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Topic: Up and Down with the Rolling Stones by Tony Sanchez Return to archive
09-18-02 09:17 AM
deadflowers This book came out about 78-79, I bought it and I still have my copy. It is a very interesting look at the inside scene of the band members and their personal lives. I want to ask though, what do the rest of you think about it, what do the band members think about it, and is it accurate? If you have any comments on these things or if you want to discuss parts of the book please post, I'd like to hear what you have to say. Thanks.
09-18-02 09:33 AM
ShannonDC I also enjoyed the book. I think it does give an inside glimpse into what life was like in the bubble that surrounded Keith and the Stones in the late 1960s - early 1970s.

I do remember an interview where Keith dismissed the book saying 'Spanish Tony' could barely write his name, so how could he write a book (with ghost-writers, is the answer). Keith pretty much said you can't believe everything you read. Of course the book's portrait of Keith is pretty unfavorable, so I wouldn't expect he'd endorse it.
09-18-02 11:02 AM
corgi37 its a great read. Keith's life from 67 onwards sounded so amazing. I love the bits about the hovercraft, the nazi staff car and the general drug induced shenanicans. From memory, i think Keith has never really denied what was written, but he felt betrayed. Plus, Spanish tony comes over as a bit of wanker. You know, "i fucked this gorgeous blonde hippie girl", "Marianne and i were so close" blah blah blah. I may be wrong, but is Spanish tony in the hotel room scene in Gimme Shelter? The scene where Brown Sugar is played?
09-18-02 11:14 AM
dkmonroe I'd say it's slightly more truthful than Tony Scaduto's Mick Jagger biography (that knife-fight scene between Brian and Mick is pretty stupid, and Sanchez has a similar, more believeable version in his book), but not as truthful as Stanley Booth. Sanchez's book is pretty much tabloid trash, and I'm sure even the true events are exaggerated a great deal.

As far as Keith's claim about Tony's writing ability, I'm sure that Tony dictated most of the book to somebody, then his redactor stole the rest from Scaduto. There's a lot of really similar stories and verbiage.

It's still a fun read, though, and I'm sure it at least gives a somewhat accurate impression of what the Stones were like during that period.
09-18-02 12:31 PM
juantcb I'm pretty sure that the guy in the "Gimme Shelter" hotel room/Brown Sugar scene is Stanley Booth.

As for "Up and Down" . . . what a great read! I'm on probably my 6th or 7th copy - every one I've owned since '82 has been stolen by my friends! Totally over-the-top in every way. It reads like the script to a B movie. Plus, you get the great "Brian On A Trip" photo collection.

09-18-02 12:33 PM
frankh corgi37,

That's Stanley Booth and Ron Schneider in that Hotel Scene with Mick and Keith in Gimme Shelter. Stanley chronicled the 69 tour, while Ron counted the money for his uncle Allen Klein.
09-19-02 02:53 AM
hoobler wyman once told me sanchez was just a drug dealer. he also said jim morrison was a wanna be. who the fuck is bill wyman? up and down with the rolling stones is a good read. if you wanna know how big an asshole a drug addict can be, read this book.
09-19-02 07:04 AM
gypsymofo60 I thought that allthough Sanchez comes over as a self-righteous pain in the arse, it was agreat read. Marianne claimed when asked that the book was a fairly accurate account of the period. If she gives it the thumbs up then I guess it must have at least some validity. If you wanna see what Sanchez looks like take a look at the caravan scene backstage at Hyde Park in The Stones In The Park, he's staring straight into the camera, long dark curly hair, mediteranean apperance.
09-19-02 07:16 AM
JaggaRichards Is Sanchez still alive? I heard he died several years ago.
09-21-02 10:16 PM
ERWAN I 've red this book and it's bullshit.It's a lyer : the problem between Keith and the Harbormaster near Nellcote had never exist and the day when Keith with Marlon took the speedboat and were about to die in the sea is completely wrong : Dominique Tarle who live with them for 6 month told me that's all bullshit and I'm about to think that all the book is the same.Perhaps 10% of true and certainly the end when he get the wrong pass is true.It's better to read Stanley Booth, Robert Grennfield or Viktor Bokris