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Performing "Don't Stop" at the FleetCenter, Boston, MA September 3, 2002
by Kevin Mazur

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09-13-02 04:34 PM
Maxlugar Amber and Ginger real sisters? No.

Were they flat out cum crazed whores? In a word? Yes.




09-13-02 04:35 PM
sirmoonie Yeh, you'd think that would have to be illegal. Anyone know if charges were pressed?

"Your honor, the defendant, Miss Lynn, would like to show the jury that the strap-on does not fit as charged in the indictment. If it doesn't fit, they must acquit!"
09-13-02 04:36 PM
jb I must say farewell to all....have a great weekend! I will be dinning at Mortons Steak House tonight thinking of you all....Peter Lugar's aint to shabby either!
09-13-02 05:06 PM
Joey " I must say farewell to all....have a great weekend! I will be dinning at Mortons Steak House tonight thinking of you all....Peter Lugar's aint to shabby either! "

Yes to Charlestons' I go for a couple of Bombay Sapphire Martinis ........and a few shots of " Jaggermeister " !!!!!

May the Good Lord Shine a Light on you all !!!!

Clubby Skittles

09-13-02 05:11 PM
Child of the Moon Well, damn. I want some steak, too.
09-13-02 05:57 PM
~AzQb but then you read quotes from Keith about finishing up tracks for a brand new album.


[Edited by Soupbone]

You read the answer, dincha ?? Studio 2003; tour most likely to follow~ Time Is On My Side~

Take itFromTheHorse'sMouth and you can't go wrong ; )

09-13-02 06:10 PM
Nasty Habits
Maxlugar wrote:
Amber and Ginger real sisters? No.

In a word?


I'm quite sorry I only got on the tail end of this conversation.

How did they get the same last names if they're not sisters?

09-13-02 07:14 PM
Prodigal Son Personally, I don't think they'll be finished unless someone key like Keith, Mick or Charlie dies. If it's Ronnie, they'll be grieving but will eventually move on maybe without him. Even then it's doubtful what could happen. But as for the original three since 1963, if one of them croaks, it's damn sure all over.
09-13-02 07:52 PM
Pants Make the Man Sorry, soupbone. I tried to help you.
09-13-02 07:54 PM

I want to tell my opinion dear friends.
The Rolling Stones will be together and i believe everything will be alright. They can't stop. And after
200 years everybody in the world will be knows them
like now we knows bach, mozart and beethoven. They are
great and fantastic. Please sorry for my poor english.
09-13-02 09:09 PM
Pants Make the Man That's quite all right, dear Sergey. We read you LOUD and CLEAR.
09-13-02 09:12 PM
Soul Survivor Sergey, work on the english

09-13-02 09:55 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Keith says they're thinking of going into the studio in-between continents to bash together an Album (with a capital letter to denote importance!)

All I can say is....


Going to the first real session my band's ever had tomorrow - We'll just jam like maniacs and I'll try and infect them with Stonesly goodness.

How do you think "Beware My Love" (McCartney) would sound Stonesified, with two electrics instead of one electric one accoustic, turned all the way up with the piano comfortably in the back and not plunking out some Linda McCartney bullshit?

Hopefully I'll spring a few Stones tunes on them - I'm hoping to get them to play "Highway Child", "Dance Pt. 1", a Stonsified "Around And Around" and "Show Me", and, for good measure, that crazy Ox's "Heaven And Hell".

Going on to the porn subtopic...

I have no comment.

Except to say no sex with three people for me!

I'd put the other guy to shame!

(He says, confidently, knowing that on the internet, no one can make you produce the evidence.)

-tSYX --- You laid it down for all to see...
09-13-02 11:04 PM
corgi37 I simply have to correc some people. I cannot sit idle and allow false info to be dispensed. Amber and Ginger Lynn are NOT related. Both have the same surname (which is ALlen), but are no where near kin. Amber and Ginger, for the unknowing, were the top porn stars of the mid 80's. Along with Tracey Lords (who was 15 at the time she made her best films) they ruled the porn world. Porche Lynn was a b grade fuck star, and also no relation. Amber did have a brother who has made a zillion films called Buck Adams. He may very well still be making them, but i think he directs mainly now. Amber quit porn around 89 to do other things. After much surgery and a career as a stripper, she went back into born in the mid 90's for a short time. Ginger was perhaps the single most reason why porn is still flourishing. She was a one woman industry. She began in 83. Check out her website. The 'ho has had a fucked up life. She quit in late 80's to pursue a regular career in mainstream flicks, but usually only got roles as a hooker or stripper. Go to your video library and hire Vice Academy 1, 2, 3. When the dollars dried up, she went back into porn about 2 years ago. Trouble was, shes over 40 and wont do facial cum shots, which is required these days. She will however, cop a dick up her ass and pussy at once, which is sort of her specialty. Ginger has recently had money/drug problems and wrote a scathing book on the porn industry. Which is kinda funny considering she had to resort to fucking again to make a dollar. Amber was mostly famous for having the best ass in the jizz bizz. Amber looks nothing like she did in the 80's. Not much of their work is on dvd, i think, but some of their old vids should be available, especially in the U.S. Both are successful dancers, but Amber has more talent in that area. Check out the Crazy Horse site. As far as known, none of the Stones have fucked the girls.
09-13-02 11:20 PM
Sir Stonesalot Well Corgi, that's not what they told me when I did them.

I think you may be right though....maybe they meant Sisters like when I call sirmoonie Brother?

Or maybe it was just the producers trying to make a few extra bucks with some exaggerated claims...I mean, who the hell was gonna check into it.

You sure do know a lot about porn, Corgi.
09-14-02 01:31 AM
sirmoonie "Trouble was, shes over 40 and wont do facial cum shots..."

Goddamit, I hate it when that happens!!

Christ corgi, is your real name Larry Flynt?

Chooka, chooka, chooka, chooka.....
09-14-02 10:06 AM
Maxlugar Hey Corgi,

I set the record straight about 15 posts ago!

Doesn't anyone listen to Maxy?

Fuckin' hell!
09-14-02 10:22 AM
Mother baby
Sir Stonesalot wrote:

Amber once fucked Ginger in the ass with a strap-on.

09-14-02 10:36 AM
Sir Stonesalot Well, MB, I would assume the reason was money.
09-14-02 10:56 AM
Mother baby
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
Well, MB, I would assume the reason was money.

Oh that makes me breathe easier. I hate to see anyone suffer from cumpulsive behaviors.
09-14-02 11:16 AM
Sir Stonesalot Oh man, that was a good one MB.
09-14-02 01:24 PM
corgi37 I know all this about porn, cause i love 80's porn. It reminds me of my youth. Fluffy hair, hairy gashes, real tits. And thats just me!
09-14-02 03:07 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yeah, today's porn is all rock hard fake titties, shaved twats, and even WIGS!


And now instead of scenes being oral, oral, cowgirl, doggie, anal, moneyshot. Now it's just doing it in a pool, or a hot tub, or on stairs, or on a pool table....and they skip a bunch of the positions and go right into the anal! What a rip off.


The music hasn't gotten any better.
09-14-02 04:00 PM
Mother baby
Sir Stonesalot wrote:

The music hasn't gotten any better.

Yeah...that music is something else. I guess you have to have a special talent to write and play that stuff.

Heck I never gave that kind of music much thought. I wonder if they sell CD's with that stuff on it. Then I could by it for someone I don't like as a Christmas present.
[Edited by Mother baby]
09-14-02 09:45 PM
Maxlugar At least none of you were in a Bukkake film by accident.

Fucking Japs!

09-14-02 10:02 PM
Fiji Joe We have kinda strayed from Dogbone's original question. I see them, as far as touring, keeping it up. The catch? They will do so in the style of their blues heroes. I.e., Jagger's ape like gesturing is over. I envision a lot of sitting around on stools.
09-14-02 10:25 PM
Maxlugar wrote:
At least none of you were in a Bukkake film by accident.

Fucking Japs!



Seems like a lot of those girls like the STUFF..........
09-15-02 12:00 PM
corgi37 wrote:
I know all this about porn, cause i love 80's porn. It reminds me of my youth. Fluffy hair, hairy gashes, real tits. And thats just me!

lol, lol, lol, lol

I'm fucking laughing my ass off here. Fluffy hair lol lol lol. Hairy gashes lol lol lol.

Corgi, you are fucking funny!

This thread should win the "The Stones thread that ended up in the back of the video store" award.

BTW, anybody see movies by that studio Anabolic/Diabolic?
09-15-02 12:07 PM
Moonisup This post is very nice, love to read it!!

fucked in the ass with a strap!!

09-15-02 01:55 PM
sirmoonie Fishbone has a point though. Mick was getting way to much real life action to waste his time with porn flicks.

Hey Boomie, does Diatrolic make good porn movies? Do they have Ginger Lynn and her sisters in them? Strap ons? The old lady's going out of town and I have some time on my hand, so to speak.
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