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Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA September 18, 2002
by Fernando Aceves

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Topic: Some thoughts about the Vet Return to archive
09-19-02 03:46 AM
Nasty Habits Some thoughts . . . .

1. Ken Kep is a prince of a man.

2. Tickets were horribly oversold for the front half of the floor. The seats represented on the tickets I purchased didn’t even exist! No fault of the guy I bought them from. He sold his to me because he had the opportunity to “upgrade”, and the new tickets he bought were double sold! Horrible events apparently ensued. I ended up 24 (!) rows back from where I should have been, but at least I was in the middle. This is no way to run a high gloss entertainment corporation. That said, I suppose I should add the obligatory “I doubt it was the Stones’ (per se) fault”.

3. One of the souveniers are these flashing Rolling Stones tongue necklaces with little red lights in them. When the stadium lights go out and all these little lights are going off over the stadium, Crowd as special effect!

4. There could not have been a better night to attend an outdoor show. The temp was perfect and there was an awesomely bright 3/4 moon and only the barest whisps of clouds to the back of the stadium.

5. Start Me Up is a really really great stadium song. People who bitch about the Rolling Stones playing Start Me Up in a stadium are crazy. If I go to a stadium to see any band ever again they better play Start Me Up.

6. Don’t Stop is pretty damn good. It had an extended coda with extra Mick vamp vocals and a real Tumbling Dice rising kind of crescendo.

7. Wild Horses was surprisingly enjoyable and touching, with great Keith guitar. One of the two or three best performances of the evening.

8. Stadium shows are an acoustical nightmare.

9. Here’s a surpise: Midnight Rambler was the best song of the night! Imagine! REALLY long, really evil, nice extended change from the slow part to the final chorus - Mick harmonica in all the right places except for the slow section. Midnight Rambler, as usual, had all the answers. It made me do the hoodoo monkey dork dance.

10. Ronnie is a bad ass. He did this really funny hop in the middle of his solo on Let It Bleed that got him halfway across the b-stage. Ronnie sober is a joy to behold - he looks like he just woke up from a Rip Van Winkle nap and realized, “Hey, this is not so bad, I’m in the Rolling Stones!” Hearing Ronnie was a problem, but that’s not his fault. For my money, next to Mick he was the most vibrant of the bunch. Go Ronnie! You rock!

11. Love Train is just so damn cool. Brotherly love indeed!

12. I can think of no musical reason on Earth why Blondie HarryChapin (ha! cradle cat) should be playing guitar on stage with the Rolling Stones and I would like somebody to explain it to me.

13. Slipping Away is great. For Keith to take off his guitar and just stand there and sing is an utterly Keithian thing to do - It is arrogant and defiant and his entire personality comes through while he sings, which is almost impossible to achieve at a show this big.

14. I don’t see how they can play on the b-stage. The sound gets pumped out from the main stage and there is a delay between watching Charlie hit the drum and hearing the sound. Except, where we were standing, you could actually hear Charlie hitting the drums acoustically, so the beat was crazy double off-kilter. And the sound would bounce off the back of the stadium, so it was like standing in a giant echo chamber. I cannot imagine being a musician playing under these circumstances. It gives me all the more respect for Charlie - he is a leaving breathing maestro maetronomae.

15. I got the feeling they really love to play Like a Rolling Stone. The crowd loved it, too. Although crowds at Rolling Stones concerts apparently don’t know the words to Like a Rolling Stone too good - singing along, they’d always drop “Like a rolling stone” in a line too early, when it was supposed to be “Like a complete unknown”. Ronnie lip synched along with a lot of the lines. I really like Mick’s harp solo on that song.

16. Charlie was wearing blue sox tonight and has a huge bald spot.

17. Keith throws out more guitar picks than Rick “Trick” Nielson.

18. When Mick Jagger is 10-20 feet away from you dancing and singing it is almost impossible not to clap your hands and yell.

19. Keith and Ronnie really dug into the end of Gimme Shelter and I think they played longer than Mick expected them to. He kept looking over at them and then making up more funny dance moves. I could be wrong - was the end of Gimme Shelter really long tonight or was I just high?

20. The topless dancer riding the pierced lapping tongue is funny. It harkens back thematically and conceptually with the “I’m black and blue from the Rolling Stones and I love it!” campaign, which we should all be reminded of from time to time for its message of peace and goodwill towards men (and chicks).

21. When the little red circular streamers blow out of the cannons during Jumping Jack Flash at first it looks a little bit like Rolling Stones tongues and then it looks like rose petals. Eventually the “petals” cover the stage.

22. Satisfaction is still the best song ever written.

23. I liked the Philly crowd. jb is just jealous because he knows the Florida crowd will be old and lame. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, when people tried to steal my seats they were really nice about it, and no one on the floor sat down the whole night.

24. Despite our hassles with the seating, the lousy acoustics, and Blondie Chaplin playing guitar on stage, watching the Rolling Stones plow through 15 or so of the best rock and roll songs ever written, some other pretty damn good ones, and a Philly soul classic, is a completely solid megaprofessional entertainment experience. Natch I’d rather watch them in a smaller place with more realistic sound, and I will be pretty disappointed (and utterly stunned!) if I don’t like the Tower show a whole lot more. But this was definitely as authoritative an entertainment spectacle as can be delivered by a rock and roll band playing in front of (say) 40,000 people and I say good job.

25. Having met several Stones fans face to face here at the Glimmerfest today, I am once again affirmed in my belief that Rolling Stones people are among the finest examples of humanity a poor boy could hope to come across and I’m happy to be vaguely associated with each and every one of you. I am in Philadelpha and I am filled with the spirit of brotherly love!

Somebody give me a quarter.

Do the Ronnie hop!

some thoughts format ©opied®ight from Maxlugar (imperial poster extraordinaire and acronymn management technician non pariel), used with assumed permission.
[Edited by Nasty Habits]
09-19-02 06:26 AM
nankerphelge Thoroughly enjoyed that Nasty! Blondie especially -- fucking hysterical -- wish I had an answer! We need to get together tomorrow for FU -- any ideas of a place to meet now that you've done some forward observance!
09-19-02 07:27 AM
Maxlugar Terrific job Nasty!

I am totally convinced that Blondie is simply the man who's "holding" on recent Stones tours.

We don't need any of the main characters getting busted on the tour.

But who would give a shit if Blondie was hauled away in cuffs some afternoon before the show?

Not me.

09-19-02 07:36 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Maxy -

You make the call. I'll buy the duct tape. We can be in Philly with Blondie as a new hood ornament.

He only played for one song atthe Fleet though.

To be honest, I can't remember which one! I'm thinking "Wild Horses".

Well, this is driving me crazy!

I *must* go see them again...

There can be no other way to get my ya-ya's out...

-tSYX --- I go wild!
09-19-02 07:45 AM
Moonisup Guys, blondie is a friend of keith just as bernard a friend of mick is!! Keith is making his own group around him!!

Blondie the wanna
be stone
09-19-02 08:13 AM
scope Great recap Nasty. Gave a good sense of what went on last night and got our appetites wet for next week in NYC. Thoughtful insight about Keith w/o guitar. And you gotta love the line about people being nice about trying to steal YOUR seats! Some may say we're obsessed, but we remember our manners, don't we.

09-19-02 08:23 AM
stonedickie Great commentary on the show! Just to add a note, I've seen concerts all over and in my estimation Philly crowds are about the best--musically knowledgeable and super rowdy. The bands really get off on the energy, and as a result usually end up playing one of their better shows. I've seen bands (I won't mention names) at multiple stops on a tour, where one night a relatively tame crowd will yield a relatively tame gig, and in Philly a few nights or weeks later, with the crowd standing and roaring all night, you'd swear it was a different band entirely.

In addition, I've noticed that more senior bands, particularly British ones, seem to simply get a charge out of playing Philly, likely due to its being one of the capitals of rock and roll in their youth.

The Tower show in particular ought to be superb. In addition to the Philly crowd energy, the acoustics at the Tower--as opposed to some of the other "club" venues--is legendary. The Tower is on my short list of best venues to see a concert anywhere.

I know I'll probably get all kinds of Philly bashing for this one, but I don't mind. If I can feed someone's bad habit, so much the better.
09-19-02 08:30 AM
Scot Rocks Thanks Nasty, good review from Philly....and Midnight Rambler rocked!!!! yeah that is what I like to hear!!!!!!

09-19-02 08:48 AM
lotsajizz Blondie played most of Fleet, came out for "Wild Horses" and stayed out--just in the background--for about 2/3 the rest of the show.
09-19-02 10:14 AM
jb Only 40, blows!!!
09-19-02 10:18 AM
sirmoonie That was one great review. Thanks, man! If you double post it, you'll get a........

09-19-02 11:43 AM
~AzQb v

But who would give a shit if Blondie was hauled away in cuffs some afternoon before the show?

Not me.



...B, I would...

09-19-02 11:49 AM
KeepRigid "13. Slipping Away is great. For Keith to take off his guitar and just stand there and sing is an utterly Keithian thing to do"

Yes, very cool. I was taking notes at this point, as Keith was basically giving free lessons on how to be cool.

"20. The topless dancer riding the pierced lapping tongue is funny."

I described it to a friend who was surprised to hear that the Stones can still be dirty old men when they want to be. (So why wasn't the remake of So Young included on Voodoo Lounge?!) It also reminds me a bit of the little montage they played on the VL tour.

Btw, great, funny review!
09-19-02 12:13 PM
Martha Loved the review Nasty!

I appreciate all the descriptive nuances of Keef, Ronnie, Mick and Chaz's performances.

I especially got a kick outta the analogy of Ronnie as Rip Van Winkle..good one!

...and the details of the evening and the crowd almost made me feel like I was right there with ya.

Wish I would've been...Ohio shows are coming around the bend!
09-19-02 12:13 PM
Ephrata Stone I was screwed with tickets too...I had Section A, row 13, seat 34, which would have been fantastic. I walk up there only to find row 13 in section A only goes up to seat 29!! I get my relocation ticket and they stick me in Section A, ROW 41! Seat 1, which is as far left as you can get in the last row of the section!

Then during the show, some security guy had the nerve to tell me not to stand on my seat...FUCK HIM!! If I'm getting moved 28 rows back, I'm gonna stand where I want!

Having said all that, it was still a great show! Just disappointing I was so far away when going in I thought I was gonna be so close. Looking forward to FUC tomorrow!

09-19-02 12:14 PM
jb Ohio is selling very poorly my dear martha ...get some people to buy tickets...pleease!!!
09-19-02 12:39 PM
Martha I already did. Sold our tickets to two friends and purchased two more for ourselves...upgraded and great seats on the lower bowl.

Tix are probably too pricey for Cowtown residents, (evidently). The $300.00 are not just the the first several rows of the floor, but include half of the lower bowl...the ones we got are $150 in the lower bowl, but more than half-way back..close to the B stage.

The shows in Ohio will doubt about that.