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Performing "Don't Stop" at the FleetCenter, Boston, MA September 3, 2002
by Kevin Mazur

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Topic: What about Charlie?? Return to archive
09-14-02 01:02 PM
Moonisup Posted on IORR:
Charlie is rock-steady, and playing everything perfectly. Unlike the others, however, Charlie is noticeably aging. He was frail. I was seated slightly behind the stage (to Keith's side). Charlie needed help getting jackets on, and getting to the walkway to the small stage. The most touching moment was after the last encore, when Keith came behind the stage and helped Charlie put a jacket on, then, with obvious affection, helped Charlie out to the front to take their bow.

I know he has artritis, I hope it doesn't more worse!! I love the man, he is the stones!!


09-14-02 01:13 PM
Soul Survivor helped him put the jacket on?
09-14-02 02:15 PM
VoodooTattoo They were helping him put the jacket on just to help out or be frindly or polite Im sure, maybe to congratulate him on a job well done so far. Charlie isnt frail at all...if he was, there is no way he could carry a steady beat like he does.
09-14-02 03:48 PM
wkoetke WOW - if he's really that frail and has arthritis, for gosh sakes, how all the more impressive that he still plays so competently...

Charlie is the greatest, in so many ways!
09-14-02 04:00 PM
Scot Rocks "Charlie's good tonight int' he"

Charlie man u rule!!!!

09-14-02 04:04 PM
Moonisup Well I don't believed the news also, but I found it, so I thought to share it. About the artritis, that is true!!

09-14-02 05:46 PM
Rescued Thats gotta be wrong. He is better looking this fall than I remember seeing him in a long time. He obviously takes very good care of himself. He lives his life with such dignity, style, class and taste that he is an inspiration. It even looks like his hair has grown back. He was rock solid on 9/10 and 9/13. Such impeccable manners and faithful to his wife and family. He has as much to do with their power as Keith does.
09-14-02 06:03 PM
Mother baby
Rescued wrote:
looking this fall than I remember seeing him in a long time. He obviously takes very good care of himself. He lives his life with such dignity, style, class and taste that he is an inspiration.

Yeah ... and I'd love to have chance to peruse through his necktie collection!!!! I'll bet it's killer.
09-14-02 08:01 PM
CHIEFMOON After watching video tape from the club gig in Toronto,
my thoughts were, that if the rest of them were half as
"ready" for another go as Mr Watts, that the tour would be
another exercise in outdoing themselves.

This IS something that has happened with EACH successive
tour from the very start.

Screw the critics, whiners, and malcontents.

[Edited by CHIEFMOON]
[Edited by CHIEFMOON]
09-14-02 09:13 PM
mattb I was just off a little from being in front of him at the Orpheum and there didn't seeem to be anything affecting his playing that I could notice. He wasn't even sweating.
09-14-02 09:29 PM
Gazza Keith's been doing that "fatherly" thing at the end of shows with charlie to some degree for years. if anyone in the band is looking frail and needs looking after,its maybe Keith himself.

Charlie was breathtaking on the last tour - especially the shows I saw at Shepherds bush and in Hartford. he's always been kinda frail on the surface (I met him in Amsterdam in '95 and seemed quite fragile to me..and thats 7 years ago.. mind you he WAS drunk!) but he couldnt do what he's doing if he wasnt physically up to it...druuming takes it out of you!
09-14-02 10:57 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Poor Charlie - he did seem noticably tired at the FleetCenter - though that may have just been like Keith's playing, a side effect of the first night!

He really *staggered* down from his drums. I know he has arthritis - so do the rest of 'em, hell, so do I, and I'm 16!

But tired, frail, whatever, that man is playing rock-steady.

Remember, he is a naturally small-built guy - most of the war babies are, and Charlie was born in the thick of it. He may look frail, but I don't doubt he's very strong, as his drumming at the Fleet more than proved!

Also, he's *old*, guys. 61 is practically Methusalah in a rock generation that grew up on Keith's saying. ("You'll never make thirty, man.") If he comes off a little stiff, coupled with his stature, people will instantly leap on it and say "Oh, look! He's *frail*!" when in fact he's probably just a little stiff from riding in the van with Keith and Ronnie.

-tSYX --- But what can a poor boy do?
09-14-02 11:37 PM
Soul Survivor Chaz rocks. That's all there is to say

People say he looks bored, but what do you want him to do? Use a cymbol as a footrest?
09-14-02 11:51 PM
Boomhauer Ohhhhhh, nooooooooooo, drummers don't get tired after 2-2 1/2 hour shows!

No fucking way? You got to be kidding me. Charlie tired after the show? I thought that he ran laps around the stadium after the show. Hmmm, guess not.

ANd Keith, doing a nice thing for the drummer by putting a jacket on his friend's back. Does he have no shame? why would he be so nice to Charlie? Charlie's ooooooooooooold and he can't drum anymore, riiiiiiiiight?

(That was a Michael Savage type ending with the extension of the words, to express sarcasm. If you don't know who he is, he's an AM talk radio guy.)

When people critique Rolling Stones shows like this, what are they fucking thinking about? Are they not having fun? WOuld they rather be at a Sigfried and Roy show? You gotta, tell me.........

09-14-02 11:59 PM
Soul Survivor
Boomhauer wrote:
WOuld they rather be at a Sigfried and Roy show? You gotta, tell me.........

Haha. Sigfag and Roy crack me up
09-14-02 11:59 PM
Nasty Habits Is anyone really bitching about Charlie, or are they just concerned for the health of greatest drummer in the history of rock and roll? I think that people are just worried about him. Of course, before this post, I had no call to be worried about Charlie, and now I'll be watching for "frailties". God damn, it's always something.
09-15-02 12:03 AM
Soul Survivor IT's always Chaz and Keith that are targeted when it comes to this kind of stuff. It's fucked up!
09-15-02 12:04 AM
Nasty Habits I seem to remember something in the papers about Ronnie recently.
09-15-02 12:06 AM
Soul Survivor yeah, me too. But I aslo remember hearing that Keith is the living dead. What the fuck is with that
09-15-02 12:12 AM
Nasty Habits
Soul Survivor wrote:
yeah, me too. But I aslo remember hearing that Keith is the living dead. What the fuck is with that

I like the one about the crippled spider myself!

People used to say that Keith was the epitome of wasted elegance or some shit. Why can't they say something funny, like, "Richards, to his credit, is aging disgracefully."

09-15-02 12:15 AM
Soul Survivor
"Richards, to his credit, is aging disgracefully."

Yeah. They never tell it like it is
09-15-02 12:32 AM
Nasty Habits
Soul Survivor wrote:

Yeah. They never tell it like it is

I guess that's why the unholy trinity made Rocks Off.

I'm out like a light for the night.

09-15-02 12:59 AM
VoodooTattoo Listen, Charlie CANNOT be "frail." Most 61 year olds that I know are overweight, out of shape with heart conditions. Charlie is thin, cut, (he has biceps like Mick), doesnt smoke, and he beats those drums for 2 hours at a time. The body does not start to decay noticably until after 70 years old. He is in EXCELLENT shape for 61 years old. Maybe he was actually TIRED that know...rock gods arent real people so they cant be tired...dumbasses. I have helped many people that I cared about with their coats...all of them fully capable of doing it themselves. If someone was helping me to make 50 million dollars in one year, I would carry their ass!! Come on people he is really no different than in 97 when he was in good of shape as Mick. Don't start rumors.