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Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA September 18, 2002
by Fernando Aceves

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09-17-02 10:37 AM
parmeda The Rolling Stones
January 21, 2003
United Center / Chicago go on sale this Saturday, 9/21

09-17-02 10:55 AM
jb They are really milking N.Y and think these venues will sell out again? They made a big mistake with Philly as the Stadium show and arena show have not come close to selling out!
09-17-02 11:01 AM
parmeda jb...
Not a problem here. With only one show, and after the media showered them with nothing but praise this past week...there are a lot of people that kicking themselves in the ass that they didn't catch them this time around and they are most certain to try to snatch a ticket for this.
09-17-02 11:16 AM
Mikey JB,

Where are you getting your attendance figures? Just wondering....

09-17-02 11:24 AM
Factory Girl Thanks for the info, parmeda. A pal is a new Stones fan and this will behis chance to see the Stones for the first time. Thanks again
09-17-02 11:25 AM
Moonisup Well your first post here!! Aren't you also on stonesdoug??


the wooden shoe rik
09-17-02 11:33 AM
jb Just reading some of the articles re: ticket sales...N. East pretty good except Fed Ex MCI show b/c of poor sales....Tacoma, San Antonio, Colombus, Nashville, Miami, Detroit, and Atlanta selling slow. So far only 3 shows sold out...Also, check BillBoard magazine for gross/attendance under concert listings.
[Edited by jb]
09-17-02 11:35 AM
Factory Girl Hi MoonisUp. I'm from Keno's Gasland. Thanks for the welcome.
09-17-02 11:36 AM
Moonisup no thanks
09-17-02 11:37 AM
jb Welcome FG...I think I remeber you from Keno's great site.
09-17-02 12:07 PM
Busch1 jb,
Once again your stupidity shows. The Philly shows ARE close to selling out. No tickets were available for FUC until a week or so ago, and as of this morning there were a couple 200-level Vet tickets left, but they're at the back of the stadium. Yes, there are still $300 seats left, just like in just about every other stadium. I guarantee the Vet will be full come show time tomorrow. I live in Philly, and I know a lot of people who want to go but assumed the show was sold out. When they found out it wasn't, they made plans to head down Wednesday night.
It'd be nice if you actually paid attention to facts and checked your information before posting. I guess maybe you continue to trash Philly because you live in an inferior city and are jealous because you didn't get three shows. I can understand that it's tough to get your information right when you have a room-temperature IQ, but there's no excuse for spreading lies.
09-17-02 12:30 PM
jb How dare you question my figures! I am the all knowing , omnipotent Stones god!!! You just admitted that the shows were not sold out stupid-ass! You and your lousy city don't deserve 3 have failed to sell out since VL! By the way cheesesteak breath, Chicago, not Philly, is the greatest Stones city per capita....Now go beat some poor fan up at the Vet ...the worse expewrience I ever had was attending a dolphin game there about 9 yrs ago...I was attacked by your lowlife fans as my dolphins beat you silly..I will always hate Philly b/c of this incident!
09-17-02 12:41 PM
Moonisup 2 posts and already nasty
09-17-02 12:49 PM
Mikey First of all, the Stones love Philly. They have started 3 tours here and in 1981, Mick wore his Eagle jersey in numerous stops on the tour.
I am originally from Philly and don't doubt your assault story at the Vet and on behalf of all Philly Eagle fans, I/we apologize. I'm sure that Dolphin fans have NEVER assaulted a fan of the opposing team, both at the Orange Bowl or Joe Robbie. And when Shula won his 300th game or whatever, it was at Philly and the crowd gave him a standing ovation. (Just like Mario Lemiuex in his "last" game before his "retirement" at the FUC some years back. The crowd was cheering "Mario, Mario" for 10 minutes.)

But your attendance posts can sound a little dubious. The Stones always sell out in Philly, its just may not happen in record times as per tours past. The Stones played to two 90,000 shows in 1981 at JFK Stadium and in 1989, when the JFK stadium was crumbling, the Stones specifically revamped the tour schedule to include Philadelphia at the Vet while simulataneously bumping Buffalo off the SW tour itinerary.

"Chicago, not Philly, is the greatest Stones city per capita

That made me laugh, how do you measure that?!

[Edited by Mikey]
09-17-02 01:27 PM
jb That was the game..Doug Penderson was QB as Marino injured...I was pelted with Beer and when I approached guy, I was sucker punched...
09-17-02 02:25 PM
Busch1 jb,
I not only question your figures, I'm telling you their wrong, asshole. I'm glad you got your ass beat by Philly fans. You deserved it, and you deserve several more.
Usually, I hate to see things like that happen because it always gets blown out of proportion because it's Philly. But in your case, I'm glad, and I'm sure you'll have plenty more ass-kickings in your life if your posts here are any indication of what type of man, or rather lack of man, you are. If you're gonna talk shit, at least get your facts straight.
As Mikey said, the Stones do love Philly. I couldn't begin to say which is the best Stones town, but we're near the top. Remember, it is difficult comparing Philly (population 1.5 million) to Chicago (about 2.5) NY (around 8 million) or LA (around 3.5). There, more facts jb. You might want to get a dictionary and look up the word "fact." It might come in handing in the future. ...
I'm actually amazed that someone as dumb as you can even operate a computer.

09-17-02 02:32 PM
jb I might be stupid, but I make a lot more money than you could ever dream of! I drive a S-series mercedes that cost 75,000 and I live in prestigious Boca Raton in a 5100 square foot home with a pool and Jacuzzi!!! My kids go to the beast private school at 10,000 a year, and I eat at world famous Morton's steakhouse weekly!!! Don't you dare try to insult me again!! Yes, I was beaten by you fellow scumbags...and it hurt!
P.S.-I have a new plasma screen T.V. hanging in my family room that cost 8K!! You don't have one!!!
[Edited by jb]
09-17-02 02:56 PM
winter JB:

Wow, a plasma TV, $8k, you say. I'm impressed. No, really, I am.

What I find truly amazing though is the FACT that with all that money, you choose to live in the most culturally vacuous place on the planet, unless of course, you consider stucco and neon culture.

Squish the fish,


09-17-02 03:02 PM
jb New England is for real...The dolphins, however, also look very good. I think we will be battling out for 1st place..I also feel that Bledsoe is 10 times better than the Brady..Brady is like Fiedler..pretty average but fits in the system.
As far as culture you are 100% correct...but I am a prisoner of my success!
09-17-02 03:08 PM
Busch1 jb,
Your kids go to the "beast" private school, huh? You're a freakin' genius. I hope they're smarter than you.
I should have figured you for a Mercedes driving, Florida-living dick. I seriously doubt you make any kind of real money. If you do, your employer or clients, if you work for yourself, will figure you out eventually and then you'll have to crawl back in the hole you came from.
What do you do, rob all the old people in your neighborhood of their pensions? ... I'm through engaging in this with you. It's a waste of my time and that of the good people who visit this board. Plus, I'm on such a higher level than you intellectually that you're beginning to bore me.
09-17-02 03:11 PM
Moonisup jb, have you met busch before?? he is quite nasty!!

the wooden shoe
09-17-02 03:16 PM
jb Hello Shoe...I never met him and he appears to be new..he is a typical Philadelphia moron not, I repeat, do not, ever visit that wrong turn and you'll be carjacked and murdered! It is a very violent, low-life city!
09-17-02 03:18 PM
Moonisup Yes I know that, because of my study, after 3 posts he gets violent!!! Busch needs to stay in Philly!

the wooden shoe, rik
09-17-02 03:20 PM
winter I LOVE this thread, very intellectually stimulating. My brain has a hard on right now that's frikin' cracking through the front of my skull.

Oh yeah, give me some more,

09-17-02 03:29 PM
Busch1 Call it violent or what you will, but people in Philly stand up for themselves and their city. Sorry if that offends.
09-17-02 03:31 PM
Moonisup I can understand that, but why with these rough language and personal attacks, that is not nice to that after 1 (!!!) post you know!

the wooden shoe, rik
09-17-02 03:32 PM
jb He is threatened by my good looks, aloof personality, and money!!! Plus we have better cheeasesteak sandwiches in Florida...
09-17-02 03:33 PM
Nellcote OH Baby, Baby!!!

JB has returned. Hope you had a good holiday.
Found it lonely here yesterday without you.

Don't like Philly.....What a shame!

Where would Sly Stallone be?

How about Will Smith?

Don't forget Pete Rose spent some great years there too..

Ben Franklin sought refuge there..

Hall & Oates grooved there

Bowie recorded "David Live" there

Stones once opened a tour with "Down the Road Apiece", great kick ass Chuck number!

Need to go further...

JB, loose the stats, read the Fortune article,
as the Stones have already admitted they will not
surpass the revenue of past tours with sold out performances, however, will be able to make it up in merchandising.

Along with the festivals they will headline next year, the
lucrative Far East leg.
Think of how many HBO sign ups they will generate with the
show in January.
Add it all up, they are THE money making rock act EVER!

Why, me thinks you should leave that Reno infested Gore loving, hurricane ridden old age farm, come to the beatiful North, represent the Stones!

09-17-02 03:42 PM
BrockMJ1963 Screw Philly,
Screw Chicago

Let's go Hartford!!!!!!


~~Room is silent~~

I will be leaving now.

BMJ63- Formerly known as MickJagger1963
09-17-02 03:44 PM
winter Nellcote:

It's not Sly Stallone, it's Rocky. I'm telling you, I spent three years in the City of Brotherly Love, and the locals don't understand that Rocky is a fictional character and that he never was actually heavyweight champion of the world.

Rocky was great in Rambo, not so great in Stop or my Mother will Shoot! Maybe he should give up the movie career, and get back into the ring.

"Don't be a stiknker, be a thinker" - Appollo Creed

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