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Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA September 18, 2002
by Fernando Aceves

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Topic: Forty Licks limited editon info in here. Return to archive Page: 1 2
09-13-02 09:50 PM
Boomhauer From (this is the explanation of the limited edition issue):

36 remastered Classics and 4 New Licks including "Don't Stop' on 2 cds.
Plus Full-color Limited Edition 18" x 24" Vintage Band Poster and 12'x 12' Collector's Booklet expanded with Exclusive Historic Photographs

LP style box with a lift off lid.

BTW, a 12 foot by 12 foot booklet is huge (just kidding, must be a mistake). Looks like a Singles Collection type deal. Fuck the plastic, I'm gettin' this thing.
09-13-02 09:51 PM
Soul Survivor yeah, this one IS the way to go
09-14-02 12:27 AM
Stonesthrow B-- From your description of the 40, is it correct to assume it will NOT be on SACD?
09-14-02 12:31 AM
1stonesfan The commercial shows this going for $30 if I recall. What's Tower asking for it?
09-14-02 09:55 AM
Sir Stonesalot Tower is asking $38.00, CDNow is asking $50.00, Virgin is asking $32.00....looks like TV is the way to go...$29.99 includes shipping!
09-14-02 10:59 AM
Boomhauer I don't think it's going to be SACD compatible, but that's only MO.

I think when it comes out in retail stores it may be even cheaper. But that's just another one of MO's.

09-14-02 11:31 AM
Soul Survivor At least it aint overpriced
09-14-02 01:42 PM
Stonesthrow SS-- I happened upon a site called They advertise 40 Licks for $23.36 along with two different prices over $30.00 for special editions without explanation what the special editions include. They have free shipping if you're not in a hurry to get it. They say the release date is 10-1-02. They also advertise the SACDs for $12.97 or as low as $11.46 with some sort of promotional discount. I ordered several of the SACDs so we'll find out how legitimate this place is.
09-14-02 01:43 PM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
Tower is asking $38.00, CDNow is asking $50.00, Virgin is asking $32.00....looks like TV is the way to go...$29.99 includes shipping!

Anybody remember what that phone number was on the tv ad?
09-14-02 02:59 PM
Sir Stonesalot ST....I think I'll pay the extra $6.00 for the limited edition, that doesn't seem too bad to me.
09-14-02 03:33 PM
jsz1002 I have heard quite a few bad things about These include not carrying items listed on the website as well as not having things in stock that say they are. I have used before and have had pretty good luck though.
09-14-02 06:21 PM
sergey I think this vinyl lp from this album will be very
expensive too. And if you can't find it in the next few
months after you will buy it a litle expensive. Also please
write what's the photos with singles inside the book.
I think this will be looks like The Beatles n 1 lp.
09-14-02 06:28 PM
tumblingdice 1-800 985 7979 was the number I got off MTV commercial and ordered from
09-14-02 10:49 PM
Boomhauer A little updated review I found at barnes and noble;

Barnes & Noble
The first definitive, career-spanning Rolling Stones collection, Forty Licks collects 36 remastered Stones classics alongside four newly recorded songs, including the current single "Don't Stop." Among the featured songs are "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," "Paint It Black," "Ruby Tuesday," "Sympathy for the Devil," "Brown Sugar," and "Beast of Burden." This limited-edition version is housed in an LP-style box with a holographic, foil-stamped tongue-and-lips logo and packaged with an 18" x 24" vintage band poster, a 12" x 12" expanded booklet, and exclusive historic photographs.

As Homer Simpson would say, "uuuuuuuuuumm, holographic."
09-14-02 11:29 PM
Nasty Habits
sergey wrote:
I think this vinyl lp from this album will be very
expensive too. And if you can't find it in the next few
months after you will buy it a litle expensive. Also please
write what's the photos with singles inside the book.
I think this will be looks like The Beatles n 1 lp.

I think I saw on a French website that it was going to be four albums. If the package is the same as the limited edition CDs, my guess is that it will run about 50-60 bucks in the US. That's if the VirgKo do like Virgin's done for the last four albums and and ship a bunch of imports to American distributors and wholesale them as if they're domestic releases.

My prediction is that a four album set with the described booklet and four new songs is going to be fuckin' awesome and I will actually bitch out and buy one of those doohickeys.

09-14-02 11:42 PM
Soul Survivor At first I considered not even buying "Forty Licks", but I'm gonna get the Limited Edition.

Usually, it's the music that counts. But since I have everysong on it (Except for the new ones), I want the poster the most!
09-14-02 11:49 PM
Nasty Habits I think that's a wise choice there Soulie - on an album like 40 Licks the music probably matters least of all.

The poster is where it's at!
09-14-02 11:52 PM
Soul Survivor AND, lets not forget about the book that comes with it
09-14-02 11:54 PM
Nasty Habits Oh yeah, the book.

Have you heard?

That sonofabitch is twelve feet tall!

09-14-02 11:58 PM
Soul Survivor I know. Damn! Good luck if you ordered it off the Telle. The book is about 6 feet taller than me! When your sitting on the can, you can prop it against the wall and gaze at it
09-15-02 12:01 AM
Nasty Habits The postman is gonna hate delivering it.

09-15-02 12:02 AM
Soul Survivor I know. There will be like 3 postmen hauling this big ass book to your door. They will be asking for a fucking tip!
09-15-02 06:43 AM
crb69 Thanx, I needed a good laugh. I wasn't going to pick up 40 licks either but I will consider it a compilation of the remastered tracks; plus I gotta have the new tunes of course. I already burned another cd with all my other favorites that aren't on 40 licks. By the way, anyone ever hear a studio boot called "Criss-Cross Man"? I just heard it the other day and it kicked ass. Real 70's funk sound from either GHS or IORR.

Can't wait for MSG & Giants
09-15-02 08:27 AM
stonesmik Yeh, "Criss cross man" was recorded during the GOATS HEAD SOUP sessions end of 1972 and is better known as "Save me", it's said there are three versions of that one, but I only know two. The recording is a bit rough, though.
09-15-02 10:51 PM
Boomhauer Hey everybody, this is a link that shows a picture of what you get in the limited edition deely:
09-15-02 10:58 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I am offended!

Ronnie is *not* represented in the poster!

I don't care how friggin' tall it is!

And who's that guy with that long blonde hair?

Ooooooooooooooooooooooh, that's right.


I remember Brian....

Oh wait...

I don't!

I daresay most of us don't!

At least he's not as bad as that other guy with the longer blonder hair...

Mick... somebody. Not Jagger... somebody else.

And who is that *weird-ass* lookin' bass player?

Did Darryl get a reverse Jacksonectomy or something?

-tSYX --- Curl up baby...
09-15-02 11:02 PM
Boomhauer Well, I think it's a great poster, but it would be nice if perhaps they put two in this edition. One with the originators of the group and one with the current group. It's just MO, but I think it would be special.

Hell, I'm still getting this damn thing.
09-15-02 11:21 PM
Mr T I'm glad they only have one (unless they wanted to go all out & make it three) they can credit Ronnie, or they can credit Brian - just as long as they don't credit both and act like MT never happened. refresh my memory, how much of their best stuff was done while they had that 'other guitarist'? something like 80%? no offense to everything up to B2B or before Let It Bleed - I am not one to bash - in fact I'm as strong a supporter of the recent albums as they come (B2B & SW are 2 of my very favorites) but come on - look at the Taylor years: Sticky, Exile - not a bad song on either of them. Ya-Ya's - probably the Stones' best guitar work ever. Goats Head Soup, IORR - not too shabby.

yes, Ronnie IS a Stone. I'm not about to kick him out of the band for Mick T. Yes, Brian was the founder - I'm not gonna take that away from him, but let the guy who played on Cant You Hear Me Knocking appear on one poster for once, would you?
09-16-02 10:01 AM
Sir Stonesalot The poster isn't big enough for MT to fit on it!

09-16-02 10:12 AM
Sir Stonesalot Ahhhhhhhh.

I feel better now.

Just ordered the thing. Supposed to arrive on or about the 1st of Oct.


And the book really IS 12' x 12'! It wasn't a typo.

I must now start building an addition onto my house to put my booklet in.
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