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Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA September 18, 2002
by Fernando Aceves

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09-17-02 03:45 PM
jb I atoned for all my sins yesterday and have started aknew...may god place you in the book of life!
09-17-02 03:58 PM
Busch1 Moonisup,
Again, sorry if you were offended - seriously. It's just that with this idiot, it's hard to hold back. I've seen him level plenty of personal attacks, so I don't really think I opened that can of worms.
He obviously knows nothing about Philly or probably anything outside of his little shallow world. Stupidity like his is dangerous and creates a false impression that could influence others. Things like that raise my ire.
And to respond to your "stay in Philly post," I travel all around and enjoy my visits, so there's no concern there.
09-17-02 04:01 PM
Moonisup Well I have to thank you for you excuse, I was not offended, but surprised is the word!! no hard feelings though!!

09-17-02 04:03 PM
jb Moon a/k/a Wooden Shoe:
You are a very loyal internet friend...I will prepare any legal documents you may ever need...your friend-JB
09-17-02 04:09 PM
Moonisup Well that is very nice from you jb. I hope we'll meet someday, don't know where ore when, but hey you never know!!

Your friend, moonisup / wooden shoe

09-17-02 04:10 PM
HardKnoxDurtySox Aw hell, everyone knows that Pittsburgh is the place to be. It's the land of opprotunity!! I mean, where else could an innaccurate, un-intelligent, soft quarterback who has never won a big game keep his starting job for 5 years??? Nowhere!!
09-17-02 04:20 PM
Nellcote Yeah, baby,

We will drive Kordell back to Beantown for a game anytime!

Bring Bill "Big Jaw" Cower with him....

What a strategy minded coach!
09-17-02 04:21 PM
jb I always wanted Dan Marino to finish his career in Pittsburg rather than being wasted/abused by that fuck Jimmy Johnson...Stewart looked dreadful the other night!
[Edited by jb]
09-17-02 04:29 PM
winter Somtimes the best team just DOES win!

09-17-02 04:31 PM
HardKnoxDurtySox I would have loved to see Marino return home. However, it may have damaged Kordell's psyche and we just couldn't do that!! You may laugh but Tommy Maddox really has a grasp on the offense and throws a very accurate may see him sooner rather than later. Having said that, if the d continues to give up 400 yards per game passing, it really won't matter much.

Hey jb, your Hurricanes look unstoppable again. Big East deserve some respect no? 4-1 in bowls last year I believe.
09-17-02 04:35 PM
jb In 87, Marino was pissed as the Dolphins were floundering..rumour was he wanted to go to Pittsburg, but never happened. Ww wasted the talents of the greatest quarterback ever. Hurricanes are very good...if we get past Tennessee, I think we may very well repeat!
09-17-02 05:21 PM
jb wrote:
I atoned for all my sins yesterday and have started aknew...may god place you in the book of life!




And Philly's a great city. Florida's cities have quite a bit of crime, too, jb - heck, so do New York, Chicago, LA, most cities in the US.

If we wanted less crime, we'd move to Norway.

Getting back *on topic*...

After the phenominal success of these theatre shows (coupled with the fact that they love doing them), do you think we'll see any more this leg?

Or when they come back late 2003/early 2004 (my guess - this is gonna be one of those epics like the Bridges/No Security tour, especially with the rumors floating around of a new studio album being cut on the road)?

-tSYX --- Only rock'n'roll!
09-17-02 07:30 PM
jb wrote:
New England is for real...The dolphins, however, also look very good. I think we will be battling out for 1st place..I also feel that Bledsoe is 10 times better than the Brady..Brady is like Fiedler..pretty average but fits in the system.
As far as culture you are 100% correct...but I am a prisoner of my success!

Hey jb, I understand that you are a big Dolphins fan. I love the 49ers (remember that game last year?).

But, have you seen "Inside the NFL" on HBO lately? Since you love the Dolphins, you should be pissed they replaced Nic Bonucotti with that talentless Cris Carter. Nic Bonucotti is a great man. Not just because of his former football skills, but because of what he does for his son and research for his son's disability.
09-17-02 09:52 PM
Prodigal Son Although it's likely my team, the Cowboys, yeah razz me for it all you want I've liked 'em ever since 1991, will go 7-9 and not make it, I hope they also kick some ass with the uneven NFC East. If that's how we handled the Titans defensively, with some okay offence, we could beat Washington and the Giants for sure. Philly's offense is maybe too strong, but even if not, the defence will shut down erratic loser Quincy Carter.
09-17-02 09:53 PM
jb wrote:
I might be stupid, but I make a lot more money than you could ever dream of! I drive a S-series mercedes that cost 75,000 and I live in prestigious Boca Raton in a 5100 square foot home with a pool and Jacuzzi!!! My kids go to the beast private school at 10,000 a year, and I eat at world famous Morton's steakhouse weekly!!! Don't you dare try to insult me again!! Yes, I was beaten by you fellow scumbags...and it hurt!
P.S.-I have a new plasma screen T.V. hanging in my family room that cost 8K!! You don't have one!!!
[Edited by jb]

09-17-02 10:17 PM
Fiji Joe What? You never heard of "the beast private school"?

Maybe you should get on board with the Republican voucher plan and you can send your kids there. Your kids will get a great education. They will, however, develop very bad table manners.
09-18-02 06:58 AM
Fiji Joe wrote:
What? You never heard of "the beast private school"?

Maybe you should get on board with the Republican voucher plan and you can send your kids there. Your kids will get a great education. They will, however, develop very bad table manners.

As long as my kids aren't named Bill and Hillary, OK!
09-18-02 07:37 AM
Maxlugar "Hall & Oates grooved there"

What the....?

Dude, that is like being in an argument about classic sports cars and bringing up the Ford Pinto in a good light.

Holy Frig!

09-18-02 10:44 AM
jb Not something I would brag about either Max....see you for real in 1/03!!!!
09-18-02 10:57 AM
corgi37 All you yanks can piss off as far as i am concerned. Australia is the true home of the Stones. And Melbourne is the true rock capital of Australia. And Oakleigh South is the rocking capital of Melbourne, and my garage is the Stones shrine of Oakleigh South. My basement was the Stones shrine, but is now a gimp room.
09-18-02 11:21 AM
sirmoonie Kangaroo fighting, dingo dicking, wrong way toilet swirling,....

Pittsburgh rules HardKnoxie! City of Champions! Too bad we never got our hometown boy Marino where be belonged. Instead, several years with now-commentator Mark "King of the bounce-pass" Malone.

I went to high school with Marino. He was a senior, I was in 8th grade. Talk about BMOC. Dude used party like a madman. Saw him doing tap hits once. No shit.
09-18-02 11:25 AM
David Tried to buy tickets for chicago but they wouldn't let me without buying ANOTHER premium membership. WTF is that? complete bullshit. Either the sight is fucked. or they're really trying to fuck their fans in the ass!
09-18-02 11:35 AM
Nellcote Jb, bragging, my, have we stumbled upon a topic which is an unknown to you.....

My choice of the two white soul singers was to show that there are many postives to Philly, like it our not, Maxy, they did back up Jagger at Live Aid, forget this? Spectacular performance!

Trying to keep the Stones thread at all times....

09-18-02 12:04 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yeah JB, the Dolphins look good. So do the Pats.

But in the end, The Eagles will be waiting for you. And then you will have even MORE reason to hate Philly.

Philly is the place man.

See, we can boo our team, it's allowed. But if YOU boo our team, we will crush you like a bug. Stomp a mudhole in your ass. If you can't play with the big dogs...stay the hell home.

Fun & Gun...yeah, right.
09-18-02 12:28 PM
Joey " Philly is the place man. "

Amen ...........especially with that new Stadium you guys got -- Lincoln Financial Field or whatever ?????

Long time coming -- The Vet has gots to go .


09-18-02 12:39 PM
jb Nanker, do you Washington type attorneys still go for the 2 button, narrow lapel, 1 3/4 cuffed trouser Brooks Brother Suit...Could you ever wear a more mordern cut..say Jil Sander, Helmut Lange, even Armani and Boss which are quite passe....I must admit I have probably the finest wardrobe of anyone on this site, including women...yes, I am a slave to fashion ....
09-18-02 12:51 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yeah, fashionable. Sure.

IMO, I am the most fashionable one here.

I shave my head, and wear nothing but Stones Ts, and Levi straight legs. I alternate between, Doc Marten's paratrooper boots, cowboy boots, and Nike Black Knights(The Official Sneaker of The Penn State Nittany Lions football team!)

I AM fashion.

09-18-02 12:54 PM
jb I saw this product at Eckerd Drugs for shaving of the scalp. It was a cream in the African -American simply apply and let it stand for 5 removes the hair w/out shaving....please try and advise!
09-18-02 01:00 PM
Sir Stonesalot I did try that stuff!

Didn't work on my scalp, but it made all my pubic hair fall out!
09-18-02 01:03 PM
jb Yes, it worked well on my hairy ass...
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