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Topic: Where is all this headed? Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
09-13-02 12:38 PM
Soupbone I know it is talked about, rumored about, and so on and so forth, but I just wanted to take the pulse of this fan site regarding the future of this great band of ours. When you talk to regular (non fans) people about it, all you get is the inevitable "Are they still alive?" jokes.

It seems completely ridiculous to even speculate about the "future" of a band that has been ruling our world for 40 years, but it's fun to think about where they are headed next. If they follow the usual 3-5 year layoff before the next album/project or tour we are talking about going to watch a bunch of senior citizens in concert. Don't take that the wrong way, I am going to be first in line when it happens.

I just find myself thinking, "can they really do this forever?" It really seems like they can I mean so far they seem to get better every time out. It is such an unbelievable phenomenon that I just can't stop dwelling on it. None of the band members speculate on it. Even in the USA today article, Mick says he can never think beyond the next 18 months, but then you read quotes from Keith about finishing up tracks for a brand new album.

Just wondering where you guys think we are headed over the next few years.


[Edited by Soupbone]
09-13-02 01:18 PM
Pants Make the Man Tough call, soupbone. The reviews that the band has garnered so far have been mind-boggling. If they re-record or fine-tune some of those new track's during or right after this tour, an ideal time to create, you know what they're going to sound like, don't you? Those guy's are on fire! That's as far ahead as I'll think.
09-13-02 01:37 PM
Nellcote If I recall correctly, it was Keith who said,
The only way you leave this band is in a coffin.

With their idols rooted in American Blues music, who, all have passed this world as described above, do not look
for anything other than just that. They will have projects as a band as long as they are still breathing.

Bullocks to the press, what do they know?
09-13-02 01:39 PM
egon I don’t see them ever quit as a band.
In the future they’ll probably do smaller tours, or just a gig every now and then.
And they’ll do at least one more record.

09-13-02 01:42 PM
jb The problem is that they only want to tour if big money is to be made. Honestly, while this tour will do just fine, they are drawing less and less each tour...thus, the ticket prices go higher and higher to make up the difference. I don't see Jagger playing amphitheatres like thw Who and AeroSmith for 10,000 fans....Will they contune as a band...maybe..but I would not expect any more major tours after this.
09-13-02 02:13 PM
Maxlugar That's a good question, Milkbone.

I personally think they will begin to clear out the vault over the next ten years. The big tours are probably going to be over after these next few years. It is my hope that they do things line a week at Radio City Music Hall in the future. Just small engagments that us real fans would go too.

Your Pal,

09-13-02 02:56 PM
Joey You raise some very interesting points Wishbone .

Personally , I believe that the future of the band rests with the re-admission of Mick Taylor into the group ....but that is just me talking , just little ol' me , kicking up me legs and dancing like a clown out in the middle of a very busy intersection ........a faker ....a paper clown !

I claim proneness to exaggeration , but the truth lies in my frustration ......the children of the night they all pass me by ....I have to dress myself in Brandy and drink all high ......but however much you booze ......There ain't no way out .........

Gimme the key......

Gimme the key ......

Taylor made ...........

Owwwwwwwwww !!! Owwwwwwww !


09-13-02 03:10 PM
sirmoonie Yes, Neckbone is quite the up and coming poster. His question is imponderous, laced with strident hyperbole and polemic veracity.

However, I'm just going to sit back and relax, knowing that the blue goons have pruned the dunes. So to speak. As it were. Neither here nor there. And that's all I'm saying.
09-13-02 03:12 PM
jb Joey, Ginger Lynn is performing at Treasure Island tonight!
09-13-02 03:20 PM
Maxlugar Joey,

Your postings are slowly, but steadily, becoming a lesson of the Incongruous.

Each etching slathered in a morose and portentous onion dip to be dipped in by scaly Doritos held by the hands of the down trodden.

Please get well soon!

And be My Joey again.


09-13-02 03:24 PM
sirmoonie Who is Ginger Lynn?
09-13-02 03:26 PM
jb Former XXX star...recently profiled on "E".
09-13-02 03:35 PM
Sir Stonesalot She has 2 sisters who were also in the industry...Amber and Porsche.

Amber once fucked Ginger in the ass with a strap-on.
09-13-02 03:36 PM
Joey " Your postings are slowly, but steadily, becoming a lesson of the Incongruous. "

You make young Joey cry like baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why ???? Why ???????

Please ...............I's justs gots to know !


09-13-02 03:38 PM
jb Fortunately, my wife is out with the kids tonight and I will stop off at Treasure Island to see first hand the talents of this young lady.
09-13-02 03:41 PM
Maxlugar Amber is one of the few people in this world who I have seen have two penises inside her vagina at the same time.

I wouldn't want my Custard Shooter leaning up against another Custard Shooter like that though.

Has Steelie ever done that? Probably, but without the chick to get in the way.

Ginger now looks like a cross between a bulldog and a porn star. Sad.

Long Dong Maxy.
09-13-02 03:41 PM
Joey " She has 2 sisters who were also in the industry...Amber and Porsche. "

Amber is by far the best looking ..........

Her performance in " The Devil in Miss Jones Part III " is killer . A " Double C##tal " to die for !!!!

Yes !!!!!!

09-13-02 03:41 PM
jb Face is a little fuller...but lets not be picky Max!
Look at your avatar and look at yourself now...!
[Edited by jb]
09-13-02 03:45 PM
Maxlugar I'm better than my avatar now!

Look at the C10 sumit video (on sale now at all major entertainment stores)!!

I was just a skinny kid then.

I am a Golden God now.

Fuck yup!
09-13-02 03:46 PM
jb I hope you are using a better self-taner!
09-13-02 03:47 PM
Mother baby
Soupbone wrote:
I just find myself thinking, "can they really do this forever?" Thanks.

[Edited by Soupbone]

Well maybe not quite forever (unless one factors in inertia or the Stones happen to be The Eternal Being's favorite band which wouldn't surprise me) but call it fate, karma, destiny...whatever...they seem to be fated to push it to the limit. I'm only 49 so I hope they stay around for a long time yet.
09-13-02 03:49 PM
Joey Had my first and only " Double C##tal " on December 31st , 1990 . My best friend's fiancee wanted a threesome and I was all for it -- Hell , she could have handled five more custard shooters !!!!!

I wonder what in the Hell whatever happened to her ???????

09-13-02 03:53 PM
jb We always manage to keep focused on the Header subject!
09-13-02 03:53 PM
Maxlugar Uh excuse me Mother Baby but we were talking about porn stars and self tanners here!

Josh, I tan so golden and so adonis like that if I lived in Florida your wife would be spending the money you give her on cute little gifts for me.

Like Aston Martin DB9's.

"Oil me down and slather me up, Ronnie!"
09-13-02 03:55 PM
jb Where do people tan in New York...I remeber when I was young and lived in Brooklyn, we had pigeon cages on the top of my building...Max, are you tanning with pigeons?
09-13-02 04:13 PM
Maxlugar I was what is known in these parts as a "Pigeon Whisperer".

Who else are you gonna call when your Pigeon just won't fly straight?

Or deliver that important message?

Me, The Pigeon Whisperer, that's who.


Maxert Redford.
09-13-02 04:17 PM
Riffhard Yes HamBone,I concur with the elite members of this cyber community and judging by the header pic of Ronnie so does he!Look at young Ronnie he's giving us all the big "Fuck Yup,I'm back and everythings gonna be a-fuckin'OK!"

Unless my eyes are deceiving me our friend Mr.Ronald Wood is playing a '63 Strat and using a Swiss Army pick.I once had one of Ron's Swiss Army picks,but that's another story for another time.

Back to the porn.....lesbian strap-on anal with sisters!Wow!I think that is illegel in like 37 states!

09-13-02 04:17 PM
sirmoonie Man, I saw one of those flicks at a bachelor party a few months ago, after not seeing one for like 10 years. Pretty disgusted to tell the truth. Bunch of guys whacking off on some deranged chick. Not only disturbing but Yuckie! It put the usually steaming full speed ahead U.S.S. Sirmoonie into dry dock, if you know what I mean.

I'm sorry. What was the question? Does Mick tan? Fuck, if I know. What the hell kind of question is that, Spoonbone? Jesus.
09-13-02 04:20 PM
jb Well, I am turning 40 next month and my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I told her "your recently divorced sister".
09-13-02 04:28 PM
nankerphelge Nothing says "I care" more than butt fucking your sister with a strap on. What does this family talk about at Christmas???
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