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Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA September 18, 2002
by Fernando Aceves

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Topic: Would the tour go on if Us attacks Iraq?? Return to archive Page: 1 2
09-17-02 04:21 AM
Moonisup I wsa just thinking of that yesterday, if it happens they probably won't go to china ore india!! Hmm Does anyone know something about this doomsenario??

09-17-02 05:03 AM
Honky Tonk Man A war will have no effect on the Stones tour. I have no idea why you think this has anything to do with China?

09-17-02 05:08 AM
Moonisup Well I was thinking of instability, it is more diffucult to make everything saver, as I said, it is just a thought
09-17-02 05:35 AM
Honky Tonk Man And its a well founded thought. Its just that i feel a war wont affect their tour. If Sadam starts bombing, then yeah, the tour will be stoped. Lets just hope good old Bush can Smoke him out! Whether England will get involved though, is another matter. Its a good point Rik

09-17-02 06:09 AM
Moonisup Yeah I hope that Bush smokes him out, but that's a little politic so I won't talk about that, I hope the tour will go on in peacefull times!! You have a good point there to Alex about Englands involvement.

Regards, rik
09-17-02 07:32 AM
Maxlugar Oh I don't think you need to worry about that.

The Bush administration has just blundered in a major way by letting the feable U.N. take over.

These "weapons inspectors" will find nothing because it is all well hid or, God forbid, already here in the U.S.

Once these idiots go in, there will be no pulling them out for a war.

We're doomed.

09-17-02 07:43 AM
Moonisup Yeah that UN thing wasn't that smart!!!
just bomb!!

09-17-02 07:45 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Perhaps in the spirit of John Lennon's "Give Peace A Chance", we should send the Rolling Stones to Iraq...

...and let the sexual revolution begin!

For more fun, let Bill play bass during the Baghdad dates...

-tSYX --- Easier said than done....
09-17-02 07:48 AM
Moonisup yeah he can hit on the young chicks then!!!
hahahahahaah lol

09-17-02 08:25 AM
fmk438j There is one scenerio that would be positive (although I pray that the war never does go ahead and it would be no conselation, but...). You go see your last show and it is great. The next day, war breaks out, they cancel the tour indefinetly, it never re-starts and as it turns out YOU saw the very last stones show.

09-17-02 10:01 AM
jb Iraq has agreed to unfettered U.N. inspections....I feel so much better now!
09-17-02 10:10 AM
Moonisup Well good afternoon jb, long time no talk!! How are you doing!! I have a throat infection, but when I saw the setlist it just went better!!

regards rik
09-17-02 10:15 AM
jb Good Morning Rik....took a few days off and I do not post at home as the kids don't give me a second! The tour seems to be a critical success. Most people are happy with the set lists, particularly arena and clubs. Any dates for Holland yet? I heard they are playing Marsielles and Paris...By the way, do the dutch still wear wooden clogs?
09-17-02 10:20 AM
Moonisup hahah lol.

Maybe the old ones who'd stick in the past!! but when the stones come to holland they could call it the wooden shoes tour, they will play holland a lot this time!!
These are the rumoured dates:

Aug 2, 3 2003 Amsterdam Arena Amsterdam The Netherlands RUMOURED
Aug 11 2003 Paradiso Amsterdam The Netherlands RUMOURED
Aug 14, 15 2003 Feyenoord Stadium Rotterdam The Netherlands RUMOURED
Aug 15 2003 Stadspark Speedway Groningen The Netherlands RUMOURED
Aug ?? 2003 Musiccentre Vredenburg Utrecht The Netherlands RUMOURED
Aug 18 2003 Malieveld The Hague The Netherlands RUMOURED

HAHAH the wooden shoes tour 2003
A small country with a lot of concerts looming!!


[Edited by Moonisup]
09-17-02 10:28 AM
jb That is a lot of many will you make? I am going to go to the MSG show in January 2003. I'll have to take the wife as it is the week of our 12th anniversary. As I told my wife last night, she is very lucky to have met me!
09-17-02 10:32 AM
Moonisup I hope I can make all of them, but the clubgigs will probably be difficult, but I'll try to get there!! Hey good news that you'll gonna attend a MSG-gig, that are always great shows!!!

09-17-02 10:36 AM
jb I went in 97,and it was great. I may attempt to meet people if I feel safe. I know Max and Riffhard will protect me as they are real New Yorkers!
[Edited by jb]
09-17-02 10:40 AM
Moonisup Yeah it looks cool to meet some people on the board also if someone is coming to Holland! Grab a beer, see a nice show!! I'm quite jealous at you all who will attend MSG, I can go there, the dutch fanclub is offering some travels, but then I haven't got enough money for the Dutch shows.

09-17-02 10:43 AM
jb What is the average income in Holland? In the U.S., it's a paltry 36,000 dollars for a family of 4. Where I live in Boca, no one makes less than 200,000 a year which is considered slightly upper middle class.
[Edited by jb]
09-17-02 10:48 AM
Moonisup I think it is in Holland around between 50.000 and 70.000 guilders, I don't know it in Euros. I know my parents are above the 70.000 but it is a lot cheaper here in Holland, well I'm am just a student so I don't earn a lot!!

09-17-02 10:53 AM
jb What is 70,000 gilders U.S.? Are they condidered rich?
09-17-02 10:54 AM
Moonisup hmm I think that is around 30.000 dollars a year, It just normal 70.000, but no the economy is worsening some people are getting less, but the living standard is quite good!!
09-17-02 10:57 AM
jb What about that right wing politician that was assasinated months ago? He was gaining popularity in his anti-immigration platform. Was he a jew hater?
09-17-02 10:59 AM
Moonisup No he wasn't a jew hater! he was queer as folk!! he just said what some people thought, it was all talk, nothing what he promised can be done, but a lot of peoplel buy it!! In the polls his party has lost half of their voters!! I would never vote a right wing guy, but he wasn't planning on throwing all foreingers out! That ain't true!

[Edited by Moonisup]
09-17-02 11:01 AM
jb In the States, they made it seem like he was definitely going to win the election. Neo-conservatives can be very dangerous!
09-17-02 11:04 AM
Moonisup No he didn't win the ellections, a Christian party won it, convincing!!!! So nothing to fear here in Holland!
09-17-02 11:05 AM
Joey I will continue to play " Brussels Affair " every Friday evening in my car as I make my way to my favorite bars and / or clubs . Those first few seconds of " You Can't Always get what you Want " melt away an entire week's worth of stress . Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

Mick Taylor's playing on tracks like Angie , Heartbreaker , Dancing with Mr . D and Midnight Rambler off B .A. will continue to make me excited when I am drunk .

I will forever regret not attending the Aragon gig , but will hold out hope for more club performances in the future .

I have concluded that misery loves company and when it finds it , it turns into a group grope / cluster fu## of cliched slogans ,repressed memories , and one upmanship in crafting nifty expresssions of perpetual confusion . Dive into that crap at your lowest and you will never come out , whether you drink or not .

" I'm travelling down cold metal Ronnie , just a tear in a baby's eye "

Huh ?????????????????


09-17-02 11:06 AM
jb What is the favorite food in Holland? have they opened up McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken? On my Honeymoon to Spain, I went to McDonalds and ordered French Fries!
09-17-02 11:07 AM
Moonisup I think it is a lot more fat-free then in the US, more healthy!! And lots of potatoes, well I think you are getting alot to know about our little country
09-17-02 11:07 AM
jb Joey, Papa Joe is back!!! Space for the Papa!!! Hurricanes #1....dolphins #1...Marlins #4...
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