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Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA September 18, 2002
by Fernando Aceves

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Topic: Thoughts On The Four New Songs Return to archive
09-18-02 07:55 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Hmm...

This is difficult.

I have now heard all four of the new songs, as, I imagine, have most of us.

Overall, it's a mixed bag. If they'd just said "screw this, we're doing a new studio album and these will be on it", I would have said "Great! I have high hopes!" But releasing these as the only new material puts them on a much higher level - now everyone expects two hits and two b-sides at least.



Better start with the best.

"Don't Stop" - yes, this is the best of the four new songs. And even if you don't agree, certainly you must realize that it's the most 'single-worthy' song. Upbeat, with that 'classic Stones feel', this one's what both the new and the old radio stations will play. I think this one's the keeper from this album - we'll be hearing it probably like we're now hearing "You Got Me Rocking" - some fans will groan when it's played, but it's a number in the good old-fashioned Stones tradition. I like this one a helluva lot - I have been caught singing along when no one else is in the house.
It reminds me most of "Sad, Sad, Sad".

"Stealing My Heart" - Mick says "Song with a hook", Ronnie says it sounds like No Doubt. I actually think it does, with a bit of Weezer thrown in for good measure. This is the one to hook the Alt-rockers. It's got a good energy in the music, but I think Mick's vocals actually sound rather bored! You can almost see him rolling his eyes at that 'chaste as a nun' line.
It reminds me most of "You Got Me Rocking".

"Losing My Touch" - While Keith's vocals certainly sound like he was making it up as it goes along, the musicians are at the top of their form. It takes ideas from both "How Can I Stop" and "Thru and Thru" with a little bit of a jazz swing thrown in to give it that smoky barroom feel.
It reminds me most of "How Can I Stop".

"Keys To Your Love" - Well, I've heard it in its entirety. It's not as bad as "Back To Zero", but neither is it as good as... well... lots of things. The thing that comes to my mind when I hear it is "forgettable". It's just boring - doesn't have any emotion behind the falsetto or the music (except for Ronnie's solo).
It reminds me a bit of "Beast Of Burden" and a bit of "Emotional Rescue".

I would say the album I feel that most of them belong on is Voodoo Lounge. The experiments on Bridges, for good ("Saint Of Me", "Flip The Switch", "You Don't Have To Mean It" "Always Suffering", "Gunface") or evil ("Might As Well Get Juiced", "Anybody Seen My Baby?") are over, and Don Was, who seems to like pushing them away from that stuff anyway, has given us what are probably the most modern commercially succesful tracks, while leaving some great numbers unreleased.

It's time for another Tattoo You.

-tSYX --- I got da keys to your love...
09-18-02 08:02 AM
Moonisup I think there all outtakes! I've heard better songs!

rik, the wooden shoe
09-18-02 08:20 AM
shakedhandswithkeith I think the new songs are all b-side songs.

Don`t stop - will be good for concerts - like Saint of Me

Keys to your love - is a great song (listen to it in some month again) could be a classic

Stealing My Heart - I don`t like and understand that song

Loosing my touch - I really like the song, much more than Thief in the night.

but all songs are not so good to be on the 40 licks album
09-18-02 08:40 AM
Moonisup indeed shwk. they just don't fit on it, I would have saved them for the new album, just like Suck on the jugular and Thru and thru on voodoo lounge!!
there normal songs these 4, but not for a Greatest hits, JJF compared to Don't stop ore Happy to Losing my touch, You know..

rik, the wooden shoe
09-18-02 08:51 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Yeah, Moon, I agree with you.

They're on a "Greatest Hits" album.

None of them have been previously released.

How are they "hits"?

-tSYX --- Allaway down!
09-19-02 02:28 PM
stonesmik Hey, the album is called "40 licks", not "40 hits". I don't know where this tongue was lickin' comin' up with these four... not in the hit section, however. (well, "Don't stop" may become a minor hit because of the tour)