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Performing "Don't Stop" at the FleetCenter, Boston, MA September 3, 2002
by Kevin Mazur

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Topic: Running Out Of Luck...& Patience !!! Return to archive
09-13-02 03:10 PM
Private Godfrey Help please - my life long ambition is to see the Stones in the USA, europe is never enough (i blame the film 'Lets Spend The Night Together'). Due to the official booking offices not selling to people outside the USA three of us purchased from Tickets Up Front. They now seem to have stopped trading (just my luck)- thanks person who posted that info !

Now we have 3 shows that we have spent a fortune for and no bloody tickets ! Can anyone help ? i've spoken to Clear - Channel, Virgin Records, box Office, sent emails to the official site (International Member you know !) & IORR all without any luck. We've 1500 on tickets, if my folks find out they're kill me !

Any Help gladly appreciated - My email address is
09-13-02 03:21 PM
Riffhard Ouch!!!Man I'm sorry to hear that for you.The problem is that once you circumvent the official ticket arrangment ie;going through a ticket broker,you are at their mercy.The Stones camp can't/won't help because they never recieved your money.I'm affraid the same is most likely true for Virgin and the promoters.Good luck!Hey if all else fails come over anyway you'll most likly be able to get tix at the venue.

09-13-02 03:21 PM
posada Yikes! How were they paid for? If it's by credit card there's no problem, just call them and they'll take care of it. If it's not though, I'm not sure how to go about it, but there's got to be a way, isn't there? Someone must know. Anyone that can answer that?
09-13-02 03:31 PM
jb Class action lawsuit anyone?
09-13-02 03:41 PM
Private Godfrey Cheers chaps, yeah the bookings were made via credit card - i'll speak to the bank but thats not really p***ing me off, the seats (why seats ?, but that a seperate story)we had were ok-ish, surley they are still in our names !?

As i'm sure you know it's not easy being a Stones fan and now this happens... I think i feel a stiff note put in Mr Jaggers front door is on the cards.

If you see 3 idiots scaling the walls of The Pacific Bell, please have mercy !

Thanks for the messages
09-13-02 03:47 PM
Sir Stonesalot PG, you are dicked. You may get your money back from your credit card...but you will never see those tickets.

I had a similar situation happen in my former l;ife as a travel agent. I had bought tickets to the Rose Bowl for 72 people. Paid for by credit card, up front. Approx 3 weeks before the game, the ticket broker that I got the tickets from went belly up. The credit card company refunded our payment, but that still left me without 72 tickets to a sold out event. Luckily, I managed to find replacement tickets, but it was hair raising for a few days!
09-13-02 03:59 PM
jb I made my broker sign an addendum to the ticket receipt saying if show cancelled for any reason or if tickets not honored I get my 5k back .
09-13-02 04:04 PM
Private Godfrey Blimey Sir S, 72 tickets ! at least you could stretch your legs and have a whole row to yourself... I see what your saying,basically were stuffed like a kipper !

Were willing to work at venues - if anyone has links to The Staples Centre, Pacific Bell or Edison Field please mail me
09-13-02 04:09 PM
jb Those who forget history, are doomed to repeat it!!!-Alfred E. Newman.
09-13-02 04:13 PM
Nellcote As a current travel procurement specialist, SS, I feel your pain (Jb should love that!) WTF, 72 tickets, I always use Murray's in LA, was very reliable. Sports tickets are a very slippery matter, indeed.

PG; keep your eyes open, you should pickup good ducats at all venues. Call the CC now, I understand it's a 60 day dispute period from point of purchase for credit card sales.
09-13-02 04:17 PM
jb We are nothing but unsecured creditors in a Chapter 7 liquidation or Chapter 11 shall receive nothing!
09-13-02 04:28 PM
glencar For weeks, I dithered about whether or not to get tickets to Roseland. At $1500 each, it was not something I could just jump into. had the best deals...or so it seemed. Fortunately, I decided instead to buy a single ticket for the Joint in Las Vegas. Yes, it's a thou but it's from the Stones themselves. I'd rather get into Roseland but this ain't bad. Good luck, blimey limey & I hope you get into the shows one way or the other. If you're a girl, it's probably easier.
09-13-02 05:02 PM
Private Godfrey Glencar - I wish i was a girl, it would be easy. I might wear a short skirt, wear make up and wink at security guards outside... i might be unconscious but drastic measures are called for.
Have fun in Vegas
09-13-02 10:40 PM
Sir Stonesalot Ummm, yeah, 72 tickets. I was hosting a tour package. I could only get 72 seats on the same flights, had 2 40 passenger busses chartered while in Pasadena, tickets to the Rose Parade(reserved grandstand tix, bought from the parade committee), a tour of the float sheds before the parade(some even ended up volunteering to help finish off 2 of the floats), hotel, tailgate party, and after a real scare, Rose Bowl tickets. With Penn State playing, I could have sold as many packages as I could get space for...but 72 was all I could get. Fucking airlines wouldn't hold any more seats for me.

Nelly...Sports Tour Classics, out of Phoenix AZ, saved my ass. They are great, and I highly recommend them. Their claim to fame is that they have NEVER failed to produce event tickets. Lemme tell you bro, I made a PILE of cash offa that particular tour. Sports tours can be VERY lucrative.

I also did tours to Stones shows in 94 and 97. Great fun. Busses to Babylon!