy cannot hear me and cannot figure out what I'm trying to say and I feel a wave of flesh pushing forward and I decided I better move with it because I don't think working against the tide is the right thing to do right now even if I know I'll be told to go back once they check my stub. At least I may find a security person who will help. I look back and a guy says "I'm following you" not realizing I wasn't exactly in control of the direction myself... In a matter of seconds I'm at row 2 equivalent in a mosh pit in the isle. I could have stepped in front several times but held back since I did not want to get close enough to security to have them checking my stub and wanted to act as discrete as possible. It was evident that those who pushed got pushed back. Then after a few songs it was apparent that they were only checking the ticket stubs of slovenly drunken guys and throwing them back. Being a blonde female was not a bad thing to be at this moment. I decided I had better act the part a little more than my typical Bill Wymanesque concert going abandonment. I pretty much got to stay in the front for the rest of the show. I expected FPM to figure out what had happened and to make his way up - but found out later he spent an hour looking at the Bette Midler looking troll woman's ass. Some guys are weird....

Also seems that the security in that area was not too hot. I just read about Stonesdoug's pregnant sister in law getting PISSED on back there. Charming. Anyway, While I was trying to determine how discrete to be - I heard someone say they were asked if they wanted to work the Stones show for $200. At first I assumed after seeing that Being Mick club show thingy with the bleach blondes all in row that they were talking about the several young girls I was standing next to....but it was just security guy chit chat...I think. So - I'm noticing there are A LOT of these young tiny bleach blonde girls in the isle mosh pit. And they all kinda look the same. Sort of a trashy Pam Anderson/Christina Agularia wannabee thing going. There must have been special clearance for the Pammy looking chicks to be able to crash the front. Glad they made room for a Meryl Streepy looking chick. Later FPM says the Pammy chicks were all over the place. Like there was a factory in Philly making these Barbie Fembots and they all escaped and went to the Stones show or something. And they are all like a size 2. I'm a size 6 and I felt like a beluga whale. Is this some sort of bizzaro hormonal development mishap? Like gilrs dieting starting at the age of four and their skeletons don't develop...??? Weird. So sometime in the middle of the show one of the Fembot's had her boyfriend throw her bra at Mick. He missed the stage and they got security to give it back. Pretty funny. The security guys were cracking up. During the next song (sorry - don't know which one - didn't take notes) I see the Fembot unconscious being passed over the rail. Then a couple songs later the bra makes it onto the stage and it turned out to be yet ANOTHER one. While I was reporting this to Fleabit he said he saw that and she was passed over his row and then out the back. Had to have been another one. So - Fembots are malfunctioning and dropping all over the place, the mobs are pushing, and THEN as if on cue during Gimme Shelter - "mad bull lost his way" - a drunken day trader comes flailing forward with great force. For some reason he manages to talk security into letting him stay in row two or three. Maybe he paid for it. I'm not paying attention behind me but he must have been a real charmer because they rather violently grab him and out he goes and the crowd cheers. Many more Altamont moments. This was so much fun!

The band was in great form even though they were playing the warhorses. Love Train was definitely one of the highlights. I loved Mick's pimp costume. Mick seemed...well....very goofy. He is certainly taking on an interesting way to relate to this odd phenomenon of being Mick in the stadium context. He must get into different head states at the different types of venues. He seemed more distant in a stadium. Although he did point at the Fembot isle mosh pit section and sang "you make a grown man cry" and then started laughing....

I think one of the problems they are having with selling tickets to these things is that there is an issue with what is "best avaiable" The sections in the nosebleeds that were closed to filled were at the far end of the stadium and the closer seats were empty. So what if they have a better view of the monitor? I would never go to a stadium show and not be on the floor. I can't imagine how it would feel anything else but disconnected.

Now I'm tired again. Hope I'm awake by Tower.

[Edited by Dandelion*]
09-19-02 08:59 PM
Boomhauer You guys were lucky that Santa Clause, J.D. Drew, and Michael Irvin weren't at that concert.

Batteries would've been flying all over the place.

Good review; very amuzing. Especially how you wanted to "accidentaly" trip that guy standing on his chair. I think that when people don't have any respect for others at a show, it actually shouldn't be accidental if they trip over.
09-19-02 11:09 PM
HardKnoxDurtySox SS, youre thrilling, epic review of the Vet show plus your mentioning of Mick's tits has made it very hard for me to resist coming to NYC early to attend the Jets Stadium show.
Any tailgaiting planned for that one?

09-19-02 11:11 PM
Sir Stonesalot sirmoonie...all you gotta do is follow me. I will take care of the rest.

I'm big, I'm bald, and I am determined. We will be up front at Rosie. Oh yes we will.
09-19-02 11:23 PM
sirmoonie Giants stadium! you numb nuts 'burghie Socky Dirty sumbitch! No Jets involved in this shit!

Lookie here, I aint gonna vouch for you if'n you c'aint keep your Stadies straight.

Now, bring two twelvies of Iron City. You and I will find Giants tix, and trust me spuds, I'm hooked with some real Stones whackos. I'm C10. I can dance before they make me run.....
09-19-02 11:38 PM
HardKnoxDurtySox ehh...but the Giants have too many Penn St players. But I shall refer to it by its proper name from now on so please accept my apology.

btw....they sell Iron in 30 packs these days. May be a bit more economical no? Gotta save for those tix ya know!


09-20-02 12:43 AM
Happy Motherfucker!! Stonesalot,
What did you think of the stadium stage? The pixs I have seen, seems to look pretty drab compared to past tours. It also looks even smaller then BTB. How was the lighting and special effects? Is there ramps on the sides? Is the video screens the focus of the special effects? Why do you think they have scaled back this tour? Oh, glad you had a good time. I'm going to Fedex soon and can't wait! I'm taking my 11 year old son with me and it's going to ROCK!!!
09-20-02 12:46 AM
sirmoonie Dude, HardSox, I'm paying for the 30 pack. Fucking bring a fucking 1,580 pack, I'm paying. Get it? What I fucking need is some goddam motherfucking Iron City beer! I need to moof piss! Its been years, man! My bladder is parched! I haven't shot a screaming yellow arrow through the uprights since ole Lambert's days!

Hey man, its SS and me shoulder to shoulder in the Rosie, doing everything that god intended us to do, kicking ass and taking names, and then throwing our fucking notes away because we could give a fucking pissquat whose name got wrote down, and you Soxxie.....if you can deliver "the Iron.

Can you deliver the Iron?
09-20-02 05:44 AM
Irina Oh yeah... Really great review!
Thank You
09-20-02 06:30 AM
bez85 SS great're the one that makes this sight so fucking cool for me..can't wait for the Fla. shows..later
09-20-02 07:26 AM
big red rooster You are the greatest, but I missed not reading about you having sex with your wife again.
09-20-02 07:46 AM

This is the thirrrrd time i've read yer review and i'm still snuffling and chortling !!!

{yer the BEST ; )

09-20-02 07:55 AM

Oh and Dande!!!

What's with the avatar, chick ??? {just GOTTA hear THIS one }

~gigggggggggggggggggggggggglin ; )
09-20-02 08:48 AM
Sir Stonesalot OK HMF, here's this about that....

The stage is very large, takes up a whole end of the stadium. It's not what I would call overly impressive. The background is strange. Corn, lips, hairy animal legs. I'm not quite sure what the hell THAT is all about.

The lights are nice, not overbearing. The video screen is amazing. It's in 4 seperate parts. Each part is gigantic. They are on a track, and motorized, so they can combine together to make one big screen, or split into one big screen and a small screen, or 2 medium screens...etc.

There really weren't a bunch of effects other than some pyro during Sympathy. They filled the stadium with red confetti during Jumping Jack Flash, and some fireworks went off at the end of Satisfaction. About 2 minutes after the show is over, there is another fireworks show that lasts about a minute. That's the extent of it. For the most part, it's the music that makes the show.

Personally, I'm glad that they scaled down. They are the Rolling fuckin' Stones...they don't gotta hide behind a light show and stage effects. They ROCK. Damn RIGHT.

Your kid is gonna love the show. You are a good dad.
09-20-02 09:18 AM
Larry Dallas Great review of the show. I saw them at Comiskey last Friday and Midnight Rambler is reason alone to attend a stadium show. The songs have the guitars back in them and everyone sounded and played great. They get to you in a way that you have no choice but to pay $6.50 for a beer.
09-20-02 01:03 PM
Pants Make the Man If that guy was a true gentleman, he would have given that poor girl the shirt off of his back, taken her home and made sweet love to her Ronnie Wood style. Greeeaat reviewwwss.
09-20-02 01:29 PM
Sir Stonesalot Well, I liked the shirt I was wearing, so I wasn't about to give it up.

I honestly can't say if the boyfriend had a shirt to share with her...I didn't take much notice to him. Besides, I think he was into her showing them off.
09-20-02 11:52 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Stonesalot, thanks for the tips on the stadium set-up. Personally, I'm glad the show focuses more on the band then the eye candy. All of that shit is cool, but the music is what should always come first! My boy is going to love it! He was six the first time that he saw them (Nashville 97'), this time he will remember it much more. I've been promising him the greatest show on earth and I know The Stones won't disappoint him. I have put together a 40 licks quiz to get him hip on some of The Stones history. Just making this really fun for him. We’re also going to do some site seeing in DC. He’s a Rock’n Roll kid for sure. He’s seen The Stones, Aerosmith, Kiss, Phil Lesh and Friends, The Black Crows and The Allman Brothers. And he’s got a Rock’n Roll Dad to boot. I take him to quite a few festivals that I play at. But, this is the biggie! Are you going to the FedEx show? If so, let's hook up and throw down a few.
09-21-02 01:13 AM
Martha Dandelion..LOVED the review especially the fembot madness...I think you're right about them not growing normal size skeletons!!! I'll look for them at the Ohio shows and let you know how many they are producing in these here parts! pun intended lol!
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