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Performing "Don't Stop" at the FleetCenter, Boston, MA September 3, 2002
by Kevin Mazur

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Topic: New MOJO Magazine - YES! Return to archive
09-13-02 12:44 PM
juantcb - check out the pic of the cover of the new issue on the home page - you'll know it when you see it.

This is very good news - MOJO's probably the last magazine in the English-speaking world that has consistently great rock writing. This is gonna be goooood . . . anybody seen it on the stands yet?

09-13-02 12:46 PM
juantcb Although I gotta say, I wish they used today's header pic instead.
09-13-02 12:47 PM
jb They have attacked the Stones with a vengeance over the past decade...a typical English rag! They claimed REM was the greatest band!
[Edited by jb]
09-13-02 12:53 PM
juantcb JB - Have they really? For what - the '99 English dates? I know Q and NME never really have anything good to say, but MOJO? I know they had an excellent Brian cover story on the 30th anniversary of his death . . . don't remember any Stones-related slagging in general, though.
09-13-02 12:55 PM
jb I go to Barnes and Noble for lunch everyday(yes I am a loser), and I always pick up Mojo, Q, and the other English rock mags....while on the rare occassion, they have a complimentary Stones story, 99% of the articles are really nasty...
09-13-02 01:05 PM
Pants Make the Man Holy Sheep Shit! I'm going to get the "rare drums&bass issue of Charlie and Bill." Or I might be a sucker and buy all four! Thanks for the head's up, juantcb!
09-13-02 01:29 PM
Child of the Moon I actually think MOJO is one of the best rock magazines out there. I have rarely ever read many negative things about the Stones, and most of the things that are said are said with at least some reverance.

And besides, on their fourth or fifth issue, Mick and Keith graced the cover. Sure, it could have been a bit earlier, but...
09-13-02 01:30 PM
Nellcote Jb;

Your opinions, life experiences are just like the Mastercard ad, priceless!

Let's put up the front money, you could publish your own
monthly. Put those 'thrax heads north of you out for the count! With this type of venom, who needs anything else?

Mercy, you needed to read the special Uncuts from the UK earlier this year, they were the most!

All four Mojo's for me!
09-13-02 01:33 PM
jb I have been published before..ask Nanker!
09-13-02 01:34 PM
Nellcote Then, you should have the whole enchilada, your own periodical. No money in article pubishing...
09-13-02 01:43 PM
Pants Make the Man Right, Child of the Moon. I think the press, writer's and critic's played a part in helping to put the Stones above everybody but the Beatles (the critic's darling's). The Stones are usually treated as the serious band (no joke) that they are.
09-13-02 02:01 PM

Here's a preview. Charlie gets Quote Of The Year honors.
09-13-02 02:02 PM
Maxlugar I love MOJO!!!!

I've never seen them say anything bad about the Stones either.

I think they are the last of the real music rags.

I miss Creem. Now THAT was a magazine! Funny as shit and Lester Bangs. The captions were priceless. I'll never forget a pic of Mick looking real stupid and the caption was "Me? On Good Morning America? Great! What time a day is it on?"

Oh yeah! Good stuff.

M. L. L. Tolkmax!
09-13-02 02:03 PM
jb Mick was a jerk to except it without Keith getting one!
09-13-02 02:10 PM
Honky Tonk Man NME stays with what is currently hot amoungst young people who like guitar music. Its a FANTASTIC weekly Music paper. In the 60s the Stones were in it every fucking week!

I buy it every Wednesday without fail.

They never say the Stones music is bad, they just say the are wrinkly and old, which is TRUE!


09-13-02 02:22 PM
juantcb HTM -

I too love the NME, but you can't tell me they really respect the Stones. Hell - for the "best music website in Europe", they didn't even cover the Licks opener at the Fleet. Check out the their website - they have an archive where you can find a review of the Shepards Bush show in '99 - they rip the boys to shreds. That said, they did give a pretty decent review of the Miami NS show, but by and large, it's slag city for the Stones.
09-13-02 02:24 PM
Honky Tonk Man Yes i agree with you on those points, but it REALLLY doesnt bother me. People should not get down in the dumps about who loves the Stones and who does not love the Stones. We love the Stones. Thats all that matters

09-13-02 02:32 PM
juantcb With you all down the line, HTM.
09-13-02 02:41 PM
CS In an interview with music magazine Mojo, Richards said he reacted with "cold, cold rage at his blind stupidity."

Mick Jagger's knighthood caused a rocky patch for the Rolling Stones, with guitarist Keith Richards saying he went "berserk" when he heard the news

The Stones are currently on a 40th anniversary tour, but Richards said Jagger's decision to accept the title of Sir Mick nearly scuppered the tour.

"It was enraging, I threatened to pull out the tour — went berserk, bananas," Richards said.

Jagger's knighthood, for services to music, was announced in a June honors list to mark Queen Elizabeth II ( news - web sites)'s official birthday.

Several rockers of Jagger's generation — including Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Elton John — have been knighted, but many felt Jagger had long been passed over because of his 1960s radicalism and hedonistic lifestyle.

Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts said Jagger deserved the title, but that Richards — who co-wrote many of the band's classic songs — should have been offered one, too.

"Blimey, some of the people who had those medals, or whatever you call them, are horrendous, so Mick certainly deserves one," Watts was quoted as saying.

"If Paul McCartney got one, Mick should have got one. But if Mick got one, Keith should have been offered one, and that would have really been something else."

Richards, whose decades of drinking and drug-taking have made him one or rock'n'roll's great survivors, said he would never have accepted.

"I doubt they thought of offering me one," he was quoted as saying. "Because they know what I would've said. ... They knew I'd tell them where they could put it."
09-13-02 05:05 PM
jean-pierrre M ...Not one but FOR different the Beatles...
..Mick,keith,Brian and Charlie & Bill....
09-13-02 05:11 PM
Maxlugar I saw this magazine on the news stand the other day that was basically and ode to the Stones and the upcoming tour. I'm going to get it on the way home. I think it was called Rock Legends or something.

And of course it was half Beatles. What the fuck? Why do they get equal billing in this late age?

Just put out a magazine entirely about the Stones to honor them for their new tour and 40th anniversary and leave it at that!

You don't have to add the Beatles to have a "Rock Legends" magazine.

I'll report back tomorrow after I've read it on the way home with a Fosters Oil can.

09-13-02 10:40 PM
CS FRIDAY 13/09/2002 11:39:11
Stones' knighthood row

Rolling Stones star Keith Richards threatened to pull out of the band's tour at the ''blind stupidity'' of Mick Jagger's accepting a knighthood.


The guitarist said he went ``bananas`` when he heard the band`s singer had agreed to become Sir Mick.

But he eventually reconciled the fact that it was just ``another f up`` by his bandmate and pal for more than four decades, he told Mojo magazine.

The band is on a series of dates to mark its 40th anniversary and got a positive reaction when the tour in kicked off Boston.

There was disquiet about Sir Mick being given the title because of his lifestyle, and now the rest of the band have weighed in.

Richards said: ``What did I feel when I heard about the knighthood? Cold, cold rage at his blind stupidity.

``It was enraging, I threatened to pull out the tour went berserk, bananas. But quite honestly Mick`s fed up so many times, what`s another f up?

``You know the only thing is that eventually he has to come home to roost, and that`s with the Stones. As long as he`s with the lads he`s okay, you know?``

The guitarist, once imprisoned in Wormwood Scrubs after a conviction later quashed for allowing cannabis to be smoked at his home, said: ``I doubt they thought of offering me one.

``Because they know what I would`ve said. The idea that I`d take something from the people At Whose Pleasure I was banged up they knew I`d tell them where they could put it.``

Drummer Charlie Watts said: ``I wouldn`t want a knighthood. I wouldn`t want anything off of Tony Blair. But Mick really enjoyed it so I`m very pleased for him.

``Blimey, some of the people who had those medals, or whatever you call them, are horrendous, so Mick certainly deserves one.

``If Paul McCartney got one, Mick should have got one. But if Mick got one, Keith should have been offered one, and that would have really been something else.

``Sir Paul, Sir Elton, Sir Cliff it`s a very funny little crowd who`ve got one, isn`t it?`` Guitarist Ronnie Wood pointed out that Richards should have been offered a knighthood too.

Jagger, who has still to attend an investiture, said he did not know whether Richards would be offered one.

``There`s no secret club of `Sirs` and I`ve no idea who`s on the committee,`` he said.

``Nobody calls me Sir Mick. Occasionally people do in letters. I think it`s a bit of a p-take really.``

Mojo out on September 16 is published with four different covers featuring the faces of the band`s classic line-up with Richards, Watts, Jagger, Brian Jones and Bill Wyman.

Musicians and writers also voted for the band`s greatest album, with the 1972 double album Exile On Main Street topping the poll.
09-14-02 01:08 PM
Martha I am a subscriber to the Mojo Magazine (can't get it around my little po-dunk town) and think it is far superior to other rock mags out there. Can't wait to get the latest issue!!!!! Thanks for the heads up!
09-14-02 03:56 PM
wkoetke As an American, I'm so embarassed by how lame the current music scene (and its publications) are, compared to England. All you have to do is compare MOJO to Rolling Stone Magazine, and the discussion is over. I LOVE MOJO! It's detailed, in depth, and it's about bands that matter, regardless of what era the music is from. New, old, pop, rock, whatever. It's all in MOJO. Rolling Stone mag is just a piece of trash.

I can't wait to get this issue!
09-16-02 10:15 AM
Voja 1.MOJO is one of rare good English magazines,
2.MOJO is objective,
3.MOJO love STONES !
09-16-02 10:33 AM
Voja The time has come to nail your colours to the mast. Which special Rolling Stones cover of MOJO are you going to buy? Because the October 2002 issue comes swathed in one of four different covers – Mick, Keef, Brian or the rare "drum’n’bass" issue of Charlie and Bill.
Inside, you’ll find a celebration of 40 years in the life of the world’s greatest rock’n’roll band.
The Stones On The Couch: the pressing issues of the day, mulled over by Jagger, Richards, Wood and Watts, from the latest tour to heroin busts. "I felt cold rage when I heard about Mick’s knighthood," says one particular Stone. Can you guess which one?
Paul Trynka charts the Stones’ progress in America in 1964. "It started off with amphetamines to stay awake," says Keef. "Then these cats would say, ‘Take one of these, smoke that, no one will know’."
Plus, the dark days of the late 70s, photographer Gered Mankowitz remembers, today’s top artists nominate their favourite Stones album and there’s a chance to win a Fender guitar signed by the Stones.
Also this month…
Nirvana – Lensmen Michael Lavine, Charles Peterson and Ian Tilton join bassist Krist Novoselic in flicking through a portfolio of classic moments in the life of the grunge superstars.
Thirty years after Hip Hop began to emerge from the toughest parts of New York, Angus Batey tracks down the movement’s innovators, including Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc, KRS-ONE and Fab 5 Freddy.
Ten questions for Paul Weller: "I’m not a celebrity. I’ve got a family. I work for a fucking living." Fair enough, but has he ever been tempted to take heroin?
Plus, Aimee Mann on the trials and tribulations of fame, The Coral come under the MOJO microscope, Pete Best finds Beatle art in his basement, Bruce Springsteen captured live in New York, and our special MOJO Collections supplement, including the true story of The Sex Pistols' Spunk bootleg and buyer’s guides to Moog madness and Stones rarities.
And not forgetting The MOJO Filter, this month’s best albums reviewed by the best writers, including new ones from Beck, Ryan Adams, John Squire, Underworld, Marc Bolan and T-Rex and The Replacements.