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Topic: Four new songs review Return to archive
09-18-02 07:37 AM
RubyFriday This was the one I was waiting for. It made " click" at first hear.
One of these wonderful Mick-ballads ā la " Hard Woman,Angel In My Heart,Brandnew Set Of Rules".A decent,dreamy guitar and nice vocals,sparingly using the falsetto.
The mood reminds me a bit to " New Faces ",which is(many wonīt understand it)in my all time Stones Top 10.That would be the one I would love to hear in a club concert.Also "Keys to your love" will work in the smaller events.I imagine a small venue with a totally quiet crowd(A dream !),Keith sitting on a bar chair and the boys are playing it.Maybe a duet with Lisa would work also.

I think the "concept" of the 4 songs are clear.1 Keith ballad,a Mick ballad and 2 Stones songs.Must have been a sort of compromise,I think.
"Donīt Stop" is solid and will grow over the tour(and the years),needs some more guitar work and a less steamy rhythm,that track must Swinnnnnnng.
"Stealing my heart" is awesome and comes to the point,will replace "Donīt Stop" in the bigger venues(maybe when they get a bit more risky ;-),they will play both).I know,we europeans will sparely hear "Donīt stop" next year,as it was with " Love Is Strong" and " Anybody Seen My Baby".
"Losing My Touch" will get the most debates of course.I believe that younger people and them who havenīt a broad vision of music will not love/like/understand this song.Itīs naturally no compository highlight in reference to the melody and I agree to those,who say,it could have been better on a Solo CD,but it has an autobiographical intensity,with a late-dylanesque gloomy mood,a bit Tom Waits here,a bit of Jacque Brel there.
This song will work in 10 years,when he is really old.And naturally only a club song.
Thatīs my first impression.But as you all know,most Stones songs grow with the time(also in your mind) and nearly all albums since "Let It Bleed" got a disappointed welcome at first glance
09-18-02 03:25 PM
stonesmik The problem is, there is no new album. Just another compilation with some superfluous bonus tracks.
09-18-02 03:43 PM
RubyFriday Yes,I regret that ,too,but 4 songs are better than none ;-).They have a tour break in december and a bigger one in may/june 2003.I hope they will use that time...
09-18-02 04:38 PM
sammy davis jr. Don't Stop is at least in the right direction....Losing My Touch sounds like Keith trying to be a torch singer or something. Even I can appreciate the "nuances" of Keith's singing, but this one is just plain bad IMO. Stealing My Heart, from the 30 sec. clip I heard sounded kind of interesting.
09-18-02 04:46 PM
ShannonDC Remember that test we had when we were kids where you had to pick which one doesn't fit - a duck, a cat, a dog and a shoe? That's what I think when I look at the track list for Forty Licks - Gimme Shelter, Tumbling Dice, Paint it Black, Don't Stop? PLeeeeaaassee, do stop. And Don't Stop is the best of the new bunch. These new songs aren't even as good as much of the stuff on 'Goddess in the Doorway' IMHO. If this is what we're looking at here, let's just call off the new album rumors right now. Thank god for the Internet - no need to shell out bucks for Forty Licks just to get the four new songs.
09-18-02 05:00 PM
Boomhauer Well, I find it very hard to believe that people want new material, bag it, and want more. Just doesn't make any fucking sense.

I look at things this way: either you like them or you don't. But when people say they don't like them, they fucking do it in the way that speculates that the Stones have lost it. And it's all just horseshit.

You know, maybe they shouldn't put out a new album. It ain't gonna please anybody, is it? SOme yes, but most will just rag on the new material and we'll have to hear the "this is a Goddess outtake" and "Charlies trying to find the rhythm."

Then maybe when I start telling people I know that the Stones are my favorite band and the people tell me that they are washed up, I'll have to agree with them, right?

I'm just fucking confused! I don't know what people want anymore and I don't understand what makes them happy. It's still going on people! The Stones are RECORDING new songs 40 years after they entered the studio for the first time ever. If anybody thinks these guys are washed up, I want to hear it. I really want to hear the truth. No more shit, no more faking. Just tell the truth.

09-18-02 07:07 PM
full moon The new songs are very good.. Keys is late 70's sounding Stones, Stealing is the raw guitar song , along with the catchy Don't Stop.. To hell with the whiners...
09-18-02 08:05 PM
Jah is not Dead Everything the Stones do, have done and will do in the future will be under the microscope. It will 1) alienate some old fans 2) win some new fans 3) not get much response one way or the other 4) impress old fans who will rave about how great the new material is...

There are Stones fans who think they lost in the '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s and now think they've lost it in 2002. Three of the four new songs are very poppy and radio friendly, somewhat over produced (I've never been a fan Don Was'production)but its nice to hear the Stones write pop songs, they want a hit single and radio airplay and each of these three songs have potential (I like Keys To Your Heart the best, would fit in well on one of their mid-70s albums). There's a nice freshness and energy that seemed lacking on B2B(a very cold sounding album, too much Waddy not enough Keef), these new songs are simple, melodic pop-rock songs with hooks from one of the bands who wrote the 'fuckin' book on such things. They've gone where no rock band has gone before, are these songs great or shit? The fact is there is no way to judge that because few artists of the rock era have attempted to keep going at age 60, and those who do are relying on songs written decades ago. The Stones do both, give us new material and vaults of classics. They may never write another JJF or do anything as relevant as Exile but so what, we should be grateful that a)they're still alive and doing what they love together not as solo acts b) we get to still see the Rolling 'Fuckin' Stones live in the 21st century, living up to their "World's Greatest Rock N Roll Band" title--kicking ass like men over half their age; c)go through the thrill or disappointment of hearing new material wondering if they can pull of another classic single or album;

It's Only Rock n Roll...but what would the posters of this board do if it was all over tomorrow, no more Stones to praise, to ridicule, bitch about, thrill at seeing in person, disappointed because Mick Taylor didn't magically appear on stage and rip through Sway or Winter for ole times sake. The Rolling Stones have outlasted the concept of music "relevancy" just read the reviews of this tour and the reverential tone of the usual sarcastic, sardonic press corps. It may never be as good as it was, but so what at least the possibility still exists that it could.
09-18-02 08:47 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Well said, Jah.

Do I think these new songs are great? No. They sound like refugees from the Voodoo Lounge era. They are, however, quite good, and I really really like "Don't Stop". It's on par with "Love Is Strong", and if it had been released three years ago I'd have called it the best song of the 90s.

And when you compare the Stones now to the Stones in, say, '69 or '76 (depending on your flavor of Stones - Taylor-licious with rollicking solos of epic proportion and a bit of a distanced show or Ronnie-tastic with crazy hijinks by the entire band, a roaring fast sound and 'the weave' - albeit without those tasty solos), of course they're going to be worse to most - you can't write an exact copy of Exile or Sticky Fingers or whatever.

And whoever said they don't belong on Forty Licks is right. It's a greatest hits album - these songs, never before debuted, simply aren't hits in the technichal sense of the word.

But here they are.

And I must say, if the new material has a enough numbers on par with "Don't Stop", we'll be having a very happy 2003 indeed.

-tSYX --- Hold you, baby, close to me!
09-19-02 09:13 AM
Mathijs Are the Stones washed up? Of course not, just see them perform every night on the new tour. Just put on B2B and hear the blazing guitars and raunchy vocals on Low Down, FTS, Too Tight and the beautiful How Can I Stop. But did they needed another 3 or 4 weeks in the studio to get some decent material? Oh yeah, they did. The tracks released now are just not Stones worthy. As Goddess is one of the most horrible records of the last 10 years, the new songs are in my opinion the weakest material the Stones have released in their entire carreer.


ps I do not expect a new Sticky or Exile album. Except for Voodoo Lounge, I have loved every album that was released when I was a Stones fan -starting with Undercover. The Stones have always sounded fresh and innovating. Undecover is no Exile, but it still is a hell of an album. B2B is in my opinion one of the best 5 albums they have released. I just loath the attempts to score pop hits with Goddess and the new 4 songs.
09-19-02 12:02 PM
KeepRigid "the new songs are in my opinion the weakest material the Stones have released in their entire carreer."

Sorry, but I think I'd play Stealing My Heart at a party before My Girl, Under the Boardwalk, or Sing This All Together.
09-19-02 02:23 PM
stonesmik What a stupid post! "Stealing my heart" wasn't released in 1964 or 1967, this is 2002. Besides, "My girl" and "Under the boardwalk" are both covers, not Jagger/Richards originals. And they actually WERE hits, massive ones!, "My girl" made no. 1 in both the US pop and r&b charts in 1965, "Under the boardwalk" was a US no 4. in 1964 by the Drifters. I'm sure they were both played at hundreds of parties then.

And I'm sure as well noone will ruin his party by playing "Stealing my heart". Not even you - cuz nobody likes a dj with bad taste.
09-19-02 04:57 PM
KeepRigid Wow.

My bad. I mistakenly thought that as long as we were comparing the new songs to the ENTIRE output, there may have been lesser fare to be found.

But now I'm really confused as to why people are complaining about getting stuff like "Love Train" or "Like A Rolling Stone" on the new tour. Don't they realise what massive hits these both were?! (The former a #1; the latter #2/#4 in US/UK.)
09-19-02 05:08 PM
Boomhauer I really like 3 of the 4 songs. Keith rules, but I like it when he's behind the guitar only.

Either people just think the Stones are washed up or it's going to take some time getting used to these songs for them.

I don't think they are washed up; I think they are still great at what they do.

09-19-02 05:26 PM
stonesmik I don't hear too many people complain about "Love train", I'm not one of them however. And then its the Stones' choice to play old stuff on their concerts, if they think the song has some merit.

But I'd really be surprised if any noteworthy artist would cover or even record "Stealing my heart" in the next 4 decades, let alone Bob Dylan or the O'Jays.

Tell me just one thing: do you think "Stealing my heart" is better than any of the 36 REAL Stones hits that are included on this "40 licks" thing? Then tell it to us and show your face.
09-19-02 06:17 PM
Boomhauer Who's that question dericted to?

I just said you either like them or you think they suck, which probably means you think that they are washed up (music writing/playing wise).
09-19-02 09:40 PM
KeepRigid "Tell me just one thing: do you think "Stealing my heart" is better than any of the 36 REAL Stones hits that are included on this "40 licks" thing? Then tell it to us and show your face."

What I think is that a song is a song is a song.

But judging by my little homemade copy of Forty Licks, I note that Keys to Your Love is getting played more often than Emotional Rescue...Stealing My Heart more so than Mixed Emotions.

And everyone who has listened to disc 2 has had to ask which ones were the new tracks. (One guy did know Don't Stop, per the tv commercial.) I would imagine that to the average listener, these songs are no better/worse than anything since Start Me Up, or maybe Undercover of the Night.

Now, do I think they will become as well-known as the other 36? Of course not. But consider their true peers- bonus songs like If I Was A Dancer, Highwire, or Like A Rolling Stone. Those songs also paled by comparison on their original releases, yet fans here have already mentioned them several times since this tour began.
09-20-02 07:12 AM
stonesmik And a dick stays a dick stays a dick. Nothing against that.

I just wonder of how many Kiss and U2 albums you still think they are really Stones albums.
09-20-02 10:43 AM
KeepRigid "And a dick stays a dick stays a dick. Nothing against that."

LOL...certainly SOUNDS like nothing against that dick.

(`bout a 9 on the tension scale there, mik.)

"I just wonder of how many Kiss and U2 albums you still think they are really Stones albums."

But if the Stones cover Beth or Angel of Harlem, won't they be great? They were massive hits...played at lots of parties then!

[Edited by KeepRigid]
09-20-02 10:46 AM
Moonisup It is not smart to put 4 new songs together with all the hits! They have to compete with JJF and SFTD, well they will loose that one! If they where on an album it would sound better!!

rik, the wooden shoe
09-20-02 10:56 AM
sirmoonie Don't Stop is one of the best songs they have done in more than a decade and if you don't realize that, then there is something wrong with you. See a fucking neurologist! Or a psychiatist. Or a proctologist! Thats it! See a fucking proctologist if you don't like Don'T Stop!

Don't Stop makes my piss turn green!
09-20-02 11:05 AM


It makes me nose get all stuffy, as well!!!

09-20-02 11:14 AM
sirmoonie wrote:
Don't Stop makes my piss turn green!

I think you should visit a doctor then!! lol! Don't stop is cool, I hope it appears at a good bootleg ore a live album ore on the new album with a b-side of live recordings of this tour!

the wooden shoe
09-20-02 11:48 AM
stonesmik KeepRigid - I say they will NEVER cover any tune by Kiss or U2. Because these bands are not among the Stones' idols. But the Drifters are. And the Temptations are.

Anyway, are you aware how much they owe for example to the Temptations? They did not only cover their "My girl", "Just my imagination", "Ain't too proud to beg" and "Can't get next to you" as well. When Ronnie was in the Faces they did "I'm losing you" and "I wish it would rain".

To me it seems you are a loudmouth who doesn't appreciate the Stones' roots. How would the Stones sound today if they wouldn't have tried to sound like their idols like Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Otis Redding, the Temptations, etc etc - they covered their songs because, unlike to you, they did appreciate good music. And that music hasn't become worse just because it is 40 years old or because it wasn't included on the last Kiss album.
09-20-02 12:38 PM
KeepRigid Mik, it would appear that both of our efforts to introduce sarcasm and musical history into this thread have failed. In their place, surrealism has prevailed.