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Topic: Best RECORDED Bootlegs Return to archive
09-14-02 01:47 AM
1stonesfan I first posted this on Shidoobeeland...does this board have a different opinion?

Bootlegs are judged very subjectively based upon a combination of sound quality and band performance. As die hard as I am, I find listening to crappy sound recordings painful at times regardless of the band's performance (Plane Sex on The Way To Pittsburgh for example) and was wondering if this board had some inputs as to what the best SOUND quality boots out there were by tour.

For example, in my own opinion Handsome Girls has the best sound recordings of the '78 Tour (though there seem to be several shows that were lifted from soundboards), Brussels Affair is the best sounding show from '73. You could argue Love You Live should have the best sound recording of the '75 tour because it was officially released (the boots I have from 75 are poor audience recordings)...but maybe you have a boot that sounds even better.

So I was wondering by tour...of the boots you have...which ones would you argue are the closest to true officially released soundboard like recordings? Soundboard like what you'd buy in the store...not what some bootlegger claims 'hey it's stereo so it must be soundboard'.









98... far I've only heard about audience MP3s being around. Hopefully we'll get some SB's soon!
09-14-02 02:42 AM
marko Ok here we go,,,,ill list from 69 on,,,,i have many nice,
recodings from 1963-69,but i list my favorites+well known
boots,,,most of the sbdīs are!
1969:Liver than youīll ever be,Oakland 9.11.1969,San Diego
10.11.1969,,,Both are vg++ sbd recorings

1970:22&23.9.1970 paris,,,good sbd recordings,,,and not

1971:Get your leeds lungs out;leeds 13.3.1971

1972:Philadelphia special 1+2,nice sbd&aud recordings from
philly,Welcome to NYC,sbd(too bassy,muddy),25.7.72 new york.
Then there ok audience recordings,There are no angels on
main street,Ft. worth express.Including rare songs like
sweer black angel

1973,Australia:happy birthday nicky,welcome to australia,
and Exotic honolulu.

1973 euro:Brussels affair(this donīt need more introduction)
Frankfurt tapes,ok audience,Birmingham odeon,well thats
about it.

1975:Baton rouge shows(on many mames...)kansas city,contains
sure the one you need,,,then,New york 27.6.75,EX audience,
11&12.6.75 Boston,vg,very nice audience recordings.
9.7.75 LA ex audience,12.7.75 La, 60mins EX sbd?,,,11.7.75
vg-ex sbd,13.7.75 La SUBERB audience,it sounds like sbd.
16.7.75 Frisco,ex audience.19.7.75 Ft.collins,nice audience,
24.7.75 Chicago,,,g-vg audience,interesting,since this is
a stadium show.

1978:Out on bail,Handsome girls,tour rehearsals,6 cdīs
available,sbd,,these all are sbd recordings

1981:This is my favorite tour.Seattle 15.10.81,ex sbd,
Houston 28.10.81 vg sbd,b.sugar missing.
Jersey devils AMUST 2,5 shows in brilliant sbd quality.
Phoenix ex radio broadcast.Hampton Ex+++ sbd.

1982:shattered in europe,Naples 17.7.82 80mins in brilliant
sbd quality,,,,i have,also gazza,,,,has many so called "ex"
audience recordings from this tour.

1989:toronto 3.9.89 90mins ex sbd,east troy 9.9.89,mix of
sbd&aud recirdings,nice.Dallas 11.11.89 raw sbd,taken from
pro video shot...!Montreal 14.12.89 ex sbd,iorr with living
colour.Atlantic city,best show from 89 tour,ex sbd.

1990 japan:24.2.90 tokyo raw sbd,ex quality.Tokyo 26.2.1990
the best bootleg recording EVER MADE.Gazza has said that
its their best stadium show ever!

1990euro:16.6.90 Madrid ex++ sbd,incl.blinded by love
london 7.7.90,ex radio broadcast,missing 2nd keef song,canīt
be seen.++ many many nice audience recordings.

1994 USA:Washingoton 1.8.94 nice audience and great set list!17.8.94 jersey,ex+++ sbd,80mins.10.10.94 New Orleans
great,but muddy radio brodcast.san diego 17.10.94,video sbd
ex show.19.10.94 Pasadena,monitor sbd recording.ex.
Miami 25.11.94 tv broadcast sbd.Oakland 31.10.94.ex sbd.

1995:rest of the world.On tv from Rio,,tv sbd rio 4.2.95
Sympathy for the voodood cult:buenos aires 16.2.95,ex sbd
Johannesburg 25,2,95 ex tv sbd.
12.3.95 Tokyo,brilliant sbd!
From europe 95 no sbd,,,where are they.only bits and pieces.

1997 usa:Chicago 23.9.97,2 versions 8omins and 110 mins.
EX sbd.St.louis 12.12.97,ex sbd.+ parts from fashion show
and new york port chester.

1998:buenos aires 29.3.98 ex sbd.Rio 11.4.98,ex sbd.
Paris 25.7.98 ex sbd,4.9.98 bremen,,ex radio sbd,i was there.+many ex audience recording from 1998 euro tour

1999 usa+europe:15.3.99 philly,muddy sbd,20.4.99 san jose
not the best sbd,all 1999 euro shows available in ex or
vg++ audience quality.

i know i forget something,so others can fill my mistakes
and add rest of what you wanna know.
09-14-02 11:22 AM
Soul Survivor 1999 - While The Wind Blows Over Toronto (Toronto, 2/25)
09-15-02 04:08 AM
marko Yup and Anaheim 11.2.99 vg sbd recording.Is it still the
"best" sbd from 99 tour?
09-15-02 04:59 AM
Moonisup Toronto is audience!
09-15-02 07:31 AM
marko I know its an audience,i have the cd.i think video too.
09-15-02 07:50 AM
Moonisup I was talking to soulie!! Thanks for your list marko!

09-15-02 08:20 AM
beer avoid chicago '69 like the plague.......
09-15-02 12:47 PM
JaggaRichards Voodoo On Halloween (Oakland, '94) the CD and video.......WOW!!
09-15-02 02:20 PM
RubyFriday If you consider the time,itīs of course "Liver than youīll ever be" which is the best.It was a little sensation when it came out,regarding the sound quality of the existing Cream and Dylan boots.
"Rolling again" is another remarkable one(I bought it at the ī73 Berlin concert)containg the unpublished covers ofī62/ī63.
And Instrumentals I +II(Both double albums)both showed the manner of Keith (and also Taylor)working in the studio.Very interesting stuff.
09-15-02 04:52 PM
Gazza Best 1999 recording is Wembley 11.6.99 IMO (we treed this on this site a couple of years back)

Its not a soundboard but is easily mistaken for one. In fact,its actually better than most soundboards Ive heard because the recording quality and especially the mix and balance are simply could pass for a FM recording, its that good. Possibly the best sounding audience recording I've ever heard on any Stones show.
09-15-02 04:54 PM
Moonisup You mean where Keith get's wrong with Gimme shelter and Undercover and moonlight mile as bonus?
title: In between the sheets. If you mean that one is very good, good quality and nice crowd reaction!!

09-16-02 12:41 PM
marko Well guys,i have all those boots i listed,some of them on
video tape too,,,,gazza yer perfectly right about london-99!
I have 3 versions of is perfect,but i think my
perfect isnīt the same yer talkin,,,,'oh,if anyone of you
wants anything,just e-mail me,,,or i think you better wait
news from boston-02 video tree?But if you want something,just e-mail me

its good to be back,to help people get bootlegs,,,damn i
enjoy doing it.