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Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA September 18, 2002
by Fernando Aceves

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09-16-02 10:53 AM
scope I thing we found our place. It really does suit us best, I think. Especially with a lot of folks not into the pay one price deal, this sounds more like our tastes for this gathering. No need for other nominations. This is the place. Come near, come far, but get your ass to Ye Olde Triple X Inn

scope - NYC3X
09-16-02 10:57 AM
nankerphelge I didn't see an address -- class? Anyone?
09-16-02 11:01 AM
Maxlugar 8th and 54th st. Listen for the Stones blaring out of the house speakers like some VD infected Badger with an open sore on its cock.


09-16-02 11:01 AM
scope 54th street and 8th Avenue
09-16-02 11:03 AM
Sir Stonesalot Well, that still remains to be seen Joey.

But the Nits did kick some serious Husker ass. That is true.

IMO, a thing of beauty.

Mike Lupica said on the Sports reporters "This loss for Nebraska has put them right in the thick of things for a chance to play for the National Title."
09-16-02 11:07 AM
Maxlugar I'm going to there for lunch today. I'll see if they have any group thangs to offer.


09-16-02 11:08 AM
sirmoonie "Heard it said that Siberia is the least pretentious bar in Midtown but it comes second to Ye Olde Tripple. Check out the One-Armed Urinal push-ups in the mens room. -A.E."

WTF is a One-Armed Urinal push-up? Sounds pretty gay. Dunno 'bout this place.....

Ah whatever, I don't drink very much, usually one diet strawberry-kiwi daquiri has me feeling pretty gosh-darn tipsy, so anywhere is fine. Moogie woogie, flim flam, boogie. Thats what I say when I'm all tipsy-like. Moogie woogie, flim flam, boogie.

"Critical mass chugging suds in the Ye Olde, Ronnie!"
09-16-02 11:16 AM
HardKnoxDurtySox quote:
I nominate :

Ye old Nittany Lions kick serious butt this year .

Sir Joey

Oh how I wish my Pitt Panthers could get a crack at them this year. Where is the tradition old man Joe?

*Assault me Rashard*
09-16-02 11:17 AM
Riffhard The Tripple X sounds great to me!Hey Maxy when you go for lunch today please do me a favor.Please have about 4 or 5 pints of Guinness.I want to make sure that they pour a consistant pint of "mother's milk".Infact you might need to have 6-8 pints just to be extra sure.Now that should confirm any fears I may have about this place.If the pints are poured properly,I trust you Maxy,then I'm in too!

Fuck Yup!!
09-16-02 11:17 AM
nankerphelge Hey Maxy -- see if we can commandeer the juke!!
And see if they have a "wool" policy, if you don't mind!
09-16-02 11:20 AM
Maxlugar OK Riffy.

OK Nanky.

09-16-02 11:26 AM
sirmoonie Hey Maxy, check out the serving wenches. Very important. Report back, asap.

God bless our Maxy on the ground.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, just the thought of sipping a Guinnie with you fuckers before a Stones' show has gots me alls wired upz n' stuff!! YES!!

"Plough my hootch scratcher, Ronnie!"
09-16-02 01:20 PM
Maxlugar Just had a Scrumptious lunch break at Ye Olde Triple Inn.

Now, mind you, I'm not a man who needs any fancy food or fancy wine.

But that Chicken Marsalla was delightfull! Lentil soup and salad w/blue cheese. $7.95. Not bad. Had an Iced Tea. Sorry Riffy. I forgot!

I spoke to the manager and he said they don't have parties per se but will hold the back room for us. I told him to work out a price per head if we would have an open bar with beer and wine. We can put on CD's if we bring them.

Now, I didn't know what time we need the joint for. I figured 5:00PM to 8:00PM was a safe bet. I also told him about 25 people. Again, safe bet.

He told me to come back tomorrow and he'll have a price. He seems like a nice guy. He asked what sort of gathering it was and I said a bunch of people are coming from out of town to see the Stones he lit up and was like "Oh The Stones! This should be good".


Maxy Von Triple shot of that stuff.........
09-16-02 01:30 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Maxy von Exxon Supreme -

Remember what happened to a ship of a similar name.

If you get too drunk...

you will wind up beached on the coast of Alaska.

And miss the concert!

If there's any time for getting drunk, it's during and after the show!

Because if you start screaming for Dirty Work they'll pitch you out the Madison Square Garden door!

Someone needs to bring a webcam to this, so those of us far away can watch and laugh at the exploits.

How I wish... wish I was there...

-tSYX --- Got a feeling inside... (Can't explain!)
09-16-02 01:34 PM
scope Sounds great Maxy. At last count I think there were 20 people signed up so your bets are pretty good. I'm not even going to bother calling FacesandNames later. This be THE place.

09-16-02 01:36 PM
sirmoonie Internet access? Suppose that would be too good to be true. The Mother of all Drunken Posts.

Ye Old Triple Inn. Yessireee, the ole T'. The big ole T'.

Hope someone remembers to bring Exile et al.
09-16-02 01:38 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy wrote:

Someone needs to bring a webcam to this, so those of us far away can watch and laugh at the exploits.

I would love to bring a video camera to the party for sharing later on, but it for sure will be confiscated at the MSG and I don't want the hassle of trying to get it back later. Hell, they may even just keep it. So, you are just going to have to use your imagination and read our scrambled posts the next morning, or maybe the afternoon.
09-16-02 01:45 PM
Riffhard Oh hell yes!It sounds great Maxy!I still think you should have had a dozen or two pints just so "we know,they know".Because,as you know the proper pint is absofuckinglutly essential.You are doing a great job there Maxy.Hitting the ground before the troops and painting the target.I can't wait!OPEN BAR!That's what we need Maxy!Keep us posted my friend!

09-16-02 01:47 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Which begs the inevitable question...

Is the Guinness on tap?

'cause if it ain't...


Horror upon horrors, my Irish blood curdles at the mere thought!

-tSYX --- You are my infekshun... and Ronnie Wood can't spell...
09-16-02 01:57 PM
Sir Stonesalot I don't think the open bar thing is necessary. We can each just run a tab. I ain't getting plowed before the show. and I know some others who are going don't drink a lot. I have to stay sober enough to record the thing. And I didn't pay $180.00 to not remember being there. All bets are off after the show. I'll probably pass out at whomever has the post show party in their room.

So IMO, we should each just run a tab. Besides, how can we buy each other beers if it's an open bar?
[Edited by Sir Stonesalot]
09-16-02 02:07 PM
Maxlugar Hey Scope, I think we could get someone who isn't going to that show but will be in town to watch the camera whilst we rock.

I know of one Young British Jeff Beck Lovin' Punk named Alex that will be across from MSG that would do just fine. As long as he doesn't do a 20 minute documentary on his Sphincter with it.

Don't know if the guinnies are on tap. I'll check tomorrow. Slurp.

I wish AZQB would meet me there to do a little reconnaissance.

Developing hard...........

09-16-02 02:07 PM
sirmoonie I hope they don't have a goddam chandelier. I've had some really bad experiences with chandeliers in bars. Got the scars to prove it. Man.
09-16-02 02:15 PM
Maxlugar Not only do they not have any Nancy Boy chandeliers, Mr. Moonie.

There is barely any lighting at all.

In fact, each table has its own empty bottle of Jack Daniels with a friggin' candle shoved in it's pie hole. Wax dripping all over it's battered countenance.

We'll barely be able to see each other!

Fuck Yup!

09-16-02 02:30 PM
nankerphelge My whole body is trembling with anticipation. This sounds perfect Maxy. I am thinking of leaving work right now and just sleeping in the Inn's back room to keep out any riff-raff! I will sit in the glow of the Jack Daniels candle light and dream of the 26th and maybe snarf a beer and secretly convert one of the toilets into a giant 25-person bong!!

09-16-02 02:38 PM
sirmoonie A One-armed Urinal push-up bong filled with JD. Man, it just doesn't get any better than that.

Sittin' in a bar, Trippling a jar, in 'hattan....
Out on the street the summer sun it shines.....
09-16-02 02:39 PM
Maxlugar Yes Nanky, we will have a ball in our Stones Party Inebriation Tavern (Or SPIT)

All smug and drunk with the knowledge of our Stonesian Superiority

Let freedom ring!

M. Maxification!
09-16-02 03:46 PM
glimmertwin725 Just a word to the takes a lot longer to get into the MSG before show now due to security check. Closer
to show time the longer the wait. I personally am going to play by play bar in garden you are already in builfing bar is huge good bar food and for who and springsteen they played music and dvds of respective artists loud and clear.
Once in bar you just have to go up one escalator to be in arena
09-16-02 04:05 PM
sirmoonie Whaaaa?
09-16-02 04:15 PM
Maxlugar Hey Glimmertwin, you're talking to a bunch of guys who flew hundreds of miles just to have a cook out in Cleveland with a bunch of strangers while listening to The Stones.

We go out of our way to ROCK!

The easy way is not OUR WAY!

So when I'm on line during Brown Sugar, IORR and If You Can't Rock Me.....

Wait a minute here....what was my point?

Oh well.

At least I can still do this:

Ma-ma ma-ma ma-ma MAXY!
09-16-02 04:47 PM
Joey " We go out of our way to ROCK!

The easy way is not OUR WAY! "

Damn straight .......What ??????????

< ------------------ " Will you bring me along ? "

Of course I can't speak for everyone , but I assume you are invited .

And now , This :

We go out of our way to ROCK!

The easy way is not OUR WAY!

And now , This :


Ha Ha -- I got ya's

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