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Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA September 18, 2002
by Fernando Aceves

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Topic: REGISTER FOR CDR TREE FOR BOSTON FLEET NOW Return to archive Page: 1 2
09-11-02 06:20 PM
Gazza Thank you,Marko, Cardinal Fang (hope you got my previous can always get me by using the private message facility on this page if your e-mail isnt working)and everyone else

OK..time to get the show on the road.

We'll happily tree the Fleet & Gillette shows on video as soon as Marko gets it and advises us of what its like. Marko,I'll be happy to act as a branch and copy at least five PAL copies for you..the more branches you have one generation down from your copy obviously the better quality everyone will get..obviously anyone getting a copy from you who lives in North America/Japan will have to convert it to their NTSC system in order to trade it...I suggest their "leaves" help them with the cost of doing so(shouldnt cost very much)

OK..right now we'll accept sign ups for the Boston Fleet show on CDR. At this time,please DONT e-mail me about the video trees as the tree isnt available yet.

Xyzzy already has a copy of the Fleet CDR which I presume is the same copy as Cardinal Fang's..ideally I should have a copy from both of them shortly so we'll be able to figure out which to use (or both if need be!)

Right now,if you want to take part in this tree, please e-mail me at with "BOSTON FLEET" as the subject line. As this e-mail address is exclusively being used for trees, do NOT mail me at that address for any other purpose as it'll be hard for me to keep track of.

Your e-mail MUST contain the following info:

1. Your "rocks off" screen name
2. Your e-mail address
3. Country of residence (if in US/Canada,please also add your state/province)
4. Whether you wish to sign up as a "branch" in the tree (ie you will be willing to burn CDR copies for others) or as a "leaf" (which means you'll receive your copy from a "branch" and do not wish to/are unable to make copies for others)
5. (if applicable) If signing up as a branch,state how many copies you would be willing to make for others.

Please note that the number of people who will be chosen as branches depends on demand. Therefore,some people who request to be a branch may well be selected as a "leaf".

There will shortly be a separate page on this message board for the CDR trees and a FAQ guide for those who arent familiar with the CDR tree concept. However,if you need more info on how it works,please see this link for the Bob Dylan CDR tree community


Therefore you have seven days to register. The tree structure will be sent to those who have registered shortly afterwards,as I want to get this up and running before I go to New York on the 25th September.

Other trees will be added soon and as the tour progresses. Hopefully we may have something from the Orpheum to tree soon also.

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09-12-02 03:02 PM
jb Thank you Gazza...Can you get me Ardbeg Scotch?
09-12-02 04:16 PM
Soul Survivor i signed up!
09-12-02 05:17 PM
marko I ordered orpheum on cd,,,hopefully reasonable quality.
09-12-02 06:34 PM
Gazza >Thank you Gazza...Can you get me Ardbeg Scotch? sure SOUNDS like it could be from my neck of the woods but I have to say Ive NEVER heard of it (maybe its an American-made Scotch??)

dont forget to sign up,Josh if you havent done so already!


Thanks folks for the great response so far....within about 90 minutes of posting the invite to register last night approximately 25 people signed up...a day into the sign up period we have around 80 people registered so far, from North America, Europe, Australasia and Argentina. Plenty have generously offered to be branches, with some amazingly generous contributions re: taking on a large number of 'leaves'.

Everyone who has signed up should get an e-mail from me within 24 hours to acknowledge receipt of your registration. If you havent received one,e-mail me or private message me.

as for the CDR itself,I have three people sending me copies of this show. We'll tree the best version we have.

A genuine thank you to all of you for your support so far. This will be the first of what I hope will be dozens of trees we'll organise as this tour progresses through North America and then the rest of the world during 2003.

Just to point out,its done on a non-profit basis (we're not bootleggers) and the motive is to share the music with other fans who appreciate the greatest rock'noll band in the world. Hopefully everyone will see it as a method of sharing and interacting with other fans - with that spirit in mind,we'd ask you NOT to SELL any of the recordings circulated on these "trees".
09-12-02 06:41 PM
Soul Survivor i LOVE this place
09-12-02 06:43 PM
T&A Good stuff, Gazza. Meanwhile I encourage everyone to join the "petition" on There's a discussion thread - feedback to the Stones - pleading with them to follow Pearl Jam and The Who's lead in releasing some or all of the shows themselves from the tour. The thread is picking up a lot of momentum. I honestly believe the Stones may consider this option....additional support could only help. This is a direct line opportunity to tell the Stones what you want - and we all know what that is....
09-13-02 10:26 AM
jb What is a cdr tree and how does it work..?
09-13-02 10:55 AM
Lazy Bones
jb wrote:
What is a cdr tree and how does it work..?
09-13-02 11:26 AM
jb Thanks...
09-13-02 08:07 PM
johnny2pies Uk based and new to this site although I use Dylantree a lot. Happy to be a branch, trunk, whatever.
09-13-02 08:39 PM
Soul Survivor
09-13-02 10:59 PM
stoned_in_oz id like to join in on this if possible as a leaf...
09-13-02 11:06 PM
Soul Survivor then u gotta send an email in
09-14-02 05:00 PM
glimmertwin725 thanks to all for starting this tree
09-15-02 12:11 AM
Soul Survivor when will the cds be mailed out?
09-15-02 11:47 AM
Gazza whenever your branch gets the blanks you send him/her or whenever youve set up a trade. Ideally within 3-5 days of you sending them your discs. How quickly you get them depends on everyone in your part of the tree doing their part in a timely fashion. If youre a leaf,obviously it'll take a while longer for you to get your copy than someone who's a seed or a branch. It can be a lengthy process, but generally once the tree structure is organised, everyone should hopefully get something within 2-3 weeks. I've done this on the dylantree service as have many others here and you can often be waiting weeks for your discs..hopefully that wont happen here as this tree is significantly smaller. It does seems a bit slow at first but once we're doing this every week or so with new shows becoming available hopefully there'll be a run on effect and you'll get used to getting new shows in the mail every week or so!

The way its going,we have more people volunteering as branches than what we need - so for the most part,those accepted as branches have should have about 5-10 leaves on their part of the tree (in some cases,people have volunteered to burn more copies than this which is a big help..the ideal scenario is a relatively small number of branches who are able to volunteer to burn for a large number of leaves...doesnt always work out like that in practice!

At the moment,I'm waiting on 3 different recordings of this show,which I should get within the next few days. When I do,we'll decide on which version is the best for the "tree". The tree structure will be posted shortly after the sign up period expires (a day or so)..that way everyone will know in advance who theyre dealing with.

Tree sign-up deadline is - 18th September ,midnight UK time (thats 7 pm ET). As of today, we had over 190 people registering,about two thirds of whom are from the USA. I'd expect that by the time the sign-up closes it'll be close to 250 - probably around double what I'd originally expected!!
09-15-02 11:56 AM
Soul Survivor I have signed up, but how do you guys know where to send it? I never put my home address
09-15-02 12:27 PM
Gazza As the CDs arent being sent directly by me personally or the person who has the original discs,you dont need to advise the tree admin of your home address, just the area (in your case, Michigan,US)

the only person you need to liaise with is the person with whom you're directly dealing with.if youre a leaf,thats the branch - if youre a branch,you'll be corresponding also with the person above you on the tree as well as your leaves..

When we post the tree structure,you'll see the e-mail address of the person who will be sending you your copy of the show. He/she will e-mail you and give you their home address and ask for yours and how you wish to trade for the show in question....if youre going to trade,send them a copy of your trade list and if they want to trade,do it that way..if they dont (and theyre not obliged to do so), you'll just be sending them two blank Cd's plus the cost of return postage - this is known as "B&P" ie Blanks & Postage). For the postage costs,you can of course pay them in money or (if they agree) by sending an extra blank or two instead.

If youre making copies for others, you should keep the leaf up to date as to when you expect to get their own copy and how soon the leaf's copy be mailed out etc. If youre a leaf and sending B&P, it will help speed up the trade if your branch has received your blanks before he/she receives their copy of the recording.
09-15-02 02:22 PM
Soul Survivor Well, I signed up as a leaf

So does that mean I dont have to trade anything?
09-15-02 03:40 PM
myremedy just signed up as a branch.

09-15-02 04:15 PM
Gazza >Well, I signed up as a leaf

>So does that mean I dont have to trade anything?

Correct...the tree is also designed to help out those who dont necesarily have a lot of CD's to trade build up their collection as well as those who have nearly everything. Even if you have little or nothing to trade,or your branch doesnt want/need anything from your collection, all you have to is send him/her blanks and postage. Trading for the show thats being treed is merely an alternative option.

09-15-02 04:21 PM
Soul Survivor Oooooooooh.

I thought everything was free
09-15-02 04:38 PM
Gazza what?

you expected people to simply spend time making 10-15 copies for others and pay for the cost of the discs and postage as well?
09-15-02 07:54 PM
Freind are Junkies I signed up
09-16-02 03:57 AM
peterdv [quote]Gazza wrote:
>Thank you Gazza...Can you get me Ardbeg Scotch? sure SOUNDS like it could be from my neck of the woods but I have to say Ive NEVER heard of it (maybe its an American-made Scotch??)


a little word on Ardberg single malt of the best around , especially the higher aged one (17 yr and more)
as a single malt lover, this is a very good one ...
09-16-02 06:20 AM
albert Hi, I'm new on this board. Just signed up for the CDR tree. Great idea !! So I can listen and enjoy all those great reviews I've been reading about on this board and on IORR en Shidobee.I'm from Holland and would love to trade cdr's with other fans.Let's make this work!!
09-16-02 09:04 PM
Ben Smith I am not sure how this works, but I would love a copy of this show...i can be reached at

Thank You!
09-17-02 11:06 AM
jaggedstone cant wait to hear the Fleet and Gilette shows..went to both and cant wait to burn and share...
09-17-02 05:18 PM
Soul Survivor k
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